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Best 50 Slides Space Powerpoint Template in 2021

Space Powerpoint Template. Check this amazing now! The bundle includes 50 slides in pptx, key and google slides format.

File typePPTX, KEY, PDF, Google Slides
File size50 MB
Number of slides50
Contains Icons, maps, playful design, graphs, charts and tables
Widescreen Format16:9

Formats of space presentation template:
– Powerpoint | PPTX
– Google slides
– Keynotes | Key

Features of this space powerpoint template:

  • 16:9 screen layout
  • Fully editable
  • Easy to change colors, text and photos
  • 50 different slides
  • Playful design with a space powerpoint template
  • Examples of styles for graphs, charts and tables
  • Icons & maps for your space presentation
  • Use as a Google Slides, Keynote or PowerPoint template

Main page view of the space PowerPoint template on the laptop.

Slide template with an astronaut picture on a monoblock.

Display of the main page PowerPoint template on a notebook while working.

Child sitting in front of the computer with a space presentation.

One of the presentation slides with 4 photos of astronauts on the screen.

Space Keynote Template

Use this template and create professional keynote presentations effortlessly. Easy to customize layouts and wide selection of design elements elements included. Choose the ones that fit your talking points best.

Space Google Slides Theme

Don’t forget to make a cope of your Space google slides template!
Brief your predictions about extraterrestrial life through space backgrounds. Themes include Space Balls, Space Cosmos, and Monocular. Download space PowerPoint templates to give informative presentations, to be used in astrology seminars or any other educational presentation requiring backgrounds with stars or Milky Way.

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Space Powerpoint Template Previews

Stylish main page of the slide with the Earth surface and lights.

Slide with a dark cosmic background, and a list of slide names.

Space background with approximate image of the Earth in the centre, and text blocks on the sides.

Slide with semi-circular image of the astronaut in profile, and small text box on the right.

Astronaut image in weightlessness on a cosmic background, text boxes and icons at the bottom.

Slide with a cosmic background, a starry sky image, and a man watching the stars.

Slide with four text blocks, and icons to each of them.

Slide with three text blocks, icons, and big text box at the slide bottom on blue background.

Slide with cosmic star background and astronaut image on the planet surface, and 3 icons around it.

Slide with 3 text boxes, round icons next to them, and big text box on blue background against it.

On the left text on cosmic background, and on the right the astronauts in weightlessness in space.

Slide with 4 astronauts photos with captions each on a blue background.

Slide contains a large team member photo on the right, and big text box on the left.

3 round astronauts photos with the links to social networks, and the captions of each photo below.

Slide with two photos of the blue and white earth's surface, and two text boxes next to each one.

Slide with moon photo in blue and pink tones, pink clouds, and man looking at the starry sky.

Slide with a cosmic background and 3 big pictures of the starry sky and the moon.

Slide with a background of 3 photos of earth rocks, and sky, and black text block in the centre.

Slide with horizontal text on the right, starry sky and moon images, and text at the bottom.

Text box in white frame on the left,images of earth, colorful planet surface, moon on the right.

Text box on the right, and multicolor pie chart on the left with icons.

Slide with 3 white-blue and grey-blue pie charts, and captions with text to each.

Horizontal bar graph with the countries names next to each column.

Slide on cosmic background with graph on the left, and text explaining the data on the right.

Pie chart in the middle in white, blue, grey and light grey colors, and text boxes around.

Text on the right, and on the left is Venn diagram showing the information interaction.

Slide with two icons and text under each one, and connection with them is shown in the middle.

Slide with semi-circle at the bottom where space icons are, and above each text explaining them.

Slide with dark space background with text and white grey and blue diagram on the right.

Slide with pyramid chart, text block and percentages at the bottom.

Slide on a space background with four text blocks and in the middle a square with icons.

Slide with starry sky, rocket motion image and text underneath it, on the left is infographics.

Infographics on the space background showing the orbits with space icons on them.

Infographics comparison of male and female with 6 text boxes and icons next to each.

2 text boxes on the sides, in the centre there is infographics with human head divided into icons.

Slide with 4 icons and text to each, in the centre of there is astronaut walking on the planet.

Slide on a space starry sky background with text on the right and sky image on a smartphone.

Main slide part is used for text and icons, and on the right there is tablet with pink sky image.

Text on the right, and semi-circular blue background on the left with space on notebook screen.

Earth surface image in the centre, and 4 icons around with a place for text under each.

US map in gray and blue colors, and on the right 4 text boxes explaining map data.

Europe map with icons marked on it, and text on the left explaining it.

Two maps on a space background with marks, and text next to it.

Slide with text at the bottom, and three maps with marks under it in white and blue.

Slide on a cosmic background with a map and icons on it, and a place for the title on top.

