100+ Best Gifts For Photographers in 2019!

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By: Jim Harding January 23, 2019 30 minutes
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Can’t find a perfect Christmas gifts for photographers? Check out this ultimate list of ideas and resources where you can purchase them!

Christmas Is on the Way: Collection of the Unique Gifts for Photographers

A warm knitted scarf for your Granny, a new fishing pole for your Daddy, the Japanese maneki-neko souvenir for that irritating dude from another department and there is one last person you want to please – a photographer. The list of the Christmas gifts has never been easy to compile. I know you want to pick up something special and original…

If you experience the lack of ideas and the absence of inspiration, you got to the right page!

Here is an ultimate collection of more than 100 unique gifts for photographers. They range from the budget to experience, from the playful to the serious ones. Indeed, you will manage to choose something from 100+ ideas!

So, prepare your credit card and let’s get it started!

If the Person is Really Important…

If you can afford a couple of hundred dollars to buy a gift, then this part of the collection is worth your considering.
Go Pro HERO5 Camera
This gift is definitely a good idea if a person is keen on both photography and extreme sport. The camera offers 4K video shooting, voice control, one-button work, touch display. Of course, it is waterproof.

Great 100+ Gifts For Photographers

Price: $219.99 on Amazon.
Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera
Yes, this bestseller created a real boom several years ago. Still, even nowadays, it is a good choice when you want to please a photography-addicted special someone. By the way, girls are especially crazy about this mini cutie.

Fujifilm Instax Mini. Great 100+ Gifts For Photographers

The modern and a compact Polaroid version allows create and print photos fast and easy.

Price: depends on the color and model. Check out on Amazon.
The Impossible Project Polaroid SX-70 Original Instant Film Camera

This gift will fit the one that stays classy. And the one that is truly important to you because the price is high: $399.99.

Still, the photographer will definitely appreciate the gift. Polaroid SX-70 was the first SLR ever made and the first camera that used an integral instant film. With an automatic exposure system, you can use a manual focus as close as 10.2 inches (26cm).
Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer
This handy gift will allow your friend printing images from the smartphone in a matter of a minute. In the result, the lucky one will get 2×3 full-color smudge-proof photos on the sticky paper.

Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer.Great 100+ Gifts For Photographers

You can order it on Amazon for $114.72. 30 sheets go along in the kit.
Kodak Mini 2 HD Wireless Portable Mobile Instant Photo Printer
Great 100+ Gifts For Photographers

Check out another (more budget) gift idea for printing photos from the smartphone. It’s possible to print 2.1 x 3.4” photos direct from the Android or iOS device. The owner doesn’t need any cables or buttons.

Price: $89.99 on Amazon.
Canon Selphy CP1200 Printer
In less than a minute the owner of this gift will manage to print 4×6” photos at a crystal clear 300×300 dpi resolution. It’s super easy to print photos from any device with the help of the Apple’s AirPrint, PicBridge, Canon PRINT, and Canon’s Selphy app.

Great 100+ Gifts For Photographers

Price: $119.99 on Amazon. The kit includes a color ink, paper set, and cable.

Tools and Kits for a Light Control (Light Kits and Diffusers) FOR Photographers

As light is very important for every photographer, I prepared a couple of other variants of the lighting tools for different budget.
Pixelstick Lightpainting LED Tool
These amazing 200 RGB LEDs with the diffusion lens allow working with color and light.

Price: $369.99 on Amazon.

Great 100+ Gifts For Photographers
LimoStudio 700W Photography Softbox Light Lighting Kit
This kit contains a soft box with bulb socket, the light stand, a photo bulb, a carry bag, 6 ft. long power cord and external white fabric diffuser.

Price: $60.12 on Amazon.

LimoStudio 700W Photography Softbox Light Lighting Kit
NEEWER 160 LED CN-160 Dimmable Ultra High Power Panel Digital Camera

A budget version of the light tool for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Panasonic,SONY, Samsung and Olympus digital SLR cameras.

Price: $24.99 on Amazon.
Godox Standard Reflector
A simple thing that every photographer needs is a light diffuser. Try this one 20°/40°/60° six honeycomb grids that provide different shadow effects and a focused light output.

Godox Standard Reflector

Price: $36.99 on Amazon.
Collapsible Multi-Disc Light Reflector
This universal kit with 5 different reflectors (translucent, silver, gold, white, and black) fits any holder.

