Best 77+ Gifts for Cat Lovers & Cat Moms in 2021. Things That Make Cats and Cat Lovers Happy

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Gifts for cat lovers. Cats rule the world. Well, okay, at least most of it. How do they do it? Probably, it’s all thanks to their cute little faces and their expressions like they weren’t the one who just broke an expensive vase. Cat lovers sometimes have very social personalities, but their cats are their priority. Despite the fact that his/her life revolves around these cute furry animals, they don’t forget about the holidays. Do you have to go to a party for a person who can’t imagine his/her life without cats? Don’t know what kind of gift to choose, where to buy it, and how to surprise them with a gift they will love? Ofcourse, you need to pay attention to what your beloved person/friend/relative enjoys. You can find many cool gifts that will be decorated with a cat’s paw print or cute little kitty faces, but can be used for fun or serious purposes. Remember that cat lovers are usually very kind people and you want to give them something that will really make them happy and will also be useful. Find a gift that will become an integral part of their lives. If you are still not sure what to buy, then this selection of gifts is for you!

Top 5 Best Christmas Gifts for Cat Lovers

Product Image & Rating (Out Of 10) Product Name Price
Show Me Your Kitties Funny Wine Glass
Christmas Reindeer Hoodie
Think Like a Cat
United Pets Cat View
Personalized Cat Tag

Select а Gifts For Cat Lovers, Based On His Instagram Account

Best Gifts for Cat Lovers 2021

Cat Pet Paw Print Bracelets

Decoration is the best gift for a girl, especially for cat ladies. The accessory is made of silver with paw-shaped charms. Looks very stylish and tasteful.

Price: $22.99
This carefully made jewelry looks so stylish, and the paw prints add originality. The bracelet is a great option for an elegant gift for any girl.

CAT-opoly Board Game

Board game. A great gift for the active and savvy. This is a good way to make your friends love cats as much as you love them.

Price: $20.09
This is a cool game that quickly engages the cat-loving participants. It’s easy enough to play, suitable for ages 8+, and fun for everyone. The number of players is 2-6.

Cute Cat Thermos Mug

The best drink to warm you up is tea. A thermos is a versatile and timeless gift. And when it is decorated in an extraordinary way, it also becomes an excellent accessory.

Price: $16.99
Give your loved one a gift of warmth. This is a wonderful gift that will keep her warm and comforted in cold weather and remind her of your generosity. The special feature is a cute kitty print.

Beautiful Cat Lovers Mug

Black and white or red and white? This cup is proof of friendship and mutual love between a man and a cat.

Price: $21.59
This is an awesome mug for coffee or tea, featuring a print that won’t leave any furry animal lover indifferent. The product is made of durable ceramic and is available in many different colors and sizes.

Cat Shaped Ice Cubes

When it's hot outside, all the drinks on the table turn into sprinkles. All that is needed for cooling is ice. Give preference to an unusual shape - in the shape of cats. Diversify your drink with this little element.

Price: $6.99
Surprise your closest cat lovers by giving them this cute tray that makes ice cube forms in the shape of their favorite fluffy animal. At first, it might look very unusual, but every time the person grabs a cold drink they will remember you and your creative gift.

Cat Lover: Adult Coloring Book

It's much easier to become a modern Picasso with these coloring pages. It is both anti-stress and a great hobby.

Price: $6.99
Coloring books used for an anti-stress activity is quite trendy now. It is suitable for people of all ages. The cat images are attractive and calming.

Wire Cats Wall Sign

This is a great option to diversify your interior with unusual fittings. Two cats sitting next to each other are suitable for both the second half and for a friend.

Price: $17.40
This is such a cute gift idea for a close friend or sweetheart. The wire design features two cats looking off into the distance with intertwined tails that form a heart. Available in different colors (black, grey, gold, silver, pink).

Cotton Oven Mitts and Pot Holders

For real housewives and cat lovers, this is a godsend gift. Mittens for hot items are a necessary thing in the kitchen.

