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Purchasing a bundle of products is much more profitable than all of them separately. Thus beginner designers sometimes choose to get a collection than buy a single product they need, bundles are especially popular among the professionals, who create designs for living. It is like buying the instruments. If you want to make a little renovation in your flat – you will probably buy a hammer, a paint roller and a few brushes. However, if you work in a home renovation service, you purchase a big toolset, because you can’t predict what could come in handy. The bundle of textures and designs is a toolbox that professional web-developers and designers use.

Here, on the MasterBundles you can buy magnificent sets of textures art for a fairly low price. However, the bundle’s availability is limited in time, so if you like a collection of textures and patterns – don’t waste the time and go grab it!

Textures and Patterns: What’s the Difference

Those two things seem to be the same – a picture you can use for design, but there a big difference between them in a matter of how they are used. The texture is a picture that helps you to understand how it would feel like when you touch it. When you say the surface is scratchy, soft or wet – you are speaking about the texture. Painters use textures in art, writers describe texture in books and web-developers use textures as a background for their websites. Of course, those are visual textures, that only create an illusion of the tactile sensation you would feel if touched the surface the painting shows.

Textures are often used as one big piece. The patterns are small images that are not used as a single picture. They are numerously repeated and then used as a piece, constructed of tiles, like a mosaic. Both textures and patterns are popular and used according to the web creator’s needs, taste and business type.

Types of Textures

Textures in the art could be divided into natural and artificial ones. Natural represents the surface of objects that were not constructed by humans: rock, sand, tree bark, clouded sky, e.t.c. Artificial, obviously, is a texture of objects, crafted by men: pencils, bricks, paved road, e.t.c. Visual textures could also be defined as:

  • Decorative texture. It is a texture, created to make the surface more beautiful. It is an additional element of the picture and could be easily removed without affecting the colours and shapes of the image.
  • Spontaneous texture. This one is tightly connected with the essence of the picture and can’t be separated from it. When an artist creates an image from pieces of old cloth, placing it in a spontaneous way – it is a spontaneous texture.
  • Mechanical texture. It is a texture that was created by machine. An image that was printed on the old typography printer is dotted because of the way the machine shows different shades of black and grey. This kind of texture for Photoshop than became a trend and is still used, thus machines don’t print pictures that way anymore.

Where the Textures and Patterns are Used?

Ready-made bundles of textures for Photoshop could be used for different purposes. Like any tool, they have not a single use and not only web developers surf the internet to find a profitable offer of textures and pattern set.

Background image. Of course, you can use those images as they are – place them without any customization to the background and that’s all. Textures art pieces gathered to the bundles you can see above are big and sharp enough to look beautiful even if you stretch them to the full screen.

Photo design. If you are a photographer – bundled patterns and designs are perfectly clear to use them for collages and other photo design tricks. Double exposure is very popular now and pure textures are the best choice for creating such an effect.

Commercial products. Advertising posters, banners and cards sometimes need textures as a part of the picture. Commercial images differ a little from those you do for fun or as an art but you still can use clear textures for Photoshop while creating them.

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Popular Textures in Design

Textures are used as background images, in photo design, and for commercial products. When we talk about the kinds of textures that are the most popular ones for the aforementioned projects, we can mention polygon textures, watercolor textures, wall textures, metal textures, transparent textures, grunge textures, marble textures, fine art textures, vintage textures, wooden textures, stone textures, black, gold, silver textures, and other types. All of them are highly demanded as they are mostly universal and can be applied to a variety of design goals.

Wall Textures and Backgrounds

Such kinds of textures bring a loft-like style to your design. The background can be applied to your project if it needs to provide an impression of stability, comfort, and of course creativity. If you want to get wall textures, consider making a profitable purchase, such as obtaining a bundle of a variety of textures in one package. For instance, 3600+ Backgrounds and Textures Bundle offers a great number of textures and backgrounds. Aside from wall brick textures, you can get abstract, gold, blur, blueprint, colorful, moon, camouflage, brown paper, square, wooden, smoke, and other types of textures. The products are sized 3000×3000 px and go in JPG format.

