75+ Best Gifts for Musicians & Music Lovers in 2020

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By: Iren Adler December 27, 2019 14 minutes

The musicians are creative people with a delicate mental nature, peculiar thinking and a special perception of the world. It is extremely difficult to surprise such a person on any holiday. Moreover, this category includes all those who are connected in any way with music.

These can be composers, musicologists, vocalists, musicians on certain instruments and conductors. There are many creative ideas for a gift for a musician. You can choose a gift from a huge number of useful things that will exactly become a win-win situation.
Top 5 Best Christmas Gifts for Musicians

Product Image & Rating (Out Of 10) Product Name Price
Cutting Board
Wall Clock Piano Keyboard
Violin Watch for Women
Patent coffee mug featuring your favorite interests
Music socks

Do not rush to buy expensive equipment or accessories for musical instruments! First, such a gift to the musician, of course, necessary, but risky – you can not guess with the gift and upset the person. Secondly, if you still intend to buy him or her something useful and expensive, be sure to consult professional musicians. Find out what the person has, what they lack or what they need. In addition, there are also genuine gifts that will suit every musician – and will definitely be successful.

We have prepared for you a huge number of options as a gift for the musician. They are all very bright, original and stylish. With their help you will be able to surprise both a beginner and a professional musician.

Banner Best Gifts Ideas for Musicians in 2020.

Ideas for the best gifts to the musician

1. Beethoven Engraved Quote Pen. It is a standard gift for any person, but for a musician it is quite an unusual present. What is its uniqueness? The fact that this stylish metal pen is engraved with Beethoven’s famous quote. That is “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy”. For a musician, and for a person who loves classical music in general, this is the perfect gift! Also this collectible pen with black ink is reusable.
Beethoven Engraved Quote Pen. Gifts for Musicians.

2. Cutting Board. This gift is really very original. Probably, not many people thought that there is such a cool cutting board in the form of a guitar. It is made of the bamboo. The material is quite durable and of high quality. We are sure that this gift will be a real surprise and amazement for the musician. The board can also be used as a stand. It all depends on the imagination.
Cutting Board. Gifts for Musicians

3. Phone case. By the way, it is a standard, but cool gift for a musician. Now in the information era, the phone is an integral part of life of every person. It is because of this that a stylish and fashionable case with the image of any instrument, or musical ornament will be a great choice for the gift.

Violin Phone Case is a very tender and stylish case with a violin. It is suitable for a large number of phone models. For example, it fits all iPhone models, as well as the latest versions of Samsung Galaxy.

Violin Phone Case. Gifts for Musicians.

Rock On iPhone Case the same case is suitable only for each iPhone model. It is quite minimalist. The print on the case is available in white and black colors.

Both versions of the case are flexible enough, but at the same time durable. The case will be an excellent protection for your phone from minor scratches and bumps.

Rock On iPhone. Gifts for Musicians

4. Clock and watch. You can also give an unusual clock or watch. We offer you to consider both original options.

For example, Wall Clock Music Studio and Wall Clock Piano Keyboard wall clocks look very stylish. Especially the second variant. It’s really unusual, and it will definitely be a good surprise. This clocks can be used for 3 to 5 years. This fashionable variants can be not only a useful gift, but also a decoration for any room. These products are equipped with hooks for easy suspension and will not damage your wall.

Wall Clock Music Studio. Gifts for Musicians

Wall Clock Piano Keyboard. Gifts for Musicians

Violin Watch for Women is an example of a wristwatch for a woman. It looks very delicate and feminine. They are quite small and comfortable. You will also receive a one-year warranty with this watch!

Violin Watch for Women. Gifts for Musicians.

5. Baseball hat. Quite an unusual variant of a gift for the musician. Music Note Baseball Hat looks very stylish, very youthful and fashionable. A small note is a very stylish complement to this hat. There are 14 color variants available to choose from. Basically it is a suitable gift for both men and women. The quality is high enough. It is a lightweight, breathable, and soft to the touch cotton. Also on the baseball hat there is a metal closure to fit the hat to the size of the head.

Music Note Baseball Hat. Gifts for Musicians.

6. Mug. A great solution for a gift if you don’t know what to present. The main thing is to remember that this mug should be stylish, as unusual and beautiful as possible. We can offer you such options.

These are Sorry, I Tooted Mug, Cello Mug, Music Insulated Travel Mug, Novelty Gift Mug, Jim Morrison The Doors Musician, World’s Greatest Musician Mug, Music Is My Life Mug, Music Is My Painkiller Mug, My Music, My Soul Mug, Spinal Tap Guitar Mug, Flute Mug. All these cups are of premium quality. The imprinted design is printed on both sides of the mug and guaranteed to last. This cup is very durable, and can be used as a coffee, tea or any other beverage cup. These cups can also be used in a rather creative way. For example, for storing pencils, pens, or other small office items.