Light Reflector

Price: $19.94 on Amazon.
5-in-1 Portable Collapsible Multi Disc Light Reflector
Here is a smaller alternative to the previous item. Both of them go along with a bag for photographer’s convenience.

Light Reflector

Price: $9.99 on Amazon.
Nanguang RGB LED Ice Tube Light Wand
Check out another cool kit of the light tubes that will definitely become the favorite “toy” of every photographer. The kit includes the bicolor cold and warm LEDs in addition to the red, green and blue ones. It’s a perfect kit to create a suitable background for an image or a video.

Ice Tube Light Wand

Price: $239.99 on Amazon.
Perfect Light for Selfie
Girls know that the right light makes magic. Therefore, consider purchasing one of these devices for a perfect selfie. All of them have relatively good reviews and high rating on Amazon.

Perfect Light for Selfie

Price: $12.99 on Amazon. Available in the pink and blue colors.
Selfie Ring Light with Cell Phone Holder Stand for Live Stream
Selfie Ring Light

This multipurpose selfie light has a flexible 24-inch strong long gooseneck arm that is very convenient. Plus, it provides 360-degree rotating to control the light and cover the right angles.

The price depends on the color of the product (black, pink, white, black with a remote control. The prices range from $18.99 to $23.99.
Geekoto Ring Light
Geekoto Ring Light

This ring light kit looks more professional and includes a phone holder and a convenient traveling case. Plus, it has a stand that makes it super convenient when shooting a video or when a photographer need a a super intensive and high-quality light.

Price: $89.99 on Amazon.

Flying Cameras and Quadcopters For Photographers

Drones are always a cool gift idea for a photographer or a YouTube vlogger. If you think that this is a costly thing, then check out different variants I picked up for you.
Quadcopter Drone with Camera Live Video
A real advantage of this drone is its 3.7V 1100mAh battery. In comparison to the other drones that allow 6-8 minutes flight, the flight with this quadcopter can last as much as 30 minutes!

Quadcopter Drone

Price: currently $89.95 on Amazon.
DBPOWER X400W FPV RC Quadcopter Drone with WiFi Camera Live Video
This is a less expensive variant but be ready that the battery capacity (important criterion) is worse. The flight will last for 8 minutes.

Quadcopter Drone with WiFi Camera Live Video

Price: $49.99 on Amazon.
Holy Stone HS200 FPV RC Drone with HD Wifi Camera Live Feed
This drone makes it possible to shoot 2MP, 1280×720 pixel aerial videos and photos with an iPhone or Android phone device. Control the flight with your smartphone due to the Gravity SENSOR Mode.

Holy Stone

Price: $99.99 on Amazon.
ElementDigital MJX Bugs 5W GPS Drone

Purchase this drone if you look for 1080P 5G Wi-Fi HD camera (300m FPV distance), GPS smart return, one key return, the point of interest, altitude hold, bugs go app (iOS, Android). It’s possible to track the flight, enable headless or follow me modes, turn on the mechanical gimbal stabilization. The distance is quite long – about 300 meters. Plus, it has 6 bright LED lights.

Price: $229.99 on Amazon.
High Great Mark Drone Flying Foldable WiFi Quadcopter with VIO Positioning 4K HD Camera
High Great Mark Drone

Here is the most expensive but also the most powerful drone in this collection of Christmas gifts for photographers. Familiarize with the technical characteristics here.

Price: $315.68 on Amazon.

Lenses and Lenses Kits For Photographers

“Dude, you can never have too many lenses” – you can say when giving one of the following Christmas gifts. Yes, here are a couple of resources with high-quality lens for a camera.
VicTsing 3 in 1 Phone Camera Lenses
Here is an amazing kit with:

1 x fisheye lens for a fisheye effect without black edges;
1 x 0.65X wide angle lens;
1 x macro lens to take pictures of the extremely tiny objects.

Price: $12.99 on Amazon.

Phone Camera Lenses
iPhone Lenses
This is another (a little bit more expensive) lens kit for a cellphone. It includes 11 different lens types (look at the picture):

iPhone Lenses

Though the producer of the item mentioned that this kit is suitable for iPhone, you can also use it for Samsung Galaxy S8, S7, S7 Edge, S6, HTC, Sony, LG, and some other smartphone models.

Price: $20.99
Cell Phone Telephoto Camera Lens
This is an ultimate kit of the newest 20x telephoto lens, flexible phone tripod, photo holder, and wireless remote shutter for iPhone X, 8, 7, 6s, 6 Plus, Samsung, iPad, and some other smartphones.

