100+ Premium InDesign Templates and Bundles in 2021

Premium InDesign Templates. In our modern world of constant design, lots of graphic designers use such an app like InDesign. You’re going to find out about this app, what it’s used for, what’s possible to create with the help of this app, for whom it is, who can use this app if only graphic designers use this app. If you’re such a designer, what rules you should follow to create content and design for this. If you’re not such kind of a person, you can use InDesign templates. You’re going to find out what are these templates, why they’re good and useful, what you get within these templates, and so on and so forth. Enjoy!

What’s InDesign?

InDesign is a desktop publishing (related to the creation of documents using page layout software on a personal computer) and typesetting (connected with text, fonts, etc.) software application produced by Adobe Systems. As you can see, the app unites text and design and it is used for making and producing magazines, flyers, posters, newspapers, brochures, books, etc. The app is written with the help of the C++ programming language. The products made in InDesign can be shared in digital and printed formats as well. So, this app combines text with design.

For whom is InDesign?

The app InDesign is created by and for graphic designers who have to deal with the design of all kinds and types, also for artists, publishers, people who are connected with marketing. Even if you need to create some advertisements on a poster, flyer, etc. you need the help of a professional designer because the design is the only thing you need for attracting the attention of any visitor so they want to buy your products or use your services. If your poster design will be done in a black and white color scheme, will use 146 fonts and will have no pictures, no one would read it. Of course, I’m exaggerating (just a little) so that you can get the point. So, this app is for graphic designers to create awesome designs of magazines, journals, newspapers, etc.

Do only graphic designers use InDesign?

Of course, it’s quite easier for a graphic designer to work with this application. But if you’re not this kind of a person, don’t worry, just open this app and try to create something, I’m sure it can be a great poster, magazine page, etc. if you have some imagination and talent for this. If you really want to learn this craft, you’ll make it. You can use some online courses, YouTube tutorials, etc. So, this app can be used by graphic designers and beginners in this sphere as well.

What are some tips I should remember to make a great design?

Making any design, you have to remember some useful tips for a cool design. Check out the following ones to be one of the best designers and to catch the attention of an average person or a website visitor.

All we need are different fonts.

In your brochure use contrasting fonts to divide the information and to catch the attention. But remember that you don’t have to use 245 fonts on one page, don’t overuse various fonts. Make them match perfectly. 2-3 fonts are good for a page. Use also traditional typographical emphasis like bold, italic and underline.

Contrasting colors are catchy.

Use contrasting colors on your page. Just imagine what heart attack would get your target audience seeing blue pictures with blue emblems in blue font colors with transparent blue logos all over the page. Use 2-3 contrasting colors, not more. If you want to use only pink or only green colors, use a color palette of the particular color.

For evoking in your reader some particular feelings with the help of color, check out what colors evoke particular feelings:

Colors Feelings they evoke
Red Anger, embarrassment, passion, lust, aggressiveness, rage, hostility, excitement, power, growth
Orange Energy, playfulness, enthusiasm, pleasure, desire
Yellow Happiness, friendliness, warning, cowardice, joy, liveliness, encouragement
Green Envy, greed, friendliness, disgust, stability
Blue Trust, shyness, sadness, calmness
Purple Pride, fear, courageousness, luxuriousness, calmness
Pink Cheeriness, embarrassment, love, youth, playfulness, kindness
Brown Calmness, elegance, peace, boredom
Black Power, coldness, mournfulness, elegance, mystery
White Shock, fear, coldness, mournfulness, clarity, cleanliness, openness

Colors and design should match like a match.
Use matching colors in your design and some fonts. For example, if you have a yellowish picture, you can also use yellow text color or yellow heading.

Icons and emblems are extremely required.
If you use logos and icons in your design, it will attract the attention of your target audience and will be definitely remembered. People remember signs better than simple and boring texts.

Transparent elements rock.
Using of transparent icons, pictures, texts will draw the attention of an average person. These elements seem quite light and clear and give the feeling of lightness in all senses of this word.
So, these were some tips on how to make a great design and catch the attention of your target audience. Of course, there are some more but these were the basic ones. Follow these tips to make your design great.

What to do if I’m not a designer but need to create a cool design poster?

If you need to create a magazine, newspaper, poster, or any of this kind, and don’t want to spend much time on it, don’t have appropriate skills for this, use InDesign templates. Here we have a lot of them as single items and bundles as well. All you need is to insert your text and place the needed pictures. So, use cool InDesign templates if you need to create some design stuff like posters, magazines, brochures, etc.

Why are InDesign templates good and useful?

All the InDesign templates we have on MasterBundles are ready-made for making magazines, newspapers, brochures, etc. They’re useful because they save your time, money and efforts:

  • you don’t need to spend time on creating design yourself, everything is made for you and ready to be used by you, better walk your dog;
  • you don’t have to spend your money on expensive designers and wait for their creations for years, better buy yourself a new mug;
  • if you want to create a design poster by yourself but something doesn’t work out, ready templates will save your efforts, better spend a day in a gym.

As you can see, ready InDesign templates are time-, money-, and effort saving. If you need to see the results of your work fast, use templates. All you need to do is to paste your text and insert some pictures.

What do I usually get with InDesign templates?

When you buy an InDesign template, you get a separate template for creating a flyer, magazine, journal, etc. depending on what you buy. You can also purchase a bundle of InDesign templates, then you get the whole set of items. With these templates, you can usually work in the main in Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, or even Illustrator, depending on each template. Actually, almost all the templates are in the CMYK color mode, 300dpi, 100% vector, ready for printing, use free fonts, fully layered, with bleeds. Pay attention that lots of templates don’t include pictures and they’re used only for showing how these templates work. You have to insert your own photos and pictures. So, these things you get buying templates.

Summing it all up

So, as you can see InDesign app is quite cool enough. Use this app for creating magazines, newspapers, journals, brochures, flyers and other kinds of design. If you’re a graphic designer, publisher, artist or just a person who needs to work with design, this app is 100% for you! If you don’t want to waste your time on creating such designs, use InDesign templates. All that you need to do then is to paste your text and appropriate pictures or photos. Enjoy these templates and choose only the coolest. I bet that with them you can create awesome designs and catch the attention of any person. Good luck!

InDesign templates FAQs

Should I use premium or free InDesign templates?

It’s all about your budget. If you can afford, buy premium InDesign templates, they do look better and more unique than the free ones. Moreover, premium templates are not so expensive, they’re quite cheap. If you’re only beginning to design or publish, sure thing you can try free at first.

What’s better: a separate template or a whole bundle?

It depends on your needs and aims. If you need to create a single flyer, use a single flyer template. If you work with a design thing quite often and need to produce a lot of design material, use bundles. With them, you can experiment and then see what templates are better for your particular purposes, or use these templates for different purposes creating a lot of various design products.

Can I sell my own InDesign templates on MasterBundles?

Sure thing! You can sell any of your products on MasterBundles. Visit the page Sell Your Deal, post your items you’d like to sell following the instructions (downloading pictures of the product, choosing a category, writing a short unique description, setting up the price, etc.) and we’ll gladly sell your products always on better terms than other sources. If you have any questions, issues, problems with downloading, write to us on [email protected] and we’ll kindly respond to you.

Is it possible to get a discount on MasterBundles on InDesign templates?

Yes, MasterBundles often offers lots of discounts on different products. The reasons can be some holidays, celebrations, etc. To know about them first, subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll get notifications about discounts and other deals.

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