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25+ Happy Mother’s Day Images 2022 – Best Bundles For Mother’s Day Holiday

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April 19, 2022 August 18, 2022 17 min
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Article reviewed by Olga Zakharchuk, Founder Baby Schooling
on May 01, 2020

CEO of Baby Schooling & Mom Shares Why Mother's Day Has Extra MeaningThis Year: Hi there! Hope you are well!

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Being a mom is quite a difficult job and, just like any other job, motherhood has a day of appreciation too. Postcards, t-shirts, bags, cups, stationery, etc. with original best Happy Mother’s Day images can be a great present for the dearest people. That’s why we decided to make a collection of Happy Mother’s Day 2022 images for you to choose from and create unforgettable precious designs.

Let’s start!

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Olga Zakharchuk, Founder Baby Schooling  photo
—Olga Zakharchuk, Founder Baby Schooling

1. Mother's Day has even more meaning this year because moms have been making this unprecedented time feel not so weird to their children. There are so many mothers who are working from home for the first time, but also trying to help their kids navigate remote learning. There's tremendous pressure on their shoulders right now, but they're holding it all together for their kids. That's why there's even more reason to celebrate moms this year!

2. While this Mother's Day will be particularly difficult for mothers who are unable to be with their children right now because of the coronavirus, that doesn't mean they can't still connect on a highly emotional level. Words carry weight and most of us can exchange them virtually or through the mail.

3. A great way to show mom you care if you can't physically be with her is to think about some of your favorite memories with her from over the years. Write down the most happy, funny, and uplifting moments that you can remember. Come up with a message recalling those memories and either read it to her over video or send it to her with a postcard or letter. It'll be sure to lift mom's spirits and make her feel loved and appreciated on this Mother's Day!

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Best Mother’s Day Graphic Products

Mother’s Day Collection

Collage with mother and kid patters.

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A big bundle of 90 amazing individual images and 20 seamless patterns was created to make the brightest Mother’s Day prints.

Mother’s Day Watercolor Clipart

Hare with a little bunny. On the template, they hug and kiss, show their love.

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This collection of Mother’s Day images of a baby rabbit and his mom includes 14 PNG watercolor illustrations made with tenderness and love.

Cute Corgi PNG Sublimation Design

Collage with cute corgi's faces.

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Here are 15 watercolor Happy Mother’s Day 2022 images of cute baby Corgis that will bring the sweetest and warmest emotions to everyone that sees it.

Funny Mother’s Day Typography Postcards Bundle

Postcards with phylosophic sentances about motherhood.

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There is nothing more precious than a mother’s smile. So make your mother or friend that has kids laugh at this beautiful spring day with one or a couple of these amazing funny Mother’s Day image quotes.

Mother’s Day SVG Bundle

Collage with Mother’s Day images with quotes.

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Another cool bundle of Mother’s Day images with quotes in SVG format. It will be very easy to put them on any goods.

Cute Mother’s Day Graphics

Watercolor Spring Cleaning Cute Mice Nursery Art Collection

Collage with cute mice for postcards.

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These mice were made to decorate the most awesome Mother’s Day postcards. The bundle consists of 30 adorable watercolor illustrations in PNG format.

Watercolor Bear: Happy Mother’s Day PNG

Big mom teddy bear and teddy bear on a white background with hearts.

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This set of 18 PNG watercolor Mother’s Day greetings images are totally awesome. So don’t lose the chance to get the full collection for the special price.

Watercolor Fox: Baby Fox Clipart with Mother

Mom fox with cubs against the background of clouds and leaves.

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Have a look at these adorable foxes drawn with watercolors! This bundle includes 33 leaves and branches elements to decorate postcards and other designs.

Best Lama Clipart PNG

Collage with cute pink lama.

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This is definitely the best collection of Mother’s Day images with lamas. The bundle includes 5 PNG files with transparent backgrounds.

CROCO’S Joy Watercolor Set

Crocos family on postcards.

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This tender and sweet line illustration will look perfect on any Mother’s Day print.

Mother holding a newborn baby

Kid's feets in mother's hands.

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This tender and sweet line illustration will look perfect on any Mother’s Day print.

Chic Happy Mother’s Day Pictures

Hello Spring Collection

Drawn girls, flowers in spring style.

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This awesome spring collection will look perfect on any postcards, invitations, stickers, cupcake toppers, and many other holiday surprises for your dear mom.

Spring Birds Patterns & Illustrations

Black and white birds in not usual drawing technic.