Price: $15.95
If the person you are giving a gift to is crazy about cats and also likes to cook, then this is the best gift to surprise them. This kitchen set with a cool cat-themed print is made of durable thick cotton. The mitts are pretty comfortable to use and don’t restrict movement.

Cosmetic Bag for Women

There are never too many beauticians. A black background with the outline of a cat's face will be a good gift.

Price: $6.99
This cute and roomy makeup bag looks very fashionable. It is sure to be the purrrfect… gift! It is available in several different colors and prints.

Cat Shaped Ceramic Measuring Spoons

This is the cutest gift - a set of spoons in the shape of cats. A great option for children.

Price: $26.00
This is a cool gift set for any homemaker. The cute set of spoons in different sizes can be used for cooking as well as a unique piece of home decor.

Fun Gifts for Cat Lovers

Page-A-Day Calendar 2021

TA calendar is a classic and versatile gift. Lovers of cats will be able to admire different pictures with their pets every day.

Price: $15.99
One of the best ways to surprise a cat lover is to present him/her with a calendar. And not the usual boring ones, but with beautiful cats and cute little kitties, especially the funny ones. This calendar includes 365 different cats; each new day is a new cat.

Pooping Cats Calendar 2021

TThis is an extraordinary version of the calendar. It is suitable for people who have a good sense of humor, because not everyone will hang a calendar with a pooping cat on the wall.

Price: $9.99
This is a fun gift that is sure to cheer up the person you are gifting. It makes a perfect gift for a party or joke gift. The pooping cats are so extraordinary, but now you have to think about where to hang it.

Grey Buddha Cat

We all dream of catching Zen, and this cat figurine has already found him. A neat statuette in gray color will adorn any interior.

Price: $18.95
If you want to amaze the person who likes souvenirs, then this is the perfect way to do it. This unique statuette of a relaxed kitty who is meditating is available in different colors.

Cavertin Women’s Novelty Socks

Bright socks have been a trend for several seasons. And for cat lovers, we have created a special collection of socks with funny inscriptions. This is not a picky gift. Everyone will like it.

Price: $14.90
You can get socks for almost every event and in every pattern or style imaginable. You don’t have to try to guess exactly what the person needs. These socks are made of quality materials and are available in different colors and sizes.

Window Garden Animal Planters

The symbolic flowerpots with a cat pattern are so cute. Diluting the windowsill with them is the best solution for cat lovers.

Price: $25.99
These are super sweet planter pots. Perfect as a gift for a gardener, teacher, or favorite aunt. Each pot is distinctive with its own cat print.

Funny Cat Coffee Mug and Meow Cool Cat Face Mug

A funny and necessary gift for any person. Let a symbolic cup with a humorous inscription appear in the collection of cat lovers.

Price: $12.99 — $14.97
Coffee mugs are always a must-have item. They are all the more awesome when you stand out from the crowd with a stylish mug printed with a humorous inscription. These items are made of 100% pure white ceramic. They are made of the highest materials and the gift is a perfect idea for friends and coworkers.

Cat Lovers Gift Door Frame Decor

There are no many cats. To dilute your interior with fittings in the shape of cats is a great solution.

Price: $15.95
These are really interesting door and window frames featuring different shapes of kitties. There are six options to choose from. Each animal sits in a different pose. They are made from durable HDF wood.

Pet Lover Wood Sign

Cats are finicky animals and need to make an effort to enjoy them. Such a sign is a good alternative to

Price: $11.99
This adorable sign can be hung on the front entrance, doors throughout the house, or on the wall. This product is sure to be a favorite original piece of interior home decoration.

Crazy Kitty Lover T-shirt

TA high-quality T-shirt with an inscription will be a good gift for cat lovers.

Price: $12.99 — $18.99
T-shirts with attractive prints are very popular now. Therefore, you can safely stop at this idea for a gift to give family and friends that are hard to shop for.

