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560+ Graphic Bundles for different Purposes: Overlays, Textures, Fonts, Icons, Flyers, Infographics, various Templates

Best Graphic Design Bundles. Once upon a time, a conceited idea of having all at once crossed the mind of the resourceful web designer. He was wracking his brains trying to bring this idea to life until one day he invented a graphic design bundle. Since that day, the web design world never got back to its old life. Hundreds of web designers all over the globe praised the guy, whose name was unknown because this impressive story is just a figment of the imagination. The truth is that a graphics bundle is a thing that will save your money and time when you will buckle down your next project. MasterBundles gathered 560+ graphics bundles for various purposes and pockets. Regardless of the direction of your business or personal activities, the collection includes high-quality graphics for digital or printed designs. Probably, you’d like to ask a couple of questions regarding graphics bundles, their usage, advantages, and drawbacks. Below, you will find the answers to the most common questions. No made-up stories – only naked truth.

Why buying bundles is more profitable than buying separate graphics?

The first thought that might cross the mind of a person, who needs an infographic template, is “Why do I have to buy a bunch of other graphic elements if I only need an infographic template?!” and it would be kinda reasonable. On the other hand, today you might only need an infographic template but tomorrow you might think about adding a social sharing button, or print it as a flyer, or create a PowerPoint presentation with it. In simple words, you never know which idea you will later come up with but having a bunch of graphic elements for different purposes will 100% save time and money. First, you don’t spend time searching for a perfect match for the already existing icon on the website. The graphics bundle contains elements of the uniform style. A website will aesthetically look more attractive when the icons, buttons, fonts, and other elements refer to one style. The bundles have a wide choice of graphics. So, finding a suitable element is not a big deal. You also save time while downloading the graphic elements. It takes a couple of minutes to download a bundle. Still, you can spend hours or even days exploring various resources in a search of a perfect match. Second, the prices of bundles are sometimes even lower than the price for a separate product. For instance, a bundle with 1500+ elements can cost only $29!

What types of graphics can I buy?

Okay, so we figured out that buying graphics in bundles is both time and cost-effective. Now, let’s find out what exactly you can buy on MasterBundles.

Awesome Overlays

There are 10+ bundles with thousands of splendid overlays for different purposes. Glitters, flying petals, sky, fire, smoke, confetti, and other effects can highlight the beauty of your picture. All pictures are high-resolution PNG or JPG files. The layer applies to the picture and creates a natural effect as if the confetti wasn’t fake but was thrown by your Grandma.

Watercolor Bundles

The collection contains 15+ amazing watercolor clipart bundles. Universal flowers clip arts or niche watercolor bundles with pumpkins or olives? All illustrations have clean layers and transparent or watercolor backgrounds. They are available in different formats (PNG, JPG, PSD). You can apply them to digital products as well as printed postcards, cards, flyers, brochures, envelopes, cups, etc.. They indeed look like a painting because of the high resolution, modern techniques, and talented web designers, who created them.

diverse backgrounds

Too many tourists holding the Great Pyramid of Giza on the palm? You can change the background and post the picture on Facebook in a matter of clicks. Not sure if you will find backgrounds with pyramids but there are awesome lights and watercolor backgrounds especially suitable for:
  • cards and postcards
  • flyers and brochures
  • invitations and envelopes
  • photography albums
  • blog background
  • digital scrapbooking
  • any other piece of graphic design

templates for flyers, brochures, and posters

These pieces of the design seem to be complicated to create but, in fact, you only need a mockup and a bit of creativity. In the collection of 450+ graphics bundles, you will find plenty of kits with templates for flyers, brochures, and posters. Corporate or creative, all templates are easy to edit and adjust to your business or project. You can change the text, the font, colors, backgrounds, etc. All files are PSD, have 300 DPI and CMYK color mode.

templates for banners

Want to stand out? Try to catch people’s attention with a banner. Convey your message in a catchy tagline or present a special offer unusually. For this purpose, you have a couple of the banner bundles from MasterBundles. You can change all of the details of the template – from fonts to backgrounds. Some of them include free Google fonts and video tutorials. They are suitable for blogs, social media, websites, and apps. Catchy, diverse, colorful or classy and minimalistic? These bundles have banner templates for different tastes and pockets.

fonts and brush strokes

No need to sing praises to the high-quality typography. Unique fonts are a part of the brand’s identity. They also contribute to the aesthetics as they “supplement” an overall picture of the website. In the collection of the graphic bundles, you have plenty of kits with fonts for websites, apps, social media, printed products, etc. There are creative and classy fonts of various colors and styles for different purposes. They are mostly available in AI, EPS, SVG, PNG formats. Besides, you can find templates for PowerPoint presentations, which can also highlight the brand’s identity – the task basic MS templates are hardly capable to complete. Also, the collection includes wonderful templates for infographics, business cards and postcards, magazines, and various mockups. There are a couple of branding graphic kits, for instance, for a coffee shop. You can also find complex kits with templates, typography, frames, backgrounds, and more. With a bundle, you get access to a wide choice of graphics of the uniform style. Regardless of the direction of your activity, your tastes, and budget, you will manage to find something suitable. At the end of the day, if there is an opportunity to save time and money, it’s better to catch it, isn’t it? Below, you can find more answers to the common questions.

Graphics Bundles FAQ

How to buy a bundle?

To buy a bundle you need to add it to the cart (just press the purple “Buy” button on the right side of the page with a bundle), write your first and last name, email, billing details, choose a payment method, and press “Buy Now” button.

You can pay with PayPal, credit card, or Skrill.

Afterward, you will get an email with a purchase receipt and an archive to download.

What software is needed to use a bundle?

Sometimes you can find software requirements in the description of the bundle. In general, bundles are compatible with such major software as Adobe Illustrator CC or Affinity Designer.

What if I didn’t find a suitable product in a bundle?

Unfortunately, it might happen :( Still, there are 450+ products in the graphic design bundles category – you will definitely find something suitable! Before purchase, check out which products are included in a bundle. We add examples of the products to the description of the bundle.

Which license do bundles have?

Usually, the bundles are sold under the license for commercial use but during the purchase process check it out as some of them can be for private use only.

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