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Date of Creation August 21 2017
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1000 Vintage Illustrations Description

This bundle contains 1000 vector illustrations pulled from old books, magazines and ads and carefully restored. Each vector file comes with a transparent PNG preview in high resolution.

They can be easily scaled and colorized.

Graphic packs included:

  • 100 Farm Animals – $12.
  • 176 Wild Animals – $12.
  • 110 vintage botanical illustrations – $12.
  • 190 Astrology & Alchemy Illustrations – $12.
  • 200 Fashion Illustrations – $12.
  • 57 Nautical Illustrations – $8.
  • 42 Sports Illustrations – $8.
  • 60 Publishing Illustrations – $8.
  • 52 Postcard Illustrations – $8.
  • 57 vintage fish illustrations.

Vintage Illustrations Animals: Wild Animals Previews

A semi-transparent image in brown with the image of wild birds in the background.

Vintage background with athlete and sports attributes.

Large old lighthouse, compass and vintage anchor. Everything is decorated in a soft beige color.

Vintage card for sending letters by mail.

It's like a page from a flora biology book.

Everything new is well forgotten old. Fashion trends are returning from the past.

Home mini farm on a vintage card with a slightly worn font.

Rare elements for creating something beautiful.

Such a bright illustration in a scientific style.

A perfect illustration of the clothing style of the people of yesteryear.

This illustration reveals magical and mysterious knowledge from the past.

Vintage stamps for different continents.

Sports are sports at any time. This is a large collection of vintage illustrations on a sports theme.

Marine attributes include maps, compasses, discoverers, anchors and lamps.

An aesthetic pleasure from this vintage picture - typewriters, cameras, old brushes.

This is a retro farm with farm animals.

Wild animals, some from tropical climates.
Beautiful and delicate flora.

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