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Date of Creation July 10 2020
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Bright Backgrounds Description

Bright Backgrounds. This is 3600+ Backgrounds And Textures Bundle with 3600+ abstract backgrounds and textures, ideal for your project or design, size 3000x3000px, jpg format. Thanks for visiting my profile.

Characteristics Value
File type JPG
File size 6.69 GB
Size of backgrounds and textures in px 3000x3000px

These backgrounds are created with love, quality backgrounds with high resolution, you can use as backgrounds, wallpapers, presentation, website design, and many more projects. Save time and money with your projects. Speed up your work.

Great collection of 3600+ abstract backgrounds and textures for your creative project, design, abstract shape, art, artistic style, for product mockup.
Save time and money.This is designer pack.
3600+ High Resolution Bright Backgrounds And Textures Included In This Bundle:
• 45 Blueprint Textures
• 57 Watercolor Textures
• 55 Brick wall Textures
• 18 Paint Textures
• 116 Gold Textures
• 28 Paint Textures
• 50 Blur Backgrounds
• 101 Colorful Marble Textures
• 22 Halftone Textures
• 90 Abstract Backgrounds
• 138 Abstract Circle backgrounds
• 50 Moon Textures
• 16 Abstract Backgrounds
• 62 Abstract Shape Backgrounds
• 76 Camouflage Textures
• 102 Cube Backgrounds
• 25 Halftone Textures
• 70 Abstract Shape Backgrounds
• 10 Chalkboard Textures
• 10 Burlap Textures
• 10 White Paper Textures
• 10 Brick Wall Textures
• 10 Grunge Textures
• 10 Metal Textures
• 10 Wall Textures
• 10 Cardboard Textures
• 10 Blueprint Textures
• 10 Brown Paper Textures
• 10 Bokeh Backgrounds
• 10 Gold Textures
• 57 White Backgrounds and Textures
• 115 Blur Backgrounds
• 10 Square Backgrounds
• 58 Black Backgrounds and Textures
• 10 Wooden Textures
• 10 Paint Textures
• 10 White Wood Textures
• 10 Wooden Textures
• 10 Polygon Backgrounds
• 10 Nebula Backgrounds
• 50 Smoke Backgrounds
• 144 Abstract Geometric Shape Backgrounds
• 80 Abstract Wave Backgrounds
• 55 Circle Backgrounds
• 75 Abstract Map Backgrounds
• 60 Triangle Backgrounds
• 266 Wooden Textures
• 77 Polygon Backgrounds
• 217 Abstract Backgrounds
• 350 Animal Fur Textures and Backgrounds
• 76 Jellyfish Backgrounds
• 78 Abstract Backgrounds
• 226 Abstract Backgrounds
• 352 Marble Textures

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 Backgrounds And Textures Bundle

 Backgrounds And Textures Bundle

 Backgrounds And Textures Bundle

 Backgrounds And Textures Bundle

 Backgrounds And Textures Bundle

 Backgrounds And Textures Bundle

 Backgrounds And Textures Bundle

 Backgrounds And Textures Bundle

 Backgrounds And Textures Bundle


3. ACTUAL PRICE: 3000$


Design Textures and Patterns

In general, textures are graphic patterns that recreate a particular real-life material or surface. As an example, there are a lot of craft paper and wood textures in many different designs. Concrete, leather or stone ones are also in demand. Textures usually consist of patterns although they look like they are natural and accidental. The effective use of texture vectors is not limited to creating wallpapers, their qualities can be included in any interface component. With the help of texture vectors, we are able to create an impression of certain natural traits, create levels, and make highlights.

So, who needs a design pattern?

The pattern is a visual composition you can see everywhere and each and every day. Actually your apartment is made up of patterns, for example, on the wall-paper that dress the wall surfaces of your living room. The pattern is an element of the picture which is duplicated on and on to generate a bigger, symmetrical and geometrical image. The patterns could be natural (like cracks in the arid land surface and dunes) and artificial (such as ceramic floor tiles or pagodas temples in Thailand).

Both patterns and textures happen to be widely used in artwork. Site designers like to use them due to the fact textures and patterns certainly are a perfect backdrop for a website – they don’t distract the website visitor but highlight the actual substance of your webpage. It is pricey to buy them on an individual basis, so frequently patterns and textures are bought in bundles.

What’s a Bundle?

A set is a pack of graphics or some other design items that are available as a group. The greatest aspect of these item packs is their price tag. A pack will cost many times cheaper than each item if bought as a stand alone. Frequently, a bundle will include what you need to complete a design project. These deals are limited in time, so don’t miss your chance to buy effective design solutions and save money.

Why the patterns & textures quality is so essential?

If you want to end up with a cool and engaging design intended to win over the viewer – under no circumstances try to save money on components and tools. Top notch textures or patterns can certainly make any design rock, for that reason stay away from unprofessional works. Inadequate color choice or low-res pics might spoil the look of the project. Some great textures and patterns will show just how much consideration you spend on the details and score you plenty of additional points.

What if I failed to find the item I want in the bundle?

It might happen that not every product bundle contains items you want and that’s quite normal. Product bundles are developed for different objectives and for a different style. However, MasterBundles website features a large number of offers for virtually every objective, so in the case a specific bundle doesn’t contain all the solutions you need – you are welcome to check the others. There are plenty of of them, that it’s almost sure you will find something suitable.

Can I obtain any other packages on features a wide range of patterns & textures package deals, both natural and man-made. Their price tag ranges from $4 to $19 and those are first-rate, items created by professionals. Then again, patterns and textures aren’t the only design elements MasterBundles could offer. You can find bundles of fonts, mockups, illustrations, ebooks, icons, logos and photos, plus numerous other items. You can in fact find web templates on MasterBundles for a lower price!

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