55+ Free Fun Google Slides Themes (2023)

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A good presentation considers the mood of the audience. And fun themes for Google Slides can change the way you approach project development. Similar to poster presentations, slides are used on computers and can be accompanied by a prepared speech when addressing an audience. Imperatively, fun slides should enhance an oral presentation rather than serving as the speaking notes. Slides can also be enriched using audio and visual media.

These allow professionals and students to share information in meetings, classrooms, and conferences. One of the most enjoyable methods for making mood-elevating presentations is using Google Slides.

What are Google Slides? This is Google’s equivalent to Microsoft’s PowerPoint application. Google Slides is a presentation program, a free application on Google Docs Editors suite developed by Google. It is available as a web application, mobile app, and desktop application. MasterBundles has dedicated a significant amount of content that focuses on Google Slides themes.

What do Google Slides do? When you are online, you can create and edit Google Slides in real-time while collaborating with other users. For precision, the application tracks all revisions and highlights the defined position of other editors using colors and cursors specific to each user.

How do you make a slide on Google Docs? The process is as simple as creating slides in PowerPoint. Accordingly, you must first download and install the Google Slides application on your device. These can be Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, and xOS. Once you have opened the program, click New Slide to create an empty layout. If you are new to Google Slides, click here to learn how to add, delete, and organize slides.

Is Google Slides free to use? Yes, it is! Downloading the program is free. Creating, editing, collaborating, and presenting are equally free. However, using the free suite only allows you to develop basic presentations without having certain design skills. For cool deluxe presentations, designers have created some incredible premium and free themes that are fun and lively—and easy to use.

9 Fun Google Slide Themes Bundle

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9 Fun Google Slide Themes Bundle cover image 1.

9 Fun Google Slide Themes Bundle


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20+ Premium Fun Google Slides Themes 2022

Enjoy this collection of professionally designed Google Slides themes with which customizing settings takes only minutes. Choose the most powerful offering, then use the built-in features and tools in the program to develop engaging projects.

We also offer pleasing terms of cooperation if you are involved in creating custom presentation templates. Become a vendor on our marketplace and share your masterpieces with our customers. Use the Sell Your Deal Form and get started!

Wall-E Disney

Collage of presentation pages in green colors and infographics.

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Price: $15

Enjoy a fresh web solution with more than 50 unique slides. Prepared color schemes are easy to change in a few clicks. These funny Google Slides themes are adaptable to different topics, so use them for demonstrations about startups, scientific experiments, movie and book reviews, etc.

Music Fest

Collage of presentation pages in purple yellow and dj.

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Price: $25

This is a very bright and unique solution with which your ideas will be easily realized. The set includes 4 color schemes, compatibility with Google Slides, KEY, PPTX, fully adapted graphics, and built-in free fonts. You are guaranteed easy operation due to the multi-tool panel of chosen programs.

Dance Teacher

Collage of presentation pages in beige color with dancing silhouettes.

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Price: $25

Try these gentle and sophisticated presentation themes for Google Slides. You have access to unique and trending slide layouts of which there are more than 50, vector graphics, adaptive design, free updates and unlimited customization. If you want to experiment with the project style, then choose this web solution.

Nano Technology

Collage of presentation pages with bright pictures and white background.

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Price: $25

The main thing in the demonstration is the eye-catching elements that engage the audience and focus their attention on certain details. We offer you this theme for Google Slides with which the settings become an interesting game. Work with 5 color schemes and switch them in a few clicks, add effects and animations, and create nice typography with built-in fonts. Flexibility allows you to adapt the template for medical startup, nanotechnology, lab services presentations, etc.

World Tourism Day

Collage of presentation pages with photos of tourist places and white background.

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Price: $33

Here is a very vivid, stylish, and impressive template that will definitely help you present your information beautifully. Talk about your travel agency, top cities to visit, the main sightseeing places of certain countries, and tourism as an active recreation. All your ideas are easy to implement thanks to the built-in features and original visuals.

Time to Travel

Collage of presentation pages with pink and white backgrounds, photos and small text.

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Price: $33

Here are some of the best themes for Google Slides for telling about your services in travel and tourism. Enjoy an assortment of 50 slide layouts, 5 vivid color schemes, fully customizable graphics, and adaptive design. Present the information beautifully and interest the audience with an unusual approach to design web projects.


Mix of presentation pages with white background, orange margins and photos of snowboarders.

