50+ Best Mother’s Day Presents In 2022: Guide to Gift Ideas For Your Mom

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Mother’s Day is a marvelous opportunity to show our wonderful mothers just how much we love and appreciate them and, certainly, one of the best ways to do that is to give your mom a meaningful present. Well, what are good Mother’s Day gifts and where can you find one for your mom? This is what we are going to figure out today. So without further ado, let us start exploring the best gifts for Mother’s Day.

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Best Mothers Day Presents in 2022 [Audio Version]
Best Mothers Day Presents in 2022 [Audio Version]

Mother’s Day History

Every year on the second Sunday of May (this year, the 8th of May), in the United States, as well as many European countries, Africa, Australia, China, and Japan, people celebrate Mother’s Day – the day of celebration and appreciation of motherhood.

This holiday was officially established over one hundred years ago and it is one of the most popular holidays in the world. The origins of Mother’s Day celebrations are rooted in the spring festivals that Ancient Greeks dedicated to Rhea, the mother of the great god Zeus. In the 1600s, the tradition of celebrating Mother Sunday appeared in England. On this day, which was the fourth Sunday of Lent, all the mothers were honored. Servants did not work on that day and they had an opportunity to visit their parents.

The story of the modern Mother’s Day holiday begins in 1907, when a young American woman from West Virginia, Anna Jarvis, initiated the idea to honor mothers in memory of her own mother who passed away. Anna wrote letters to various government agencies, legislative bodies, as well as influential people with a proposal to devote one day of the year to honor mothers.

Her efforts were crowned with success in 1910 when the state of Virginia was the first American state to recognize Mother’s Day as an official holiday. By 1912, the International Mother’s Day Association was created and its main aim was to spread the tradition to celebrate this very holiday. Finally, in 1914, the holiday received an official status in the United States, and after World War II its popularity spread across the world.

Nowadays, Mother’s Day is celebrated all around the globe, and there are many Mother’s Day gift guides around the web from various kinds of companies. The idea of appreciating our moms with breakfast in bed, a lovely bouquet, or a meaningful present is perhaps one of the sweetest traditions that our society has ever come up with.

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts

Below you will find the best (according to MasterBundles’ point of view) Mother’s Day gifts we have collected for you.


Basket with honey jars, homemade soap, beeswax lip balms, and candles.

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This amazing basket includes high-quality homemade delicious products. Everything included here was naturally made on the family farm in Florida. Among the products, your mother will be happy to find different honey jars, homemade soap, beeswax lip balms, and candles.

Italian Silver Best Mom Ever Pendant

Silver Best Mom Ever Pendant.

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Remind your dear mom that she is the best with this stunning and tender heart-shaped necklace. Make your mother smile thanks to one of the best Mother’s Day gifts for 2022.

TO THE MOON & BACK Glasshouse Candle

To the moon & back Glasshouse Candle.

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A candle with your mom’s favorite fragrance is a 100% ideal gift. BUT! Be very careful choosing it because there are many cheap candles that can smell like a bad quality soap 🙁 A large fragrant candle for your mother should cost no less than $30 and you should look for it in well-known brands, such as Glasshouse, Mecca, Lumira, Voluspa, etc.

Black Opium Extreme Perfume

Black Opium Extreme Perfume.

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Another winning option for a present is her favorite perfume. Especially, if you know your mom’s tastes very well so you will not have any problems choosing the one she will adore most.

SKIN GYM Facial Roller

SKIN GYM Facial Roller.

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Mothers usually love to have facial massages. The facial roller is a very popular tool to make her skin smoother and healthier.

Funny Mother’s Day Gifts

In this part, we have collected the best gift ideas for joyful moms with a great sense of humor.

World’s Okayest Mom T Shirt

T-shirts of different colors with an inscription about mom..

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If your mom has a great sense of humor, then this very dope t-shirt is the best way to go for you. So hurry up to order it and surprise your mom with such a hilarious gift this year.

Enesco Our Name Is Mud Super Mom Mug

Mug with sign Super mom.