Sorry, I Tooted Mug .Gifts for Musicians


7. Tie. There are quite a few stylish variants of ties for musicians. We are sure that this gift is an accessory that will be an indispensable thing for any musician. And they are really incredibly stylish. We guarantee that your friend, relative, or loved one will be delighted!

Saxophone Player Musician Ties is a cool, high-quality tie with a saxophone print. Made from 100% microfibre.

Saxophone Player Musician Ties. Gifts for Musicians.

Piano Player Tie is a stylish and elegant tie with a piano print. Made from 100% microfibre.

Piano Player Tie. Gifts for Musicians

Violin Musician Ties made from high quality threads of microfibre.

Violin Musician Ties. Gifts for Musicians

Headphones Music Lover Ties is an elegant and quality tie that will set the gifted person apart from others.

Headphones Music Lover Ties. Gifts for Musicians.

8. Luggage. Pretty unusual, but definitely the desired gift for any musician. Most musicians are faced with the tours, so a stylish luggage will be the perfect gift.
Musical Notes Luggage is a bright, beautiful and stylish suitcase. This nice luggage is available in three sizes: small, medium and large. Made with an elastic polyester-spandex fabric for maximum durability and a snug fit. Features a high quality no-fade print with uncompromising color vibrancy.

Musical Notes Luggage. Gifts for Musicians

9. Wallet. This is an irreplaceable thing not only for the musician, but also for any person. The wallet is primarily a convenience. For a creative person we can offer bright, fresh and trendy wallets.

These are , #musician Wallet. These types of wallets are made of 100% top grain leather. Each of them has 6 credit card slots. They are very handy, small, and fit easily in different pocket. It is really perfect variant for an unusual gift!

10. Backpack. Stylish, original and cool backpack is a great solution for a gift. Women/Man Daypack is quite capacious. This backpack offers unparalleled quality and comfort during daily use or traveling. The durable fabric is extremely breathable and light-weighted. You can easily adjust the shoulder straps to suit your backpack. It also contains 4 internal pockets.
This high-quality backpack not only attracts people’s attention, but is also a great gift for the musician!

Women/Man Daypack. Gifts for Musicians.

Valentine’s Day gifts for the musician

Valentine’s Day is a glorious holiday of love and tenderness. This is a wonderful occasion to confess love in an unusual way. Musicians are quite creative people, so make them some unusual, and a memorable gift is quite a complicated thing. We want to offer you cool options of gifts with which you will surprise your loved one.

1. Mug. A mug with a musical print or a funny inscription about the musicians is a great gift for any musician. Such a cup will become a favorite cup for person, because it reflects his or her interests. Now every tea party or lunch break will be a reason to be happy and remember you with love. This is an inexpensive and at the same time a good gift. Here are the variants of such mugs:

GIBSON GUITAR MUSICIAN Patent Coffee Mug, Best Pianist Ever Mug, Classical Music Lover Mug, Lucky Wife of Drummer Mug. All these cups are made of high-quality ceramics, and will last a long time!

2. Keychain. Want to give a memorable gift? Then it is definitely a great choice! After all, this is not a simple keychain for keys. This is a handmade keychain in which you can put your photo. It will definitely become a symbol of your love. Of course, the photo can be any! Everything depends on your relationship with this person. With a keychain you will get a pretty package. You can add some of your own elements to it, or leave it in its original form.

Keychain. Gifts for Musicians.

3. Cosmetic bag. Excellent variant for a musician-woman. Women Cosmetic Bag is a spacious cosmetic bag that a woman can take everywhere! This women’s portable cosmetic bag is made of PU material. The print is very bright and of high quality as it is printed by HD digital equipment.

Women Cosmetic Bag. Gifts for Musicians.

4. Nightlight. CYKEJISD Music Guitar Bass 3D Led Lamp and CYKEJISD Music Instrument Piano 3D Led Lamp are great gifts for the musician! With the nightlight the sleep will be safer and more pleasant. These lamps include 7 (red, green, blue, yellow, blue, purple and white) color changes. You can fix one color (by pressing a button) or change 7 colors gradually. Light source use the high quality LED, so the light is soft and uniform.

CYKEJISD Music Guitar Bass 3D Led Lamp. Gifts for Musicians.