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Price: $33

Active recreation appeals to many people, so spreading the word about your resort, services, and sports training is much easier with out-of-the-box solutions. This template includes 5 bright color schemes that you can switch in a few clicks. We also offer responsive layouts, over 50 slides, professional infographics, themed icons, and free fonts.

Yeager Colorful

Mix of presentation pages with bright backgrounds, orange accents and photos of fashionistas.

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Price: $26

These are highly colorful and inspiring presentation themes for Google Slides that are suitable for fashion topics. The product adapts to work in PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides. It also comes with different layout variations, fully customizable content, free fonts, a set of icons, and unique color schemes.

Podcast Colorful

Collage of presentation pages with bright backgrounds, interesting fonts and icons.

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Price: $26

Try this stunning and ultra-modern presentation template to talk about new trends, beauty treatments, podcasts, music novelties, etc. The product is perfect for the fashion industry and related topics. Everything is ideal here: bright color accents, visuals, and features.

Pets Presentation

Collage of presentation pages with bright background photos of pets.

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Price: $35

This is a super cute, beautiful, and attractive choice with which your topic will definitely be shown. The theme is perfect for pet stores, zoos, and veterinary clinics. You can work in any convenient program because the settings are easy to customize. All graphics are set up in a few clicks, and additional features facilitate all processes.


The template is made in a muted olive color. The blocks are conveniently and nicely placed. The stylish and flexible design of the theme only adds value to it.

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Price: available by EnvatoElements subscription

Are you looking for a fashion design template? With Lora, you can design and customize throughout the process of creating your best presentation. It comes with more than seventy slide designs. In addition, this premium Google Slide design has hundreds of unique icons that you can have fun modifying by dragging and dropping your content.

Simple Color

Volumetric template in turquoise color. It brings spring and freshness from it. Consists of text and infographics. Convenient business solution.

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Price: available by EnvatoElements subscription

Another fun Google Slides template is Simple Color. The designer made it simple without sacrificing quality. Inspired by simplicity and easy-to-change colors, this template comes with twenty-five modern, creative, and unique slides. It is ready to use and edit for fashion, lifestyle, photography, and beauty presentations.


Purple is the trend this season, and when combined with white, it creates a soft and stylish palette. Every detail of this template is thought out to the smallest detail and can be changed to suit your tastes.

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Price: available by EnvatoElements subscription

This unique Google Slides theme is minimalist but creative. It is designed not only for commercial but also for personal, creative, and business purposes. Presenters with a taste of color cannot avoid using this template based on Master Slides.

School Assignments

Interactive template in gentle colors. Pictures, textbooks and infographics are combined here. It will be a great solution for training courses.

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Price: available by SlidesGo subscription

This is a premium theme designed for students to learn while having fun. Similar to a notebook, the template has drawings of stationery to attract the attention of learners.

Memphis Marketing Plan

A trendy, colorful and modern theme. The main colors are yellow and pink, which makes it more feminine and airy.

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Price: available by SlidesGo subscription

This template is cool and colorful. For students who need to prove themselves as outstanding in their presentation, the Memphis Marketing Plan theme is ideal for making texts more interesting.

E-learning Presentation

The theme is perfect for optimizing presentation space. Bright pink accents on the blocks will grab the attention of every viewer.

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Price: available by SlidesGo subscription

With the upsurge of new and modern learning technologies for teaching, presentations in higher learning institutions must keep up the pace. This Google Slides template is specifically designed for colleges and universities to prepare webinars.


This theme is perfect for coffee lovers. The warm colors of the template convey the scent of this aromatic drink. With such a presentation, you will be able to create a special atmosphere.

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Price: available by EnvatoElements subscription

Do you own a coffee business? It is time to display an impressive style presentation to your investors and potential customers. The coffee Google Slides template is clean, unique, and perfect, which is an excellent blend that comes with free fonts.


Who loves adventure and nature? This template is for you. He is like a breath of fresh air and will revive any topic.

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Price: available by EnvatoElements subscription

Attract the attention of your partners and travelers with a worldwide presentation! Journext is a presentation template designed for travel and hospitality companies and brands to reach their target market. It is the perfect charm for presenters with class!

Motife (Light)

Bright and bold. Such a presentation will immediately catch the eye. If you are not afraid of being remembered, then choose this template.

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Price: available by EnvatoElements subscription

For color and glamor, Motife (Light) is an excellent Google Slides theme that you cannot ignore. It has 30 professional slides, which are easy to edit and use for any business in any industry.

Colorful Fruits

Delicate, summer theme in pastel colors. It is for lovers of sun and warmth.