Metal Textures and Layers

Such textures, especially gold and silver metal layers, can make a style luxurious and will contribute to the prestigious image of the product or design style. If you’re looking for metal textures, take a look at the full pack of great textures, 60 Layer Style Bundle – Gold Metallic, Rose Gold, Silver Metallic. The collection has three sets of metallic layers, each of which has twenty layer styles. The layers can bring a metal texture to your text or elements in graphic design. The products in this bundle are compatible with Photoshop CS5 and CC. The metal textures replicate the material and bring it to the project contributing to the unique style.

Polygon Textures and Backgrounds

This type is very popular among web designers due to the presence of a palette of colors that harmoniously look together and that unite one artistic piece that engages and, at the same time, relaxes the viewer. A great variety of polygon textures and backgrounds can be acquired in a one-package product, 2000+ High Resolution Backgrounds Bundle. Here, you will find more than 300 polygon backgrounds, as well as other types of backgrounds, such as wood, rain, abstract, watercolor, marble, oil painting, geometric, halftone, and other kinds. In this way, there will be a great high quality background for any type of graphic project.

Transparent Textures and Backgrounds

These textures can be used to highlight the simple and naturalistic style of your project, to make an accent on other elements and provide a light-weighted and airy appearance to your design. You can use not only transparent textures and backgrounds but also transparent elements such as represented in the bundle Transparent Bubble Overlays + Brushes. These design elements can create a colorful atmosphere, light, positive, and fairy image to your project. The package includes 44 bubble textures, 6 color patterns, and 4 brushes. In this way, you’ll be able to implement various sizes and colors of these transparent bubbles and contribute to the amazing character of your graphic projects.

Free Grunge Textures

Grunge textures are very popular as they align with modern design features. Grunge culture is also associated with hipster and even steampunk culture, and it is also characterized by the denial of the common norms of fashion. These trendy textures can be found for free, namely, there are a lot of free offerings on MasterBundles. But also you can acquire a bundle of high-quality grunge textures along with other textures and backgrounds in the package 450 Textures in 23 Different Categories. The collection has a variety of color and style combinations that will suit a variety of projects. All files are provided in high resolution in JPG format and are ready for commercial use.

Beautiful Textures

Other types of beautiful textures and backgrounds are represented by watercolor, oil painting, pastel fine art, marble, rose, glitter, vintage, and many more textures. For instance, if you’re looking for some artistic and creative textures, consider the bundle Pastel Fine Art Textures, which are very tender and airy. When in need of some vintage or hipster style, consider 27 Vintage Fine Art Textures, which will give your design project an incredible touch. Black & Gold Textures and Patterns will provide your style a luxurious appearance, while Black Marble Textures will give a memorable style to your design. If there is no match among the mentioned products, take a look at other offerings on MasterBundles, and you’ll definitely find the one you need.

Patterns & Textures FAQ

What is texture?

In graphic design, it is an image that has come color and elements depicting the characteristics of the surface when you touch it. Mostly, they create an illusion of the material the product is made of and a tactile sensation you would feel touching the object.

How to buy textures?

On MasterBunles, we offer you packages of products. It is more beneficial to buy a set of textures in one of the offerings on our site. When you buy them separately, the price will be higher compared to the price of a bundle.

What is 3d texturing?

In web design, textures are represented by flat images. When applied to a 3d model by a designer, textures give details and color to a model, making it look like having a particular texture.

How do you download textures?

Most bundles of textures are downloaded as ZIP files. When downloaded, the ZIP folder should be unpacked. Most products are provided in JPG or PSD files.

What are the bundle deals?

It is a pack of design elements that are sold together. Usually, they are united by a common feature or idea, but it’s not the necessary requirement. The period of selling bundles is limited; thus, the price for the bundle of products is much lower than when buying the same products separately.

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