50+ Valentine’s Day Gifts 2019 for Nerds: Programmers, Copywriter, Designer, Developers…

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By: Liza Koenhoven January 15, 2019 14 minutes
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St. Valentine’s Day is rather a controversial event. Lots of people love it for its romantic and cute essence and they create such a hype around it that caused the appearance of an equal amount of people who hate it. All those hearts, pink stripes, stuffed animals and chocolates are very sweet, but don’t you think it would be a little corny to give such present to your beloved one? Especially if he or she is working in IT and is a real nerd?

  1. Gifts for programmers
    1. VR Headset
    2. Noise canceling headphones
    3. Raspberry Pi
  2. St. Valentine’s Day gifts for graphic designers
  3. Presents for marketing specialists
    1. Mini Zen garden
    2. Wireless smartphone charger
    3. Smart watch
  4. Presents for copywriter
    1. Mug warmer
    2. Smart pen
    3. LED Word Clock
  5. Gifts for photographers
    1. Valentine’s gifts for SEO specialists
    2. Little Vector robot
    3. Portable espresso machine
    4. Floating Bluetooth speaker
  6. Presents for motion designers
    1. Mini printer
    2. GoPro camera
    3. Color matching tool
  7. Valentine’s day gifts for system administrators
    1. R2-D2 droid
    2. Wearable multitool
    3. Network tester
  8. Presents for WordPress web developers
    1. Pocket projector
    2. External hard drive
    3. Portal 2 toy turret
  9. Valentine’s gifts for SMM specialists
    1. Smartphone camera’s lenses set
    2. Portal
    3. Power bank
  10. Wrapping up

Giving presents to someone is a pleasure by itself but it is even more joyful if that is not something typical, but a real surprise. Of course, your boyfriend or girlfriend will be pleased with a valentine card and a bottle of expensive vine, but that Valentine present doesn’t need any creative efforts from you. Just imagine his or her face when you will give them something really original, something that was picked especially for that person. Believe me, it would be worth the efforts.

The process of seeking the idea of Valentine present for a nerd is really hard – there are simply too many variants. To help you and give some inspiration I created a list of presents, that IT-workers, nerds, and gadget-lovers would sincerely appreciate. Of course, I can’t describe all possible options, but at least it could give you an insight on where to move further.

Gifts for programmers

People who create software has a specific mindset, just as the representatives of any profession. Programmers are people who train themselves to think in the programming language borders and at the same time, they constantly have to step out of those borders. Programmer profession needs a high level of mathematical thinking and flexibility. St. Valentine’s day present for a programmer has to be able to give him some fun and rest.

VR Headset

Virtual reality devices are becoming more and more popular as the more games for VR are launched. Come on, it is something we saw in the films about the future! Operating the VR device looks very similar to what Johnny Mnemonic did. By now the Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset is the most popular and featured model, so you should take a look at it. It not only has lots of cool features but also looks very stylish, which could be important if you are going to present it to the girl.

Noise canceling headphones

Code writing work is not the only one that demands concentration, but programmers often work in the open spaces and there’s commonly a lot of noise. High-quality headphones with noise canceling feature would be an astounding Valentine’s Day gift for a programmer. COWIN E8 model is wireless, convenient and stylish. It was created with the use of Active Noise Cancelling Technology and besides that, it has superior sound quality. Such a present will be useful not only for work but for traveling and resting too.

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a kind of little computer processor which can be used for various purposes. For example, you can compile a gaming console and play the games you adored when you were a kid. This all-in-one retro game console construction set has all the elements you will need, including controllers. A perfect Valentine’s gift for the programmer, because when he will get bored with the retro gaming console, the Raspberry Pi processor could be used for other interesting projects.

St. Valentine’s Day gifts for graphic designers

The designer is one of the most creative professions in the IT sphere, so if you’ll try to be original in your present the designer will appreciate it the most. The most sufficient thing for creative people is a lack of inspiration, so Valentine’s present that could give some insight is the best idea. Tickets to some events and certificates for some kind of learning are a simple way to cheer up the designer, but if you want to give him or she some item – take a look at this list of gifts for graphic designers. There are more than 50 options there, so I’m sure you will find something fitting.

Presents for marketing specialists

Marketing is a tool that makes any business, not only IT, popular and profitable. Promotion and advertising the product is a complicated work and marketing specialists who operate the budget are often very stressed out. A great St. Valentine’s Day gift for a marketer will be some items that would help to relax and calm down.

Mini Zen garden

Combination of white sand, dark stones, and smooth curves calms the nerves and helps to concentrate. Even people who don’t practice meditation could try to create their own little Zen garden – it is a great interior decoration. The set contains all you need to start and you can freely add any elements you would like to. I bet it would be a real surprise for your beloved one!

