50+ Pitch Deck Templates 2022: Free and Paid. How To Create A Pitch Deck

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Pitch Deck Templates 2022: Free and Paid | How To Create A Pitch Deck [Audio Version]
Pitch Deck Templates 2022: Free and Paid | How To Create A Pitch Deck [Audio Version]

As you may already know, startups are quite popular. In 2022, almost every user has a couple of ideas to present to their fans. The best way to do this is a pitch deck, which is quite a popular activity at startup events. Visiting one of these kinds of meetings, a young businessman does their best to stand out from the crowd. Without a doubt, you likely already know a lot about these events. In fact, the winner not only gets all the attention but there is also a reward. The main prize is getting a strong partnership with an investor. Sooner or later, thatโ€™s what any idea requires.

In case you are about to develop your own project, this post is just what the doctor ordered. Why? Well, because the article will tell you about all the secrets of todayโ€™s pitching techniques and it shares 50+ awesome pitch deck templates with you. Why do you need it? Letโ€™s see!

Creative Pitch Deck Presentation Template

Smart deal
Creative Pitch Deck Presentation Template.

Creative Pitch Deck Presentation Template


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What Is a Pitch Deck?

First things first, letโ€™s share the pitch deck definition. Basically, a pitch is the name of all the actions a start-up entrepreneur does to sell their product. Pitch is the ability to present your idea and the main task of pitching is to create an eye-catching and wallet-opening promo. How can you do the investor pitch deck? Well, this is what this article is going to teach you.

So, to sum everything up, a pitch deck is the speech or presentation performance you make during a startup event to grab the attention of potential investors. It can include any kind of visual presentation. Working on a pitch, remember that whatever you do, you do it for one reason โ€“ to sell something. You may want to sell such things as:

  • your services
  • your idea(s)
  • your business (or any other) plan
  • your project
  • your business strategy
  • your team, etc.

Slides of a Pitch Deck

A pitch deck usually consists of several slides that help you tell a compelling story about your business. You can put together such a presentation using a standard program, such as PowerPoint, or use already made templates.

However, there are some key points that you need to consider while making your pitch deck.

1 Slide: Intro

The introductory slide should be concise and visually appealing – tell people who you are and why you’re here. On this slide, you can also talk about the value proposition of your business. Try to articulate it in a single phrase or sentence.

2 Slide: Problem

A startup idea is always about solving the particular problem. You need to describe the problem on the second slide of a pitch deck.

3 Slide: Solution

Okay. The audience already knows the problem. Now they want to understand which solution you can propose.

4 Slide: Market Size and Opportunities

Do the research. Demonstrate the data from your research by showing past market growth and potential market growth in the future on a slide, so investors can easily understand the potential of your product.

5 Slide: The Product

Finally, it is the right time to present the product youโ€™ve made. If it’s a tangible product, add professional photos of your product. You can also include images of individual components or a cross-sectional view to elaborate on the materials and features of your product. If your product is an app or online service, add screenshots showing its unique features.

6 Slide: The Growth

This slide should focus on the growth of your business โ€“ the number of sales you’ve made, the major goals you’ve achieved so far, and the next steps. Most pitch decks include a growth curve chart in this slide.

Guy Kawasakiโ€™s Pitch Deck Template

Guy Kawasaki created his 10-20-30 rule for Pitch Deck which means:

  • 10 slides are the optimal number for a presentation.
  • 20 minutes is the longest time you should talk.
  • A 30-point font is the smallest font size you should use on your slides.

He also presented the structure of the perfect pitch deck:

  1. Title Slide
  2. Describe the problem or opportunity.
  3. Tell about the key value of your product or service.
  4. Write about your โ€˜secret sauceโ€™ โ€“ the unique technology or magic behind your product.
  5. Share your business model.
  6. Describe the market entry and scaling.
  7. Analyze the competitors.
  8. Talk about your team.
  9. Provide the financial forecast/key metrics.
  10. Explain your current status/timeline/use of funds.