Slide consists of 3 text blocks of grey, dark grey and blue colors with a place for text on each.

Slide with three text blocks of different colors that don't cover all the slide area.

Slide on starry background with price tables in transparent text blocks.

Slide with contact details on the left, and large planet and moon image in blue tones on the right.

Slide with semi-circular image of the planet from space, and contact information on the right.

The Importance of Design and Visual Content

Nowadays, it is extremely hard to impress people in general, especially when it comes to pitch deck or any other sort of presentation. However, there are always some tricks that would surely help you bring it to the next level. One of these tricks is pre-made professional templates and you simply cannot take this one for granted. The elaborate design of a space PowerPoint template would no doubt mesmerize your audience or potential investors as well as help you create a stunning first impression.

As a matter of fact, people are fed up with plain slides that look the same and never pay attention to those. However, if you utilize an unconventional template such as space one, you can be sure that the majority of people would pay attention to what you are willing to share with them.

Another thing that you must keep in mind is the importance of visual content. Nobody pays attention to long text passages anymore, people just look at lovely pictures and other visual materials. Well, if you do not believe that, here is some statistic data:

  • Only 20% of people actually ready the content and only 28% of those people end up reading the entire passage, slide, or page;
  • Visual content increases the desire to read the actual content up to 80%;
  • 91% of people confess that they prefer visual content over text;
  • People are 323% more likely to follow your instructions if some visuals are used;
  • The human brain processes images 60,000x faster than text.

This data proves that visual content and design actually matter, which means that you want to keep that in mind while working on your presentations in the future.

The bottom line is design really matters and you should never take it for granted. Certainly, it does not matter as much as your natural charisma and the ability to make people feel like they can trust you, but you should never underestimate design. That being said, an elaborate and one-of-a-kind Google Slides space theme is definitely a must in your templates collection.

What Are the Occasions for Google Slides/PowerPoint Space Template

The occasions to utilize space PowerPoint template are actually countless simply because such a theme would suit multiple projects. Yet there are some cases when a space theme is not only a perfect way to go but also the only way to go. Such occasions include scientific presentations about various space topics such as exploration of the universe, newly discovered planets, black holes, dangers and threats of space debris, etc.

Apart from scientific purposes, Google Slides space theme would perfectly work for commercial projects as well. For instance, if you would like to promote your space tourism startup, such a theme would be a marvelous choice. This very template would also be useful for planetariums or natural history museums since it works as a perfect background for the presentations about the birth of our galaxy, solar system, and our planet. Moreover, such a template is definitely among the must-haves for teachers since its beautiful and simply mesmerizing design will no doubt make kids pay attention to what you are trying to explain to them about cosmos or planet Earth. Finally, hypnotizing starry slides might be a great choice for psychics, palm readers, fortune tellers, and astrologists who would like to make a truly magical presentation.

In general, such a theme can be a perfect solution for a vast variety of projects starting with marketing and finishing with education, science, and even astrology. Thus, if you are somehow connected with these fields, you will definitely have the occasion to utilize this theme.

Which Formats to Use in Order to Achieve the Best Results and Which One Is the Easiest in Use

The package is compatible with all the major presentation software such as PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides, which means that you can easily work with the template in any of these programs, so feel free to choose the one you are used to. However, perhaps the best and easiest to use software is Microsoft PowerPoint. Besides, it is probably the one you have been using for a while, so you should not have any issues with that.

At the same time, if you feel like it is easier for you to work with Keynote or Google Slides, just go ahead and utilize one of those. The template perfectly works with all the formats, which means that you can use the one you are the most comfortable with. Well, do not hesitate and give this template a chance to prove itself to you.

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Space Powerpoint Template FAQ

❓ What is an appropriate occasion for utilizing such a template?

There are many occasions to utilize this very template. In fact, this theme will perfectly work for scientific and educational projects, marketing, pitch decks, as well as projects connected with astrology. So go ahead and grab this theme and do not be afraid to experiment and use it in a vast variety of your projects.

❓What do I get with this very package?

With this very package, you will get 50 unique slides that will perfectly suit various projects, icons and maps for presenting your info in the best possible way, as well as examples of styles for graphs, charts, and tables that will help you get a better understanding of how to arrange your data and text. Well, leave all your doubts behind, get this template, and test its cool features now.

❓How would I get my product?

Since you have probably decided to get the theme, here is how everything happens. After you click on the Buy Now button, you go to the checkout page, fill in your personal data, pay for the template using one of the secure payment methods, and get your product on your email within mere seconds. Simple as it is.

❓ Is it possible to get a discount and how to get one?

If you want to save some money, you can get a 5% discount for sharing the product on your Facebook page. So do not hesitate, share it on Facebook, and get your discount today.

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