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15+ Best Fonts for T-shirts in 2021: Free and Premium

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By: Liza Koenhoven July 20, 2021 7 minutes

Fonts for T-shirts. Do you have an interesting quote or a single line that would look great on a T-shirt? Or maybe you want to start your own business related to designing and selling clothes. We are ready to help you realize your greatest ideas.

Bespoke outfits are quite popular these days and the answer to why it happened is so easy. Everyone wants to be unique and have something that would characterize him or her like an extraordinary person with good clothing sense. Many designers are making a living selling their exclusive products with amazing prints online. All it takes is an interesting typeface as well as a quote that will catch everyone’s mind. Fonts play a key role in such t-shirt designs. It has to look trendy and resonate with the audience to really grab their attention.

You need a script with a unique design to achieve this goal. We have selected the tools that you can freely use to create inspiring short designs. These typefaces are truly unique and have been prepared especially for your creativity.

If you want to impress your clients or design clothes that will be outstanding and reflect your style, then feel free to buy or download several of these best fonts for t-shirts.

Top Fonts for T-shirts

Product Image & Rating (Out Of 10) Product Name Price
Lapendos Stripes T-shirt Font
DREXS Futuristic Font
MAVERIX Tall Sans Serif Font

Best Premium Fonts for T-shirts

Lapendos Stripes T-shirt Font

The fashion style of the font makes it versatile to use.

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Made Tommy Fonts

Bold font with straight letters and in a classic style.

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Avenir Font for T-shirts

A newspaper or magazine typeface that will fit perfectly on your clothes.

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DREXS Futuristic Font

This is a simple, thin and futuristic display font.

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Varsity Font for T-shirts

This is the font of the big basketball companies, they write numbers on professional jerseys.

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JP Sport Jersey Athletic Font

A sporty font that will look great on pro athletes' suits.

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Soutumi Font for T-shirts

Creative font with rhombuses on the letters.

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Ruttels Fonts for T-shirts

This font can be used in three forms. He is attractive and unusual.

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Proxima Nova Fonts

It is a hybrid combining humanistic proportions with a somewhat geometric appearance.

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MAVERIX Tall Sans Serif Font

Big city font at high speed.

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Best Free Fonts for T-shirts

Rollade Ballado Font

Bold romantic font on a pink background.

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Pixie Font for T-shirts

Each letter of the font went in its own direction, which created a creative composition.

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Policemen Font Family

Strong, sharp and well-spoken, it’s was built from scratch to be bold and always in style.

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Black Grounds Font

This is the font for the markings on the trees when hiking.

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Bahisy Font for T-shirts

A bold and edgy yellow font.

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Pixer Font for T-shirts

Font with dead pixel effect.

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Largelake Font

A romantic, inspiring and delicate font with birds singing around it.

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Alex Brush Font

This is a beautifully flowing brush script

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Cornering Font for T-shirts

The font has firm, modern, masculine and exclusive characters.

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Streetwear Free Font

This is a free bold and stylish retro inspired script typeface.

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Author: Liza Koenhoven

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