10+ Gifts over $100

Statues for Home Decor

Figurines of two cats in light color will become a magnet for the second half. It is a good gift for a couple of lovers or a single person.

Price: $153.20
Give your other half a cool kitty statue. It is great for a home table, bookshelf, study, dining or coffee table, etc.

Black Cat Blanket

If your beloved cat loves to lie on your bed, then a black bedspread with drawings of his relatives will be a great purchase.

Price: $110.99
This rug is cool for someone who has a black cat like this one shown. Moreover, your pet will also be interested in playing and sleeping on this blanket with you.

Cat Lover Decor Curtaint

White tulle with the image of a cat will be a good addition to the interior.

Price: $113.94
These curtains are highly fashionable with a creative design. There are more than 10 sizes available. The product is high quality, and made of polyester.

Bedroom Rug with Cats in Love

A water-repellent turquoise multi-cat rug is 6 what your terrace has been waiting for. This is not only a good gift, but also a bargain for yourself.

Price: $156
This cute mat is one of the best gift ideas you’ll find. It is available in different colors and sizes. The mat is made of polyester, sponge, and non-woven fabric.

Cats Bedroom Decor

A neon sign will brighten up even the most boring interior. Both grandmother and friend will like it.

Price: $169
Neon pictures and lettering are fashionable, yesterday and today. This gift is available in 13 colors. Each combination is vibrant and exciting to brighten the life of a friend who loves cats.

Manual Woodworkers Bath Rug

Bath mat with brightly colored cat. Let your pet be with you always.

Price: $150
Take care of the comfort of your friend or relative. This product is made of polyester. It looks so bright and eye-catching due to its unique pattern.

Custom Cat Portrait

Painting in a graphic style is trendy and modern. And for cat lovers, special elements have been added to emphasize the human affection for these animals.

Price: $143
This picture will look pretty great in every cat lover’s interior. The price depends on the size of the canvas (there are 4 options available). This portrait is 100% handmade with mixed media on quality paper.

10 Best New Year 2021 Presents for Cat Lovers

Let’s just face it, 2020 is not the best year of our lives and we all are waiting for it to end. So it’s natural that many people are looking forward to celebrating New Year simply because they hope that 2021 is going to be less stressful and more fun. Not only is New Year a great opportunity to make New Year’s resolutions but also it is a great occasion to give our loved ones little presents to show them how much they mean to us. Well, if you are still wondering what to give to a cat lover for New Year, here are some cute ideas that you might want to consider.

PETPAWJOY Cat Bed, Cat Window Perch Window Seat Suction Cups Space Saving Cat Hammock

All the best for pets. This is the perfect solution for cats who like to watch birds outside the window. A seat stand that is glued to the surface with suction cups.

Price: $18.99
If you really want to surprise your cat lover with something truly extraordinary, then this very hammock is surely the way to go for you.

PAWZ Road Cat Toys Collapsible Tunnel for Rabbits, Kittens, Ferrets and Dogs

Tunnel for your cat to play. A wonderful alternative to the bags and boxes that cats love so much.

Price: $11.99
This one is an exciting toy that every cat is going to enjoy, which makes it a perfect gift for a cat person.

Jeasona Women’s Cute Animals Socks for Girls Funny Funky Novelty Socks

Nice socks in pastel colors. Their peculiarity is that the upper part copy the cat's face.

Price: $9.99
A set of cute socks will definitely make any cat lover happy, so go ahead and check them out.

PAWZ Road Cat Sleeping Bag Self-Warming Kitty Sack 20″ 22″

Warm, fleece, gray and white sleeping bag for your pet. He will warm up in it and will sleep all night, even in March.

Price: $14.99
This very cute sleeping bag is something any cat person would like to get, so follow the link above and purchase it for your friend.

SILICONE ALLEY Sterling Silver Kitty Cat Ring Adjustable – Pet Animal Fashion Jewelry for Girls

A ring in silver color that follows the shape of a cat. It will be a great addition to your look.

