Nerdy Valentines Gifts in 2023

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On Valentine’s Day, couples in love confess their warm feelings to each other. Usually, they confess it by giving gifts, but rarely can these gifts be called unorthodox. We have prepared a list of non-standard Valentine’s gift ideas in 2023. They are funny, practical, and memorable.

Top 5 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Music Box to My Love
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Personal Tabletop Fire Pit
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Fun & Adventurous Date Night Box
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3-in-1 Wireless Charger
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Valentines Day Unique Present
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Postcards that Never Leave Your Special Someone Indifferent

These real-life, non-virtual cards are a cool idea for a present! All you need to do is just buy the greeting card at MasterBundles by pressing ‘Buy Now’ to get a high definition, ready-to-print image to your email. You can then print, sign, and give it to your special valentine. During the checkout process, simply input all the required information and opt for a payment method you would like to use. Once completed, the image will appear in your mailbox.

Gifts for Creatives: Photographers, Designers, Copywriters

Funny Graphic Designer Dot Grid Notebook

White funny inscription on a black background.

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This is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea for illustrators and web designers. The 120-page notebook is great for jotting down creative thoughts, taking notes, and planning the day. The high quality, minimalist and stylish look makes it a multi-purpose gift, which means both men and women will be happy with this notebook.

Silver Buffalo Star Wars Darth Vader Expressions Ceramic Coffee Mug, 14 Ounces

Black mug with images of Darth Vader on four colored backgrounds.

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Billions of people across the world love Star Wars. If the person in question is into sci-fi movies, you should strongly consider getting them a Star Wars-themed cookie jar or a Star Wars themed coffee mug. There is nothing quite like a constant reminder of your love and his intense passion for Star Wars mashed up together in one place.

12 Pairs Valentines Day Seasonal Holiday Crew Socks

Collage of images of pink and white socks.

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The best Valentine’s Day gift idea for a wife is caring. This box of 12 socks will make your girlfriend, wife, or mother very happy. They have bright prints, excellent quality, and are made of cotton. Socks are pleasant to wear, comfortable, and durable.

Music Box to My Love

Picture of a wooden music box.

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This unique music box delights with a pleasant melody, great look, and quality. It is made of high density fiberboard, has a compact size, and is equipped with a reliable mechanism. You won’t need batteries or a charger to start the box and listen to its exquisite sound, as the box is mechanical.

King Will Magic Gold Titanium Rings

Image of the ring of omnipotence from The Lord of the Rings.

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There are so many LOTR fans around! Perhaps, your loved one is one of them too? If yes, present this magical ring to him and trust us, he will be as happy as Golum;)

Toysmith Deluxe Zen Garden

The box of the game Toysmith Deluxe Zen Garden.

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This combination of white sand, dark stones, and smooth curves calms the nerves and helps one to concentrate. Even people who don’t practice meditation could try to create their own little Zen garden—it is also a great interior decoration. The set contains all you need to start and you can freely add any elements you like. I bet it would be a real surprise for your loved one!

Electric Coffee Warmer for Desk with Auto Shut Off

Green Electric Coffee Warmer for Desk with Auto Shut Off.

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Mugs with coffee or tea are common on the copywriter’s table, but sometimes there’s no time to drink it while it’s hot. There’s nothing worse than cold coffee, so you go and make yourself another one, put it there to chill a little, start working, forget about the mug and everything starts from the beginning. A mug warmer will help with that problem. It keeps the tea or coffee warm, so you are able to drink it while it’s hot and delicious.

Personal Tabletop Fire Pit

Rectangular Portable Concrete Rubbing Alcohol Tabletop Fire Pit.

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This cute little fire pit won’t leave your beloved indifferent. It gives warmth and it can be used for melting some marshmallows for sweet cozy evenings.

Dust-Proof and Waterproof Stylus Pen for iPad

Black Adonit Note2 Dust-Proof and Waterproof Stylus Pen for iPad.

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This cool gift will be useful not only for copywriters but for PMs too. It helps you to transform the notebook you are writing into the drawing tablet – everything you write on the paper will also be written on the computer screen. It is a witty gadget for those who like to keep notes safe on an electronic device, rather than on paper.

Funny Candle

Funny candle with silver cap.

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The perfect option to celebrate that you met each other online 🙂

A Mini Printer

Gray case for Kodak mini printer.

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Just think of it – you can print any photo or picture you just shot via your smartphone. And this printer doesn’t need any wires, ink, or big packs of paper. The resulting photos will be small, accurate, waterproof, and you get them in just about a minute. This would be an astounding gift for any nerd, but motion designers could get exceptional use of it for their work.

Portable LED Projector

ViewSonic M1 Mini Ultra Portable LED Projector with Auto Keystone.

