Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as MasterBundles) uses a privacy policy to demonstrate respect for the privacy of its website users. Please read the information below to learn more about our privacy policy and our treatment of personal information received from users and customers.

What information does MasterBundles collect?
MasterBundles collects certain types of information about visitors and users of our website.

  • Information obtained from vendors. Name, company name, email address, phone number, payment details, and the answers you give to the surveys. This information is used to provide you with, or to improve our services. MasterBundles uses this information to verify compliance with legal requirements.
  • Information obtained from partners. Name, company name, website URL, contact details, e-mail address, company type, as well as information from PayPal e-mail address or ID, etc. MasterBundles uses this information to work with you, including to verify your identity, payment, fraud or other similar concerns, to send you technical notices, updates, security alerts, information about changes in our policies, and for administrative and support communications.
  • Information obtained from customers. Member names, all contact details, email address, your browser information, IP address, information about the use of our site, payment details, transaction details, support requests, web analytics data and information provided when you fill out all forms on our site. MasterBundles may use this information to respond to your requests, to provide customer service, to improve products/services, security alerts, policy change notifications, and administrative communications to allow us to immediately prevent fraud, policy violations, and threats.
  • Information obtained from site visitors. This information includes: the type of browser and device you are using, IP address, information about the cookies placed on your device, support requests and web analytics data. In addition, we may collect personal information provided by you on our website.
  • Information obtained from users who contact the support service. Name, email address, browser and device information you use, any personal information you provide to us in a Support chat. In addition, MasterBundles may request additional documentation from you to verify your identity, etc.

What personal information does MasterBundles collect about you from third party sources?
Although we collect personal information specifically from you, but we may also collect certain information about you from third party sources.
Such information may include the following:

  • Financial data, or transaction data from payment service providers.
  • Google, Twitter, Facebook may provide us with certain information about you. This information may be controlled by you or by the service provider through privacy settings.
  • We may receive information from third parties to detect fraud, and combine it with information we have about you to verify your identity.

How does MasterBundles use personal information?

Your personal information is used when we need to identify you, to simplify the processing of transactions that occur on our website.
Other uses of personal information include:

  • verifying your identity when you sign in to the site;
  • providing you with the services specified on our site;
  • providing support services;
  • providing news and updates;
  • checking your activities on the website to identify potentially fraudulent activities and
    to ensure that users comply with the terms and conditions applicable to the website;
  • answering your comments or requests on our websites;
  • improving our products and services;
  • managing the risks associated with content and fraud.

When you give us consent:

  1. to provide you with marketing information that relates to products or services that may be of interest to you;
  2. to make changes/settings to our services, such as using cookies to provide personalized experience.
  3. For various purposes as required by law.
  4. For providing to the court, law enforcement agencies, or other cases that may be relevant to an investigation.

How long is your personal information kept?

Your personal information is kept on servers for a certain amount of time, which is necessary to provide you with our services and fulfill legal obligations.

You have the right to delete personal information if you are not willing to keep it. In that case, we will have to close your account on the MasterBundles website.

All deleted account information is kept on our servers, so we have the right to use it in our legitimate interests: to prevent fraud, comply with the law, resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems, enforce our terms of service, and so on. The information we keep will be processed in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

How does MasterBundles keep your personal information secure?

To ensure the security of your personal information, we use certain measures to protect it from any unlawful use and from accidental loss or destruction.

  1. We provide access to your information to a minimum extent, with confidentiality restrictions, and on an anonymous basis wherever possible.
  2. We use secure servers to keep your information safe.
  3. Before granting access to personal information, we carefully verify the identity of all persons who request access.
  4. To protect the transmission of data, we use encryption with an SSL certificate.

Make sure that your personal information is securely protected. MasterBundles will not be responsible if you attempt to circumvent the privacy settings on our website. You are also responsible for keeping the password to certain parts of the site secure if we provide it to you. You should not pass on the password to third parties, especially in the comments or questions areas, as all users of our website have access to information in these areas.

Because of the obvious reasons, we cannot control users’ activities on our website. We cannot guarantee that your information will not be viewed by unauthorized parties, so share your information in the public areas of our site sensibly and carefully.

Be sure to read the privacy policy of the third party website if you choose to share your personal information through this type of site.

Public information and third party websites.

Please note that in addition to various confirmations, we also post testimonials on our website. We do not post your testimonials with your name on it until we have received your consent. If you wish to change or delete your reviews, please write to our email.

MasterBundles allows users to post comments on individual blog contributions. The information you add to your comments or posts can be read or used by any visitor or user of our website. If you wish to delete some of your information from our blogs, please contact us by email. If we refuse to delete your information from our blogs, we will notify you of the reason for such refusal.

Social networking platforms and widgets
The MasterBundles website has built-in social networking features. These features may collect your data (IP address) or place a cookie on your browser. The social networking features are hosted on both our website and the servers on a particular social network.
We also support profiles on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Any information you post to these social networks can be easily read, collected or saved by all users of these social networks. We cannot control the activities of these platforms, and the activities of other users of these platforms. Your activities with these platforms are regulated by the privacy policies of the companies that provide them.

Links to other websites
If you click on a third party site link, you will leave our website and go to the chosen website. In turn, we are not responsible for any use of your personal information by these parties as we cannot control the activities of third parties. Be sure to read the privacy policy of any other service provider from which you request services.

Cookie Policy.
In order to provide the most relevant services to our visitors and to fully ensure customer satisfaction when interacting with the MasterBundles website, we use cookies.
Cookies are small pieces of data consisting of letters, numbers and symbols that enable us to improve your experience when you interact with the site. With these cookies, the site learns about your preferences when you interact with the service and provides a faster and more user friendly experience. We may use, but are not obliged to use, the following types of cookies when you interact with the site: marketing, strictly necessary, functional, analytical. By using our website, you consent to our use of cookies. For more information on the use of cookies on our website, please check cookie policy.

Children’s privacy.
The MasterBundles website as well as blogs and services are not intended for use by children under 13 years old. Nobody under the age of 13 is allowed to provide personal information on our websites. If you are under the age of 13, you are not permitted to use our website, buy products from our marketplace, post comments on blogs, social networks, or provide any personal information about yourself (name, address, phone number, email address and so forth). If you violate this condition, your account, as well as all information, will be deleted.

Changes in our privacy policy.
We reserve the right to change or modify this Privacy Policy at any time. If we make some changes, we will publish them in the Privacy Policy section and you will be notified of any changes by e-mail.

Contact Information.
MasterBundles is both the data controller and processor of your personal information in accordance with this policy.
Please contact us if you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, including the processing of your personal information, or if you consider that your privacy rights have been violated. We will respond to your request within 14 days.

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