Cell Phone Telephoto Camera Lens

Price: $23.99 on Amazon.
Easy-Macro Lens Band
Check out this budget variant. If you don’t really hope to get a photoshoot from the photographer, then this variant will be a very modest but handy gift.

Easy-Macro Lens Band

Price: $11.99 on Amazon.
Lenspen Mini Pro II Compact Lens Pen Cleaning System
When you give a lens kit, don’t forget to purchase a lens pen cleaning system. It will be the best add-on to your gift.

Lenspen Mini Pro

Price: $9.99 on Amazon.

27. Lens Cap

Yes, sometimes everything a photographer needs is such a “useless” trifle that can be very handy. The lens cap depends on the lens diameter. Still, you can find a great number of the appealing variants on Amazon or on Parabo.

28. Polarizing Filter

I picked up a couple of the useful filters that will expand the photo opportunities for the photographer. All the filters are usually placed on the lens.

So, the polarizing filter will darken skies and optimize the reflections and glare.

You should make sure that you pick up the filter of the right diameter. For instance, there are filters for 77 mm circular lenses or 9 mm ones.

The price depends on the lenses diameter and the camera.

29. ND Filter

ND filter is a cool stuff for reducing the amount of light that passes through the camera lens. Its advantage lies in saving the color. The price also depends on the diameter of the lens.

30. UV Filter

This is a very handy thing that protects the camera from dust, moisture, smudges, and scratches. Pick up the right size 🙂

For instance, on this page, you can choose the diameter of the item.

UV Filter

Chargers, Batteries, and Power Banks

Nothing can irritate a photographer more than 3% battery on the smartphone if the smartphone is a device he is shooting with. Anyway, power banks and additional batteries will always become a good gift idea in today’s digital world. Check out a couple of variants.
FLUXMOB BOLT Portable Power Adapter
It’s a perfect choice for travelers. The battery can work both as a regular charger or a portable one. Still, it has a “modest” capacity: 3350mAh.

FLUXMOB BOLT Portable Power Adapter

Price: $49.99 on Amazon.
PISEN 10050mAh Portable Charger
Look at this super cute power bank with a high capacity of 10500mAh! A nice Christmas gift for your younger cousin, isn’t it?


Price: $24.99 on Amazon.
iMuto 20000mAh Portable Charger Compact Power Bank
Check out a higher capacity (20000mAh) for a reasonable price – $29.99. It is available in two colors: black and white.

Portable Charger Anker PowerCore 20100mAh
Here is a classy power core with a solid capacity – 20100mAh. So, you can bring your camera without having a fear that there won’t be any free output in the right moment.

Anker PowerCore

Price: $49.99 on Amazonю

Grips for Cameras For Photographers

In order to create a professional static shot, every photographer needs a grip or another special holder. Check out these variants for different budgets!
Bobber Floating Hand Grip for GoPro HERO Cameras
Only $12.09 and your photographer can protect the GoPro camera from water during extreme sport, for instance.


By the way, this product is extremely popular on Amazon.
Snap-On Center-Pinch Lens Cap
This product was designed for those, who constantly lose their lens during a busy shooting process. Do you have this absent-minded photographer? Then this lens cap holder is definitely what he needs.


By the way, it’s possible to choose the size of the cap.

Price: $7 on Amazon.

37. Camera Battery Grip

When the photographer has to work several hours, the battery might die. Therefore, a camera battery grip is a handy Christmas gift. I wouldn’t recommend you a certain product because you should choose it according to the model of the camera.

You can find the one for Canon, Fujifilm, Sony, and other models. The full list you can find here. The prices range from $20 up to $400.
Revolution Imager for Telescope Live Color Video Camera with Monitor
For the case, if the photographer is keen on the astronomy, this Christmas gift will be a perfect fit. The kit includes 7″ color monitor and rechargeable battery. With its help, your friend will manage to take images of our Galaxy.

Revolution Imager for Telescope

Price: $299.99 on Amazon.

39. Anker 8-in-1 USB 3.0 Portable Card Reader for SDXC, SDHC, SD, MMC, RS-MMC, Micro SDXC, Micro SD, Micro SDHC Card, and UHS-I Cards

As we gradually move to the SD cards (that are always a good gift for a photographer), let’s consider card readers that speed up the card reading process.

This one makes it possible to read and write on two cards simultaneously.

