15 Bullet Journal Fonts Ideas to Diversify Your Note-Taking

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Author Daria Kritskaia

Keeping diaries is now routine, but finding ideas for filling out the lines beautifully is exhausting.

Different bullet journal fonts make planning and diary writing more enjoyable and special. Drawing lines, experimenting with shapes and colors is also about slow-living. It calms, helps to stay in the moment and has a positive effect on the nervous system.

There are no similar bujo’s, and even non-creative people can create stylish designs. To prove it, we provide you with journal font ideas for subheadings, headings, daily to-do lists, and monthly or yearly goals.

Enjoy handwritten solutions, comical fonts, futuristic products, typefaces with squiggles, and other awesome items. Hurry up and read the diary-filling tutorial, choose between styles, and download the best fonts to enjoy the routine of note-taking.

Must-Have Tools for Bullet Journaling

To start, you need a few simple tools – a notebook and a marker/pen. For further notes, you’ll have to expand this list, so we’ve prepared for you a necessary tools guide.


These can be simpler items or specially created notebooks. Choose a comfortable cover, sheets number, and a good quality product.

Our recommendations: Dot Grid Notebook, Dotted Bullet Journal, and Standard Issue Yellow Planner.

Black Pen

This standard tool should fit comfortably in your hand, not rub your fingers and not slip. Quality is also crucial (many products are making writing troublesome with dry ink or broken ballpoints). Pick a good brand to ensure a smooth handwriting experience.

Our recommendations: PARKER IM Rollerball Pen, PILOT G2 Rolling Ball Gel Pens, and Paper Mate InkJoy Pens.

Liner Pen

This is a must-have item. It comes in different thicknesses and colors, meaning you select the pens based on your preference for writing saturation. Liners are durable and won’t smudge or rub off over time. You can buy them in sets to experiment with line width.

Our recommendations: Multiliner Pens, 10 Pack Set, and Fineliner Ink Pens.


When working, it is better to use only professional markers. They differ in quality and filler, give a bright color, and evenly lie on the paper. The line thickness depends on the tip shape. “Brush” is used for sketching, “Chisel” – for filling in the backdrop, and “Pen” perfectly draws thin lines and details.

Our recommendations: BIC Brite Liner Highlighters, SHARPIE Tank Highlighters, and TWOHANDS Highlighter.


Trust your preference when choosing this tool. But remember, the ruler should be smooth, not soft, and perfectly matched to draw the desired lines (flat, with curls, etc.).

Our recommendations: 3 Pack Wooden Rulers, 6 Pack Color Rulers, and Drawing Set.

Decorative Tape

The decorations add brightness and originality and transform even the simplest entries. Opt for quality items to hold up well to the paper.

Our recommendations: 40 Rolls Washi Tape Set, 60 Rolls Glitter Washi Tape Set, and Washi Tapes.


This is where you get to be completely creative. Stick emojis, weekdays, motivational phrases, etc.

Our recommendations: Essentials Planner Stickers and Aesthetic Greenery Planner Stickers.

Colored pencils

The assortment is large. There are wax, watercolor, and pastel on the market. See which ones you need for the lettering or making small paintings. After all, many people like to doodle to diversify their diary style.

Our recommendations: Colored Pencil Packs, Premium Colored Pencils, and 72-Color Colored Pencils.

15 Best Bullet Journal Font Styles for Diary Writing

Now let’s take a look at the most used styles of bullet journaling fonts. They are completely different designs. After all, there are many people – there are many special shapes, combinations, and unreal embodiments of ideas on paper!

These are just the basic designs, and you can create your own inspired by our ideas. For example, why not try experimenting with dot journal fonts? Or upgrade your approach to minimalist lettering? Let’s figure out the specifics of writing together and pick awesome ideas for keeping a notebook!


You need a pen (any color), felt-tip pen, or pencil.