Wireless smartphone charger

It so very convenient just to put your mobile phone on the round pad and make it charge. You don’t have to look for the wires, just lay it down and continue working. Such a present would save some precious time and would be a nice decoration for the table. Nothing special, but it would be an original and smart gift.

Smart watch

A nice looking device that combines several useful gadgets would be useful for every nerd, not only marketing specialists. Fitness tracker, voice assistant, iPad – all in a convenient form of a bracelet. It helps you to organize the time and be more efficient. Smart watch is not a very original gift, but it will be definitely useful.

Presents for copywriter

Writing text is also a form of art and the IT industry won’t be able to live without copywriters. Descriptions, articles, ads – they spend lots of time with words, combining it to touch reader’s feelings and grab his attention. Different gadgets that remind of words will be a nice Valentine’s present for a copywriter.
Mug warmer

Mugs with coffee or tea are common on the copywriter’s table, but sometimes there’s no time to drink it hot. There’s nothing worse than cold coffee, so you go and make yourself another one, put it there to chill a little, start working, forget about the mug – and everything starts from the beginning. Mug warmer will help with that problem – it just keeps the tea or coffee warm, so you are able to drink it when it is possible.

Smart pen

This cool thing will be useful not only for copywriters but for PMs too. It helps you to transform the notebook you are writing into the drawing tablet – everything you write on the paper will be also written on the computer screen. It is a witty gadget for those who like to keep all the notes safe on the electronic device, rather than on paper.

LED Word Clock

We are so used to the clock’s look, that we check the time automatically, without really thinking about it. Word clock will make you distract from the work you do and concentrate on the clock. It shows not the common pointers and numbers – it displays time in words. Very interesting idea, it would be a great decoration for any copywriter’s table.

Gifts for photographers

Photographers are not 100% IT people and a really small number of them are nerds, but it is hard to imagine a website without sharp and gorgeous pictures on it. Those pictures are taken by photographers, so I consider them tightly connected with IT sphere. Just as designers, photographers are people who need a huge amount of creativity and inspiration. Here’s a list of Xmas presents for photographers you can go through to catch a few original ideas.

Valentine’s gifts for SEO specialists

If the company’s website is listed on the first page of search results – it is almost sure that they have a great SEO specialist. Making sites as visible to search engines as possible is a really hard task that needs constant accuracy and attention to the details. Some funny or witty gadget would be an ideal gift for SEO specialist for St. Valentine’s Day.
Little Vector robot

Just look at that cutie! This little robot could make everyone smile. It recognizes people, can be activated by voice, move all over the place avoiding obstacles and take pictures. Vector is constantly connected to the Cloud service via Wi-Fi and that means it learns something new all the time. With Alexa installed, this robot will help you to set reminders and control some of the home devices. Vector would be a nice and lovely gift both for a boyfriend and a girlfriend SEO specialist.

Portable espresso machine

It is always great to have a cup of freshly ground coffee. However, not every place a SEO specialist have to work in have a really good coffee machine or best coffee beans. That’s why such a portable hand-operated coffee machine would be an awesome present for a SEO person – it is like you present him a cup of tasty hot coffee any time he needs it.

Floating Bluetooth speaker

This present is rather a decoration, but just think how much fun it could bring – it’s like an UFO on the table! The speaker floats, flashes with different colors and rotates while playing any music from any device that has Bluetooth 4.0. It is even possible to receive the phone calls with its help. Its stylish look will make the workplace more futuristic.

Presents for motion designers

Modern websites have to look dynamic and have different types of animation effects. People who create different motion effects that make the viewer feel space is moving are motion graphic designers. As for any artists, imagination is their main tool and that is not the most reliable thing in the world. Some stuff that could boost a designer will be an excellent present for a motion designer on Valentine’s day.

Mini printer

Just think of it – you can print any photo or picture you just shot via your smartphone. And that printer doesn’t need any wires, ink or big packs of paper. The resulting photos will be small, accurate, waterproof and you get them just in about a minute. This would be an astounding gift for any nerd, but motion designers could get exceptional use of it for their work.

GoPro camera

You probably already know how cool this camera is and heard at least one review of it from your friends. Shooting everything happening around you without heave and complicated instruments gives a lot of marvelous opportunities. And a designer who creates animated pictures should be the one most interested in such a cool present for St. Valentine’s day.

Color matching tool

This one is really fantastic – you point it to the color you like and this device scans and recognizes it. With its designer will be able to paint with any color he sees around. It could be really convenient for work purposes and just for fun.

