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70+ Best Happy Mother’s Day Images 2021: Graphics, Background, Cards, Clipart, Fonts and Photos

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By: Iren Adler April 28, 2021 17 minutes
Article reviewed by Olga Zakharchuk, Founder Baby Schooling
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Article reviewed by Olga Zakharchuk, Founder Baby Schooling
on May 01, 2020

CEO of Baby Schooling & Mom Shares Why Mother's Day Has Extra MeaningThis Year: Hi there! Hope you are well!

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Mother’s Day: History and Social Significance

Best Mother’s Day Images. Being a mom is quite a hard job and, just like any other job, motherhood has a day of appreciation too. So what is the story behind Mother’s Day, when and how is it celebrated, and how do you prepare for Mother’s Day 2021 in terms of web design. Let’s figure this out together.

Mother’s Day is a celebration of motherhood as well as honoring and appreciation for our moms. The holiday is celebrated all over the world and doesn’t have a fixed date. In some countries, it is celebrated in November, in other ones in February, but most countries celebrate Mother’s Day either in March or May. Thus, in the United States, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May and this year it is May 10.

The holiday itself is relatively new, it was first officially established by the US Congress on May 8, 1914. After World War I, such countries as Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, and the Czechoslovak Republic started the tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day as well. Although, the holiday has a rather long history. Beginning from the 17th century, a holiday known as Mothering Sunday was celebrated in Great Britain. Thus, the fourth Sunday of Lent was dedicated to honoring mothers all over the country.

The idea of ​​devoting a day to commemorating motherhood originated in the pacifist movement. Thus, in the US, the idea was first brought to the public by a famous American pacifist Julia Ward Gove in 1872. According to Julia Ward, it was the day of mothers’ unity in the fight for peace around the world. However, her concept has not been widely supported by the society at that time.

Cards with mother's day congratulations.

In 1907, Anna Jarvis put forward an initiative to honor mothers and their role in the lives of each person in memory of her mother, Anna Maria Reeves-Jarvis, a well-known public figure who fought for the development of healthcare in the United States. Jarvis wrote letters to government agencies, legislatures, and prominent individuals with a proposal to devote one day of the year to honor mothers. Finally, in 1910, the state of Virginia first declared Mother’s Day an official holiday.

A couple of years later, in 1914, US President Woodrow Wilson declared the second Sunday of May a national holiday in honor of all the American mothers. Eventually, after World War I, Mother’s Day has spread to the European countries and now is celebrated all around the globe.

As you can see, this relatively young holiday has a pretty long history as well as substantial social significance. So no wonder it influences design and marketing. Thus, in order to get ready for this very holiday (and there is actually not much time for preparation left), you might want to add some Mother’s Day design elements to your collection. Well, say no more, here they come.

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CEO of Baby Schooling & Mom Shares Why Mother's Day Has Extra MeaningThis Year: Hi there! Hope you are well!

1. Mother's Day has even more meaning this year because moms have been making this unprecedented time feel not so weird to their children. There are so many mothers who are working from home for the first time, but also trying to help their kids navigate remote learning. There's tremendous pressure on their shoulders right now, but they're holding it all together for their kids. That's why there's even more reason to celebrate moms this year!

2. While this Mother's Day will be particularly difficult for mothers who are unable to be with their children right now because of the coronavirus, that doesn't mean they can't still connect on a highly emotional level. Words carry weight and most of us can exchange them virtually or through the mail.

3. A great way to show mom you care if you can't physically be with her is to think about some of your favorite memories with her from over the years. Write down the most happy, funny, and uplifting moments that you can remember. Come up with a message recalling those memories and either read it to her over video or send it to her with a postcard or letter. It'll be sure to lift mom's spirits and make her feel loved and appreciated on this Mother's Day!

- Olga Zakharchuk, Founder Baby Schooling

Best Mother’s Day Graphic Products

Product Image & Rating (Out Of 10) Product Name Price
Best Font With Hearts
Mother’s Day Photo & Clipart Collection
Free Mother’s Day Cards
Awesome Heart Monogram Font
Watercolor Bear: Happy Mother’s Day PNG
Mother’s Day Watercolor Clipart

Mother’s Day Graphics

Let us start with graphics that will back you up in pretty much every Mother’s Day emergency, so without further ado, here are some options you definitely want to check out.