This is a classic and very elegant typeface. It stands out for its handwritten forms and neat drawings. The peculiarity of these cute journal fonts is slanting lines. They give harmony and smooth connection of letters. However, the connections can be curved, sharp, and abrupt, depending on the writing style.

The lettering becomes rhythmic due to the short spacing. You can make inscriptions of different sizes. This bullet journal font’s alphabet style suits body text, headings, names of months and days, and accents. Your main task is to make the text graceful and try to convey handwritten transitions.

How to Write in Cursive: 8 Fast + Practical Tips

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to write in cursive, we’ve got you covered! In this video, we’ll share tips for improving your writing. Find all the featured products below.

3D Cursive

You need a marker and a pen/pencil.

It is a variation of the cursive type with slight modifications. 3d lettering on bullet journals adds volume and depth to the text.

First, write the main text in bold or half-bold type, slightly narrowing the transitions and letter ends. To create the important 3d effect, take a pen with a thin tip and add an outline on the right side or completely circle the character. You can also change the line thickness with the pen to give a deeper look. If desired, you may also draw shadows or put glitter (with special pens).

How to write neat hand lettering | For beginners | Amazing handwriting | Calligraphy

How to write neat hand lettering | For beginners

Outline Cursive

You need: pencil, eraser, pen and felt-tip pens (if desired)

This style is great for writing down the names of days, months, and concise motivations. This bujo font is easy enough, especially if you are skilled with the previous versions.

So, draw large wide letters in cursive style with a pencil. It is better to use a pencil in the beginning because you’ll be able to play with the letters’ size and erase inaccurate lines. Then, narrow the lines with the inner drawings. When the lettering is done, draw the necessary contours with a pen. After it dries, erase the excess pencil. You can decorate it with stickers or your favorite elements (leaves, hearts, stars, etc.).

Hand Lettering Tutorial | How To Outline Lettering

Hope you guys enjoyed the video! Inking your designs can be tough when you don’t know some of the techniques artists use, so here I’m going to show you how to ink a basic lettering piece! 

Faux Lettering

You need a felt-tip pen or pencil.

This type of bullet journal handwriting fonts is quite easy to reproduce, especially if you like using the cursive style. The main difference is the extra drawing of each letter to enliven it. This makes the inscriptions appear more expansive. You can either fill in the extra space or leave it blank. This is a matter of taste!

Faux Calligraphy Basics Tutorial

Are you learning calligraphy and hand lettering, but don’t know where to start? This faux calligraphy or fauxligraphy basics tutorial is for you!. 


You need: felt-tip pens and pencils.

This is one of the best bullet journal title fonts to make your text deeper because of the gradient. It’s not hard to write with, especially if you like to draw and combine colors.

You can mix felt-tip pens and pencils to make the lettering more neat. Or use one shade of felt-tip pen and weaken the drawing to create the desired gradient. As such, there are no rules. You can make the letters lighter towards the top or the bottom, or you can create a gradient across the letters. It all depends on the character’s thickness and your creativity.

How to do gradient hand lettering 💜 Bullet journal ideas

Gradient or ombre lettering 🥳 In today’s video I’m setting taking you through 6 different variants of gradient lettering. This is a video I’ve been meaning to make for a while and I’m glad I got around to it! Hopefully you find it useful!  

Block Letters

You need a pen, a pencil or a thin marker, and a ruler.

Try this script for headings as well. Despite the simplicity of the lettering, you can experiment with color, design and use familiar styles (3D, gradient). Among the special features is the creation of large letters and a smooth, clear outline. It’s obvious from the name that you just need to put blocks together.

How to Draw Block Letters

Learn How to Draw Step by Step in a Fun way! 

Graffiti Style

You need a pencil, an eraser, and a marker.

It’s a pretty unusual solution, but we have different tastes. So you might want to try adding variety to your journaling. This typeface is great for big headings. If you keep a diary, then write in graffiti style the name of the months. Doing such inscriptions is difficult due to the creation of voluminous and harsh characters. But a little practice and everything will turn out!