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Have you ever done any kind of presentation? Common projectors are big, heavy, and clumsy, but with this pocket projector, you will be able to do a presentation right from your smartphone. The person you give it to will be able to use it for work purposes, in job searching, and even for fun—to watch a movie, for example.

Gifts for a Tech-Savvy Special Someone: Developers, SEO Specialists, Programmers, etc.

People who create software have a specific mindset, just as the representatives of any profession have a certain way of dealing with their work. Programmers are people who train themselves to think inside the programming language borders and at the same time, they constantly have to step out of those borders. Programmers need a high level of mathematical thinking and flexibility. A Valentine’s Day present for a programmer should give him some fun and relaxation.

Wrist Watch for Professionals with LED Lights

A Black Digital Clock That depicts The time as Binary Code.

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A clock is the best Valentine’s Day gift idea for him, especially with such a design and mechanism. This binary clock displays the time in the computer language. The LEDs only light up when you press the button on the side. The size is easily adjustable which means it will surely fit your loved one.

VR Headset

White VR Headset.

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Virtual reality devices are becoming more and more popular as more games for VR are launched. If you recall, this is something we saw in films about the future! Operating the VR device looks very similar to what Johnny Mnemonic did. By now the Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset is the most popular and featured model, so you should take a look at it. It not only has lots of cool features but also looks very stylish, which could be important if you are going to present it to your girlfriend.

Portable espresso machine

WACACO Minipresso GR, Portable Espresso Machine.

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It is always great to have a cup of freshly ground coffee. However, not every place a SEO specialist has to work has a really good coffee machine or the best coffee beans. That’s why such a portable hand-operated coffee machine would be an awesome present for an SEO person – it is like you are presenting him with a cup of tasty hot coffee any time he needs it.

Floating Bluetooth speaker

Infinity Orb Magnetic Levitating Speaker.

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This present is more like a decoration, but just think how much fun it could bring. It’s like a little UFO on the table! The speaker floats, flashes with different colors, and rotates while playing music from any device that has Bluetooth 4.0. It is even possible to receive phone calls with its help. Its stylish look will make the workplace more futuristic.

3-in-1 Foldable Travel Wireless Charger

Unravel 3-in-1 Foldable Travel Wireless Charger.

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It is one of the most popular and in demand tools that every modern person needs. Such a gift is versatile and easy to use. Make your friend happy with the ability to charge your phone, watch, and other devices. The charger is compatible with all iPhone models, Apple Watch, AirPods, AirPods Pro, and Samsung Galaxy.

Noise canceling headphones

 Roll over image to zoom in Soundcore Anker Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones.

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Code writing work is not the only job that demands concentration, but programmers often work in open spaces and there’s commonly a lot of noise. High-quality headphones with noise canceling features would be an astounding Valentine’s Day gift for a programmer. Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Hybrid is wireless, convenient, and stylish. It was created with the use of Active Noise Canceling Technology, which provides it with superior sound quality. Such a present will be useful not only for work but for traveling and resting too.

The New PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X

Image of XBox.

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The new generation of gaming consoles has every gamer fired up. If your significant other is a gaming enthusiast, then you should consider getting him or her a PlayStation 5 or Xbox series X, depending on their preference. Just look at all the memes and vines on social media about these two gadgets! Needless to say, they will certainly enjoy this one.

Universal Last-Minute Gifts that Everybody Will Love

Fun & Adventurous Date Night Box

Scratch Off Card Game with Exciting Date Ideas for Couple.

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This is a gift for the adventurous, because games are always great Valentine’s gift ideas that inspire and impress. Try this improved version. It has 30+ mind grabbing date night ideas and scratchers. Once you and your beloved scratch the card, you must accomplish the task.

Romantic Candles Gift

Pink Scented Unique Candles.

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Candles are about romance, warmth, and having a good time. Such Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her will surprise anyone. A scented candle with a rich fragrance and exquisite packaging is the perfect choice. Candles are made of soy wax and essential oil, which can provide natural health and a fresh scent for a long time.

Wine Chiller

White wine glass holder with glass.

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For true wine lovers, this option will be a winning choice, for sure. This is a very useful gadget to keep your wine at the right temperature while socializing.

Super-Soft Blanket

Pink super soft blanket.

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To keep your dear person warm on those cold winter nights and mornings, present them with this amazing cozy blanket. Soft, cuddly, and warm gift giving!

A Year of Dates

A Box of Date night cards.

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Make every day of your next year together special! Each card has an amazing idea for your next date. Choose a card and have an adventure together!

Light-Up Star Map

Lamp in a form of a Star map by date.

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Remember when you said that you will bring her a star from the sky? So, why not make your promise a reality. Bring her the whole galaxy!

May the present you choose for your dearest bring a lot of happiness and joy. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day Gift Basket Ideas

Valentines Days Spa Gift Box For Her

Spa Gift Box with content.