Price: $9.99
If apart from cats your friend loves jewelry too, then this very cat ring is going to melt their heart.

Kitty City Large Cat Tunnel Bed, Cat Bed, Pop Up bed, Cat Toys

Special round play tunnel for your cat. It will be interesting for both kittens and adult cats.

Price: $37.99
This one is another cool cat bed that any cat person is going to like, so go ahead and take a closer look at it.

YITAN Women Not Today Cat Cute Graphic Tee Shirts

TA black T-shirt with a funny inscription will smile at your friend.

Price: $11.99
Everybody loves a cool tee, so you surely want to consider this one for your friend who loves cats.

Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?: Big Questions from Tiny Mortals About Death Hardcover by Caitlin Doughty and Dianné Ruz

A book about behavioral patterns and reactions of cats. If your friend is a real cat lover, then he will be grateful for such a gift.

Price: $14.69
In case your friend is deeply interested in cats’ behavior and personality as well as wants to find out more about their favorite creature, then they are no doubt going to be interested in this book.

Hanes Men’s Humor Graphic T-Shirt

Stylish men's T-shirt that will impress any cat lover.

Price: $20.06
Another cool and stylish tee that will definitely make any cat lover happy, so do not hesitate and take a closer look at it.

PetSafe Cat and Dog Water Fountain – Automatic Water Dispenser – Drinkwell Pagoda Ceramic Fountain for Pets – Filter Included – 70 oz

A useful gift. This is a functional white drinking fountain that will supply water to your pet independently.

Price: $68.99
If you would like to give something more practical, then this very cat fountain is going to be a perfect gift. Well, follow the link above and just get it.

As you can see, finding a decent New Year gift for a cat person is not that difficult. So take a brief look at all these options that we talked about above one more time and order the best present for your friend today.

How to Find a Perfect Gift Using Instagram

In case you are still struggling with figuring out a decent gift, you can use a magical tool that will surely cease your struggles in less than a second. Our tool was created for those people who don’t want to spend days thinking about a decent gift and want to find a perfect present quickly and stress-free. The tool uses a person’s Instagram account in order to analyze their personality based on the photos they post and suggests nine gift ideas that will perfectly suit a particular Instagram user. In order to use this service, all you have to do is to enter a person’s Instagram user name. Simple as it is. The service is completely free, so do not hesitate and give it a try.

Service for quick selection of cool gifts
Just enter Instagram nickname and get 9 personal gift ideas
Enter nickname *
Male Female
Maximum price *
Oh, we can't find a gift for your friend... Let's try for somebody else
Oh, it seems you are trying to choose a gift for a non-existent person

Nowadays it is hard to find a person who does not like cats. For many cats are the true members of a family and deserve a decent attitude. We spare time for them and we love them. Most of the time our efforts repay but it seems that some cats believe they are gods (keep in mind they have nine lives) and true masters of households. To please such demanding persons, you have to provide them with the best treatment and the best offerings. However, they will love you anyway. In any case, cat owners want their parents to feel comfortable. And it came to my mind that I can share my experience with since I have a cat and I know what I am talking about.

Therefore, here is a list of products that can make any cat happy. After all, it is always good to present your friends with presents. Especially if they are your pets and love you as a part of a family.

The list of top gifts for cat lovers

Cat Houses

NATURE FIRST Morfe Scratch Post

To save the sofa, we recommend purchasing a scratching post for your cat. This scratching post is not only functional, but also stylish, so it will fit into any interior.

Cats sharp their claws to sharpen them and keep them healthy. Of course, every cat owner has some scratching post but this one has a toy. And it is recommended to renew scratching toys from time to time.

Karlie Banana Leaf I Cat Tree

This is a super appropriate and comfortable gift for cats. Lounger, toy and scratching post in one. This is a good opportunity to save space in the apartment.

Or you can choose something that combines a scratch post and a bed.

Kerbl Frieda Made of Felt Jute Cat Tree

This is a mini cable car for cats. If the activity of your cats is high and there are a lot of them, then this device will save half of the furniture. This is a scratching post, a bed and a toy for more than two cats.