The key characteristics are elongated, angular lines with irregularities, sharp features, as well as bright colors. The inscription will look more realistic with bright contrasting colors. Also, your letters should be joined together to create a squeeze and tight effect.

Graffiti Lettering 101 | Easy Step By Step Lettering Tutorial | Arts & Crafts | 3D Lettering

Step by step tutorial on how to make Graffiti Lettering. 

Bubble Letters

You need a pen with a thin or thick tip and a felt-tip pen or marker.

Do you remember how you draw block letters? This is the same thing. Only the lettering should be rounded like balloons. Now close your eyes and imagine a bunch of balloons. And make your lettering the same airy and light.

How to draw alphabet in bubble letters | Graffiti letters

How to draw alphabet in bubble letters | Graffiti letters 

Doodle Fonts

You need a felt-tip pen or a pen.

Try also diversifying your note-taking with this technique. Doodle is about being completely creative as you experiment with lines, squiggles, shapes, etc.

There is no limit to adding various small elements here. Even the usual dots or circles in the letters can transform the inscriptions.

This design is suitable for people who doubt their drawing and writing skills. Any extra line – will make an even better visual. To succeed in drawing, it’s necessary to make the letters wide to create space for decorations. Do cursive, block, or balloon inscriptions, and add some doodles right now!

Check out the guide: Doodle Art And Line Drawing For Beginners

Bounce style

You need: a felt-tip pen or a pen (depending on the desired color).

This is yet another way to add variety to cursive writing. The main characteristic here is the livening up of the words. Forget about the strictness and let your text fly on the page. Let the characters move up and down, control the saturation, and make your subheadings and goals more inspiring.

How To Do BOUNCY LETTERING – An Easy Tutorial on How To do Bouncy Calligraphy Style

In this video we go over my tips for doing #Bouncy #Lettering. We go over what it is and how to start learning the basics. It’s a fun style to do, and I hope this how to video helps you learn bouncy calligraphy. 

Banner Font

You need a marker of any color.

For more creative diary entries, take this type of bullet journaling fonts. You don’t need to learn how to draw and write neat letters. The key is to select a beautiful banner shape to fill it with your favorite font later.

Create beautifully shaped “banners” using geometric forms and simple symbols. Give a variety to the name of days, task keywords, date, year, etc.

How To: 5 Easy BANNERS For Hand Lettering & Calligraphy – Tutorial, Tips, + Speedpaint!

Free Lettering Practice Sheets (get life-time access to a library of more than 30 worksheets to level up your brush lettering) 

Framed circles

You need a pen.

This is an easy way to vary the design of the days of the week, months, and the date. Make even circles and write in the middle to make framed circles look neat and pleasing to the eye. Stencils will help to do the task.

It’s easy to make such signs. However, you should make the letters small, tiny, and even.

Thin and Slim Letters

You need a pen with a thin tip or a fountain pen.

This is an absolute trend in journaling. This typeface is easy to read and suitable for inscriptions and plain text. Here it is important to make the characters neat, long, and thin. Choose a quality pen that won’t smudge or interrupt.

Stencil style

You need a pen, a marker, and a stencil.

This is a stencil style where the letters are a bit broken. The writing is more restrained and even and creates perfectly readable bullet journal text. This style is on a level with cursive as it is simple enough to repeat. You can buy stencils in any stationary store or order them together with the sets for bullet journaling.

How to Use Letter Stencils

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add some personality to your letters and envelopes, then Mr. Pen is the perfect solution! With our letter stencil, you can easily create custom designs that will make your correspondence stand out from the rest. 

Floral Motifs

You need a pen, marker, and colored pencils.

This style is quite common because we always want to fill our notes with fun drawings and small details to breathe life into the inscription. Floral motifs are easy enough to produce. You can make drawings with just a pen or with colored pencils/ pens. Here it’s most important not to be afraid to make a mistake.

Use any typeface as a base. Flowers can be used to finish calligraphic lettering. Smooth and thin letters look great with a petal-like progression.

