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File type AI, EPS, PNG
Date of Creation October 25 2019
Author tandaV
Category Illustrations
Color black grey white
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Have a question?

Have you ever had a moon mood?

Moon…always so different, with different characters…but always so beautiful…

With moon mood and this cute product you as a wizard can do what ever you want! Name cards, printable, books, albums, blogs, t-shirts, labels, badges, greeting cards, posters, websites, and more and more! Only your imagination limits the use of this product.

But always remember that with this moon mood you can do EVERYTHING!

So what inside:

  • Alphabet (black, white and color version, EPS, AI, PNG + separately each letter on transparent background)

  • 5 To Do lists (AI, EPS, JPG(5000 px on the smaller side))

  • Weekly plan (AI, EPS, JPG(5000 px on the smaller side))

  • Poster with moon characters (AI, EPS, JPG(5000 px on the smaller side))

  • 5 Pre-made cards (AI, EPS, JPG(5000 px on the smaller side))

  • Elements (EPS, AI, PNG (each element separately on transparent background)

    • 8 moon characters
    • 30+ decorative elements (stars, constellations, comets)
  • 5 patterns (PNG, AI, EPS, JPG(5000 px on the smaller side))

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