Valentine’s day gifts for system administrators

Sysadmin is good Godmother fairy and the wisest shaman of every IT company office. This person also could win the first award in any facepalm challenge. Everyone loves system administrators, but he commonly hates everyone. A present that will cheer your beloved sysadmin or help him in his heroic work will be a great idea.
R2-D2 droid

I don’t believe there exists a person who doesn’t at least heard about R2-D2. And a system administrator just can’t be the person that hasn’t watched and didn’t like Star Wars saga! A little R2-D2 shaped robot will definitely make extremely happy any normal nerd or geek. Caution! Giving this gift to your beloved system administrator can cause another Star Wars watching the marathon.
Wearable multitool

System administrators often meet the circumstances where they need a screwdriver. This wearable multitool is a witty and useful gift that also look really stylish. When you wear a bunch of instruments on your wrist you feel prepared for almost anything that office workers can do with their computers.
Network tester

This is the most practical gift you can give a system administrator – a good tool for his everyday work. This little thing helps to test the network cables and features really quickly. The network tester will save your beloved one lots of time that he could spend relaxing or learning something new.

Presents for WordPress web developers

Without these people, there won’t be websites. All we can see on the internet, all websites, pages, blogs, shops, etc., are made by professional of beginner web developers. If your boyfriend or girlfriend is a web developer it is best to give him or her something surprising as a gift. A present that is nothing like he got before will impress the web developer and give him a huge inspiration kick.
Pocket projector

Have you ever done any kind of presentation? Common projectors are big, heavy and clumsy, but with this pocket projector, you will be able to do a presentation right from your smartphone. The person you will give it like a present will be able to use it for work purposes, in job searching and even for fun – to watch a movie, for example.
External hard drive

This marvelous little device can store all your data without any efforts from you. You just connect it to all the devices and it backups the data. Just that simple – no wire connections, no wasting time for copying files. A web developer surely has a huge amount of different information, so such a Valentine’s present will be really useful.

Portal 2 toy turret

I guarantee that your beloved one didn’t expect such a present from you. No matter if he loves Portal or not, this cute turret is already a worldwide known meme, so he will recognize it. This turret is a kind of table “defender” – it is activated by motion and starts to shout “Target acquired” or “Preparing to dispense product”. Nobody will dare to approach the table!

Valentine’s gifts for SMM specialists

Social media surround us everywhere now, we use them for entertainment, shopping, and commerce. SMM managers control the company’s social media – post and advertise the Facebook group, tweet on Twitter and shoot photos for Instagram. It is a separate part of marketing and one has to understand it really good to promote the business page. Ideal St. Valentine’s present for a social media manager will be something useful for their work.

Smartphone camera lenses set

This collection of lenses and a tripod transforms a smartphone into a professional camera. Telephoto zoom, fisheye, kaleidoscopic, CPL and other lenses will widen the photo capturing opportunities. If your beloved one manages the Instagram – this set will definitely be a win-win gift.


This device was created especially for the Facebook video calls. The smart camera always tracks you during the call, so you can freely move while talking. The Portal allows to add advanced reality features, music and pictures to the call and record a video for Facebook stories. There’s also built-in Alexa, so the device has additional useful features like timer, weather display, smart home controls, etc.

Power bank

A rather common gift, but still very useful. It is always good to have a way to charge the mobile phone, especially if you use it as often as the SMM specialists. This present won’t amuse your beloved one, but it would surely be the item she uses constantly.

Wrapping up

Choosing a present could be really exhausting. First, you don’t know where to start and that you can’t understand how to stop. However, when the present is already chosen, wrapped and given – it is a vivid and beautiful feeling. So, it doesn’t matter if you like St. Valentine’s Day or not – make your best to use this occasion to cheer up and cheer your beloved one.

Author: Liza Koenhoven

Liza is Masterbundles’ outreach manager and copywriter, passionate about black coffee, writing and Depeche Mode. She does her best to deliver you the most valuable deals on the web. Write to [email protected] if you want to talk or publish your article.

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Ahaha, again this annual hysteria called Valentine’s Day. And what if I’m single? Who will present me something? So I’ll be without a gift, right?


My friend is designer, I gave him a drawing pad. He was happy like a child, clapped and danced a waltz with me. Give gifts to your friends nerds 🙂


Kinda poor list for graphic designer. Can I have more products to choose from?

Jim Harding

Please note that in the article there are only a few top gifts for different categories. And each category has its own separate article.

For example, here’s the complete list for graphic designers: https://masterbundles.com/gift-ideas-for-graphic-designers/
And here’s for photographers: https://masterbundles.com/gifts-for-photographers/

Use it with pleasure!


Will be there anything cheaper for guys from Pakistan? 🙂


Every year I rack my brains to find a gift for my girlfriend – she is a copywriter. And here’s such a cool article. Thanks, I’m ready to read, I hope I’ll find something really cool and warm.


Last year me and my boyfriend had a fight just before Valentine’s Day, and only the light keyboard as a gift could melt my loving system administrator’s heart. This year I want something more creative to cheer him.


Designers, Administrators, Copywriters, Programmers … Is that all who want a gift for Valentine’s Day? And where are the other Nerds representatives, not less worthy ? I’m resenting. Сomplete the article!