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Created by Dmitriy Chernousov
File type JPEG
Date of Creation July 24 2018
Color multicolor
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Featuring 6 distinct golden styles, it’s perfect for print, package, web, UI and any design. Apply a touch of gold to any creative project with a treasure chest of 300 gold backgrounds to choose from.


– High Resolution. Your backgrounds will look gorgeous on any device, on Retina screens and in hi-end print thanks to the resolution of 3508*2480px (A4 @300 DPI).
– JPEG – Simple as That. Hi-res, high quality JPEGs will fit in nicely in any of your creative projects no matter the platform or design software you use.
– Stunning Details. Each background features a plethora of details that emphasize its individual mood.
– Refined Compositions. Every composition was carefully considered to perfectly align all elements and aspects into a beautiful work of art.
– Multiple Styles. From Classic Gold to unexpected Jungle Gold and beyond, this Collection has 6 distinct styles for you to creatively explore.


This 300 Liquid Gold Backgrounds Collection is provided with an Extended License. It means you can use these backgrounds in free and commercial projects including those that are sold multiple times like print templates, website themes, apps and so on. The only limitation is that you can not sell or give away our backgrounds as is. If you have any questions about license or about a specific use case feel free to contact:
300 Liquid Gold Backgrounds

300 Liquid Gold Backgrounds

300 Liquid Gold Backgrounds

300 Liquid Gold Backgrounds

What a 300 Liquid Gold Backgrounds is?

A pattern is often understood as a background that includes recurrent images. Web design patterns are most liked for being light and adaptable to different display sizes. Using web design patterns, you can easily compose one-of-a-kind colorful backgrounds and emphasize individual elements. Many web designers select patterns over high quality photos to create site backgrounds simply because they are highly unique, beautiful, and simple to implement. Patterns enable you to make excellent and efficient designs. Frequently, patterns and textures are linked to graphic design, as well as web and product development. You can make use of these techniques to add appeal to any visual project or art piece. Adding an elegant pattern or a sophisticated texture can absolutely change the overall look and feeling of any design. The prices of patterns and textures range from 4 dollars to 50 dollars determined by their difficulty and uniqueness. We offer the most diverse packs on our website. They are available different price ranges, so everybody will find a solution to match their resources.

What’s a Bundle 300 Liquid Gold Backgrounds?

The package deal is actually a collection or set of items. They are accumulated to a single “package” and are offered collectively, as one product. Typically, there’s certain idea or intent which combines the items within a design bundle, but that is not required. The time, whilst the design bundle can be purchased, is very limited (as many as 5 days) and that’s the reason the price of it is lower than those items would cost you if sold separately. Deals are very cost-effective and make it easy for web designers to save a sufficient amount of dollars.

How come the 300 Liquid Gold Backgrounds quality is so important?

If you wish to get a neat and engaging layout that will impress the customer – under no circumstances attempt to save on components and tools. Top-quality patterns and textures can certainly make almost any design rock, for that reason avoid unprofessional products. Inadequate color choice or low-resolution images might wreck the look of the project. Some very nice textures and patterns will show just how much focus you pay to the details and score you a lot of extra points.

What do you do in case the product you want isn’t in the package?
Not every bundle contains things you need which is really common. They are developed for varied requirements . Nonetheless, website features a large number of offers for almost every occasion, so if a certain bundle doesn’t contain all the solutions you need – you can check the other bundles. There are plenty of of them, that it’s almost certain you will find something fitting.

What other deals does sell?
In addition to the font deals, our site features many spectacular design bundles. Check out web site template bundle deals, graphic bundles, icons, textures, and patterns. There are additionally ebooks and courses, stock photography, logos, illustrations and add-ons, mockups, and various categories. You’ll find thematic X-mas and Valentine’s product bundles, post cards and presentations. And also, not surprisingly, our most popular under $5 deals!

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Masterbundles is an online marketplace. On our website, professional graphic designers promote their designs at the best prices. We provide you with the very best deals out there, and our bundles are highly reviewed by customers. Take a look at our blog, it really is full of useful and motivating material for professional web designers. Also, for those who sign up for our newsletter, you’re going to be the first to know about our special discounts. You will always find coupons and promotional codes available to reduce the prices to a minimum.