Floral Alphabet Step-by-step hand lettering tutorial

Floral Alphabet step-by-step hand lettering tutorial | In this video, I’ll show you my exact step-by-step process to create these floral alphabet letters so you too can create your own! You can turn your floral hand-lettering letters into prints. These floral letters make beautiful gifts for any occasion. 

15 Best Bullet Journal Fonts for Your Inspiration

And now it’s time to get inspired by ready-made cute bullet journal fonts to organize your perfect notebook space with. Flip through the top options and download it in a few clicks. If you can’t decide on one, check out our huge selection for a variety of purposes. Also, you can enrich the collection with your designs. Become a vendor and start a passive income opportunity now!

10,000 High-Quality Fonts Set | Unique and Affordable Collection

Price $20
File type OTF, TTF, ZIP
Date April 13 2023
5 (22 Votes)
Take your design projects to the next level with this huge bundle of bullet journal cute fonts. The typefaces are available in OTF and TTF formats and have multi-language support. A commercial license is also available, so you can use them wherever you want.
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Poppins Light

A Thousand Blossoms Font Bundle – 40+ Handwritten Script and Calligraphy Fonts

Price $10
File type OTF, TTF
Date May 12 2023
5 (12 Votes)
In this bundle, you'll find 40 amazing and colorful bullet journal header fonts. They are perfect for both personal and commercial projects. All scripts come in OTF and TTF formats and are compatible with Canva, Cricut, and Procreate.
Show More
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Mega script font bundles – 35 fonts

Price $8
File type ZIP
Date May 3 2023
5 (12 Votes)
If you need beautiful and attractive scripts, take this bundle. It contains bullet journal number fonts, calligraphic lettering, and other great web solutions. These products are great for designing covers, making headings, and organizing diary keeping.
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Angled Font

Price $14
File type JPG, OTF
Date February 13 2023
5 (15 Votes)
Angled font for the bullet journal has geometric shapes and straight lines. It gives a modern and stylish touch. It is the best option for creating striking headlines, logos, banners and posters. This typeface has everything needed - ligatures, numbers, punctuation marks and characters.
Show More
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Dont Worry Hand Drawn Font

Price $14
File type OTF, TTF, WOFF
Date April 6 2023
5 (13 Votes)
Here is one of the best fonts for bullet journals. This is a set of unique letters with summer blooming monoline flowers and leaves. It is available in OTF, TTF, WOFF formats and has multi-language support.
Show More

Hipster Script Fonts: LAROSH Sithal Duo + Extra – $10

Price $10
File type OTF, TTF, WOFF
Date October 9 2019
5 (3 Votes)
This is a great bullet journal font for those who are used to surprise with an unusual approach to their work. It includes alternates, swashes, ligatures, stylistic set, bonus ornament. At the same time it has a multi-purpose base, which means it is perfect for the design of checklists, presentations, logos, prints and websites.
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LAROSH Sithal Sans Serif.ttf
LAROSH Sithal Sans Serif.otf
LAROSH Sithal Extra.ttf
LAROSH Sithal Extra.otf

Devie Regular, Italic & Bold Font

Price $10
File type OTF, TTF, WOFF
Date June 18 2019
5 (12 Votes)
Devie is a modern and multipurpose font and you can use it for various texts, signs, and decorations. Due to its neutral and elegant form, Devie is able to adopt the style of background. Moreover, according to the color tones, it can create a design mood by itself. This package includes uppercase, lowercase, figures and punctuation.
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Devie Bold
Devie Italic
Devie Regular


Delicate spring palette. It is fragrant and inspiring. Flexible design allows you to choose the colors you want.

button for more details.

It is a very cute and stylish font that will suit a variety of purposes. It contains only uppercase characters. The lettering performed with LILY is perfectly readable in any size and adds a touch of elegance to the project.


An inspirational template in deep green. The font is crisp, delicate and aesthetically beautiful.

button for more details.