Ways to Design a Pitch Deck Like a Pro

There are some crucial tips everyone should know to create an eye-catching pitch deck.

  1. Pick the template and color palette of your presentation. Pay attention to minimalistic, simple templates.
  2. Show your branding. If you already have a logo or wordmark, show them in your pitch deck. The branding is also easy to show through the color theme – especially if you already have some unique color combinations.
  3. Use charts to simplify the numbers. A chart helps to see and understand the completed numeric info in a simple and quick way.
  4. Use your own photos. People are more likely to remember visual information, but donโ€™t decorate every slide with photos. Use them to show your product, team, etc. Remember that they should be professionally made.
  5. Use icons to organize complicated information.
  6. Create a hierarchy for text elements.
  7. Use contrasts. Remember that elements of your presentation should be in contrast to the background. Avoid using a template where everything has a similar color and contrast.

You can also watch this cool video of Andrea Eppy who teaches you how to create an ultimate pitch deck.

Get Started With Expert Templates

If you have decided to use ready-made templates, we recommend you download some of these paid MasterBundlesโ€™ professional themes for your pitch deck.

Clean Style Pitch Deck Template 2022: PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote

Collage of screenshots in green colors.

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The clean and modern design of this pitch deck theme will make you feel inspired throughout your winning speech.

DocaCheat Creative Pitch Deck Presentation

Creative and contrasting startup pitch deck template.

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Here you can see a very creative and contrasting startup pitch deck template. Choose from 80 amazing slides and over 500 icons, as well as get inspired by the perfect color combinations of this theme.

Unicorn Startup Pitch Deck Template (PPTX, Keynote & Google Slide)

Collage of slides in red and violet colors.

button for more details.

The Unicorn includes 80+ original slides and 1300+ unique icons, so you have a wide range of variants to make your perfect pitch deck.

SOLO Startup Pitch Deck Template

Pattern in soft lilac color with a gradient. It is suitable for all types of businesses.

button for more details.

This is a big collection of 50+ unique slides that will make your pitch look fantastic.

Darko Pitch Deck Creative Presentation Template

Dark template with infographics.

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This theme contains 40 ready-to-use slides with original, clear, and modern designs.

Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Screenshots of minimalistic black and white template.

button for more details.

This minimalist pitch deck template will definitely suit you if you prefer simple and easy to perceive presentations.

Pitch Deck PowerPoint Presentation

Collage with slides of red color template.

button for more details.

A professional pitch deck design that includes 35 slides and is easy to customize according to your personal needs.

Crypto Pitch Deck Presentation v 2.0

Bright blue template with infographic.

button for more details.

If you are looking for an ideal crypto startup pitch deck, then you should try this one.

Lasuky โ€“ Creative Fashion Google Slide Template

Aesthetic and minimalist startup pitch deck template.

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An aesthetic and minimalist startup pitch deck template that, in combination with your powerful speech, wonโ€™t leave your audience indifferent.

Lubde โ€“ Pitch Deck Google Slides Themes

Bright yellow and violet slides.

button for more details.

This one is a perfect option for people who prefer to stand out. The design of this 40 slides pitch deck outline is very bright and eye-catching.

Investors PowerPoint Pitch Decks Presentation

Collage with slides in gren colors with many infographics.

button for more details.

Your potential investors will be surprised by these bright and contrasting colors. The theme includes over 400 original pitch deck slides so you can choose the ones that will suit the topic of your presentation the best.

Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation Template

Bright colorful slides of presentation templates.

button for more details.

A huge collection of infographics and 269 unique slides make this very bundle the ultimate solution for you, so do not hesitate and take a good hard look at it.

Gutenberg 3-in-1 Bundle: Gutenberry Theme, ZeGuten Plugin and Extra Presentation

Elegant minimalistic template.

button for more details.

This one is a bundle of original slides that will back you up in pretty much any situation, so go ahead and get it because itโ€™s definitely worth it.

Voodoo Presentation v2.5 โ€“ Templates

Screenshot of many pages of multiuse teplate .

button for more details.

