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Forest Animals Clipart


I am very pleased to introduce to you my new project – Scandy forest collection, in which you will find a pretty characters and decorative elements in Scandinavian style! Using them you can create posters, invitations, gift packaging, greeting cards, wallpaper, textiles, logos, magnets, notebooks, prints and more! and more and more 🙂

So what will you get in Forest Animals Clipart?

  • more then 40 floral elements (PNG, EPS, AI)
  • 5 characters (PNG, EPS, AI)
  • 5 seamless patterns (PNG, EPS, AI)
  • 5 pre-made cards (JPG (5000 px on the smaller side), AI, EPS)

Use Photoshop to edit JPG and PNG files and Illustrator to edit EPS files.

I hope you enjoy using this product. If you have any questions feel free to send me a message here.

Black animals with ornament.

Illustration with transparent background. Each element has its own personal ornament that reflects its meaning.

These elements will look great on different textures.

These floral elements are somewhat occult.

All details are detailed in each element.

Video About Forest Animals Clipart

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What exactly is a Forest Animals Clipart ?

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Tell me more about the types of Forest Animals Clipart

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For what reason are Scandy Forest Collection highly profitable?

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