But the cat tree is the best option. It provides your cat with a whole apartment that includes hammocks, cat caves and scratching posts.

Dibea Lodge Cat House

Pet house with two floors. It can be kept both indoors and outdoors.

In case you want to build a house for your cat I know a good option for you. At first, this cat house looks nice. The manufacturer made it from wood and this is why it will be durable. Your cat can scratch it, hit it and do other cat stuff.

Cat beds

Trixie Minou cuddly cat or dog cave

Plush purple lounger with fluffy rim. This is for aesthetes cats who value beauty and comfort.

If you want to create a nice and soft place for your cat than a cat cave may be a good idea. This particular cat cave is attractive and warm. A good replacement for your cats’ favorite box.

Trixie 36863 Jasira Snuggle Sack

Plush house for cats. It is dark in color with beige paw prints. Your cat will definitely like this gift.

In case your pet likes to hide and avoid cat cave then you should try out this sack. You can place it anywhere and it would not take a lot of space. Designers also made it attractive. In addition, it is warm due to polyester fleece padding.

Zizzi Cat Dog Pet Radiator Bed Fleece Hammock

If your cat loves to bask on batteries, then this accessory is for you. Soft gummock that will save your cat from burns and give comfort.

Cats love warm places and search for them everywhere. And this hammock can give them such opportunity and save from dangers they can face from slipping directly on a radiator, for example. Safety comes first.

United Pets Cat View

A soft gray seat, which is attached to the window with suction cups, so that your pet can watch what is happening on the street.

All cats love to sit and observe. And a view from a window with all its dynamic and bright colors is one of the best options. This hammock can be easily installed on the window and be a comfortable sitting place. Saving your windowsill and plants at the same time.

Cat tags

Personalized Cat Tag

Fancy and stylish collar badges. With them, you can not worry about losing a cat, because each icon indicates the name and address of the animal. An excellent gift for cat lovers who live in private homes.

These cat tags look awesome. They are cute and bear important information about them and their owners. It will help you find your pet even if he found a friend and they went to Vegas together. You can choose a tag with cat face, wish, paw and minimalistic option with a name and number.

GoTags Funny Dog and Cat Tags

Collar badges. With such an accessory, no one will confuse your cat with another.

There are even more tags. Here you can find tags with a bright design and funny signs. With these tags, your cat can tell other people that “oh shit I am lost” and “keep calm and call my dad”.

Steel Bat Cat Greetings Card

The postcard is always cute and individual. Cat lovers will be pleased to receive a postcard with a picture of a kitten in a Batman costume.

But let’s not forget about cat owners. If you want to make a present for a friend who really likes cats then a cat magnet may be a good option. And this particular magnet is also a greeting card. You can congratulate your friend on a birthday or simply cheer up someone.


Relaxdays Green Cat Toy Carousel with Mouse

An interactive toy for active cats. With such a device, you will free yourself from constant games with the cat and provide him with activity for the whole day.

Cats are active guys. And they like to play with toys. Games help them to exercise and entertain. This is why a carousel toy with a mouse is a great present for any cat owner. Most importantly your pets can play with this toy themselves.

Trixie Toy Plush Mole

Cats love mice, which means this plush toy in the shape of a mouse will be a good gift.

This mouse with sound and catnip will definitely please your little hunter.

Cat Dancer Products Rainbow Cat Charmer

The multi-colored rope for cat games will keep your cat enthralled for a long time.

However, most people like to play with cats themselves. And this toy can provide you with such an opportunity. It is bright, well-designed and soft.

Feather Cat Teaser Toys

This long toy with feathers at the end will be your cat's favorite.

Or you can check this toy.

Christmas Gifts for Cat Lovers

<h3″>Christmas Costumes Cat Santa

Your cat is worthy to become Santa this year. This costume can be used for both Christmas and winter walks.

There can be no Christmas without Santa. And you can make a cat your Santa with this costume.