Another tremendous collection that will help you create more than one successful presentation for an institutional investor. Just follow the link above in order to see all the benefits of this bundle.

2 Business PowerPoint Presentation Templates

Minimalistic template with a few images.

button for more details.

An excellent choice for those of you who need a pitch template that will help them prove their point in the best possible way. So, have a look at this little bundle โ€“ you will not regret it.

Minimalist Pitch Deck

Simpelio PowerPoint

Minimalist and very aesthetic template in pastel colors.

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This minimalist and very aesthetic design will make your speech more powerful. Just look at these picture placeholders, pastel colors that are pleasant to the eyes, as well as elegant fonts.

  • 35 clean, modern slides
  • Section break slides
  • All graphics are resizable and editable
  • Gallery and portfolio slide

Minimal PowerPoint Template

Screenshots of simple, minimalistic slides.

button for more details.

Everything you need to complement your pitch with great visuals can easily be found in this fresh template. Its design was professionally created for any type of product or brand presentation in any sphere of business.

  • 55 original slides
  • Unique theme color (available automatic color change)
  • Many variations of layout and text
  • Lookbook and magazine-style layout

Grounds – Brand PowerPoint

Green and brown template with big white signs.

button for more details.

The trendy color palette, and chic design of every single slide, in addition to its modern typography, were created with strong attention to detail. If you have been looking for a perfect template for your fashion brand presentation, this one will be the ideal option.

  • Editable charts
  • Predefined text styles
  • Unique mockup devices
  • World map with separate areas

Accounting PowerPoint Template

Simple designed slides with green background.

button for more details.

Scientists say that the green background color contributes to a better perception of information. This is why the light design of Finance will perfectly suit your business pitch deck.

  • 30 PowerPoint slides
  • Customizable and resizable graphics
  • Based on Slide Master
  • Google fonts used

Pitch Deck PowerPoint Presentation

Clean and extremely simple designed template.

button for more details.

The clean and extremely simple design of this template will make your heart beat faster. You only need to add your custom text and/or images and choose the schemes you need from a wide range of unique infographics.

  • 35 slides
  • RGB color settings
  • Super easy to customize with your own content

OSSA – Presentation

Collage with slides in pastel colors.

button for more details.

If you are used to making everything clear, without any extra details and unnecessary items, choose OSSA and free your creativity. In addition to its unique design, the template includes over 500 original vector icons.

  • 36+ unique, modern slides
  • Mockup devices included
  • Easy to edit colors, styles, and shapes
  • Retina and Full HD

Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Screenshots of slides with clear design.

button for more details.

Want to make a good first impression? This creative, yet very clear design will be a helpful tool for you. Choose the best slides that suit your purposes from a wide range of different fully editable options.

  • 100+ unique creative slides
  • 2 Aspect ratio (16:9 and Widescreen Size)
  • PDF for preview includes
  • Fully animated slides

Simplicity Google Slides Template

Collage with slides of template in grey colors.

button for more details.

One more huge collection for you, so follow the link above and check it out.

Biomass Company Pitch Deck

Green colored slides with leafs.

button for more details.

Show the world that you are eco-friendly with this creative design. Donโ€™t hesitate to prepare a high-class presentation with the help of this template and promote your important services.


Bordo and deep blue colored template.

button for more details.

Included here is a stunning free solution that you definitely need, so go ahead and download it โ€“ itโ€™s completely free.

Global Logistics Network PowerPoint Templates

Collage with slides with logistic infographic.

button for more details.

A free bundle for your logistics company startup.

Contrast Pitch Deck

Funion – Keynote Presentation

Collage with modern and very colorful slides.

button for more details.

Modern and very colorful, this template is ready to be used for your most impressive projects.

Coloristic – Keynote Template

Colorful slides with images, text, charts and media.

button for more details.

This one is also all about the colors. You will get 38 unique slides with images, text, charts, and media placeholders.