Portable Card Reader

Price: $10.99 on Amazon.
3 in 1 SD TF Card Reader Adapter
Card Reader Adapter

Price: $22.99 for a white color product and $24.99 for 4 colors.
FA-STAR SD Card Reader
A substantial advantage of this product is that no another app is required. An owner should just connect a smartphone or a tablet with the card reader and it will automatically play the images and videos.


Price: $15.99 on Amazon.

42. Extra Memory Cards

Believe me, extra memory cards are always a good gift for a photographer! You can find many variants on Amazon. You can pick up the card according to the camera model, the needed amount of memory, size, etc.

Check out this variant (just for the record).

Extra Memory Cards

The price: from $7.99 to $17.99 on Amazon.
HooToo iPhone iPad Flash Drive

Another useful option for every photographer is a flash drive to store videos and photos from the smartphone or a tablet. The size is 32GB. The price is $30.99.

Killer Books to Expand Professional Horizon

Paper books on professional thematic are always a good idea. Useful information is priceless. Available useful information is worth its weight in gold. Here is a high-quality selection of books that every photographer will read with a pleasure.

Click the links to read the description of the books.
Photography QA Real Questions Real Answers
Photography Q&A

Paperback for $24.68
Kindle for $13.49.
Sketching Light An Illustrated Tour of the Possibilities of Flash
Sketching Light

Paperback for $30
Kindle for $24.99.
Gregory Heisler: 50 Portraits: Stories and Techniques from a Photographer’s Photographer
Gregory Heisler

Hardcover for $31.46
Kindle for $12.99.
Understanding Exposure, Fourth Edition: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera
Understanding Exposure

Paperback for $16.95-$18.35
eTextbook for $15.99.
The Art of Photography A Personal Approach to Artistic Expression
The Art of Photography

Paperback $28.26-$33.96
Hardcover $40.68-$43.18
Kindle $19.79.
Light Science & Magic: An Introduction to Photographic Lighting
Light Science & Magic

eTextbook $33.27
Hardcover $100.91
Paperbook $30.76
Digital $10.39
Picture Perfect Practice: A Self-Training Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Taking World-Class Photographs (Voices That Matter)
Picture Perfect Practice

Paperback for $11.51
Kindle for $23.49.
The Flash Book How to fall hopelessly in love with your flash, and finally start taking the type of images you bought it for in the first place
This is a bestseller on the Amazon in the photography lightning category.

The Flash Book

Paperback $20.36
Kindle $10.68.
Picture Perfect Posing: Practicing the Art of Posing for Photographers and Models (Voices That Matter)
Picture Perfect Posing

Paperback for $24.99
Kindle for $23.49.

All these books have a high rating on Amazon. Most of them are the bestsellers in certain categories. Therefore, this is going to be a valuable addition to the photographer’s library.

If the photographer is not a close friend or relative (let’s say you want to please your colleague or neighbor), you can give an accessory. On Christmas Eve, even the tiniest trifle might be the biggest thing the person expects.

53. Protective Case Lens Filter Bag for DJI Mavic Pro Phantom 3 / 4 Inspire OSMO X5, Nacome

Protective Case Lens

The photographer will definitely like the idea of having all lens filters at one place. Protected.

Price: $6.49 on Amazon.
The Flash Book
Another cool thing to protect the lens and camera body.

Slinger Neoprene

Price: $2.99 on Amazon.
Vintage Soft Multi-Color Universal Camcorder Camera Shoulder Strap Universal Camcorder Belt for DSLR
Let the photographer stand out with this original multi-color shoulder strap. Colorful and bright – it’s a nice add-on to the photographer’s look.

Camcorder Belt

Price: currently $3.52 on Amazon.
TARION Camera Shoulder Neck Strap Vintage Belt>
Here is a more classy variant for a male photographer.


Price: $8.99 on Amazon.
Camera Backpack Zecti Waterproof Canvas Professional Camera Bag for Laptop and Other Digital Camera Accessories with Rain Cover-Green
Check out a couple of the Christmas gift ideas for a photographer that will become very handy, especially in autumn. Waterproof professional camera bags will protect an expensive camera from the damage.

Camera Bag

Price: $65.99 on Amazon.
S-ZONE Vintage Waterproof Canvas Leather Trim DSLR SLR Shockproof Camera Shoulder Messenger Bag
Messenger Bag

Price: $26.99 on Amazon.
Leftover Studio DSLR Mirrorless SLR Camera Bag Case 15 inch in Rustic Crunch Cow Leather
 Camera Bag Case

Price: $129.00 on Amazon.
iPhone 6 6s Camera case
Why not? This iPhone case is going to be a good memory of a good old friend.

iphone camera case

Price: $9.66 on Amazon. The case is available in different colors. You can choose a case suitable for different iPhone models.