Christmas Reindeer Hoodie

Cute Santa costume with polka dots with wings for your pet. You can even arrange a thematic photo session with him.

Or you can dress your cat as a Santa’s reindeer with this costume.

Think Like a Cat

A book to better understand your pet and the cat's world in general.

A book is always a good present. This particular book is full of knowledge and experience and can answer any cat owners’ questions.

AUOKER Interactive Cat Teaser Toy

Wooden interactive toy for cats. It will be interesting for both cats and children.

This original toy is definitely what you need to entertain both the cat and his owner.

The Catmother Shirt

Stylish T-shirts with the inscription

This shirt will be a great present too. Most importantly it is funny and stylish at the same time.

Like people, cats have different personalities. Still, all of them have one thing in common – they love warmth and cosiness. Christmas is traditionally celebrated at home with friends and family. So, picking a sweet and homey Christmas present for a cat lover, will make their cat happy as well. See the best gift options you can opt for this festive season:

Sleepwish Cat Fleece Throw Blanket

A warm fleece blanket with the image of a large number of cats will warm you on a cold night.

Price: $24.99
Size: 50” x 60”
Material: fleece

If you’re looking for a cozy sofa throw, this Sleepwish sherpa blanket made from microfiber plush material, is just the thing! Cool-looking cat prints will make any cat lover happy! This 50″ x 60″ blanket will make you warm in cold winter nights while watching TV or reading a book. Who knows, maybe your real cat will love laying next to the ones drawn on the blanket?

K.Bell Men’s Pair Socks Cat on Narwhal

Bright gray-turquoise socks with a picture of a warrior cat will be a good addition to your collection.

Price: $12.95
Size: 10-13
Length: 16”

What can be better than a pair of socks with crazy cat print? Nothing! This pair of men’s socks in grey and turquoise with is truly unique! The cat riding the narwhal design goes all the way to the toes. This is the best cat lover’s Christmas present ever!

Cat Mugshot Glass Christmas Ornament

Very beautiful Christmas toys. Matte texture, deep emerald color and the image of a cat. This is a wonderful Christmas present.

Price: $12.95
Size: 3” x 3”

Is there a cat that never knocked down a Christmas tree in their life? We doubt that! This hilarious cat mugshot Christmas ornament made of premium blown glass serves as a proof. The writing on the ornament says “I Knocked Down The Xmas Tree” and shows a cat with a guilty snout. This decoration has a great size for any Christmas tree!

Cat Print Pajama Set for Women

Cute pink pajamas for girls. It will be a great option for a pajama party.

Price: $13.74
Package Includes:
1 x Top
1 x Pants

This cartoon cat print two-piece pajama set for women is the definition of warm and cosy! Made of high-quality polyester, it’s breathable and comfortable. Thanks to the print, it looks adorable! This long sleeve, round neck PJ’s model is both suitable for sleeping and daily wear at home.

JadeRich Cats Pattern Fleece Winter Warm Indoor Slippers

At home you also need to walk beautiful. Keep your feet warm with these cute pink and gray cat slippers.

Price: $9.99 – $15.99

To round up the list of cosy Christmas presents, check out these warm indoor slippers made of fleece. Light-weight, anti-skid, with a cute cat pattern – these slippers will make any cat lover warm and happy! Available in 7 color options and models, the indoor slippers will fit women and children.

Valentine’s day gifts for cat lovers

Lotte Textile Catch Cuddle Cat Toy

A soft toy in warm colors for your cat's sharp teeth.

Valentine’s day is all about love. And if your loved ones like cats, then you can make a great present with this Cuddle Cat toy. It has a shape of hart and attractive color scheme.

Puss in Boots</h3

The book is the best gift.

You can always present a cat. Yet, if it is not possible then present a book with a cat. An old and famous fairytale can always bring some magic. It is a charming present with an attractive design.

Show Me Your Kitties Funny Wine Glass

The transparent glass with white lettering will be a great addition to your kitchen utensils.

