10+ Free Postcards for Father’s Day: When Saying “Thank You” to Your Dad Costs No Money

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By: Jim Harding November 27, 2018 7 minutes
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Family holidays are another reason to spend the day in a close family circle. Among the most touching worldwide holidays, Father’s Day remains confidently at the top of the list.

Father’s Day is celebrated on different dates in more than a hundred countries of the world. The holiday is popular for a reason. It helps to understand that fatherhood is not only a huge responsibility but also a hard work.

The History of Father’s Day

Who established Father’s Day and how? Surprisingly or not, the idea of celebrating this day came from the States…precisely from one American woman. During the Mother’s Day celebration back in 1909, an American activist Sonora Smart Dodd had been thinking about her dad – a Civil war veteran – whom she was thankful for raising 6 children alone and providing them a decent education. In an honor of her dad and fatherhood in general, Todd approached her local authorities with an offer to establish a new holiday on June 5 (William Smart’s birthday). The idea was eventually supported but postponed till June 19. Soon the tradition to celebrate Father’s Day moved to the third Sunday of June.

After the holiday spread around to neighboring states, it gained the national status in 1966. Today, 31 countries celebrate Father’s Day in June, meanwhile, the others preferred to choose their own date.

Ultimate 4-Step Plan For Congratulating Your Dad

There exist a zillion ways how to make your dad happy on this day and now I’ll prove it. To make this day special, you can arrange a real family holiday in just 4 simple steps:

Step 1. The day before a holiday, engage yourself and children into making greeting homemade cards for your dad and their grandfather. In case you have no time or crafts skills to make a postcard on your own, choose one of these 10 ready-made free postcards. Do not forget to write down a sentimental message – your father would love it!

Step 2. If parents come over to your place on Father’s day, you can decorate a house with balls and some kind of “The best Dad in the world!”, “We love you very much!” or “Super Dad” posters. Again, it’s a lot more fun to involve as many family members in the preparation process as you can.

Step 3. Bake a creative cake. Who will say no to a holiday home baked cake during a family gathering? NOBODY. Let the children help you decorate. The expectations vs reality effect can be quite harsh, but who cares if it’s “made with love”?

Step 4. Figure out how to make this day exciting and memorable for a dad. Of course, what matters the most is the fact that you’ll spend that time together. But doing something your father enjoys will make him the happiest man ever.

But what if you really have no clue? My advice: do not rack your brains and ask your father directly. Below are some most expectable scenarios:

+ If the father likes to fish, drive to a lake and have a picnic. Fishing and picnics are something associated with family gatherings. It’s time when your dad can relax, enjoy nature, have a pleasant talk, play with grandkids, cycle, and much more.

+ If the weather is too chill, you can have lunch or dinner at the unusual restaurant or cafe. As an alternative, you can dine at home and cook something delicious your father has never tried! It’s a perfect occasion to dive into memories while looking at the old photo album and having nostalgic conversations.

+ All men love football/soccer, right? You can either go together to some kind of a match or arrange your own family competitions at the local stadium followed with an outside BBQ dinner.

+ Alternatively, if your dad enjoys theatre performances or concerts, why not spending the evening in the auditorium?

+ Finally, if the dad is keen on arts and crafts, he will surely be glad to share his hobby with you on this day. Let him teach you just like he used to do that years ago.

Most Heart-Warming Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

There is no need to spend thousands of dollars to make your dad moved by. I’d say that you can do it with a minimal budget or even without one. The best gift for every father is actually free: your great mood, care, attention, and surely some pleasant words.

Speaking of the latter, a sincere emotional speech written in a postcard can be an unforgettable gift for a sentimental elderly father. Personally, I used to gift postcards to my dad every year, whether I was 10 and the card was handmade, or I was 21 and had it purchased at an expensive crafts store. Perhaps, it seems like such a small detail, but how much it can mean for our parent!

To prove that gratitude can cost nothing, I picked top 10 cool but most importantly free ecards from such resources as Punchbowl.com, Crosscards.com, and Openme.com.

10 Free Father’s Day Postcards

Father’s Day Chalkboard eCard from Punchbowl

Call Dad eCard from Punchbowl

BBQ-oolest Dad from Crosscards

Out of This World from Crosscards

Royal Reign – Fathers Day eCard from Greetings Island

Your Little Girl – Fathers Day eCard from Greetings Island

Especially for You – Fathers Day eCard from Greetings Island

Prize Winning eCard Designed by Caravan Shirts

Sweet Pop eCard Designed by Claire Lordon

Dad Tattoo eCard Designed by Claire Lordon

The other gift ideas include:

+ Homemade gifts made by you or your children. Whether a colored fabric tie, a magnet or a car pendant, it will be much more valuable than fights bought in a store. You also can make a variety of crafts, like a picture with imprinted feet or hands of all family members. As an option, you can award him a gold medal for being the “Best Dad”. Get creative and you’ll think of some great handmade gift ideas!

+ Treat your dad with a chic digital photo album with a collection of his children’s and teenage photos, as well as shots of the most important moments of his grandchildren’s lives;

+ Table soccer is not only a children’s joy. This game brings joy even to older men, so if your father is an avid soccer player, it’s simply a perfect match.

+ If he has an own car, think of updating his GPS or DVR, or purchasing some new accessory;

+ If the dad is a true bookworm, learn which book he’s been hunting for a long time. He will surely be beyond happy to get one as a present. Alternatively, you can purchase a pocket e-book and help your dad get used to the new technologies;

+ Creative dads would appreciate an unusual modern art picture, caricature, or collage;

+ Finally, think of a stylish men accessory that your father never had a chance to wear in his life. For instance, an expensive watch or an elegant suit for important celebrations to replace his old one… Anyhow, make a decision based on your own budget.


Father’s Day is a significant reason to remember how grateful we are to our dads. One day spent with your beloved ones will not make a difference in your routine life and work but will significantly matter for the family.

Let this day become a new pleasant tradition!

…And let’s not forget to thank our parents more often than on a special occasion ONLY, agree?

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