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Birds are symbols of spring, nature renovation, freedom, and love for your motherland. That’s why we included this bundle in our collection of Happy Mother’s Day 2022 images.

Mother’s Day card images

Adorable and stylish Mother’s Day image.

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If your aim is to find simple but adorable and stylish Mother’s Day greetings images, well, you have just completed the mission.

Abstract Graphic Bundle. Mothers

Collage with drown siluets of pregnant women.

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This is a huge pack of Happy Mother’s Day clipart that includes 200 illustrations, 80 premade compositions, and 200+ different shapes that can be used for greeting cards, posters, leaflets, Instagram posts, stories templates, and many many more!

Mother’s Day card templates Bundle

Coral collage with drawn postcards with mothers and grand mothers.

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These are 20 vector Mother’s Day greetings images that shine with elegance and chic.

Floral Mother’s Day Clipart

Spring Flowers Watercolor Clipart

Collage woth colorful spring flowers.

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Each element of these beautiful Happy Mother’s Day images with flowers was masterfully created for you to use in your awesome prints.

18 Flower Clipart Black and White

Minimalistic drawn by pencil flowers.

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Looking for a minimalistic Mother’s Day clipart? This one mom clipart was created in line technique so we must say that this flower pack has remained super trendy even in 2022.

Spring set “Cow and Wildflowers”

Collage with goods with spring flower patterns on them.

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Ten different variations of adorable spring Mother’s Day background await you in this bundle.

Mother’s Day prints and patterns

Cute spring patterns with Motrher's day quotes.

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A set of 10 patterns and 49 Mother’s Day clipart elements was made in a pastel color scheme and ready to inspire and impress.

Mother’s Day Collection:

Smart deal
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Mother’s Day Collection


Women & flowers BUNDLE

Minimalistic and extremely elegant sketches with women and flowers.

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We adore these perfect minimalistic and extremely elegant illustrations. They were made carefully and with a big love for all things feminine.

Free Happy Mother’s Day Images

We have also prepared some free Mother’s Day images below and highly recommend checking them out.

3 Free Mother’s Day Cards

A set of bright postcards with a modern font and the phrase about beloved mother.

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A free bundle of adorable designs of greeting cards to make your dearest person happy one sweet spring day.

Mother’s Day Character Set Free Vector

Mothers in different home roles are standing on white background.

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Each mom is different. But every mom is precious. This is a set of best free Happy Mother’s Day images in vector format that you can freely use for your creative designs.

Mother’s Day Watercolor Clipart: Cute Baby Bunny & Mom PNG:

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Mother’s Day Watercolor Clipart: Cute Baby Bunny & Mom PNG


BW Mother’s Day photo

Cropped BW photo of pregnant woman.

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This stunning black and white photo perfectly reflects the beauty of the upcoming maternity. You can use it for any Mother’s Day card images.

Happy Mother’s Day Background

Mother with kid reading a book in calm condition.

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Being a mom is a real treasure and those moments spent with a child are precious.

Lilac Mother’s Day background

Background with violet Lilac flowers.

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This one may be a perfect floral background for any Mother’s Day images with quotes.

To sum everything up, Mother’s Day is a truly wonderful holiday and, certainly, it has a huge impact on modern society, marketing, and design, which means that, as a graphic designer, you have to be always ready for projects connected with this holiday. Thus, your graphic elements collection should include at least a few of these lovely graphics we mentioned in this article.

By the way, if you have your own beautiful Happy Mother’s Day images to share with other creative souls over the web, you can do it via MasterBundles’ super simple and cool Sell Your Deal form. We welcome all great original designs, no matter if they are wallpapers, illustrations, or clipart for Mother’s Day or any other occasion. All unique designs need to be seen and promoted 😉

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How are you going to congratulate your mom this year? Would you send her a postcard, a lovely bouquet, a meaningful present, or maybe all of these? Share your thoughts with our friendly community in the comment section below!


When is Mother’s Day celebrated this year?

The dates vary all over the world, yet most countries celebrate this holiday in May. In the US, Mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, that being said, in 2021, it’s May 08.

Can I use Mother’s Day graphics in other projects?

Why not? If you feel like this kind of graphics will perfectly suit such a project, then go ahead and use it.

Where can I find more free graphic elements?

Make sure to check out such trustworthy marketplaces as Freepik, Shutterstock, MasterBundles.

Some Awesome Video about Mother’s Day in Graphic Design

How to create a Mother’s day flyer design

Mother’s Day is a celebration of motherhood as well as honoring and appreciation for our moms.

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