This wine glass is elegant and funny at the same time. It is charming and that is definitely what you need for Valentine’s day.

Or you can check other glass designs like:

Need Wine Right Meow

Transparent stylish wine glass without stem. Better to give with a kit to create a symbiosis.

It’s not really drinking alone if the cat is home

Modern transparent glasses. They can be used both for hot drinks and cold ones. This gift is always relevant.

And this wine glass definitely tells the truth.

I hope this list of products provided you with some ideas. Personally I would like to have some of these products for me and my cat. And I am sure that other cat lovers will like them too.

As we approach February 14, we’re looking for something sweet to create that special atmosphere! Cat lovers are romantic people with tender souls, so they’d really appreciate a heart-warming present. Luckily, thanks to the MasterBundles editorial team, you won’t need to spend lots of time and money to find your perfect item!

Cat Bingo

This is an entertaining and educational game that will tell you about cat breeds all over the world.

Price: $29.95
Size: 10” x 9”

Cat bingo and lots of wine, is there anything better for Valentine’s Day? This bingo game can offer you exquisite illustrations featuring 64 cat breeds from all over the world. The pack includes 64 cat tokens, 1 board for playing, 12 bingo cards, informational leaflet plus colored counters for marking up your cards.

Diamond Cat Earrings

Earrings-buttons with a cat's face, cut with diamonds are a winning gift for every lady.

Price: $24.00 (now $4.80)

If you wish to make your female friend, girlfriend or wife happy this Valentine’s Day, try this diamond cat earrings set. 18K white gold plated cat whiskers and ears accompanied with cubic zirconia Swarovski diamonds look and feel lavish. Hurry up to purchase it at an amazing discount!

Matching T-Shirts for Cat Mommy & Cat Daddy

Men's T-shirts with an inscription will be a relevant and stylish gift.

Price: $12.99

A settled family of cat lovers will love the set of matching cat mommy and daddy tee’s for February 14! Customize lettering style, pick the sizes and you’re good to go!

Urban Outfitters Fortune Cat Pint Glass

Beer mug with pictures of cats. This is a good gift for cat lovers, so that their pets are always there.

Price: $8.00

A man who loves cats and beer can get both at the same time for Valentine’s Day! How? With this 16 oz cat pint glass, it’s more than possible! Covered all over in maneki neko (lucky cat) print, this glass will serve as a good luck charm for your dear cat lover!

Cat Zodiac 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Bright puzzles for a fun pastime. Even people who hate animals will like this gift.

Price: $12.71
Complete puzzle: 20 x 20″

Here’s the perfect activity for February 14 evening with a loved one – a jigsaw puzzle. 500 piece cat Zodiac jigsaw puzzle is made of 90% recycled paper. Printed with nontoxic inks, this game will fit anyone aged from 8-99!

TOP 5 Birthday Gifts for Cat Lovers

Birthday is a special time of the year, especially if it’s your cat’s birthday! Many cat parents treat their felines as full-blown family members and celebrate the day their lovely cat was born. Is there a birthday present to suit a cat person? Absolutely! We’ve picked TOP 5 birthday presents for cat lovers. Check them out!

How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety

A very unusual book for a better understanding of your pet.

Price: $7.58 (Paperback)

This bestseller by Zachary Auburn will not leave any cat lover indifferent. The book is written in the Q&A format, where the author answers questions like:

“What is the right age to talk to my cat about the proper use of firearms?”
“What are the benefits of my cat living a lifestyle of abstinence?”
“Why does my cat need to use the internet? Can’t he just play with yarn like cats used to do?” etc.

I Love Cats Design Wall Clock

The modern stylized cat clock will decorate your wall.

Price: $35.00
Size: 13.4” x 12.5” x 1.9”

A clock with a cat ornament can become a unique birthday present for a cat lover! Whether your friend is a comics fan or loves vintage things, this vinyl record wall clock is a unique home accessory. Custom designs are the best if you want to make your loved ones happy.

