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Created by Nastia Smiyan
File type PNG
Date of Creation October 26 2018
Color multicolor
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108 flow liquid textures

108 flow liquid textures – absolutely hand-painted acrylic backgrounds. They are trendy looking and imitating natural marble stone. Perfect for print and web-projects such as wedding invitations, branding, greeting cards and many other uses. Large files (6000x4000px) allow you to scale and crop images in interesting ways.

What’s included with purchase:

12 Black marble backgrounds
12 Blue textures
12 Colorful textures
12 Green textures
12 Yellow textures
12 Grey textures
12 Orange textures
12 Pink and Violet
12 Red textures

108 flow liquid textures previews

Flow Liquid Textures

Video About 108 Flow Liquid Marble Backgrounds & Textures

Generally speaking, textures are graphic patterns that create the illusion of a particular material or finish. For example, we see plenty of folded paper and wood plank textures in various designs. Concrete, leather or rock ones are also in demand. Textures usually are made up of patterns yet they seem like they are natural and random. The use of textures is not restricted to creating wallpapers, their qualities can be employed in any layout element. By adding texture vectors, we can easily make an impression of some physical qualities, form levels, and add highlights. 108 flow liquid textures

The definition of a pattern

A pattern is often recognized as canvas that consists of repeated pictures. Web design patterns are most valued for being lightweight and adaptable to different display resolutions. By means of web design patterns, you can easily create outstanding colorful backgrounds and highlight individual components. Numerous website developers select patterns over high quality images to create website backgrounds for the reason that they are very diverse, stunning, and easy to implement. Pattern layouts help to create vivid and efficient designs. Using a tasteful pattern or a detailed texture can absolutely transform the look and feel of any layout. The costs of textures and patterns range from four to fifty dollars determined by their complexity and uniqueness. We provide the most varied sets on Masterbundles. They differ in price, so everyone will find a solution to match their resources.

What’s a Bundle?

The bundle is actually a kind of selection or set of items. They’re accumulated into one single “box” and are marketed collectively, as a single solution. Often, there’s certain theme or intent that combines the design items in a bundle, but that is not required. The period, whilst the package deal is available, may be very small (about five days) and that’s the reason the price for it is lower than those items would cost if marketed individually. Package deals are very rewarding and make it easy for graphic designers to save quite a lot of money.

Why patterns and textures are important?

Quality textures and patterns will bring dynamics and personality to your commercial projects. Take a look at effective site designs or branding cases, you will see that they use the patterns and textures. For instance, a good natural texture included in a design of packaging will make the product seem healthy and high-end. A website with a modern technology-inspired pattern layout will look modern and top-notch. If you would like your commercial projects to make a certain impact, graphic patterns and textures are your must-have options. Choose them mindfully and don’t sacrifice higher quality for the price

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Can I find any alternative bundles on

MasterBundles site carries a huge collection of textures & patterns packages, both artificial and natural. Their cost ranges from $4 to $19 and those are high quality, professionally created items. However, textures and patterns aren’t the only design elements could provide you with. You can find bundles of fonts, ebooks, icons, illustrations and mockups, and a bunch of other stuff. You can in fact acquire website themes on MasterBundles for a lower price!


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