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Price: available by SlidesGo subscription

Healthy food, nutrition, and agriculture lovers also have an opportunity to present their passion. The funny and colorful illustrations of fruits can be resized, recolored, and moved to where they fit best.

AI Tech Agency

Template from the future. Futuristic notes are vividly traced. A deep blue background, thin lines and perfect shapes will make your presentation look great.

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Price: available by SlidesGo subscription

Robots and computers have taken the world. For an AI agency, this template is ideal for presenting technology products and services. It has different layouts to choose from.

Coronavirus Disease

The presentation is done in a flashy purple color. Convenient and simple infographics will provide material in a simple and accessible way.

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Price: available by SlidesGo subscription

Recently, the COVID 19 pandemic has attracted the attention of the world. Individuals in the medical and corporate fields are striving to curtail the spread of the virus by educating the public. This Google Slides deck is an idea for presenting critical information about the virus.

30+ Free Google Slides Themes 2022

Now we offer you a selection of free designs. Unique color schemes, easy customization, and nice bonuses await you.


Collage of presentation pages with black background and orange pumpkins and accents.

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Here are some really awesome free themes for Google Slides that are perfect for holiday demonstrations. Talk about celebration traditions, top looks, and celebration customs. Develop vibrant projects in minutes with the best web solutions.


Collage of presentation pages in grey-yellow tones with images of construction.

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This professional and completely free Google Slides template comes with 7 slide layouts that are easily editable. Create a presentation about construction, architecture, interior design, engineering services, etc. The main feature of this product is the high-quality infographics that will help to explain any information.

Google Slides Space Theme

Collage of presentation pages with background in the form of planets and starry sky.

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Choose these beautiful and quality presentation themes for Google Slides with which all processes are facilitated. The set has specially designed slides for individual topics, icons, infographics, and unlimited customization options.

Star Wars

Collage of presentation pages with black background and Star Wars characters.

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If you’re a Star Wars fan, then you’ll definitely appreciate this offering. Change the color schemes, choose the most preferred slide layouts, use free fonts, and create impressive entertaining projects.

Clean Style Pitch Deck

Collage of presentation pages in white and green colors with black and white images.

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Try this multi-purpose solution. The clean and modern design allows you to adapt the theme to different topics. Talk about your business, present analysis and the latest developments, and share useful tips about the crypto-sphere using a professional free Google Slides theme.

Independence Day

Collage of presentation pages in colors of american flag.

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Enjoy easy customization and create patriotic projects with this offer. Here’s a unique design, 100% vector graphics, icons and easy-to-edit infographics.

Cute Robots

Well-defined blocks and vibrant colors make this template unique and unusual. It is imbued with the style of eclecticism and is suitable for modern business.

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The Cute Robots template is a colorful Google Slides option designed to capture the attention of an audience. Its designers incorporated cute robots that make each slide unique and playful. All texts and layouts are customizable.

Cute Confetti

Laconic information with a bunch of elements and bright colors makes this template harmonious.

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This template is designed to ensure that the presenter stands out from the crowd. It incorporates soft colors and confetti to bring an irresistible friendly touch to the audience. The theme is ideal for baby photos and children’s audiences.

Galaxy Drawings

Deep purple and blue create a mysterious template palette. The space theme is relevant and fresh. You always want to learn about her as much as possible. And with a flexible design, you can customize the highlights in your style.

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Do you want to make a presentation that is out of this world? Galaxy Drawings is the ideal template outlined with heavenly bodies and an astronaut. This is perfect for children’s audiences to inspire their space exploration desires.

Math Lesson

The basis of the design is made in a blue tone, which indicates the need for an intelligent material for it. Perfect for schools and universities.

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This colorful Google Slides theme reminds users of the first subject taught in school, math. Since math is used in daily lives, this template allows you to explain numbers in a fun and interesting way.

Real Food

If you love variety, many colors and a combination of different types of information presentation, then this is the perfect template for you. It is comfortable with a flexible design. You will be able to change the overall style to your liking.

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Restaurant owners also need to share their best recipes, menu plans, and more so, give talks on healthy eating. The best Google Slides template for these activities is the Real Food theme. It has good color backgrounds, watercolor illustrations, and attractive icons.

Jams and Slides

An original template for presenting information in a simple way. The design is made in a pale orange color, and the text blocks resemble stickers and a notebook. A bit of symbolism and bright accents.

button for more details.

