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Are you a businessman, creator, designer, student, or lecturer who needs to keep track of all your functions? Or maybe you are a big business that needs a sales strategic plan of ideas and processes that define your go-to-market strategy and expected costs and returns.

These strategic PowerPoint templates are the best choice for creating a new strategic sales plan, pitch deck, business, marketing, or education slides. Our designer created these top-notch templates so that they are possible to use for any topic and metrics you need.

Why would you want to start creating your own presentation, when there are many versatile ones available for a great price in the meanwhile, you can spend that extra time working on your strategic plan. These and many more PowerPoint templates are designed by professionals for your own convenience and will make your presentation strive.


How do you write a strategic planning presentation?

To build an efficient strategy that will transform illusion into reality, use these tips: identify your vision statement, identify the mission statement, run an analysis, determine your goals, and track your progress.

What should a strategy presentation include?

A strategic PowerPoint template and presentation should be structured around three core topics and follow a narrative, that goes something like this: start with market analysis and show your competition and then introduce your goals and advantages based on research.

How many slides should a strategic presentation include?

A strategic PowerPoint should have anywhere from 10 to 15 slides, keep them short and straight to the topic. If a PowerPoint template has more slides than that, it doesn't mean you need to use them all, they are there for the options.

Where can I find free strategic PowerPoint templates?

While most templates can be purchased for a very loyal price, you can try and search for free ones on MasterBundles, Canva, CreativeMarket, EnvatoMarket, and others.