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A timeline presentation is a very popular and effective way to display events that happened over a period of time. You can use timeline PowerPoint templates for personal use, for example, to create a family timeline presentation to pass on generations, or you can use timeline templates to organize an event and its timeline. There are many various ways to use it and edit it for your convenience and topic.

Our designers know what it takes to make your presentation look organized, so this category of timeline PowerPoint templates contains the most organized, classified, and pleasing-to-the-eye templates. Check it out, choose the best design and finally make the most successful and correlated presentation!


How do you create a visual timeline?

To create a visual timeline you'll need to create an outline for your timeline, pick a layout, create the framework, add dates, text, and images, and embellish it with colors, fonts, and shapes. Or you could save yourself time and use a ready timeline PowerPoint template.

How do I make a pretty timeline?

The first rule for a timeline to be pretty is to not pack it with information, it needs to look clean with as little text as possible. You also should avoid using grunge and bold fonts and stick to thin and book-like ones.

Where can I find timeline PowerPoint templates?

You can find timelines and other PowerPoint templates on MasterBundles, with various designs, and tailor the templates to your taste and needs.

Where can I find PowerPoint templates for free?

For free timeline PowerPoint templates, visit MasterBundles, EnvatoMarket, Canva, and CreativeMarket.