35+ Best T-Shirt Fonts for 2023

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The clothes we wear reflect our personal style. Thus, the best t-shirt designs with unique fonts for T-shirts are those that complement our personality and shout out who we are before we even introduce ourselves.

The text and the way it is displayed will tell about the person wearing it. More importantly, it makes us feel better about ourselves and helps us feel comfortable in our clothes.

So while you may never have thought of it that way, fonts evoke certain reactions for both the shirt wearers and the people around them. That’s why you need to choose the best fonts for the t-shirts you create.

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Charles - Ligature T-Shirt Serif Font Family

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Charles - Ligature Serif Font Family.

Charles – Ligature T-Shirt Serif Font Family


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Why Choosing the Right Font Is Worth the Time

Designers very often neglect typography, when in fact it is a very important aspect, which often determines the overall quality of the design. Fonts are just as important to your designs as the images are. But what do you do when you have an almost infinite number of options in front of you, and there are only a few to choose from? In all this variety, how do you find the right lettering font style for t-shirts, or a combination of different fonts for shirts that will fit perfectly into your design and help convey important information to your audience?

To answer this question, we’ll look at the main types of fonts, as well as the main principles that allow you to make the right style choice.

How to Choose a Font: Types and What They’re Good For

There is no certain rule that helps you choose the right font in all cases, but there are some principles that can be used in a variety of situations and are worthy of some consideration.

Types of Fonts

  • Typography Type 1: Serif

Serif fonts, such as Antiqua, are the classics of typography and the earliest known fonts. Serifs are small strokes on the edges of letters. It is believed that long text typed with serifs is easier to read, so it is often used in books and publications. The most common typeface with serifs is Times New Roman. Other popular examples are Courier New, Garamond, Baskerville, and Georgia.

The use of serif fonts is not limited to printing alone. Many luxury brands with a history have selected serif fonts for logos, advertising campaigns, and websites because of their classic and sophisticated look (Dior, Vogue, Gucci, Prada, Tiffany & Co, Rolex, Mercedes-Benz). Since Antiqua creates a sense of authority and reliability, it is also a great option for legal, insurance, and construction companies.

  • Typography Type 2: Sans Serif

These fonts are more modern and bolder variants, which, as the ‘sans’ name implies, lack the traditional serifs. They appeared in the middle of the 19th century and became especially popular at the beginning of the last century as something of a new and bright variety. Soon after, some of the most common representatives of grotesques were created: Futura and Helvetica. The main features of these fonts are maximum functionality and ease of perception. Other common grotesques are Arial, Verdana, Roboto, and Open Sans.

Because of the ability to stand out and attract attention this font type was used mainly in advertising and headlines. After the advent of the computer age, it turned out that text typed using grotesque fonts fare perceived from the screens much easier. This is why we see them literally everywhere today, from websites and apps to banners and logos. Unlike antiques, grotesques create a more informal and relaxed image. They are chosen by companies that want to show their audience-friendly attitude and desire to keep up with the times (i.e., Facebook, Google, Netflix, Airbnb, Spotify, Uber).

  • Typography Type 3: Script Fonts

Handwritten or script fonts look like handwritten text. They are divided into formal and informal styles. In the first case, they are refined letters with monograms, which resemble the style of writing from the 17th and 18th centuries (ideal for the design of invitations, albums, book covers, diplomas, menus, etc.). In the second case, they are imitations of modern handwriting of all kinds (suitable for websites, social networks, marketing materials, posters, etc.).

Both options can look very interesting, giving the design of either a refined and solemn style, or a deliberately careless and sassy look. The main thing is to include them correctly in the context of your business or message. Examples of handwritten fonts: Snell Roundhand, Vivaldi Regular, AmadeusAP Regular, Hamiltone Signature, and Alana Regular.

  • Typography Type 4: Display Fonts

Display fonts are specifically designed for signage, advertising, and headlines—not for body text. It can be serif, sans, script, monospace, or one of many specialized subcategories.

Most display fonts are designed for maximum readability at large sizes. Increasingly, display fonts are designed to evoke an emotional response. For uncompromising elegance, there’s Bella, which flaunts its extreme contrast. Or you may also try Karloff, with its inverse contrast. Neu Alphabet speaks of classic futurism.

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Best Vintage Fonts for Shirts

102 Editable t-shirts BUNDLE

Variants of writing fonts on different backgrounds.