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If you feel like a t-shirt is not the right thing, then you might want to have a look at this lovely mug. You can also make a mug with a personalized design. By the way, you can look for more adorable Happy Mother’s Day designs at MasterBundles.

BigMouth Inc. Original Wine Bottle Glass

Special form wine bottle with funny sign on it.

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Another funny option for all the moms who like to enjoy their glass of wine.

Custom Portrait Cookie Cutter

Cookie baking tins in the shape of human faces.

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What can be more hilarious than your mom’s face in these custom-shaped cookie cutters?

Mom Pin – Because I Said So Enamel Pin

Stylish badges with inscription and icons of popular social networks.

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Well, we all heard this iconic phrase from our moms multiple times and this is exactly why such a pin will make your mother laugh.

Happy Mother’s Day Funny Cup

A mug with a funny sign in the hands.

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If you are looking for some simple mother’s day gifts, a funny mug is always a good way to go.

Fashionable Mother’s Day Gifts

For stylish moms, we prepared the next collection of amazing presents.

Pyper Pavé Gold-Tone Logo Watch

Gold analog watches Michael Kors.

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If you feel like you need something luxurious and expensive, then this Michael Kors watch is no doubt the way to go.


Black croc bag from Tommy Hilfigher.

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Another cool option for all the fashionista moms, so if your mother is into fashion, go ahead and get her this stylish bag.

Timex Personalized Engraved Watch

Grey watches Timex with leather strap.

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Such a watch is definitely something one-of-a-kind, so you definitely want to consider it

Pandora Moments Family Tree Heart Clasp Snake Chain Bracelet

Pandora bracelet with a heart.

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A lovely charms bracelet with the family tree will help you tell your mom just how much you love her.

Love You Mom Heart Charm

Thanks for being my mom bracelet charm.

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A sweet “Thanks for being my mom” bracelet charm is a great way to show your mom that you appreciate her above all the others.

Rose Gold-Tone Crystal Evil-Eye 14-7/8″ Pendant Necklace

Rose Gold-Tone Crystal Evil-Eye Pendant Necklace.

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A beautiful necklace, which will make your mother feel loved and appreciated.

Cultured Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings (7mm) in 14k Gold

Gold Cultured Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings.

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Finally, check out these classy pearl earrings, which will make any mother happy.

Watercolor Fox: Baby Fox Clipart with Mother – PNG:

Smart deal

Watercolor Fox: Baby Fox Clipart with Mother – PNG


Tech Mother’s Day Presents

For modern mothers who adore technology and are crazy about new gadgets, we made a collection of trendy hi-tech presents.

Apple Gift Card

Card with apple - Gift card from Apple Co.

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One more cool option that will definitely make your mom happy because she can choose anything she wants from the online or offline Apple Store.

Amazon.com eGift Card

Blue Amazon gift card.

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If you are willing to give your mom an opportunity to choose something herself, then go ahead and get an Amazon Gift card for her. You can choose a cool personalized design for your gift card from the options presented on the site.

LEGO 10280 Flower Bouquet

Bouquet of flowers made from Lego details in the vase.

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If your mother likes puzzles and flowers, this is a perfect match. With these flowers she can create them all by herself and they will stay at her house for a long time.

Netflix Gift Card

Netflix gift card.

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Who doesn’t like watching Netflix and doing nothing else? That is why the Netflix gift card is a perfect solution for you.

12 Cup Drip Coffee Maker with Spiral Showerhead and Programmable Warming Plate

Drip coffee machine.

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If your mom is a coffee addict, then this coffee maker is perhaps the best present ever for her.

MacBook Air 13 inch Case

MacBook Air 13 case with lemon patterns.

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A laptop case is always one of the top Mother’s Day gifts.

Gift Boxes for Mother’s Day

Gift boxes are easy mother’s day gifts and a perfect decision if you have little time and are out of Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Broadway Basketeers Mother’s Day Gift Tower Basket

Boxes with candies in a form tower.

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A basket with sweets is a simply amazing option for those who have a sweet tooth.

