Brand Identity

Hi, this page is a real treasure for all MasterBundles brand amateurs. It’s an oasis in the desert — a guiding star for the wayfarer. We sincerely feel this way. Here we have collected all possible variants and examples for using the MasterBundles project’s identity. Use it yourself and then share it with your friends :).


This is our logo. The basic version that can be used most often for applying it on any product surface and in a variety of web projects.

MasterBundles Logo.

Download MasterBundles Logo

Logo Variations

The logo layout can be designed as a full version, cropped model, or cropped and embedded in a circle. You may use any of the available color schemes.

MasterBundles Logo Variations.

Download MasterBundles Logo Variations


For optimal quality, if you use a maximum logo layout, try not to resize it. Aspect Ratio: 1:7.25

MasterBundles Logo Sizing.

Logo Usage

Please pay attention to the logo safe area. If there are any additional elements that you use alongside our logo, don’t place them in the gray sections and particularly, don’t put them in the dark gray sections.

MasterBundles Logo Usage.

Info Partners

If we are lucky enough to be an info partner for your event, then please use one of the button options below. You can choose both the button story and the color scheme.

MasterBundles Info Partners.

Download Info Partner Badges

Primary Colors

This is pretty simple. Our two primary colors are purple and orange. Use a numeric code to choose the exact shade of our corporate colors: Purple is #7C19C9, orange is #FF510D.

MasterBundles Primary Colors

Secondary Colors

Secondary colors that we use, and therefore you can use anytime, are as follows:

MasterBundles Secondary Colors


Our primary and preferred typeface is Montserrat. Awesome and flexible, what more can we say…

MasterBundles Typeface.

Download Montserrat Font


Four basic font sizes ranging from 16pt for the main content up to 30pt for the title.

MasterBundles Heirachy.

Download Montserrat Font

Badges for your website or social networking profiles

We have taken care to prepare several options for badges and their different colored designs. Whether you have just started selling products on MasterBundles, if you are the interview hero, have uploaded more than 100 products, or if you have become one of our marketing partners – we have a banner badge for every situation.

MasterBundles Badges for your website or social networking profiles.

Download Badges for your website or social networking profiles

Frames for Facebook

Here is a really awesome solution for those who want to show everyone on Facebook that they’re a member of the MasterBundles team. These frames are available for everyone to choose from: designers, copywriters, experts, top sellers, or those who consider MB their family.

MasterBundles Frames for Facebook.

Download Frames for Facebook

You can download the samples and frames yourself, or you can just enter the word MasterBundles in the Facebook frame search and view all the available variants. Feel free to use them as needed to promote the team!

Banner for advertising

Want to promote MasterBundles products on your website or maybe set up a contextual ad and earn your first $1000 quickly? Great! We have created a basic package of banners in all popular formats, which will allow you to put your affiliate links to us and start earning money fast. Don’t go far—we’ll be adding sets of banners by product very soon. If you are already an affiliate and missing some promo materials, then email right now.

MasterBundle Banners

Download MasterBundles Banners

Printed Matter

Below you can check out how our logo, colors, and slogans will look on various surfaces. The archive at the link contains all the file types needed for printing. It’s only a matter of minutes to design a stylish hoodie or phone case with them.

MasterBundles Printed Matter.

Sticker Pack

MasterBundles Sticker Pack.

Download MasterBundles Sticker Pack (.ai)

Upload 20 Products to get MasterBundles Special Gift!

Hurrah! We are pleased to announce nice and suitable A5 Shorthand Notebook in a soft case and two brand [MB] colored pencils for every vendor that will upload 20 products in two weeks’ time. Find additional information and conditions by the following link (you should join our Facebook community for authors).

Upload 20 Products to get MasterBundles special gift.

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