130+ Best Free Happy Fathers Day Graphics 2021: Images, Clipart, Fonts

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Free Happy Fathers Day Images. Father’s Day is dads’ appreciation holiday, which is gaining more and more popularity all around the globe. It is usually celebrated every third Sunday of June, which means that it’s less than in a week and it’s the very time to get some graphics in order to complete your Father’s Day projects on time. So if you are willing to find out more about this great holiday as well as to get some graphics that will help you complete your projects before the deadline, then keep reading.

Father’s Day History and Traditions

Father’s Day was established in the United States in 1910. The initiator of the holiday was Sonora Dodd who wanted to thank her father as well as all the other fathers who raised their children on their own or actively participated in their upbringing and education. After the death of his wife, Dodd’s father raised his six children completely on his own and this is exactly why Mrs. Dodd wanted to thank her dad.

In 1909, on Mother’s Day, Sonora visited a church service and thought that men should have a similar holiday too. Sonora’s father was a single father and raised his children on a farm, courageously bearing all the hardships of fate. For Sonora, he was an example of a courageous, loving, and decent man. In fact, she always dreamed of expressing her tremendous gratitude to her father so she came up with the idea of Father’s Day.

Happy Fathers Day.

Thus, she went to the city hall and shared her idea with the local authorities who later supported her initiative. The city decided to celebrate Father’s Day on June 5, which was the birthday of William Smart. However, by the appointed date they did not manage to finish all the preparations, so the holiday was postponed to the 19th of June. At the same time, the holiday was officially established only 56 years later, to be more precise in 1966, when American President Lyndon Johnson declared the third Sunday of June a national holiday – Father’s Day.

Speaking about the traditions of this holiday, people usually pin red roses to their clothes if their father is alive or white in case he has already passed away. As a rule, on this day, families get together and have festive dinner. Certainly, kids give their dads presents. Apart from that, during annual celebrations, the state as well as ordinary citizens support dads with low incomes who raise their children by themselves.
Following the United States, the third Sunday of June has become an important day in the UK, the Netherlands, France, China, Japan, and other countries all over the world. At the same time, Germans celebrate Father’s Day on the Ascension Day, Australians on the first Sunday of September, and Italians on March 19.

Happy Fathers Day Images from Depositphotos

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Father’s Day Graphics

Now since you know this marvelous holiday’s history, let us proceed directly to the graphics. So here are some pretty decent examples of Father’s Day Graphics.

Happy Fathers Day Card

Price: available within Vecteezy Pro License
The one that will say everything without words, so follow the link above and take a closer look at it.

Father’s Day Illustration

Price: available within Vecteezy Pro License
Minimalist and bright at the same time, this very option is a must for every graphic designer.

Happy father’s day greeting card design with dotted bow tie, mustache and red heart on blue background

Price: free
A simply amazing freebie that you cannot miss.

Best Father Ever. Father’s Day greeting card. Vector illustration

Price: available within Shutterstock subscription
The very card that will let your dad know just how much you love him.

Happy Father’s Day greeting card of white frame with 3d paper cut icon decoration

Price: available within Shutterstock subscription
A cool option for those of you who are looking for unconventional solutions.

Free Fathers Day Graphics

Price: free
A lovely vintage freebie that will simply melt your heart.

Happy Father’s Day stock illustration

Price: $9.99
If you are looking for a fun premium option, then this very cutie is definitely something you are going to like.

Father’s Day card stock illustration

Price: $9.99
This one is a simply adorable option that will make your project super cute, so make sure to have a closer look at it.

Father’s Day Thanks Dad stock illustration

Price: $9.99
Another classy option that will no doubt be your love at first sight.

Father’s Day background, poster. Vector stock illustration

Price: $9.99
A minimalist multipurpose solution that will perfectly work for multiple projects of yours.

Father’s Day Clipart

Certainly, if you are currently working on serious projects, you simply cannot do without some lovely clipart. Well, here are some adorable Father’s Day clipart that you surely need in your life.

Happy parents with child flat vector illustration Premium Vector

Price: available within Freepik Premium Membership
A futuristic option that will conquer your heart at the very first sight.

Illustration of a father and his young son playing with toy airplanes Premium Vector

Price: available within Freepik Premium Membership
In case you are looking for something sweet, you are definitely going to be interested in this one.

A Father’s Day template Premium Vector

Price: available within Freepik Premium Membership
Another adorable option for those of you who like cute stuff.

Young father with son and daughter flat vector Premium Vector

Price: available within Freepik Premium Membership
One more sweet option for you, so do not hesitate, follow the link above, and give it a try.

Father’s Day Dancers – animation

Price: free
A fun freebie for those of you who truly want to get something one-of-a-kind.

Happy Fathers Day

Price: $2.50 – $12
Minimal and classy, this one is no doubt something you want to have in your graphic elements collection.

Happy Fathers Day

Price: $2.50 – $12
Another elegant option that will simply blow your mind, so leave all your doubts behind and check it out.

Vector – Handsome man and his children bicycling with air balloon

Price: $10
A lovely option for your lovely projects, so why don’t you give it a shot?

Vector – Vector illustration: Hand drawn type lettering composition of Happy Fathers Day on white background

Price: $10
Simple, elegant, and stylish are the three words that perfectly describe this very clipart.

Happy Fathers Day card

Price: $3 – $12
Cute clipart, which will make your project adorable and eye-catching, so go ahead and grab it, it’s worth a shot.

Father’s Day Fonts

Finally, in order to make your project complete, you are going to need some fancy fonts, so here they come.

My Father Font by Seemly Fonts

Price: free for personal use
Laconic and simple, this very font will work for multiple projects.

KR Father’s Day Dings Font by Kats Fun Fonts

Price: free for personal use
A fun option for those of you who need to bring some fun into their projects.

101! #1 Dad Font by Nght’s Place

Price: free
A truly unconventional option that will surely win your heart.

JLR Father’s Day Font by GorillaBlu

Price: free
A fancy freebie that will no doubt back you up in pretty much any situation.

Striped Neckties Font by Character

Price: free
Another eye-catching option for those of you who want to add some fun vibes to their projects.

Grinched Font by Sharkshock

Price: free
A simply cool font that will help you create extraordinary projects.

Super Webcomic Bros. Font Family by Press Gang Studios

Price: free
The one that resembles your dad’s untidy handwriting is surely going to be the right choice for your Father’s Day project.

Porky’s Font Family by Font-a-licious

Price: free
A sweet freebie that you simply cannot miss.

Scriptina Font Family by Apostrophic Labs

Price: free
A stunning font that will make your project fancy.

Willy Wonka Font by Sharkshock

Price: free
Finally, a marvelous option for those of you who love fancy stuff.

Wrapping Up
Father’s Day is indeed one of the greatest holidays the humanity invented. So don’t forget to congratulate your dad and say him how much you love him this year. Certainly, in the current situation, the best way to congratulate your dad is to send him a digital greeting card, which you can make yourself using the lovely graphics from our list. So go ahead and create a greeting card for your dad or complete your commercial project connected with Father’s Day with one of these lovely graphics.

Do you find this material useful? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Q&A Session to Sum Up

🕺 When is Father’s Day celebrated in 2021?

It is celebrated on 21 June.

🕺 Can I use these graphics for my other projects?

Sure, as long as they fit the style of your projects.

🕺 Where can I find more graphics?

Head to MasterBundles, it is a huge online marketplace that offers hundreds of unique graphic products.

🕺 I create graphics myself, where can I sell it?

Go ahead and visit MasterBundles Sell Your Deal section, this is the very place to sell your fonts, stock images, web templates, and many more.

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