Watercolor Bear: Happy Mother’s Day PNG

Big mom teddy bear and teddy bear on a white background with hearts.

Watercolor Fox: Baby Fox Clipart with Mother – PNG

Mom fox with cubs. Against the background of clouds and leaves.

Mother’s Day Watercolor Clipart: Cute Baby Bunny & Mom PNG

Hare with a little bunny. On the template, they hug and kiss, show their love.

Watercolor Bunny and Mom: Mother’s Day Designs with Rabbits + Bonus PNG

Red hare and a little hare with lavender on the background.

Vector Greeting Card for Happy Mother’s Day of Cute Young Mother Embracing Her Daughter with Love

Brunette mom hugs her red-haired daughter.

Price: $9.99

Watercolor Flowers with Lettering “Happy Mother’s Day”

Horizontal background with delicate orchids..

Price: $9.99

Happy Mother’s Day Greeting Card

Mom with a baby on a background of flowers and delicate color of leaves.

Price: $9.99

Cute Mom Piggy And Song With Lettering

Mom is a pig with a little pig.

Price: available within Vecteezy subscription

Mothers Day Card Vector

Simple and beautiful postcard for Mother's Day, framed with flowers and ribbons.

Price: free

Happy Mother’s Day Free Vector

Pink card with mom and baby standing against the background of the illustrated forest.

Price: free

Hand Drawn Mother’s Day Background Free Vector

Red pencil illustration of mom with baby.

Price: free

Mom, You Are the Best Free Vector

Beautiful pastel card with a white rose and an inscription about mom. Looks very stylish.

Price: free

Mother’s Day Cards

Certainly, Mother’s Day wouldn’t be Mother’s Day without a good old card. So make sure this year your mom receives one because, despite the fact that it is a simple card, it will still make her feel loved since it shows her just how much she means to you. Well, I found some lovely postcards that you definitely want to take a closer look at, so get ready, here they come.

TOP 5 Mother’s Day Postcards

Product Image & Rating (Out Of 10) Product Name Price
70+ Best Happy Mother’s Day Images 2021: Graphics, Background, Cards, Clipart, Fonts and Photos
Funny Mother’s Day Typography Postcards Bundle
70+ Best Happy Mother’s Day Images 2021: Graphics, Background, Cards, Clipart, Fonts and Photos
Humor Mother Day Postcard Design
70+ Best Happy Mother’s Day Images 2021: Graphics, Background, Cards, Clipart, Fonts and Photos
Funny Mother Day Postcard
70+ Best Happy Mother’s Day Images 2021: Graphics, Background, Cards, Clipart, Fonts and Photos
Mother Day Card – Weird Mom
70+ Best Happy Mother’s Day Images 2021: Graphics, Background, Cards, Clipart, Fonts and Photos
Google, Feed My Kids Funny Postcard for Mother

3 Free Mother’s Day Cards

A set of bright postcards with a modern font and the phrase about beloved mother.

World’s Best Mom Trophy Pop-Up Mother’s Day Card

Original pink card with a gold cup.

Price: $7.99

Thanks for Showing You Care Mother’s Day Card

Bright pink card inside yellow and with embossed graphics.

Price: $3.99

There’s No Mom Quite Like You Mother’s Day Card

Very beautiful, delicate and spring postcard. The inside is pink and the outside is white with wildflowers.

Price: $5.99

Best Mom Ever Flowers 3D Pop-Up Mother’s Day Card

White 3D card with flowers and congratulations for mom.

Price: $12.99

Two Moms, One Amazing Life Mother’s Day Card

White card with a big loving multi-colored heart.

Price: $3.99

Snapshot – Mother’s Day

Mom and baby stand in a field of orange tulips.

Price: free

Floral Giraffe – Mother’s Day Card

Stylish and modern postcard with mother giraffe and her baby.