Gift Box of Nostalgic Retro 70s Candy Mix from Childhood

Retro candies and bubbles in the box.

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If your mom was born in the 70s she will be happy to get this nostalgic candy set. Just give it a try and you will see the smile on her face 🙂

A Day Off Spa Gift Basket by Wine Country

Basket with spa products.

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Even though you might not be able to give your mom a certificate to a spa just yet, you still can present her with this stunning spa basket.

The Taste of Italy Gift Basket by Wine Country

Basket with a different pasta packages.

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In case your mom is not into sweets but you still want to give her a traditional gift basket, this one is a perfect Mother’s Day gift. Perhaps, it will inspire her to visit Italy.

Original 12 Pack Bath Bomb Gift Set

Box with a cute colorful bath bombs.

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A bath bomb is perhaps a perfect gift for any occasion and Mother’s Day is no exception.

Cozy Mother’s Day Gifts

Each of these unique Mother’s Day gifts is full of cozy and warm feelings.

Eberjey Gisele – PJ Set

Collage with images of different colors of pijama.

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Lovely and comfy pajama sets are among the best Mother’s Day gifts as well, so why don’t you give it a shot?

Tree Napper

Brown napper on a white armchair.

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A soft tree napper is going to be a stunning cute mothers day gift for pretty much anyone, so follow the link above and order it right now.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Cup with portable warmer. A very convenient and stylish device.

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If you feel like a regular mug is too simple and you need more original ideas for Mother’s Day gifts, then you might want to go with this smart one.

Filter Heart Snapshot Mix® Photo Art

Heart-shaped collection of photos in the frame.

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A heart-shaped collection of your photos is perhaps the most adorable option on this list, so follow the link above and take a closer look at it.

UGG Women’s Marlow Robe

Woman in a beige marlow robe.

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A soft and comfortable robe is definitely going to be appreciated by your mom.

A Star Map – Personalized Gift for Mom

Three circles of a star map.

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A personalized star map is a great option you definitely must see and will be one of the greatest Happy Mother’s Day gifts.

Custom maps and posters

Maps in the frames on the wall.

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If your mother is a true adventurer, then a custom map for all her travels is something she is going to like.

Brass Easel & Calendar

Calendar with just married couple.

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A custom calendar with your family photos is a simply adorable solution.

UGG Women’s Fluff Yeah Slide Slipper

Yellow and green fluffy slippers.

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These slippers are too comfortable to not be on your mother’s feet.

Gifts For Women From Dog Mother’s Day

White mug with a funny black sign.

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This is a special present for all the dog and cat moms out there.

Mother’s Day Gifts. Show Your Mom How Much You Love Her

Nowadays, Mother’s Day is celebrated all around the globe, and appreciating our moms with breakfast in bed, a lovely bouquet or a meaningful present is perhaps one of the sweetest traditions that our society has ever come up with.

Mother’s Day Gifts Under $50

There are also gifts for those who are on a tight budget. Check them out below.

Wineries of Napa Map

Map with wineries.

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Help your mom be fancy with the help of this very popular wine map.

Mom Life Coloring Book

Funny coloring book with flowers.

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This ridiculously funny coloring book is a stunning choice for a Mother’s Day present.

Aged Merlot Infused Coffee

White package with coffee beans near it.

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Of course, we did not forget about good old coffee—a classic gift for all moms.

Moroccanoil Hair Treatment

The brown bottle with green label on it.

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Hair products are also a rather good choice for those of you who are on a budget.

Crate & Barrel 2-Piece Oil & Vinegar Cruet Set

Fancy glass bottles of vinegar and oil on the table.

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Fancy bottles of vinegar and oil will make your mom’s kitchen classier and cozier.

Child of my Heart

Tender mom and chile masterly carved from a willow tree.

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This is a magnificent and very tender present masterly carved from a willow tree.

Mom’s One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book

Pink dairy with gold sign on it.