5. Music Jewelry. A refined necklace, or a bracelet will be a very nice gift for a person connected with music. We have picked up for you a large enough number of necklaces and bracelet, and ready to share with you the find! So:

Necklace chains: Trumpet Necklace, Sheet Music Necklace, Personalized Wire Name Necklace, Your Always Charm Music Lover Necklace. These are high quality chains. They are stylish and unusual. Some of them are personalized, which means that you can add the first letter of the name to the necklace chain, or some other symbol that shows your love. You can also choose a pendant in which you can insert a photo. It is also a perfect gift.

Bracelets: Piano Bracelet for Women, Guitar Bangle Bracelets, Music Bracelet. The options provided are very unusual and will definitely be one of the best gifts for your loved one!

Piano Bracelet for Women. Gifts for Musicians.

Earrings: French Horn Earrings.This products are lead free, nickel free, and hypoallergenic. The set comes neatly packed inside of a gift box.

French Horn Earrings. Gifts for Musicians

6. Guitar pick. A high quality guitar pick is always the right thing for a guitarist. You can engrave some inscription on it, add some elements, and this gift will be really perfect!

Engraved Guitar Pick is a personalized guitar pick. That’s where you can do the engraving. We guarantee that this pick will be the best for your lover.

Engraved Guitar Pick. Gifts for Musicians.

I’ll Always Always Pick You Hand Stamped Guitar Pick is also a pick on which you can engrave the first letters of your names.
I'll Always Always Pick You Hand Stamped Guitar Pick.

Personalized Custom Engraved Wood Guitar Pick is another option. By the way, it looks very stylish. Wooden quality guitar pick is a real find!

Personalized Custom Engraved Wood Guitar Pick

7. Music box. A great gift for any musician. This is the thing that will remind about you always.

Heart-shaped Box. This elegant wooden music box comes with a sturdy gift box. You can choose any music you want to listen to with this box.

Heart-shaped Box. Gifts for Musicians

Hand-cranked Wooden Music Box. It is a variant of a wooden music box, on which you can engrave. There are 18 different fonts available for engraving. Perfect gift for any music and pop-jazz classics lovers.
Both variants have rather simple mechanism of work.

Hand-cranked Wooden Music Box. Gifts for Musicians.

Musicians are the people making February 14th a romantic occasion. Considering a Valentine’s Day gift for a dear musician in your life, what options do you have? MasterBundles editor team selected creative and unique gift ideas for musicians on St. Valentine’s Day 2020. If you want to make a sentimental gift to your co-workers or friends, you could order some sweets. But if you’re looking for a present for your significant other – we also have a few special gift options.

MIX STIX Drumstick Spoons75+ Best Gifts for Musicians & Music Lovers in 2020
Price: $9.34
Size: 13” long

If you happen to have a drummer who is also a foodie, this set of drumstick spoons will make them feel your love. One slotted spoon and one solid spoon made of beechwood are deemed to become loyal kitchen helpers. Just imagine – a drummer can actually practice while they’re not stirring the food!

Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable75+ Best Gifts for Musicians & Music Lovers in 2020
Price: $89.00
Size: 19” x 17” x 7”

Exquisite music lovers will be happy to get this automatic belt-drive stereo turntable. It will let you enjoy the sound of vinyl to the fullest. This turntable has 2 operation speeds: 33 1/3, 45 RPM. This turntable is a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for people only getting into records. Still, experienced vinyl lovers will also love to rediscover their record collection with the help of this stereo system.

Soprano Ukulele Starter Kit75+ Best Gifts for Musicians & Music Lovers in 2020
Price: $49.99
Size: 21” x 7” x 3.5”

Is it hard to play the ukulele? Learning to play the ukulele with a soprano ukulele starter kit will be an easy and pleasant experience! The package includes a soprano beginner ukulele and a ukulele starter pack (a tuner, a set of extra strings, a beginner’s guide, and a strap). There’s also a free online lesson available!

Kinky Truth Or Dare Game75+ Best Gifts for Musicians & Music Lovers in 2020
Price: $13.39

A musician or not, if you’re looking for something to spice up your romantic evening, here’s the thing! Get this kinky game of truth or dare and your February 14 night will be steamy! In the box, you’ll get 50 sticks printed with a truth on one side and a dare on the other. This game will be a great present for couples as it can heat up your love life fast and easy!

Speaker Bracelet for Long Distance Couples 75+ Best Gifts for Musicians & Music Lovers in 2020

Pillowtalk heartbeat speaker is the perfect present for couples in a long distance relationship. A touring musician will appreciate the possibility to hear their lover’s heartbeat in real time. Each of the couple wears a wristband to bed and puts a speaker under the pillow. The bracelets work via a mobile app.