Here is one of the best fonts for journals. Enjoy the flexible settings and great appearance of the web offering. It is available in TTF, OTF formats. This offering has a stunning character set, perfectly managed with well spaced and kerning. Choose it for logo, stationery, business card, signage, flyer, brochure.

Great March

A font with spring notes and drops of morning dew. It is lightweight and versatile.

button for more details.

If you want to diversify your design then check out this calligraphy bullet journal font. It has smooth lettering, light scuffs and a vintage feel. It is available for Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, even on Microsoft Word.

Alex Brush

Refined font. A great option for business cards.

button for more details.

ALEX BRUSH is a cool free journaling font that will work perfectly for those who would like to get a lovely script for their projects. ALEX BRUSH is a comprehensive handwriting font that will decorate any type of website. So why don’t you actually give it a try? It’s definitely worth a shot.


The template is made in a muted olive color. The blocks are conveniently and nicely placed. The stylish and flexible design of the theme only adds value to it.

button for more details.

If you are looking for more creativity, then this is the perfect choice for you. It is one of the most impressive bujo fonts. Its most striking feature is the letters in a frame that looks like a torn piece of paper. This typeface can be easily redrawn, or you can just download it because it is free for personal use. The product is free for personal use, but you must contact the author for a commercial license.

After Attack

The template is made in a muted olive color. The blocks are conveniently and nicely placed. The stylish and flexible design of the theme only adds value to it.

button for more details.

The style of this bujo font reminds us of brightly colored comic books. Some of the letters are characterized by unique blast marks. The letters are uneven and have a slight slant to the right. It is available for a broad range of uses. It can be expressive for headlines that combine spectacularly with standard lettering fonts. Try it at no cost for a personal license.

Just Saying

Everything here is about art. Colors, font and soft geometric shapes. This combination creates an incredible template for universal use.

button for more details.

Want easy fonts for bullet journals? Then organize your thoughts beautifully with this alphabet bullet journal font. It covers the symbols, punctuation, numbers and special elements (stars, rainbows, hearts, sunsets, dots, etc.) you need for working. The typeface comes in 6 variants varying in weight and slant.


A little bold, a little soft endings and such a cute font. The template itself is perfect for an invitation to a children's party or opening a nursery for animals.

button for more details.

It is a very soft and bold font in OTF format, which can be easily adapted to different projects. The product looks great in large sizes and is suitable for titles, headlines, signs, banners, prints and online designs.

5 Best Bullet Journal Planners for Awesome Lettering

Bullet journal planners are a must-have item for organizing your life and keeping track of important events. Here are our top 5 ready-to-go online as well as printable solutions. You can find more options in our huge collection of multi-purpose and multi-function planners.

Bullet Journal Planner

Price $5
File type JPG, PAGES, PDF, ZIP
Date February 14 2023
5 (13 Votes)
These are fully printable habit trackers, to-do lists, and 365-day blocks for daily tasks. Materials are available in JPG, PDF, and ZIP file formats. These are great flexible solutions to apply also in an online environment and keep track of your tasks from your smartphone.
Show More

Super Bullet Journal Notion Template

Price $15
File type PDF
Date April 7 2019
5 (10 Votes)
Here is a reasonable planner in PDF format. It covers weekly, monthly, and annual planners. You can also edit the habit tracker and calendar. This product is completely web-based. You can edit it with handy software and fill it with awesome scripts.
Show More

Notion Bullet Journal

Price $15
Date September 4 2022
5 (10 Votes)
It's another product to try in an online format. It is suitable for people who have no desire to doodle but want to do everything with flexible tools.
Show More

Undated Dot Journaling Calendar Planner

Collage of images of a white notebook with a spring and a calendar in it.

button for more details.

Here is a more standard planning notebook. It contains the required special sheets for writing monthly and annual tasks. The great news is that the notebook isn’t scheduled for a specific year, so you can start keeping a diary at any time.

