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Galaxy Colors Collection: 1604 Elements – $29 ONLY

Date of Creation November 4 2018
Author Art Planet
Price $29
Rating: 1 (1 votes)
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They Trust Us


sold bundles

Have a question?

Incredible overlays full of colours. 1604 unique and creative textures, backgrounds and overlays ready to use for your projects.

• Fabric, png with transparent background; 5000x5000px, 600dpi (x100 images)
• Geometry Backgrounds, jpeg; 7680x4320px, 600dpi (x20 images)
• High-Tech Circles, jpeg; 8000x8000px, 600dpi (x20 images)
• High-Tech Hearts, jpeg; 8000x8000px, 600dpi (x20 images)
• High-Tech Squares, jpeg; 8000x8000px, 600dpi (x20 images)
• Dancing Colors, jpeg; 3648×3648, 240dpi (x204 images)
• Virus Injection, png with transparent background; 8000x8000px, 600dpi (x20 images)
• Alcohol Ink, png with transparent background; 5442x3648px, 240dpi (x20 images)
• Liquid Paint, jpeg; 5472x3648px, 240dpi (x70 images)
• Colorful Overlays, jpeg; 5472x3648px, 240dpi (x90 images)
• Black & Gold, jpeg; 5472x3648px, 240dpi (x36 images)
• Watercolor & Origami
• Origami, png with transparent background; 2500x2500px, 240dpi (x44 images)
• Watercolor, png with transparent background; 4000x4000px, 240dpi (x48 images)
• Energy, png with transparent background; 5000x5000px, 600dpi (x492 images)
• Amtehyst, png with transparent background; 5000x5000px, 300dpi (x40 images)
• Burgundy, png with transparent background; 5000x5000px, 300dpi (x40 images)
• Champagne, png with transparent background; 5000x5000px, 300dpi (x40 images)
• Copper, png with transparent background; 5000x5000px, 300dpi (x40 images)
• Deep Emerald, png with transparent background; 5000x5000px, 300dpi (x40 images)
• Gold, png with transparent background; 5000x5000px, 300dpi (x40 images)
• Peach, png with transparent background; 5000x5000px, 300dpi (x40 images)
• Rose Gold, png with transparent background; 5000x5000px, 300dpi (x40 images)
• Royal Blue, png with transparent background; 5000x5000px, 300dpi (x40 images)
• Silver, png with transparent background; 5000x5000px, 300dpi (x40 images)


Terms and Conditions
All these overlays can be used for both personal and commercial purposes, for yourself or on behalf of a client, or as part of your new design for sale.
Cannot be resold, shared, transferred, or otherwise redistributed on its own. You cannot share these resources with others. This is a single user license. Instant download after completing your purchase.

Video About Galaxy Colors Collection: 1604 Elements

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