Christmas gift for the musician

Christmas is a holiday that symbolizes warmth, love, and comfort. This is a great occasion to present an original gift to the musician. We have made a selection for you, where you will definitely find the perfect gift!

1. Music Car Seat Covers. This is a cool way to make the interior of the car more stylish and unusual. These seat covers can accurately convey the sensitive nature of the musician. Constructed of high-quality polyester microfiber fabric for maximum durability and comfort. This gift will help to protect the seats from dirt and various damages. Designed for quick and easy installation of most car and SUV bucket style seats – no tools required.

Music Car Seat Covers. Gifts fot Musicians.

2. Sheet Music Canvas. This gift can be a great addition to the decor. Available in 10 sizes. This gift is also suitable for the anniversary. Color, size, and appearance of sheet music canvas you can choose for yourself.

Sheet Music Canvas. Gifts for Musicians.

3. Socks. It is a very cozy Christmas present. It is suitable for both men and women. Variants of funny socks for musicians quite a lot. For example:

Punk rock music socks, Musical Notes and Bars socks, Music socks, ModSocks Men’s Classic Guitar. The sizes of all socks are universal. All the prints are bright and colorful. Quality is very good. Socks are quite pleasant to the touch. Also in some versions are available different variations of socks. For example, with drums, notes, keys and guitars. They all have different colors.

Punk rock music socks. Gifts for Musicians.

4. Pillow Case Music. This is a very cozy and cute gift. Any pillow is a comfort. For a musician who tours comfort is an important part of the rest. Therefore, a cool pillowcase with notes will be the perfect gift. The pillowcase size is 18 “x 18”. The material consists of a mixture of cotton and linen.

Pillow Case Music. Gifts for Musicians.

5. Christmas tree toy. Blue October Christmas Ornament and Guitar Christmas Ornament are funny variants of Christmas Ornament toys. For example, a guitar-shaped toy is a clear copy of the guitar, which looks quite realistic. In the first version of the toy print is pictured only on one side. The size is quite small. But we think that both of these variants will be a great decoration of any Christmas tree.

Blue October Christmas Ornament. Gifts for Musicians

Guitar Christmas Ornament. Gifts for Musicians.

6. Painting for a music lover. This is a great way to please the music lover. Metallica Framed Decor Vinyl Painted is a wooden frame 14 * 14 “(36 * 36 cm) with a vinyl plate, which is printed in digital UV ink. The image is very clear and bright. It can be a great addition to the decor. And also an unusual interior detail.

Painting for a music lover. Gifts for Musicians.

7. Scarf. Very requested item in cold weather. Therefore, a cool scarf with notes will be the perfect gift for the musician. It is very comfortable and pleasant to the touch. You can choose among 3 available sizes. The scarf is of very high quality. Made in Turkey.

Scarf. Gifts for Musicians.

It’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas. Here and there, you can hear festive carols and Sinatra’s “Let It Snow”. It’s about time you picked an Xmas gift for a musician in your life! As Christmas associates with something homely, you’ll need a bunch of heartwarming gift options. Think out-of-the-box! You don’t need to purchase a musical instrument to make a musician happy. And, you can always go on Amazon for last-minute gift ideas. So, what are the best Christmas presents for musicians?

MasterBundles editor team picked 5 Xmas gifts to make any musician happy!

Ugly Christmas Sweater75+ Best Gifts for Musicians & Music Lovers in 2020
Price: $29.99
Material: 100% Cotton

It’s hard to imagine a Christmas party without people wearing ugly sweaters. Does your boyfriend, husband, or co-worker have one? If not, this ugly sweater decorated with a piano keyboard and a dinosaur will hit the spot! Available in 10 color schemes and prints, this item will make the spirits high during this festive time.

Scented Candles with Hot Apple Cider and Winterberry Pine75+ Best Gifts for Musicians & Music Lovers in 2020
Price: $29.99
Size: 3” x 3” x 3.5”

A set of two long-burning scented candles are just the thing to create a festive mood. Winterberry Pine is a festive fragrance with notes of pine, cedar, and fir. While, Hot Apple Cider is a warm and delicious smell of apples, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. These are truly heartwarming gifts to create a Christmas mood.

Music Decor Fleece Blanket75+ Best Gifts for Musicians & Music Lovers in 2020
Price: $39.99
Size: 50″ x 60″

Have a cosy Christmas Eve under this super warm 50″ x 60″ throw blanket. Perfect for cold nights, it’s made of soft crystal velvet on the outside and a lambswool sherpa fleece on the inside. 100% polyester, this note sheet throw is made of shrink-resistant fabric. Great gift choice for musicians!

