Best Pride Merch for 2022: T-Shirts, Accessories & Other Stuff

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What kind of gift should you present on Pride month? If this question popped into your head, you have come to the right place. MasterBundles made a great selection of the best LGBT gift ideas to choose from. You can choose an ideal present for your best friend among this awesome collection of Pride merch 2022.

LGBT Pride Month

Since 1970, June has been celebrated as the month of Pride in different countries. It is the time when equality marches and brand launch events to raise awareness about the LGBTQ+ community are held.

The History

As every significant event, Pride month has roots deep in history. In the summer of 1969, New York saw a wave of unplanned demonstrations against police raids on local gay bars. The first clash with authorities took place at the Stonewall Inn on June 28, 1969, which is why the event has gone down in history known as the Stonewall Riots. It is believed to be the first time the gay community stood up for their rights so openly and massively.

Thus, traditionally, June is Pride month, with marches, discussions, and festivals highlighting the issues of LGBTQ people in more than 50 countries all over the world.

Pride Month ≠ LGBT History Month

Although both Pride Month and LGBT History Month recognize the LGBTQ+ community in similar ways, they shouldn’t be confused. While Pride month in June is dedicated to “the observance of community visibility and the movement toward equality, LGBT History Month is an observance of the history of gay rights and related civil rights movements, and is celebrated in October.”

You can find some interesting information about these events right here.

We are going to start by choosing the best Pride merch and LGBTQ+ gift ideas from the list.

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MasterBundles Pride Products

LGBT Pride Month Clipart & Seamless Patterns

Collection of Pride elements and rainbow patterns.

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Adorable collection of Pride elements and rainbow patterns, the various LGBTQ clipart painted in watercolor will look awesome on tees, bags, cups, flags, pins, hoodies, posters, wrapping paper, and any other fun items.

Pride SVG Bundle: 6 Files

LGBT symbols on yellow background.

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Looking for nice pride things to make LGBTQ designs for clothes and goods? Then pay attention to this cute set of adorable elements.

Colorful Pride Patterns

Pride patterns on a transparent background.

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The set includes colorful themes as well as some black and white options. There is a transparent background included with these images to leave you space for creativity.

LGBT Pride Watercolor Clipart with Cute Cats

10 cute colorful cats.

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The set includes 10 individual PNG illustrations with cute pride cats on a transparent background.

Lesbian Pride Clipart & Seamless Patterns, LGBTQ

Collage with cute rainbows, cats, hearts, stars.

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This big bundle of 55 different LGBTQ clipart is made in watercolor symbolic colors. Cute rainbows, cats, hearts, stars, and many more can be used for the decoration of various pride merch.

Asexual Watercolor Clipart and Seamless Pattens: LGBTQIA Pride Clipart

Set of hearts, stars, cats in grey purple colors.

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These amazing asexual illustrations will look awesome on different tees, cups, tote bags, and other pride stuff.

Bisexual Pride Watercolor Clipart and Seamless Patterns

Rainbow, stripes, cats in blue and pink colors.

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This amazing set of bi-themed clipart consists of 38 individual PNG illustrations and 12 seamless patterns created in watercolors.

Pride T-Shirts

Some time ago, t-shirts became not only a comfortable piece of clothing and an inevitable part of your summer wardrobe, but also an additional reflection of your individuality. So a good tee with a Pride print can be a wonderful present for any person you want to congratulate during Pride month.

In A World Where You Can Be Anything Be Kind T-Shirt

Black T-shirt with a semicircular rainbow and an inscription on it.

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This tee is all about kindness and equality. That’s why we included it in our Pride month gifts list.

No One Should Live In A Closet LGBT-Q Gay Pride Proud Ally T-Shirt

Black t-shirt with Harry Potter style text in rainbow colors.

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Although Harry is straight, he supports LGBTQ Pride! We do too, and totally agree with the phrase printed on this t-shirt.

Tacos and Titties Funny LGBT Gay Pride Gifts

Black and blue t-shirts with a rainbow and a slogan on the chest.