61. Photo Canvas

It would be a good idea to print a special photo made by the photographer (with his/her family, special someone, or an important event) and frame it in the beautiful canvas. Here are a couple of nice variants.

62. Personalized Photo Frames

It’s always good to make personalized gifts. Making it with the help of such frames is even easier. Plus, if the person forgets who you are, the inscription on the frame will remind 🙂

For instance, you can choose a gift for:

Personalized Photo Frames

The prices range from $17.95 to $26 and depend on the size of the frame.
Personalized Canvas Prints
This is going to be an even better solution for a Christmas gift for a photographer. Personalized canvas prints with beautiful images are going to become an original design solution.

Personalized Canvas Prints

You can choose the size of the canvas. The price will depend on the characteristics of the product. You should customize them and check out the price.
Creative Print Wall Art Painting
Creative Print Wall Art Painting

This Christmas gift would be a perfect fit for a photographer with a sophisticated taste.

The price depends on the size of the painting.
Wieco Art Purple Flowers Giclee Canvas Prints Wall Art Paintings
Wieco Art Purple Flowers
Photo Pillows
Photo Pillows

Here is another creative way to transform photographer’s photos into a memorable Christmas gift.

This product is absolutely customizable. You can choose the photo and the size of the pillow. The prices range from $6 to $7.
DSLRKIT Photographer’s Wristband SET/ Stop Lens Zoom Creep
A nice stuff for your colleague. Or someone you don’t really know good.

Photographer's Wristband

Price: $7.99 on Amazon. Here is another resource where you can purchase the wristband.

68. Photographer’s Necklace

You will definitely manage to choose something because the resource provides a wide choice. By the way, necklaces by Etsy stand out with their reasonable price-quality ratio.

Photographer’s Necklace

Price: this one will cost you $9.99 but there are more variants on the website.

69. Directional Necklace

Check out another original option.

Directional Necklace

Price: $39.00.

70. Vintage camera pendant Raven necklace Bird jewelry Steampunk charm

Consider this vintage variant of the necklace. You can choose the style of the necklace as well.

Raven necklace

Price: $9.74.

71. Twin-Lens Camera Earrings

Twin-Lens Camera Earrings

Price: $7.75.

72. MOO Photography Business Cards

For the photographer, whose business is growing, establishing contact with clients is very important. In this case, MOO business cards can be handy. Let the photographer choose the template and add the photos. The self-presentation is ready.

73. Popular Photography Magazine Subscription

The subscription to this reputable and well-known paper giant is a worthy Christmas gift for a photographer.

74. National Geographic Magazine Subscription

Another variant of the valuable magazine subscription.
Price: $12 for 12 issues. Hot price!
Wedding Photo Booth Props for Wedding Party Decoration
You can get 35 original pieces for $11.99 from Amazon. The photographer will definitely find the way to use it.

Wedding Party Decoration
Hollywood Style Photo Props
Hollywood Style Photo Props

Price: $8.79 on Amazon.

77. Joyin Photo Booth Props

You can purchase 66 pieces for $9.95 only!

Joyin Photo Booth Props
Funny Mouth Lips Photo Booth Prop
Here is a funny and creative way to take a selfie with a big company. 40 pieces are available for $10.59.

Funny Mouth Lips Photo Booth Prop

79. Props for Food Photos

Food bloggers take a photo of the real food but photographers can cheat sometimes and take photos of the fake food. For this purpose, it’s handy to have a rich set of food props. You can find them on Amazon. The prices for one item, of course, differ. Usually, they start from $1.99 for one item.

Check out the samples.
Fake Asparagus Food Props
Fake Asparagus Food Props

Price: 6 pieces for $9.99.
Assorted Plastic Fake Lemon Slices
Assorted Plastic Fake Lemon Slices

Price: 15 pieces for $7.99.
Artificial Breads Pastries
The prices depend on the type of bread. They range from $4.39 to $6.39.

Artificial Breads Pastries
Set of 26 Realistic Artificial Foam Decor Fruits Lifelike Decorative Food Set
Decor Fruits

Price: $18.56 on Amazon.

By the way, check out a special offer on Amazon – purchase three sets of the artificial fruit and vegetables for $47.22.
Аtlas Athlete Camera Pack (Tall/Black) Award Winning Camera Backpacks
Here are a couple of extra variants of the waterproof (and not waterproof) but multi-purpose backpack bags for photography gear.

camera pack

You can choose between regular and tall size.