Price: free

Magnolia Blooms – Mother’s Day Card

Delicate postcard in white with a wreath of flowers.

Price: free

Queen of mums – Mother’s Day Card

An original postcard in the form of a game card with a queen.

Price: free

Mother’s Day Clipart

If you are currently working on a project, which is somehow connected with this holiday such as advertisement banners or leaflets, or maybe you want to create a card for your mom by yourself just like you did it when you were a kid, you might be interested in some clipart. Well, for those of you who think that they need some Mother’s Day clipart, I found some lovely premium and free options that you have to take a good hard look.

Mothers Day Greeting illustration

Illustrated postcard with a smiling red-haired mother and child.

Price: $5

Mothers Day

A very simple yet impressive card with the words

Price: $5

Mothers Day

Postcard with a picture of a future mother.

Price: $5

Happy Mothers Day

Illustrated family, where children solemnly congratulate their mother on the holiday.

Price: $5

Mothers Day

Girly card in pink color with a heart made of palms.

Price: $5

Mothers Day Illustration

Postcard with cartoon mom and daughter. Looks stylish and simple at the same time.

Price: $5

Pregnant Mom Clipart #2016608

Happy mom accepts a postcard in honor of mother's day from her daughter.

Price: free

Mothers Day Clipart #2234239

Stylish card with a big heart entwined with a ribbon. Created in the form of a tattoo.

Price: free

Mothers Day Clipart #2234231

Three flowerpots of tulips that put together the word

Price: free

Mother’s Day Fonts

Certainly, you cannot complete any project or postcard for your mom without some adorable fonts. In fact, a font can drastically change the entire project, so you definitely want to have some gorgeous ones in your collection. Well, why don’t you take a look at these lovely ones that I found for you?

Awesome Heart Monogram Font in 2021

A template with hearts that can be placed on any surface.

Price: $14

Best Font With Hearts. Love You Hand Drawn Valentine Font

Black hearts from which you can create any inscription.

Price: $14

Mother Day Script

Stylish and legible typeface that is perfect for clothing.

Price: $9

Mother Tongue – 2 Styles Font

A modern thin font that will look beautiful both on clothes and as a tattoo.

Price: $16

Mother | A Font for Your Love

Bold white font that radiates goodness and mercy.

Price: $16

Bittersweet Ornaments

Graphics with flowers and different leaves. Fits well on texture.

Price: $4

Thunderlightning Script by The Branded Quotes

Font in signature format. Looks stylish.

Price: free

Eternate by Youssef Habchi

Such a beautiful and modern serif typeface..

Price: free

Scriptina Font Family

This font is style, sophistication and sweep. It looks neat, subtle and up-to-date.

Price: free

Mother’s Day Backgrounds

Fancy background will not only help you create a beautiful digital greeting card but also will help you out in a vast variety of other projects. So if your library lacks some delicate minimalist backgrounds, here are some adorable Mother’s Day options that you must see.

Happy Mother’s Day Background with Family Free Vector

Pink delicate background with slightly yellow flowers and a silhouette of a mother with a baby.

Price: free

Mother’s Day Greeting Card with Blossom Flowers

The template is made in a muted olive color. The blocks are conveniently and nicely placed. The stylish and flexible design of the theme only adds value to it.

Price: available within Shutterstock subscription

Spring Flowers. Pink Flowers on White Wooden Background

Delicate background with pink small flowers.

Price: available within Shutterstock subscription

Paper Elements in Shape of Heart Flying on Pink Background

Pink background with cardboard hearts.

Price: available within Shutterstock subscription

Beautiful Tulips on Wooden Background

Wooden surface with soft pink tulips.

Price: available within Shutterstock subscription

Stock Photo – Happy Mothers Day Wooden Blocks with Rustic Paper Flower Bottom Corner Border on a White Wood Background

Gray wood surface with peach flowers and lined with

Price: $10

Stock Photo – Beautiful English Rose Flower Bouquet on White Background

Luxurious background in pastel shades with an abundance of flowers.

Price: $10

Mother’s Day Background with Flowers Free Vector

The background is solemn and decorated with flowers of different types and colors.

