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Vintage Bundle (844 in 1)

Vintage bundle. We are glad to present this bundle currently comprising 844 original vintage illustrations from 7 graphic packs. They have been salvaged from a number of old books, magazines, catalogues and printed ads, carefully digitized, improved and turned into scalable vector graphics. Most of them are highly detailed, and perfect for logo design and branding purposes, patterns, posters, stationery, and everything else you can think of. You can freely scale and colorize them according to your needs

Vintage bundle includes:

154 Vintage Sea Illustrations – $12
150 Vintage Hunting & Fishing Illustrations – $12
100 Vintage Vehicles – $12
150 Vintage Vegetables – $12
120 Vintage Fruits, Nuts and Berries – $12
100 Vintage Anatomy Illustrations – $12
70 Vintage Roses – $9
With this bundle you save $65 (80%).


844 illustrations in EPS format compatible with all popular vector editing software (Illustrator, CorelDraw, Inkscape, etc.);
844 transparent PNG files with at least 1000px on the larger side;
!!! Extended Licence included !!!

Objects included:

crab, lobster, hermit crab, squid, tortoise, penguin, sea srar, whale, dolphin, seal, walrus, octopus, kraken, flounder, goldfish, remora, sea horse (hippocampus), stingray, anglerfish, great white shark, coral, seashell, nautilus, skeleton, skull, teeth, heart, brain, lungs, kidney, liver, nervous system, eye, ear, bones, chest, rifle, pistol, fishing rod, fishing net, fishing fly, fish bones, antlers, bear, wild boar, bald eagle, tomahawk, bow, arrow, hunter, bear hide, bullets, knife, boat, canoe, moose, deer, lantern, compass, binoculars, tent, paddle, apple, pear, peach, perssimon, cherry, plum, apricot, grapes, raspberry, gooseberry, blackberry, strawberry, melon, watermelon, pineapple, fig, orange, lemon, guava, coconut, chestnut, walnut, butternut, almond, cashew, cars, balloons, dirigibles, bicycles, motorcycles, yachts, boats, flying machines, biplanes, locomotives, wagons, tomato, cucumber, onion, parsley, eggplant, leek, garlic, dill, squash, pumpkin, pepper, ginseng, parsley, cabbage, celery, beetroot, carrot, radish, pea, mushroom, kohlrabi, rose, and many more.

How can you define a design package deal?

Each and every designer, being a skilled specialist, absolutely should be able to sketch any graphic from scratch. But for the most purposes, it might require a lot of time and is not going to produce sufficient gain for him. For this reason the vast majority of graphic designers use ready-made graphics components – incorporate these graphic components, modify them and construct the design . Noone is going to purchase all those components one at a time, so that’s exactly why they are put into graphic deals and offered for sale as a single product.

What types of graphic bundle deals are there?

The collections of components accumulated into a graphics bundle deal are generally categorized in accordance with their type and/or purpose. There will probably be deals with mockups, business card templates and icons, etc. Besides that, you will also be able to find graphic packages tailored for Halloween, Christmas, Halloween or Christmas.

For what reason are graphic packages cost-effective?

For any design job, you will require a bunch of elements – some icons, a font, a number of pics, and so on. If you would want to buy every one of them separately it can cost you a fortune! And so, that’s the reason skilled graphic designers usually go hunting for some graphic bundles to buy. They allow getting a big handful of different graphic elements for a very small price tag.

Any ways to make bundles even more cost-effective?

There’s a way to make the bundles cheaper. Yeah, I do know they are already inexpensive, but there’s still place for saving. Just share this web page in social networks – you immediately receive the 5% discount for every of the graphic packages you prefer. That is a super easy way to get a professionally designed tools for a lower price.

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