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Date of Creation January 30 2021
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Procreate Realistic Watercolor Description

  • 150 artists’ grade brushes included

It’s time to grab your Apple Pencil and turn on your favorite music ( the wall ~ Pink Floyd) , treat yourself with our ultimate watercolor bundle, relax and just step into a world filled with possibilities to lift your creativity to new levels and create stunning artworks, I would love to see more of your art and please add me at Facebook at tattooeasy or Instagram #staysick_

Stay creative and safe!

The best Procreate brushes will allow you to get the most out of this powerful painting app and that is what we have been aiming for in hours and hours under 3 months creating this unique water color kit, built up and tested by an tattoo artist with 15 years experience and lots of experience from watercolor & spitshading with different inks. This brushes have an realistic feel to them and with a wide variety of brushes to choose from they will enhance and elevate your projects and broaden your creative possibilities!

This kit includes tons of brushes (150 unique brushes built up from the ground) wet on wet, wet on dry, dry on dry, textured, detail brushes,dynamic texture smudge brushes,spitshade washes, textured paper brushes, water liners, water erasers, water spill and stamps for added realism and a readymade canvas with realistic textured feel and different papers to try on, also added a cool “tattoo flash” frame that easily can be added to your masterpiece!

Added the True ink liners as a bonus , watercolor canvases & 2 fun coloring projects. Thank you for all positive feedback!

Procreate is much more than a simple illustration tool – it can turn your iPad into a drawing tablet that’s capable of rivalling your desktop, or the expensive graphics tablets used in digital design projects, be sure to get the best brushes on the market to express yourself and create art that you never thought was possible with this bundle made for the new advanced brush engine built in Procreate 5x

Please Note: This brushes are created for the Procreate App on iPad. It will not work with any other applications.

Pls support the artist, do not copy,sell or spread this brushes! Pls share your art an feedback and we will try to keep the pack up to date!

Procreate Realistic Watercolor Preview

procreate realistic watercolor pinterest image.

procreate realistic watercolor pinterest image.

procreate realistic watercolor pinterest image.

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procreate realistic watercolor pinterest image.