Price: free

Floral Mother’s Day Background Free Vector

Marsal background with abundant chrysanthemums and stylish gold font.

Price: free

Mother’s Day Stock Photos

Finally, the ultimate must-have for all the graphic designers as well as media agencies – Mother’s Day stock images. Well, if you feel like your collection of images needs to be updated, then this very section is definitely for you. So here come the very stock images that will no doubt win your heart.

Mother’s Day Photo & Clipart Collection from DepositPhotos

Collage about the love of a son for his mother and its different manifestations.

Mother and Daughter at Home Mother’s Day Sitting Daughter Hugging Mom Kissing Cheek Joyful Stock Photo

A happy mother received a gift from her beloved daughter.

Price: $9.99

Mother’s Day Gift Box with Purple Ribbon and Wisteria Bouquet Stock Phot

A small white box with a purple ribbon.

Price: $9.99

Spring Lilac Flowers and a Heart Shape Card Happy Mother’s Day on Pink

A bouquet of lilac flowers to please mom.

Price: $9.99

Flowers Composition. Eucalyptus Leaves and Pink Flowers on Pastel Pink Background

Very nice background in nice colors. It is framed with white and red chrysanthemums.

Price: $9.99

Happy Mother’s Day! Child Daughter Congratulates Mother and Gives a Bouquet of Flowers to Tulips

Mom received a bouquet of multi-colored tulips from her little daughter.

Price: available within Shutterstock subscription

Happy Mother’s Day Greeting Card. Paper Cut Flowers Tulips and Narcissus, Holiday Background. Vector Illustration

Emerald background with embossed

Price: available within Shutterstock subscription

Cute Little Girl Greeting Her Mother at Home. Mother’s Day Concept

A happy mom is a happy child.

Price: available within Shutterstock subscription

Free Stock Image by Giftpundits

Lilac flowers, macaroons and a card for mom on a wonderful day.

Price: free

Free Stock Image by Pixabay

Happy mom throws the baby up at sunset.

Price: free

Final Thoughts

Mother’s Day is a truly wonderful holiday and, certainly, it has a huge impact on the modern society, marketing, and design, which means that, as a graphic designer, you have to be always ready for completing a project connected with this very holiday. Thus, your graphic elements collection should include at least a few of these lovely graphics I mentioned in this article. So go ahead and get some of these cuties.
How are you going to congratulate your mom this year? Would you send her a postcard, a lovely bouquet, a meaningful present, or maybe all at once? Share with our friendly community in the comment section down below!

Mother’s Day Designs FAQ

👸 When is Mother’s Day celebrated this year?

The dates vary all over the world, yet most countries celebrate this holiday in May. In the US, Mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, that being said, in 2021, it’s May 09.

👸 Where can I get a present for my mom during the quarantine?

Certainly, at this time online shopping is your only option, so head to Amazon and look for some nice presents there.

👸 Can I use Mother’s Day graphics in other projects?

Why not? If you feel like this kind of graphics will perfectly suit such a project, then go ahead and use it.

👸 Where can I find more free graphic elements?

Make sure to check out such trustworthy marketplaces as Freepik, Shutterstock, MasterBundles.

Some Awesome Video about Mother’s Day in Graphic Design

How to create a Mother’s day flyer design

Mother’s Day is a celebration of motherhood as well as honoring and appreciation for our moms.

How to create a Mother’s day flyer design

In this tutorial I am going to walk you through the step by step procedure to create a mother’s day flyer design in Photoshop.

How To Send A Postcard For Happy Mother’s Day

How to stay close to your family and friends during quarantine? Today, when half of the planet is locked in quarantine and is going through one of the most serious human battles of recent decades, more important than ever are simple things: love, warmth, care, and hugs.

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Article reviewed by Olga Zakharchuk, Founder Baby Schooling
review image
Article reviewed by Olga Zakharchuk, Founder Baby Schooling
on May 01, 2020

CEO of Baby Schooling & Mom Shares Why Mother's Day Has Extra MeaningThis Year: Hi there! Hope you are well!

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