1000 Record Covers Book75+ Best Gifts for Musicians & Music Lovers in 2020
Price: $18.00 (Hardcover)

A real music fan will be amazed at finding “1000 Record Covers” under their Christmas tree! In this edition, readers will find the best rock album covers (60s – 90s) from Michael Ochs’s private collection. Och used to be a prominent music executive, journalist, and a DJ. This book allows discovering how album cover art has evolved. As well as how unappreciated this art form has been.

Kurt Adler Radio City Music Hall Glass Ornament75+ Best Gifts for Musicians & Music Lovers in 2020
Price: $17.12
Size: 3.9” x 3.4” x 6”

This unique Radio City music hall ornament will be the pinnacle of any musician’s Christmas tree. Beautifully detailed, this custom ornament reflects the festive season vibe of NYC. This item is a great present idea for a friend, family, or your significant other.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Musicians

Want to surprise your dear musician for their birthday? That’s not an easy job, but you’ll manage if you pick any of the birthday gifts for musicians listed below:

Echo Dot Smart speaker with Alexa75+ Best Gifts for Musicians & Music Lovers in 2020
Price: $39.99
Size: 1.3” x 3.3” x 3.3”

Amazon Echo Dot is a speaker controlled using Alexa virtual assistant. Musicians will love its ability to play music, as well as control smart home devices, make phone calls, set reminders and alarms, etc. Echo Dot can play music from a selection of platforms: Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM, TuneIn, and iHeartRadio. Isn’t it a perfect birthday gift for a music lover?

Cassette Tape USB Flash Drive 8GB75+ Best Gifts for Musicians & Music Lovers in 2020
Price: $12.95
Size: 4” x 2.5” x 0.5”

People who love retro stuff and vintage nostalgia will be in awe of this cassette tape USB flash drive! It has a storage capacity of 8GB, so recording 2000 songs on a cassette is possible after all. This item will be a great gift for a musician who loves that “throw-back” feel.

Fender Jack Rack Guitar Amp Key Holder75+ Best Gifts for Musicians & Music Lovers in 2020
Price: $34.99
Size: 9” x 4” x 2”

Key holder may sound boring, but not when this Fender guitar amp key holder is mentioned. A licences Marshall product, made of real amp materials, it has 4 guitar plug keychains and
a wall mounting kit A guitar player will definitely adore the idea of having their apartment keys plugged into a jack rack.

Retro Bluetooth Speaker75+ Best Gifts for Musicians & Music Lovers in 2020
Price: $29.90
Size: 4.4” x 2.7” x 2”

This retro bluetooth 4.2 speaker and FM radio will be a perfect present for a music lover! Whether you take it to a BBQ party, at a campfire, in the garage, the sound quality will pleasantly surprise you. It’s available in six color options and form factors. This retro bluetooth speaker has a cool look and feel, so it will definitely appeal to vintage lovers.

iTunes Gift Cards
Price: $10 – $200

An iTunes gift card is the perfect birthday present for musicians and music lovers! Feel free to customize the look of your gift card and choose its value. It’s possible to use an iTunes gift card to purchase a variety of services and apps. Whether it’s on the iTunes Store, the App Store, and Apple Books. Also, it’s possible to use it to pay for the Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, and Apple News+ subscriptions.

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Q&A Session To Sum Up

🎹 What are the most popular gift ideas for musicians?

It’s hard to name a one-fit-all gift idea for musicians. However, Marshall Major III bluetooth wireless on-ear headphones will suit professional musicians and music lovers likewise.

💣 How to choose the best gift for a particular person?

Well, you used to be alone with this problem, but now you have us. We have a super cool tool based on artificial intelligence, which allows you to select gifts for your special person based on his or her Instagram account. All you need is to enter their user name, choose the price that you are willing to pay for the gift and wait 10-15 seconds. Our algorithm will do all the job for you. You still do not believe that it’s possible? Then give it a try!

🥁 What are the most popular Christmas gift for music lovers?

What’s the best Christmas gift for a musician? For sure, it’s something that can create a festive mood! How about a 100 Christmas hits CD? Or a guitar plush pillow?

🎷 What’s the best gifts for musicians under $100?

Is your budget limited with only $100? No problem! Whether it’s Hot Sox guitar print socks or a beanie hat with Bluetooth headphones, they’ll love it!

🎸 Where can you learn about present ideas for musicians?

Need tons of fresh gift ideas for musicians? On MasterBundles, you’ll discover great editor picks to fit any occasion! So, dive right in!

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