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Defining what a resume is

A resume is a special document that describes knowledge, education, different professional experience, skills, and additional information about the person.
A resume is a key part of the job search process. It makes the employer’s first impression of the candidate, so the question of writing the resume is one of the most significant for anyone looking for a job. It will depend not only on how responsibly you write the resume, but also on whether you are invited to the interview or not.
A resume is a self-promotion, which should present you at your best and “sell” to the employer. Therefore, your main task is to make sure that all the points on your resume “clings” to the employer.
In this article you will find tips on how to make a business analyst resume, a resume of an accountant, manager, lawyer, engineer, director, manager, economist, data analyst resume or any other specialist. All of the above recommendations are of a basic nature and do not depend on the profession.

How to get started writing a resume?

Before you start writing the resume of your dream, it will be helpful to know what you are looking for in your candidate’s CV in the first place. According to research, these are:

  • previous work experience;
  • skills;
  • easy reading of information;
  • achievements, strengths, projects;
  • grammar;
  • education;
  • clear purpose;
  • keywords;
  • contacts.

Then you should decide what resume is the best for you:
A chronological resume describes the jobs in chronological order, starting with the last one. It is suitable for those who are looking for a job in a familiar field, have a lot of experience and are looking for career growth.
A functional resume structures information based on skills, not places of work. This type of resume is used when the person want to emphasize the relevance of your knowledge, skills and experience to the types and areas of work represented in a job opening.
A combined resume is a unique combination of two previous types of the resume. This kind of resume is the best option for those who have the right mix of experience, professional knowledge, skills and abilities. It is considered the most effective. Share and combine your experience, connect your skills with the companies where you have received them, and be sure to focus on the measurable indicators.

How to create a resume in a right way?

How does a potential employer know that you have all the right qualities, that you have received the necessary education and are able to perform the tasks? That is right, due to the high-quality resume. So, the resume should include the following information:
1. Contacts. Write your full name and last name. Forget about initials. Include as many contact details as possible so that your employer can contact you easily. Enter one or two phone numbers and an email address. Do not leave your work email or address with an inappropriate name. It is also a good idea to add a link to your social networking page, such as LinkedIn.
2. Summary. Immediately after your name, write two or three short phrases that show all your advantages as a candidate. Do not write general words. Identify your strongest professional qualities that are directly related to your future work, such as extensive experience in the field or knowledge of several languages, and describe them succinctly. This section is very important.
3. Skills. If you want to write skills for resume correctly, then in this section you will find a short list of your professional knowledge and skills. In other words, write down exactly what you know how to do. If you doubt which skills are better to specify in your resume, look at the ready resumes of candidates from your field on various job portals – it is possible that you will find many tips.
4. Education. This can include your institution of higher education, as well as all the major courses, seminars, programs that you have additionally attended. Your employer will not waste time and will not count towards a long list of your courses that are not part of your future profession.
5. Work Experience. Your career path is better described in reverse chronological order – from the last job to the first. Then everything should be arranged as follows: after the name of the place of work it is better to write down your key achievements in the company immediately. These should be concrete examples of what you have achieved at your previous job.
6. Additional information. It should include information about your language skills, a description of your computer skills, additional work experience, not directly related to your professional activity. In some cases, it may also include information about having a driver’s licence. Everything you write must be clear, accurate, relevant and time-bound.
Avoid common phrases and focus on specific tasks.
If you are unsure how best to structure the information in your own, you can download the CV templates that can be found on the MasterBundles website. There are also examples of resumes available on the LinkedIn professional network.

Creating a resume with the help of resume builders

Free resume builder is the easiest way to create your resume. Today, there are many such constructors on the Internet. You can read more about them in the Top 6 Free Online Resume Builders post.
So, in general, each constructor carries out the same steps to create a resume. If you decide to create your resume in this way, then do the following:
1. Choose the correct resume design. For this purpose, each site has a huge number of acceptable templates. You may choose both a free resume template and a paid one. With their help, you will be able to create a resume, cover letter that will distinguish you from other candidates.
2. Enter your data in the text field of the template. The user-friendly resume builder allows to structure the experience and highlight the strengths, while various tips and tricks will help you avoid typical errors.
3. Use the colors and fonts that best fit your resume. By the way, use 20+ Best Sexy Fonts in 2020. Guide on How to Choose a Font. Here you will find the right fonts to help you be creative and original.
4. Download the work you have done, or post it on the Internet, social networks, etc.