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A funny tee for tacos (and not only!) fans.

Star Wars Rainbow Millennium Falcon T-Shirt

T-shirts with Millenium falcon with rainbow trail.

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The kind of Pride items that Star Wars lovers deserve.

Funny Cat Gay Pride T-Shirt Rainbow Sunglasses

T-shirt with a cat in rainbow glasses.

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Another cool item from the Pride gifts list. Cats are cute, don’t you agree?

Ah Men Funny LGBT Gay Pride Jesus

T-shirt with Jesus in a rainbow cape and funny slogan.

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Well, if your friend has a good sense of humor, give him this tee as a Pride-themed gift.

Equality Hurts No One LGBT Equality Gay Pride Human Rights T-Shirt

Black and green t-shirt with stylized slogan.

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The quotation on these gay pride t-shirts is 100% true. Don’t be shy to shout about it.

Star Wars Rainbow Lightsabers T-Shirt

White t-shirt with lightsaber rainbow.

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Another nice geeky gay pride gift for your friend.

Star Wars Darth Vader Rainbow Darkside T-Shirt

T-shirt with Darth Vader helmet in rainbow colors.

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Pride month is celebrated all over the galaxy. It’s a fact! And rainbow pride shirts with a Star Wars theme are the best way to celebrate.

PUMA Men’s Pride Tee

T-shirt with Puma logo in rainbow colors.

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Puma supports Pride month and made a nice collection of Pride items. All the sizes are available at the moment.

The Gay Weekly Agenda Funny LGBT Pride Rainbow Tank Top

T-shirt with The Gay Weekly Agenda.

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All right, it sounds like a nice plan written on this Pride t-shirt!

Guncle Definition Rainbow Pride Color T-Shirt for Gay Uncle

T-shirt with a funny rainbow color sign.

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Say to your uncle that you are proud of him or just give him this Pride t-shirt and he will understand without any words.

Funny Gay Pride Sounds Gay I’m In LGBTQ T-Shirt

Black and blue t-shirts with gay lettering.

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The one for people with outstanding taste and a sense of humor.

Into The Wine Not The Label Bi-sexual Pride Drinking LGBT-Q T-Shirt

Black t-shirt with bottles of wine in rainbow colors.

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We like this print so much! And hope that the person you give this t-shirt to will be happy to wear it.

LGBT & LGBTQ+ Pride Accessories

Pride-themed accessories become more and more popular each year and 2022 is no exception.

LGBT Relationship Bracelet | 2 Pieces

Black and white bracelets with one rainbow ball.

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These trendy bracelets are made of lava stone. They are a must-have for the most festive Pride summer looks.

LGBTQ Accessories – Trans Earrings

Earrings with weaving in the colors of the rainbow.

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These amazing boho earrings with rainbows will be a perfect LGBT gift for a girlfriend.

SUMFAN Gay Pride Pins-Pride LGBTQ Accessories

Heart and rainbow pins in rainbow color.

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Cute pins with Pride symbols are also good Pride month gifts.

Ukodnus Stainless Steel They Them Pronoun Pin

Ukodnus Stainless Steel They Them Pronoun Pin.

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Continuing with the topic of pins, check out this amazing minimalistic option.

Novelty Holiday Socks Pride Socks

Pride-themed socks with rainbow.

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The cool Pride-themed socks are always desirable. Especially the pair of rainbow ones.

Flairs New York Premium Handmade Enamel Lapel Pin Brooch Badge

Handmade Enamel Lapel Pin Brooch Badge

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The cute little pin is the symbol of your love, protection, and care. What could be a better gift idea?

Pansexual Pride Noodle Love Enamel Pin

Pin in the form of a snake that forms a heart.

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Yep, this is also a pin. But, can you blame us – it is SO ADORABLE! If you have a pansexual friend or beloved person, just grab this LGBTQ stuff and make this person smile.

