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Gutenberg 3-in-1 Bundle: Gutenberry Theme, ZeGuten Plugin and Extra Presentation Description

This set comes with 3 products, made to fit your needs when working with native WordPress editor, when you don’t need any extra builders other than pure Gutenberg:

  • Gutenberry theme – the clean theme for blogging made by Zemez, built with Gutenberg editor.
  • ZeGuten plugin – a unique asset of extra blocks for Gutenberg, that will allow you building content really easy. Zemez team has seen to it that it will get regular updates! Now it includes 11 extra blocks for Gutenberg, and much more to come in the future.
  • Entorum PowerPoint presentation – a special bonus that will help you deliver your ideas in a smart way through presentation as effectively as you do it in your online blog website.

Don’t delay building the blog of your wildest dreams! Only for $64, you’ll get the Gutenberg Three-in-one Bundle for blogging and business. The normal value is $98, however, only now you may get it for a super low price and save 35%!

The Clean Minimalistic Gutenberry Theme for Blogging

With the help of the minimalistic GutenBerry theme and the Gutenberg native WordPress editor, you will be able to customize your blog in the most unexpected and stylish ways.
Keep on reading to learn how Gutenberry theme can incomparably improve your blogging experience!

Pick from 5 Home Page Layouts

The theme is multifunctional. No wonder it consists of 5 Home page variations, which you can change and edit whenever you want to. These 5 neat and contemporary home pages are:

  • Crystal home page – can’t choose between three layouts? Take all, plus the elegant subscription field.
  • Mauve home page – a real treasure for those who adore pink color. The posts are organized in a grid layout.
  • Lavender home page – the gentle mix of the grid and chess layouts plus the subscription field.
  • Nude home page – the well-known chess layout, but combined with the listing one this time.
  • Aqua home page – listing organization of posts plus the sidebar.

What Possibilities Come with the Gutenberry Theme

Posts layouts for Gutenberg

Three elegant and sophisticated layouts are provided in an extra block for Gutenberg allowing to showcase posts or any other publications, and use the simple sorting and query options for them.
The classical listing layout organizes your posts in a solid manner.
The grid layout provides a more innovative approach.
As for the stylish chess layout, it will suit for true rebels.
You can see the examples of how the posts can be organized with these layouts on different Home page variations, and you can change the layout, replace it, or use all three at once whenever you deem it necessary!

The theme is SEO-optimized

The pages are already well-structured and SEO-friendly. They contain sidebars and pagination, which you can hide or customize with the help of the Gutenberg native WordPress editor, if the concept of your blog needs it. All the headings are in place, allowing you to work with them easily.

Extensive customization settings

With the help of built-up customizer, you are able to edit blocks and add extra options. You can change the body background and the color scheme of your site. Customize the main menu in the way you want, change the blog layout or typography style – all in a few clicks!

ZeGuten Plugin: more blocks for Gutenberg editor

Have already decided on the appearance of your pages, but what about the content? You won’t have limits while working with it when you use extra blocks for Gutenberg.

The time-and-money saving ZeGuten plugin from Zemez includes 11 extra blocks for any kind of infographics, banners, animated boxes, complicated layouts and nested structures, etc.

Besides, it will be updated on a regular basis, evolving with time. More blocks will be added monthly, extending your ability to work with Gutenberg editor.

Here’s the list of blocks you’ll find in ZeGuten plugin for Gutenberg:

  • Section – this block allows you to add a little gap before or after the content to make your post look more attractive. Choose the background image or use gradient in Gutenberg editor, pick the opacity and transform your background into parallax! Also with the section block comes the ability to set margins and paddings.
  • Posts – choose between three trendy layouts and organize your posts the way you want to right within the WordPress native editor. The grid, listing and chess layouts are available, but you are also able to pick them all!
  • Pricing table – as a blogger, you may compare various places, like hotels or restaurants with the help of pricing tables. Or you can use these tables to promote your services and represent the pricings right within Gutenberg.
  • Banner – this block is truly multifunctional! You may use it just to add an engaging image and make your blog more attractive. However, you may use it for the promotion of your partners or for the advertising as well.
  • Circle progress – showcase your progress in a few clicks without the necessity to write tonnes of code, only working in the Gutenberg editor.
  • Countdown timer – in case you have a collaboration with someone who is planning an event, you are able to inform them. Also, use it to tell people about the lifetime of discounts.
  • Animated box – enjoy the 8 significant animated effects provided by ZeGuten plugin. The smart animation will make your posts dynamic and eye-catching.
  • Map – a neat map layout can be easily customized into the satellite one. Use pins to showcase the location of places of interest.
  • Progress bar – the additional tool also used to show improvement or growth.
  • Inline SVG – with the abilities of this block you don’t need to worry about the quality loss of uploaded images. It’s also often used to set icons.
  • Image comparison – the dynamic interactive block to compare pairs of images. May be used for the “before/after” kind of photo.

Create a Powerful Presentation for Your Ideas

In case the blog is not the only source of money income, you may need some powerful tool for your business! Luckily, the blogging and business Gutenberg Three-in-one Bundle from Zemez also includes the Entorum PowerPoint template. It is aimed to show the various infographics in the form of diagrams, charts, progress bars and timelines.

The possibilities of the Entorum are really limitless. Firstly, you can choose between the light and dark color schemes. You are also able to edit any block in a few clicks directly in PowerPoint or using Excel sheets.

Time-and-money Saving Work

The slides are divided into 7 categories, aimed for different purposes. Among them are:

  • Presentation slides;
  • Analysis information slides;
  • Visual content slides;
  • Timeline infographics slides;
  • Services slides;
  • Content and storytelling slides;
  • Map slides.

The process of replacing existing data with your own is very simple. Once replacing the demo content, you don’t need to worry that something may go wrong. All the headings, text blocks, and image blocks are flexible. Moreover, you are free to change font, color, opacity and the other properties of the text.

To Sum Up

With the help of the blogging and business Three-in-one Bundle for Gutenberg editor by Zemez, you have a unique opportunity to make your blog successful and popular!

A bunch of ready-to-use features and innovations are waiting for you with the Gutenberry minimalistic theme and the ZeGuten plugin with a set of blocks to extend the native Gutenberg’s functionality. Additionally, you get the fully-equipped business presentation with hundreds of slides’ variations.

Don’t miss this offer and get the most valuable tools for building and promotion of your blog! Save your money and time and get the Three-in-one Bundle only for 64$!