How to add resume to LinkedIn

There is a great tool on LinkedIn that will help you turn your online profile into a perfect and easy-to-use resume.
When you enter your LinkedIn username and password, you may choose the resume type. It can be Clean, Executive, Classic, and more. In most cases, your resume will be very pleasant to read. The LinkedIn profile is more than just a standard resume itself. If you are applying for a job through LinkedIn, you can attach your resume to it.
To upload resume to LinkedIn, do the following:

  1. Find a position.
  2. Click the Simple Apply button on the page.
  3. Fill in all the required fields.
  4. In the Resume field, select Download resume to upload your resume to the site.
  5. Once you have completed the form, click Submit Request, and that is all.

You can not only print or export the resulting resume to PDF.

The best resume templates from MasterBundles

Ready-made templates are another convenient way to create a resume. Moreover, there are a huge number of templates available on the Internet now. In addition, you can find many examples of their use. MasterBundles is a website that offers many such templates. All of them are of high quality and originality. In addition, many of them are available in the package. So it saves your money, and at the same time you get a high-quality and premium products. Best examples of resume templates:
100 Resume Templates with Extended License. This is a bundle with 100 original and stylish templates. All resume templates are perfectly edited in Photoshop and MS Word. All elements are easily customizable and editable. Color changes are also allowed.
Super Bundle 12 Best Selling Resume Template. This set contains 12 best and most frequently selling resume templates. You may easily edit all the built-in template elements. A cover letter template is also included in this perfect set. In addition, this super bundle includes free fonts. You can use them to make a chic typography on your resume.
ULTIMATE BUNDLE – Resume Template 10 in 1. It is also a chic version of the best set of resume templates. Each template is a perfect example of resume. A cover letter and an editable 150+ extra icons package are also included in this set.

Why Resume (CV) Templates is always a good solution?

We live in the age of visual information. A beautiful design is a thing that attracts attention at once and makes to concentrate for a few minutes on information. Therefore, if you will write your resume on a regular sheet in Word, then you can be sure that there will be absolutely nothing to work on. So most likely, they will spend no more than a few moments to look at your resume and put it aside.

Choosing CV templates from this category on MB, you can be sure that real professionals made them. Pay attention how have been cleverly designed all the smallest elements, have been chosen color schemes and beautiful fonts.

The purchase procedure of CV Templates wouldn’t take much time and in a few minutes you will have all the sources to edit the resume of your dream and after that, get a job of your dream.

Pay attention to the fact that you can buy both a separate Best Resume Template and a whole bundle which includes several different style templates. Therefore, you can experiment and find exactly that resume, which will be absolutely perfect with your photo and merit.

At the same time, the price of Resume Templates is very democratic, so that everyone can afford it while looking for a job. You can be sure that a good design costs 300-500 dollars, but MasterBundles understands its social responsibility and consciously sets such small prices on all products to make them available to customers around the world.

The only thing that can upset you is the period of validity of our offer. Usually you can buy any product on [MB], including bundles with CV templates, within a few days. So don’t lose your chance and buy faster, until the offer’s term has not expired.

Resume FAQ

How do I choose the right template for my resume?

It all depends on your preferences, and on the type of your resume. In any case, you need to look for a template that will perfectly present you, and emphasize on your strong qualities. This kind of template should include a section of contacts, work experience, education, skills, additional information, and sometimes a hobby. And of course on the design of the site navigate yourself, as you better know what is ideal for this.

Where can I find quality templates for my resume?

Use sites that are 100% quality and reliable. For example, MasterBundles or TemplateMonster. I also advise you to use the post 50+ Best Free Resume Templates in 2020.

How to buy a template from MasterBundles website?

You just need to register on the official website, click Buy, and make a purchase. It is pretty easy and fast!

Where can I find more information about resumes?

You can find everything on the Internet, or read the posts from MasterBundles. For example, How to Find the Job of Your Dreams, Applying For The Job Of Your Dreams.

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