Insulated Neoprene Lunch Bag for Women

A stylish lunch bag that will keep you both comfortable and full. Made in different colors, so you can adapt it to your style.

Price: $12.95
Size: 12” x 12” x 6.5”

Is there a thing that combines comfort and cool design? This insulated neoprene lunch bag with cat print by Art of Lunch will keep your food fresh. The 4mm-insulated neoprene layer will keep your food fresh for up to four hours. This bag has handy dimensions: 12” (length) x 12” (height) x 6.5” (width) and can fit the containers of up to 7” (length) x 6” (width). If you don’t like this “joy Division” album cover inspired print, just select from 13 more print options!

Personalized Cat Mom Mug

A unique cup on which you and your pet will be depicted. To do this, you need to choose the most similar image to yours and yours.

Price: $14.95

This lovely gift option has received tons of great buyer reviews on Etsy. No wonder! You can order a 100% personalized print by specifying the options from the chart:

    • Name;
    • skin tone (light or dark);
    • hairstyle # from chart.

Also, you can select 1 or 2 cats, state their names and choose their fur color. Now, isn’t that special?

PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder

Automated cat feeder. You yourself regulate the amount of feed and the timing of the meal. You do all this remotely. Now you do not need to look for overexposure for your pet.

Price: $132.95

An automatic pet feeder is a gadget for cat parents who can’t afford to hire a pet sitter. Compatible with iOS & Android devices, it allows programming up to 12 meals according to your pet’s schedule. As for meals dispensing, they vary from 1/8 cups to 4 cups. The Slow Feed option helps to dispense food slowly over 15 minutes.

Cat’s Meow Printed Chef’s Apron

White apron with black drawings of cats. Remember your pet even while cooking.

Price: $17.95
Size: 28” hem, 35” length

If your cat loving friend loves cooking, this chef’s apron with a cat print will be just perfect! Playful cat silhouettes printed on 100% cotton are safe for machine wash. The apron dimensions are 28” hem and 35” length. This item will become an excellent birthday gift as well as a Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or housewarming gift!

😻 Select a Presents for Cat Lovers Analyzing Their Instagram Accounts

Service for quick selection of cool gifts
Just enter Instagram nickname and get 9 personal gift ideas
Enter nickname *
Male Female
Maximum price *
Oh, we can't find a gift for your friend... Let's try for somebody else
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Some Awesome Video About Gifts for cat lovers

Etsy gifts for cat lovers Christmas gift guide

In today’s Christmas Gift Guide we are showing you our top picks for cat lovers from ETSY!

Etsy gifts for cat lovers Christmas gift guide

In today’s video I will be listing off some fun gift ideas for the cat lovers in your life!

Q&A Session To Sum Up

🎁 What’s the Best Christmas Present for Cat Moms & Dads?

Traditionally, an Xmas gift for cat parents is something warm and cosy. Throw blankets, indoor slippers, sofa cushions with cat prints will be just the thing!

🎁 How to choose the best gift for a particular person?

Well, you used to be alone with this problem, but now you have us. We have a super cool tool based on artificial intelligence, which allows you to select gifts for your special person based on his or her Instagram account. All you need is to enter their user name, choose the price that you are willing to pay for the gift and wait 10-15 seconds. Our algorithm will do all the job for you. You still do not believe that it’s possible? Then give it a try!

🎁 What Are the Most Popular Gifts for Cat Lovers?

The most popular gifts for cat lovers are cat accessories, cat food and toys. Something that will be of use or remind about their beloved pet.

🎁 Can I Find Gifts for Cat Lover Under $100?

Absolutely! Just see the above listed items – most of them cost under $100 and will be a great fit to someone on a scarce budget!

🎁 Where Can I Get More Gift Ideas for Cat Parents?

Thinking of a perfect gift for a cat parent can be challenging! Luckily, the MasterBundles website contains lots of options for any taste and budget. Go ahead and check out the best gift ideas!

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