Crocs Jibbitz Alien Shoe Charms | Jibbitz for Crocs

Crocs with pin in form of UFO with rainbow.

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This one will be a fun little Pride month gift for Crocs lovers. There are many other Pride jibbitz available on Amazon.

Rainbow Pride bow tie LGBTQ+ Flag gifts

Rainbow Pride bow tie.

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One amazing man from Tardis once said that bowties are cool. We have no reason to debate with the Doctor (you know Who we mean, right?).

Rainbow Pride Bracelet for Men Women Cuff Bangle

Rainbow Pride Bracelet Cuff Bangle.

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Such bracelets are easy to combine with different clothes and they are suitable for almost any style. By the way, you don’t need to worry about the size, as it’s universal.

Nonbinary Pride Nyanbinary Nyan Cat

Pin Nonbinary Pride Nyanbinary Nyan Cat.

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Another cute pin to add to your collection.

Soft Silicone Sport Pattern Replacement Strap

Rainbow Apple Watch strap.

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This fantastic rainbow Apple Watch strap is another idea for a useful Pride month present.

Metallic Gold Fanny Pack w/ Rainbow Suspenders and Drink Holder for PRIDE

Metallic Gold Fanny Pack w/ Rainbow Suspenders and Drink Holder.

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Here’s another option for a funny present, in case you want to amuse your dear one.

Stainless Steel Rainbow LGBT Spinner Ring LOVE IS LOVE

Stainless Steel Rainbow LGBT Spinner Ring.

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This ring is made of stainless steel so be sure that it will make your partner smile for a long time.

LGBT & LGBTQ+ Pride Merch

Here, we have collected various interesting merch and other unique gift ideas for your LGBTQ friends.

Pride Stickers, 100-Piece LGBTQ Rainbow Stickers

Collage with LGBTQ Rainbow Stickers.

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This set of 100 various Pride stickers can be used as gay or lesbian pride merch.

Bisexual King of Hearts LGBTQ Bi Pride Ally Couple Matching Tote Bag

Bisexual King of Hearts Bag.

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This tote bag is a masterpiece. It is a perfect option if you are looking for Pridemerch that gives back.

Stainless Steel Tumbler with Lid

Black tumbler with the Harry Potter pride print.

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Here is a nice tumbler made of stainless steel with the Harry Potter pride print you have already seen on a t-shirt.

Space Gay LGBT Pride Coffee or Tea 11oz Mug

White Mug With NASA logo and Gay sign.

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If your friend or loved one is the universe for you, present them with this awesome NASA styled mug.

Sounds Gay Count Me In LGBTQ Keyboard And Piano Music Tote Bag

Black bag with Keyboard of Piano in rainbow colors.

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This bag is also a very useful gift for Pride month.

Great Gays Heat Changing Mug

White mug with a photos on it.

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All you need to do is put a hot drink in this mugand you will see the world’s most famous gays coming out of the closet. It’s pure maaagic!

Error 404: Gender not found – LGBTQ Tote Bag

Gender not found - LGBTQ Tote Bag.

button for more details.

We decided to include this awesome funny tote bag in the collection just because it looks cool. It will be perfect for your LGBTQ friend or lover who works in the IT-sphere.

Silver Mug Buffalo Disney Stitch Ohana

Black mug with Stitch on it.

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This mug is awesome from all sides.

LGBT Lesbian PRIDE flag LGBTQ community kawaii cat pile Tote Bag

Tote bag with a pale of funny cats.

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There is no reason not to fall in love with this cute bag.

We hope you like at least a couple of our LGBTQ Pride Month gift ideas. June is going to be quite a fun exciting month and not only because of all the bright multicolor Pride merch around. It is because of the fantastic people hanging out with you. Just be yourself no matter what, stay creative and proud! 🙂

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I’m Jade Fox, and welcome to my LGBT Lifestyle and Entertainment channel where I make LOADS of comedic content surrounding pop culture, entertainment, and gay culture. This is a safe space, but you CAN get roasted. Stay awhile!

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