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Valentine’s Day gift baskets may be the perfect fit for your wife or girlfriend. This package includes a mug, oil warmer, sleep mask, journal, pen, spa headband, spa loofah, and cozy socks. The packaging is cute and the contents will make your loved one happy.

Valentines Gift Ideas for Men

Box with stylish sunglasses, warm socks, a tumbler, and an engraved gold keychain.

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Want to please your man? This is one of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for husbands. The box contains stylish sunglasses, warm socks, a tumbler, and an engraved gold keychain. The products are made of quality materials and have special engravings. It is the perfect gift for any holiday and for expressing your excitement and concern for your sweetheart.

Valentines Day Unique Presents

Box with multifunction pocket knife, a mug with an interesting print, a keychain and a funny card.

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Here is another Valentine’s Day gift basket idea. It includes quality products that are worthy of your boyfriend’s attention. The gift basket includes a multifunction pocket knife, a mug with an interesting print, a keychain and a funny card. It’s the perfect Christmas, birthday, or Valentine’s Day gift.

Eternal Real Rose Gift Box

Lytoybe Eternal Real Rose Gift Box.

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Treat your girlfriend with an unusual and high quality gift that is sure to surprise her. The roses are made of soap and have a charming scent that can be used for bathing, hand washing, or creating a romantic atmosphere. The necklace allows her to see 100 languages of love. This unique gift will make your wife the happiest.

Relaxing Spa Tumbler Holiday Care Package for Women

Relaxing Spa Tumbler Holiday Care Package.

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This gift will please your girlfriend and allow her to relax and rest. This Valentine’s Day gift box comes with bath bombs, a cute card, candle, alarm clock, cup, blanket, and warm socks. The products are attractively styled and designed to surprise.

Some Ideas To Make An Unforgettable Present

Here we have collected some general ideas on what your present for a loved one for February 14th can be.

Present Bright Emotions

The most “fashionable” gift for Valentine’s Day, as well as for any other holiday, are pleasant impressions and emotions. They can be aroused in your other half, for example, during a small romantic trip or a visit to a dance master class. You can give your beloved the opportunity to jump with a parachute, fly in a hot air balloon, or take a ride on a quad bike. After such a memorable event, your loved one is guaranteed to remember Valentine’s Day for a long time.

Show Tasty Originality

To show originality on Valentine’s Day, you can also use a tasty gift. It can be a cake with love confession or a set of chocolates with your photos. You can also bake cupcakes decorated with cute images and tender words devoted to your loved one.

Gadgets are a Great Choice

A great option for an original gift on February 14th might be a high-tech gadget. For example, virtual reality goggles, an action camera, quadcopter, or wireless headphones.

Hand-Made Present

You can also make an original gift for your loved one using your own hands. This can be an unusual quest, on the passage of creative projects from which one will receive his “prize” such as a jar filled with love notes.

How to Choose a Perfect Gift For Your Dearest

There are some tacit rules to consider when choosing gifts for any holiday, including Valentine’s Day.


There is no need to choose the most expensive gifts. Your loved one may decide that they should also give something expensive in return. In addition, Valentine’s Day is a holiday of love and attention, not a serious reason to splurge.

A gift from the heart

An inexpensive perfume or a purse from a mass-market supplier is definitely not the right thing to give. A gift should be given from your heart. It is better to bake a cake or cookies than purchase a gift because it is on sale.

A useful gift

The gift should be useful and associated with the holiday, to remind your beloved of a happy time spent together.


The gift itself doesn’t have to symbolize Valentine’s Day. Skip the flashy heart-shaped gifts at the local stores. You can do this with a valentine card. Your gift should be much more personal and special for your loved one.


You shouldn’t give a violin to a soccer player, or a car air freshener to someone who does not have a car. The gift must be appropriate for the person.

Choosing a good present could be really exhausting. First, you might not know where to start and you can’t think of a gift to buy. However, when the present is finally chosen, wrapped, and given, it is a vivid and beautiful feeling. So, it doesn’t matter if you like Valentine’s Day or not—make your best effort to use this occasion to cheer up your loved one.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about the best gifts for Valentine’s Day

What is the best gift for Valentine’s Day?

It’s a gift that will delight and be needed by your sweetheart. Try Valentine’s Day gift boxes. These can be gift packs for men with multitools and accessories, or relaxation boxes for women.

What gift can you give a girlfriend on Valentine’s Day?

Learn about her dreams. Give her something that will always be a reminder of you. Try a music box, scented candle, or travel mug.

What can I gift my BF or husband on Valentine’s Day?

Think about his hobbies or a gift he would use every day. It could be a wrist watch, Bluetooth speaker, PlayStation, etc.

How do I find more gifts?

We did not forget about those of you who truly like to make others happy and invented an entire section on the MasterBundles website. In this very section, you will find gifts for designers, photographers, cat lovers, musicians, and coffee addicts. So add it to your bookmarks because we regularly post a bunch of new and cool stuff.

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