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First of all, we would like to share this amazing bundle of ready-made t-shirt designs with you. Each print is presented as a vector file, making it very easy to customize and change.

Vintage fonts for bottle labels.

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This is a collection of 17 cool vintage fonts for t-shirts that you can use for any design.

Hipster Font Bundle: Hipster Typeface & Illustrations

Vintage letters on blue and brown background.

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For all the hipster prints fans, we included this bundle in our collection of best fonts for t-shirts. Enjoy each font and illustration presented in comfortable EPS, OTF, and WOFF formats.

Big Wave Layered Font

Skeleton on the surf and examples of font on T-shirts.

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Being slightly vintage, Big Wave can make modern and even futuristic prints, especially if combined with proper illustrations.

Vintage Japanese Style Font named Tokugawa

Letters in the Japanese style on the background of the dragon, suns and katana.

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Japanese culture is rich and very impressive. This font is exactly about that culture. You may download it in OTF, TTF, and WOFF formats and enjoy Regular, Shadow, Light, Aged, Shadow FX, and Light FX styles at the same time.

Spicy Taste Handwritten Typeface

Colorful letters on table, magazine and flyer.

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Handwritten T-shirt fonts are as trendy as ever these days! So don’t lose your chance to add a very nice sample into your collection of t-shirt font styles.

PopArt Vintage Typeface

Pop art letters on a blue background and on the paintings in the interior.

button for more details.

Optimistic pop-art font style t-shirt font design is always a nice option when you are creating modern and positive designs.

Avengers Label Typeface

Letters in the style of the Avengers on a red and dark background.

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Avengers won’t ever be out of trend. Thus, if you like this culture, feel free to grab this nice t-shirt font example for your collection.

Sport Bar Vintage Font

Yellow-blue letters on the background of athletes and on T-shirts.

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This is the original label font created for sport fans. It has a wide languages support and six styles.

Time To Play Vintage Label Font

Gaming font on the background of a dinosaur and a game joystick.

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A perfect vintage font for game lovers. The best t-shirt fonts have four styles: Base, Grunge, Volume, and Texture.

Best 2022 Serif Fonts for T-Shirts

Milenial Serif Typeface

Milenial Serif Typeface.

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Trendy and elegant, this Millennial font will suit any aesthetic and chic designs.

Magreb – Classic Serif Font

Magreb - Classic Serif Font.

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This is a perfect decision for everyone who prefers good old classics.

Rushter Font

Rushter Font.

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If you’re looking for bold t-shirt fonts, pay attention to Rushter. It is also a perfect font for logos, branding, photography, and much more.

Bookinnes – Business Font

Bookinnes - Business Font.

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The bookish styled font will also suit any t-shirt design because it is elegant and beautiful.

The Witcher Font

The Witcher Font.

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Looking for something sophisticated and original? This Witcher fonts for t-shirts is here for you!

Cormorant Designed by Christian Thalmann

Cormorant Designed by Christian Thalmann.

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Another strict and elegant minimalistic decision for simple t-shirt fonts lovers.

Saint George Stencil Font

Saint George Stencil Font.

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Bright and unusual, this representative of the best fonts for t-shirts won our hearts with its stylish perfection.

Best 2022 Sans Serif Fonts for T-Shirts

Petrichor Sans Serif Outline Font

Petrichor Sans Serif Outline Font.

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This sans serif outline font will definitely make your design eye-catching.

Aftika Font

Aftika Font.

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This clear geometric font is perfect for any design—logo, promotional posters, t-shirts, and many more different types.

Vlogger Font

Vlogger Font.

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Vlogger is all about minimalistic elegance. This neat sans serif font is perfect for a wide range of design products.

Gravitation Font

Gravitation Font.

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This is a nice futuristic font that we included in a set of sans serif best t-shirt fonts because it’s clear and simple.

Acworth Sans Serif Font

Acworth Sans Serif Font.

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This is a contemporary and progressive representative of fonts for t-shirts that you can also use for other prints.

Halena Sans Serif Font

Halena Sans Serif Font.

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Modern and adaptable, Halena is suitable for many purposes. That means you can use this font for almost any design.

Best 2022 Script Fonts for T-Shirts

Kamkil Font

Kamkil Font.