Marketing Plan Presentation

Slides in bright manner with contrast images.

button for more details.

Blue color can draw the attention of potential investors if you combine this amazing theme with your spotless speech.

BUILLINT PowerPoint Template

Bright, colorful and informative slides.

button for more details.

Take this one and amaze the investors with your new project. These slides are made with many variants of layout and text. At the same time, you can easily customize each element expressing your creativeness in every detail of your pitch deck.

  • 30 modern slides
  • Unique theme color
  • Just drag & drop your image
  • Free font used

Prover – PowerPoint Template

Slides of clear and modern template with orange accents.

button for more details.

Simplicity is a friend of quality, thus this clear and modern template will help you to make the best of your speech. It is very easy to change each element of the slides. Cool animation adds a professional look to your presentation.

  • 3 premade color themes
  • Picture placeholder (drag & drop)
  • Dark & light background
  • Widescreen & standard

Farand – Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template

Yellow-black template with text and images.

button for more details.

Make the audience fall in love with your progressive ideas with the help of this practical, eye-catching design. โ€œYellow+blackโ€ is always a winning formula, isnโ€™t it?

  • 40 different layouts
  • Resizable and editable graphics
  • Easy to change colors
  • Unique device mockups

Xilphe Modern PowerPoint template

Minimalistic colorful slides of modern style template.

button for more details.

It is finally time to talk about your startup and shout it to the world with this amazing presentation template! Choose the color theme you like the most, add powerful text, images, supporting data, and shine like a star in the eyes of your audience.

  • 30 unique slides
  • Light & dark version
  • 3 color themes
  • Drag & drop placeholder

Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template – Belery

Collage with slides of green color modern template.

button for more details.

The very elegant and modern design of this template makes it a perfect option for choosing it as your speech background. Use these awesome picture placeholders to amaze your audience and focus their attention on the topic of your presentation.

  • 20 slides in total
  • Resizable and editable graphics
  • Free web fonts are used
  • Vector icons included

Pitch Deck PowerPoint template

Collage with colorful informative slides.

button for more details.

This one is the very template that will make people give their money to you, so you will want to take a closer look at it.

Business Plan Infographic PowerPoint

Elegant and minimalist blue colored slides.

button for more details.

An elegant and minimalist option that has this almost magical power to bring you to the top.

Business Proposal Keynote Template

Collage with slides of modern green colored template.

button for more details.

Another option that you no doubt need to check out.

Business Infographic Presentation – PowerPoint template

Collage with slides with many variants of infographic.

button for more details.

A template with more than 5600 one-of-a-kind slides is definitely something you want to have.

Black and White Geometric Technology Keynote Presentation

Black slides with colorful geometrical shapes and white text.

button for more details.

Minimalist and fancy at the same time, this very template is everything you can possibly dream of.

Purple and Black Simple Technology Keynote Presentation

Colorful violet slides with bulbs.

button for more details.

An eye-catching colorful option that will make you fall in love with it at the very first sight.

Purple App Phone Mockup Sales Marketing Presentation

Elegant template with bright purple colors.

button for more details.

Elegant and fancy, this is a template for those future entrepreneurs who dare to stand out.

Blue and Pink Modern Technology Keynote Presentation

Blue and pink slides with phone images.

button for more details.

Another option for those of you who are not afraid to use some bright colors.

Product Hunt Pitch Deck Template

Slides with diagram, texts and images.

button for more details.

You can use these 24 original well-designed slides for any business purpose. There are also many useful graphics and diagrams on every slide.


Minimalistic blue colored template.

button for more details.

Evervault is a perfect choice for those who know exactly what they want, so if you are such a person, go ahead and check it out.

Leader for Success PowerPoint Templates

Collage with a big amount of green colored slides.

button for more details.

Last, but not least, a collection of free templates for all occasions.

Aesthetic Pitch Deck

BOSH – – Keynote template

Collage with minimalistic and elegant white slides.

button for more details.

A minimal and futuristic option that will no doubt win your heart, so you surely want to consider getting BOSH.