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This cute diary will be a great present for a young mom.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Your Grandma

Your mom is actually not the only person you need to congratulate on Mother’s Day. In fact, your granny is also a mom, so you might want to look for top Mother’s Day gifts for her as well. So here are some ideas we have for you.

Little prince literary candle

Candle with a label with Little prince on the table.

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A set of candles for aromatherapy is a marvelous present for your granny, so you surely want to have a look at it.

Mason Jar

Stylish matte vases for flowers.

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If your granny loves indoor plants, you might want to consider this very lovely option.

My Favorite People Call Me Grandma T Shirt

Regular-fit T-shirts with a round neckline and an inscription.

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Cool tees are always nice Mother’s Day gifts and your grandma is definitely going to like any of them.

Pavilion Gift Company Grandma Cup

Mug with a cute heart and sign Grandma.

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A lovely mug, which your granny would surely like.

Dainty Floral Mother’s Day Insulated Tumbler Cup

Insulated Tumbler Cup with flower pattern.

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Another unique present from the collection of awesome Mother’s Day gifts that every mom would appreciate.

No matter which present you finally choose, the most important gift you can give is your attention. So you can bring your mom just your shiny smile and a hand-made postcard to make her feel happy on this special day.

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Oksana Korsakova, Founder The Baby Manual photo
Oksana Korsakova, Founder The Baby Manual I'm the CEO of The Baby Manual - we specialize in educating new mother and fathers on how to be effective as a parent.
How relevant is it to celebrate Mother's Day in the conditions in which the world finds itself in 2021?

Extremely relevant. Being a single mom myself, I know first hand how isolating and demanding it has been to care for a child in this challenging environment. Human connection has become even more critical than before.

What comes to the fore?

The topic of stress management. I engage with a lot of fellow mothers and they all struggle with extreme anxiety during this time. Between the fear of losing (or having lost) a job, having to homeschool their children, losing all extended family support - mothers have been bombarded with stressors from every possible direction.

What are the features of celebrating this day under quarantine?

We are back to the basics: a sweet picnic in lieu of a fancy dinner. A meditation app instead of flowers. A chance to slow down instead of jampacking the day with activities.

What are the ways to congratulate your mother on Mother's Day at all?

Me and my daughter have gotten into sending the old-fashioned letters via post during the quarantine! We've sent one to both grandmas and to her school teacher. We've also received a few back. I think it is a fantastic way to surprise someone.

From the perspective of new mothers, there is close to 1M women in the U.S. who gave birth since the pandemic hit. It is an important - and highly vulnerable - subset of mothers that we shouldn't forget about.

Some Awesome Video about Mother’s Day

How To Send A Postcard For Happy Mother’s Day

How to stay close to your family and friends during quarantine? Today, when half of the planet is locked in quarantine and is going through one of the most serious human battles of recent decades, more important than ever are simple things: love, warmth, care, and hugs.

Mother's Day FAQ

Here are a few frequently asked questions about Mother’s day

When is Mother’s Day celebrated this year?

The dates vary all over the world, yet most countries celebrate this holiday in May. In the US, Mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, that being said, in 2021, it’s May 08.

What is a good Mother’s Day present?

A good present for any occasion is the one that means something to a person you are going to give it to. So you have to find the very thing that your mom would love. Well, since you are the very person who knows your mom the best, it shouldn’t be that difficult for you.

How can I find a good gift during the quarantine?

Because of the quarantine, you can only purchase a gift online and then send it by mail. On one hand, it is sort of bad because you might end up receiving not quite what you expected. On the other hand, it’s much easier to find something cool online. Moreover, you can order fancy packaging right away and send the present directly to your mother. Thus, go ahead and look for something meaningful and lovely for your mommy on such marketplaces as Amazon, Etsy, or any other online store you like because it seems that it’s the only way to find a present now. However, note that due to the quarantine delivery takes more time than usual, so hurry up to order your presents so that you will receive them in time.

Where can a look for affordable gift options?

If you are on a budget (and this is totally normal, considering the conditions we are living in right now), you might want to look for some cheaper options on Amazon.

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