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The original handwritten script can be a nice decoration for many t-shirt prints.

Blackboard Font

Blackboard Font.

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This font is so cute and elegant at the same time.

December Brush

December Brush.

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Designs including brush scripts are extremely popular today, so don’t be shy to use this one for your creative projects.

Belliocah Script Typeface

Belliocah Script Typeface.

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If your project requires a good signature font, Belliocah is here to help you.

Seaweed Script

Seaweed Script.

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This one is a free and pretty interesting option from our collection of best fonts for t-shirts.

Best 2022 Display Fonts for T-Shirts

Emberly Display T-Shirt Style

Emberly Display T-Shirt Style.

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Frankly speaking, this is one of our favorite display fonts for t-shirts ever!

Boulevard Vintage Display Font

Boulevard Vintage Display Font.

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And we came back to the old good vintage again! Look at this amazing font and fall in love with its originality and design.

Joyride Extended Typeface

Joyride Extended Typeface.

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Joyride is a modern, cool, and futuristic font that is multilingual and has 4 font styles.

Gludak – Asian Font Style

Gludak - Asian Font Style.

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There is a worldwide trend for everything Asian. So why don’t you try this creative font?

Scary Light Display Font

Scary Light Display Font.

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If your design should be scary, then this font is the best option for you.

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How to Choose Your Font

Choosing the right typeface is also complicated by the fact that there are so many fonts available for use. There’s no definitive rule for choosing the right font in all cases, but there are some principles that can be used in a wide variety of situations and are worthy of additional attention.

Step 1: Consider Your Mood

Because of the peculiarities of the different types of fonts, each has its own sphere of application. Antique fonts are most often used in print; grotesques in interfaces and basic texts on websites; and handwritten and accent fonts are commonly used wherever you need to attract attention.

The same goes for the mood you can set with fonts. Impressions of the same text in different fonts will be very different. Try to decide in advance what mood you want to convey in your design, and use that as a guide when choosing your fonts.

Step 2: Do Not Blend

The text and the background should not blend together. If the background is dark, the fonts for t-shirts should be light, and vice versa. This ensures that the text is legible and so you can convey the meaning of the text more easily.

Step 3: Combine Different

Combining different t-shirt font styles can also be very effective. It is important to remember that the fonts must be different enough to achieve the desired effect. A good choice would be one serif font and one sans serif font. This creates a contrast that gives the text coherence, especially if they are fonts from the same designer.

Step 4: Observe and Get Inspired

One of the most useful habits of any designer is to practice observation. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking ideas from others. It’s not about blind copying, of course. But you’re unlikely to get exactly the same task as, say, a designer somewhere in San Francisco. Any successful idea can be adapted to your context, creating something completely new. You can find inspiration and learn artistic techniques from famous creators. You may follow famous designers on Instagram, Dribble, or Behance, as well as read MasterBundle’s blog to get fresh news from the designing world.

Validating Your Font Choices

The font should not overlap the meaning of the text, as it would distract from the information you want to convey. The purpose of the typeface is to make the text easier to read, and if you overdo it, the reader will only look at the typeface, not perceive the text itself.

When printing, you should also pay attention to contrast and brightness and make sure that the font looks the same as on the screen. This will help the designer decide whether or not the desired effect is achieved with the selected typeface.

After the font is printed it would be nice to show the work to people you know. If the decision is between several fonts, they can help determine the best choice.
The final decision as to what font is best to use is up to the designer. There is no right or wrong typeface, but some will look much better on t-shirts than others do.


Every design has a purpose. If in doubt, it is better to bet on simplicity. After all, the main task of the font is to make the t-shirt with the print comfortable and stylish.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about the best fonts

Can I use any font for T-shirts?

You can use the fonts you buy for personal use for any kind of product, whether it’s a T-shirt for a friend or a logo, package, etc.

What type of fonts are the most used for t-shirts?

The most used common types of fonts for t-shirts are sans serif fonts. They are usually clear, plain, and simple.

Which Cricut font is best for T-shirts?

Among the best typefaces for t-shirts are bold DIN 1451, Poker Night, Utah WGL, and Typewriter.

Some Awesome Video About Fonts for T-shirts


In this video, I’m going to show how to make t-shirt designs. If you are not a professional in this t-shirt design sector, don’t worry.
You’ll learn this very easy t-shirt design from videos.

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