Reverta – Keynote template

Dark colored slides with sharp geometry.

button for more details.

Designed in dark colors, Reverta will simply mesmerize your audience, so give it a chance to prove itself to you.

Retro – Keynote Template

Retro styled template with pastel colors.

button for more details.

This design has drops of nostalgia thanks to vintage text, icons, and image placeholders.

Portfolio Template

Brown and orange template with contrast text.

button for more details.

If you like contrasts and warm burning colors, pick this template up and create your own marvelous pitch deck.

Proposal Template

Collage with warm colored slides.

button for more details.

Tender, warm, full of coziness – itโ€™s all about this pitch deck template.

Strategy Presentation Bundle

Collage with elegant and minimalistic template slides.

button for more details.

Another marvelous bundle that will help you out in various emergencies.

Beige and Emerald Minimalist Delicate Floral Business Project Proposal

Emerald and beige slides of floral template.

button for more details.

This awesome pitch deck template will definitely be appreciated by your viewers.

Transport App Pitch Deck

Clear black background slides with white text.

button for more details.

Use this one freely to create a great presentation for promoting the idea of a new useful app. The clear design will make your speech sound and look more professional.

Foodie Pitch Deck

Collage with slides with foods and text information.

button for more details.

This delicious template can help you present your new restaurant, shop, food delivery company, etc. in the brightest light.


Simple minimalistic slides with good visible text.

button for more details.

A simply outstanding free option that you cannot miss, so go ahead and try it out.

To sum up, you now have all the necessary items to make an outstanding pitch deck. Never forget to use your creativity and listen to your heart as you prepare a powerful speech that you will like by yourself too. It will give you additional confidence while presenting your project to the audience.

If you create pitch deck presentation templates and are looking for platforms to sell them, upload them to MasterBundles with our convenient Sell Your Deal form. Profitable conditions, vendor-friendly commissions, fast moderation, and cozy atmosphere are guaranteed!

May the creative force be with you! MasterBundles is always here to help you with the coolest templates and best advice ๐Ÿ˜‰

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"Having 15 years of startup experience I`ve been on both sides of investment pitch. The most important is to show investors why they must choose your project.

So, start your presentation with elevator pitch. In just one slide and 45 seconds show what your business is about, some current statistics (user base, revenue, Month to month or Year to year growth) and how it changes if you get investment. Other slides have to show your and core team passion about the project, innovations that you are pitching to the market, your business model, list of current investors and their shares and so on. Don`t forget about 10 slides / 20 minutes / 30 points font rule. It`s classic.

Another important thing is background check that all investors do even before setting up a meeting with you. Be prepared, that they will google you, all your projects, social profiles and so on. That`s the point, where my current project PRNEWS.IO can help you. Our passion is making accurately targeted media publications. We can help you choose medias that will pass you the best and #get publications# in them spending much less time, than if you`ll try to get journalists contacts and convince them to write about you".

Some Awesome Video about Pitching

Pitch Deck Templates 2022: How To Create A Pitch Deck

As you may already know, startups are quite popular. In 2022, almost every user has a couple of ideas to present to their fans. The best way to do this is a pitch deck, which is quite a popular activity at startup events.

Watch this video to find out about tips & techniques for creating efficient pitch decks!ย 

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Airbnb’s original pitch deck from 2009 has become one of the most sought-after references for new entrepreneurs. It was one of the first pitch decks from unicorn companies to be released publicly, and it got a lot of media attention.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about Powerpoint presentations

How do you build a pitch deck?

Simply, just follow the rules we outlined in the article above. A pitch deck has a particular structure โ€“ itโ€™s not a simple presentation. Here you can find more useful advice:


What should a pitch deck include?

Make sure that your pitch deck includes the intro, and the information about your product or service, as well as the solutions that are proposed by it.

How do you make a pitch deck for free?

You can create a pitch deck for free in PowerPoint and GoogleSlides, as well as in such online services like Canva, Piktochart, Pitch, and Visme.

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