Journal Kit

A collage of images of a blue notebook and graphics in it.

button for more details.

And this is a unique set with the essential supplies for bullet journaling. The 192 pages notebook is dotty and not attached to a year. It’s perfect for practicing script styles and creating the perfect organizing space.

What is a Bullet Journal?

The personalized “bullet journal” is a flexible and fast system that helps you keep track of short- and long-term goals. You set up a notebook into subdivisions by month and week. From there, you monitor what has to be done. You can also add important events and dates to the bookmarks.

Writing a bullet journal may be confusing at first, but through persistence and effort, you’ll find that it’s a wonderful way to organize your life. Moreover, by using the best fonts, you’ll have more inspiration to start planning your days, weeks, and months.

Who is a Bullet Journal Suitable for?

Organizational skills are (unfortunately) not a great skill that everyone has. That’s why American designer Ryder Carroll created this journal system. This method of arranging is simple to follow. All you need is a sketchbook and a pen.

A bullet journal is ideal for people who find it difficult to complete all their daily tasks due to significant stress or fatigue, or a lack of concentration. It is an original and effective alternative to traditional to-do lists and other productivity tools.

Therefore, it is an excellent tool for:

  • project creators;
  • freelancers;
  • ordinary users;
  • successful entrepreneurs who need a simple tool to plan their tasks and structure their organization.

So let’s sum up. Using bullet journaling is one of the easiest and most creative tactics for organizing our lives. Prioritize, set tasks, goals for the month or the year. And most importantly, take advantage of our ideas to create a beautiful visual to be motivated and inspired. Flip through our products and choose impressive printable bullet journal fonts, download them and apply for online diaries.

By the way, what kind of notebooks do you prefer? Online or printed? Do you have a habit of planning your day? Share in the comments and offer your own styles for journaling!

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Bullet Journal Fonts combines all types of fonts that are important for a notebook to create an attractive and quality design. Best bullet journal fonts in a single article will make it easier to see all of them at once, making it much more convenient to find one or another one as per the choice.

They are the part of the styles that will improve the appearance of any journal. You have to choose a font that fits your personality because it is the best way to give your booklet a unique style. So, Bullet Journal Fonts is the appropriate topic for this article. We can also add information about the font itself. We can give some information about what people like about the mentioned bullet journal fonts. We say that they are essential for a good design and everyone has their own reason why they use them. The main reason for designing those fonts is because the data is written in them.

The design is also a way to represent oneself and their personality uniquely. The font itself is important because it sets the mood and tone of every purpose of the journal. Everyone uses a certain style every day. So, one should learn how to change it just for fun. Another thing that can be added to this part is the image box. People usually draw it and put it in a notebook. It can be any drawing from a vacation or something else memorable about your life or work. The one writing the journal can choose any image they like and put it in a bullet journal, just as others do with theirs.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about fonts for journaling

How do you write a cursive bullet journal?

This handwritten typeface works by writing the letters slanted. The key is to connect the letters and make a smooth, calligraphic design.

What is the format of bullet journals?

The standard formats are indexing, daily or weekly, month, and yearly logs.

What size is best for bullet journaling?

A medium size also known as an A5 notebook is perfect. That way you have plenty of space for creativity and writing.

How do you make a cute bullet journal?

This is possible with floral motifs, banner design, or a flowing handwritten typeface. Also, hearts, little stars, and cute stickers are added to the bullet journal.

Some Awesome Video About Bullet Journal Fonts

25 Bullet Journal Lettering + Handwriting Ideas!

I decided to compile all of my lettering & font ideas into one ULTIMATE guide for you!  

Bullet Journal HANDWRITING Tutorial | Brush Lettering and Cursive Tips For Beginners

Hey everyone! Today I’m showing you how to do some of the handwriting techniques and styles I use in my bullet journal. I know my first tutorial was really helpful for many of you, so hopefully this video provides you with just as much value….if you’re a beginner looking to improve your brush lettering and/or cursive, then this video is for you! 

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