Price: $385 on Amazon.
LYQueen Pro Camera Case Waterproof Shockproof Camera Backpack Bag
The dimension of this waterproof backpack bag for photography gear is 43*15.5*30cm. It is available in several colors (green, orange, purple, and red).

Camera Backpack Bag

Price: $64.62 on Amazon.
DAVITU Waterproof Nylon Camera Backpack Bag with Rain Cover
Camera Backpack Bag with Rain Cover

Price: $93.59 on Amazon.
Spider Holster Black Widow Box Set
This is a very handy stuff, especially during an intensive and busy shooting process.



Price: $77.83 on Amazon. You can purchase it on the official website. There, you can purchase it for $49.99.
Photo Lighting Studio Chromakey Green Screen
6 x 6 ft green screen is available on Amazon for $9.99.

Green Screen
Professional Studio Camera Photography Video Acrylic Clapboard
Why not? Your photographer might need this black and yellow 25x30cm clapboard.


Price: $19.99 on Amazon.
Datacolor Spyder5PRO – Designed for Serious Photographers and Designers (S5P100)

Price: S5P100 for $192.98 and S5EL100 for $283.99.
Digital Concepts TR-9 50″ Photo/Video Tripod
Video Tripod

Price: $17.99 on Amazon.
Professional Studio Camera Photography Video Acrylic Clapboard
This option contains a special offer. You can purchase a single 50-inch tripod for $14.99, add a 64GB SAnDisk memory card and pay $44.94, or you can choose 32GB memory card and pay less ($26.50)

Lightweight Tripod with Bag
Vello LCD Screen Protector Ultra for Nikon Df, D4s, D7100, D7200, D610, D750 & D810 Camera
Take care of your special someone and purchase a protection for a camera screen.

Screen Protector

Price: $28.01 on Amazon.
Professional Studio Camera Photography Video Acrylic Clapboard
Battery Grip

Price: $31.99 on Amazon.

Currently, a new trend is becoming more and more popular among photographers. Photographers tend to take photos with their smartphones. The quality is good but the shooting process and the process of editing photos is faster. You can purchase a subscription to the reputable and multi-purpose apps for iOS and Android.

95. Halide

It’s possible to take control of the photo with the help of the auto mode. The quality of the photos will differ (and the photographer will like it).


Price: $5.99.

96. Adobe Lightroom CC

No comments. If a photographer takes photos on iPhone, he will definitely like the functionality of the app.

Adobe Lightroom

Price: $9.99 per month.

97. VSCO

Everyone knows where the best filters are. All VSCO filters will cost you $19.99 per year.


98. TouchRetouch

TouchRetouch is one of the worthiest apps for retouching and it will cost you only $1.99.




This subscription costs only $1.99 but it’s one of the best apps to work with distortion correction.

100. Enlight

This editor doesn’t stand out with one key feature. It’s a powerful all-in-one editor that costs $3.99.

101. Mextures

A full-fledged editor that allows working with textures, grains, and light.

Price: $1.99.

102. Camera+ 2

Price: $2.99.

103. ProCamera

This is one of the most powerful camera apps with DSLR-like controls.

Price: $5.99.

104. Slow Shutter Cam

Price: $1.99.

105/ Cortex Camera

Price: $2.99.

Phew! The list of the best Christmas gifts for photographers came to the end and I hope that you found the most suitable gift for your friend, college, or a special someone! Make an order and don’t forget to purchase milk and a pack of the oatmeal cookies for Santa 🙂

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Oh! Ooooh! 100 gifts, one hundred! I’m done with racking my brain to choose a gift to my beloved photographer. Thank you very much, I’m gonna share it on Facebook.


I was just looking through and suddenly bought the coolest backpack for photographer. I’m sure that now my darling photographer will stop losing lens caps)


This article is more perfect than perfect white balance! Thank you very much for choosing gifts for different budgets and tasks. You can find something small as a souvenir, and you can also find a large and expensive, but at the same time very useful gift for a photographer.


And what is this list? Where is the mug of a lens form? I ask you, where is that fucking crappy mug of a lens form?! I refuse to accept your list without it:)


How nice that this list and this article about gifts for photographers caught my eye right before St. Valentine’s Day. I was just thinking what to present to my beloved, she’s a wedding photographer. I was going through and found these wonderful earrings like retro cameras. Bought without hesitation! She was very pleased.


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