Designers have taken jams to the next level! The Jams and Slides theme is colorful and fun to use. It is best suited for presenting to children in lower grades.

My Mini Journal

It takes planning to be effective. This template is suitable for both regular schedule and goal setting. If you want to add some vibrant colors to your plan, use this theme.

button for more details.

This is a simple, fun journal that can be used for weekly planning in elementary school. It is designed as a notebook, with cute robots and highlighters. Users can use different theme colors that suit their personality.


The matte gray base with bold block borders makes this template versatile and stylish. You can customize the highlights for yourself.

button for more details.

This template is designed using the blackboard theme and colorful chalk image. The theme has an old-school vibe. It is ideal for classroom presentations.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Love saves the world. And this template is your presentation. The heart, red color and cute design will not leave indifferent even an inveterate cynic.

button for more details.

This Google Slides theme is designed for Valentine’s Day. It has different kinds of chocolate displays for users to write their special messages upon clicking the chocolate icons. The chocolates can be resized and duplicated.

Cute Version with Emojis

You don't know anything about tenderness if you haven't seen this pattern. Around the emoticons with hearts on a gradient background - from apricot to pink.

button for more details.

Do you love fun games for getting to know each other? This is the ideal Google Slides template for face-to-face, hybrid and remote presentations. The emojis and images are editable and replaceable, respectively.

Chinese New Year

The laconicism of the blocks and the restraint of the colors make this presentation universal for any business.

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If you have Chinese friends or colleagues, this template is ideal for creating ecards describing the Chinese traditions. The colorful theme symbolizes good luck, happiness, fortune, and prosperity.

Winter Christmas

Everyone loves Christmas and this topic will be relevant even in the middle of summer. The coniferous shades of the template and the versatility of the design will be your path to succes.

button for more details.

Christmas day has different meanings to people. Some perceive it as thanksgiving day. For others, it is a religious day. This Google Slides theme is decorated with pure eye candy and a holly wreath to ignite the right Christmas mood for all audiences.

Christmas Ornaments

This stylish Christmas template in red will add some celebration to your presentation. It can be used for both annual and quarterly reports.

button for more details.

Do you need a more professional Google Slides template for Christmas presentations? This red and white color theme, adorned with ornaments, allows you to convey the right Christmas message in a modern office setup.

Golden Christmas

All Christmas elements are present in this template. The predominantly red color emphasizes the importance of the event and presentation. This theme will optimize the space in your presentation for the most convenient communication of information.

button for more details.

It is rare to see Christmas presented in cool colors. To set up the Christmas mood for your family and friends, you can use this elegant design to create greeting cards. The slides have golden winter foliage frames that pop out from the background colors.

Successful Marketing Campaign

This template stands out for its colorfulness and variety of information presented. Here you can tell about everything, as there is plenty of space.

button for more details.

This is a colorful Google Slides deck for launching a product or service. It has a marketing plan structure for elaborating the strategies and actions for a product or service launch. The neon gradients and rounded sans serif typefaces are elegant.

Virtual Campaign

Despite the bright pink color of the template, it is versatile. Thanks to the optimization of the space, it will contain all the necessary information blocks.

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Marketing campaigns should be fun and interactive. The Virtual Campaign theme is designed specifically for that. It has a cute, colorful kawaii design for presenting products and services. It has all the key sections for a marketing plan, including infographics.

Economics Thesis

Vanilla color and blocky accents make this template versatile for different businesses. More infographics make it possible to convey information to listeners in the simplest way.

button for more details.

This free Google Slides theme is designed for presenting numbers, money, and exchange rates. It makes use of modern illustrations, ensuring that analysis captures modern trade trends.

Social Media Agency

The template is built on a white background with graphic and text accents. Great option for reporting progress.

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If you are working in an agency in the social media department, this is the right template for you. It is a colorful template that allows you to not only boost your popularity but also attract new clients.

Clean Team Work

A palette of soft colors and pastels lends this template a subtle sophistication. Stylish design can be customized for yourself.

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This is a multipurpose Google Slides template for communicating multiple ideas. It is designed with illustrations of people at work. The neutral colors make it professional while standing out. The template is fully customizable.

Floral Watercolor

The template consists of pistachio color and spring mood. Perfect for special events: weddings, fashion week.

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When you want to create beautiful presentations, you need a gorgeous design. This template leverages modern trend, hand-drawn flowers with watercolor texture. It has minimal layouts but is stylish. The theme is ideal for weddings, fashion, cosmetics, and florist pictures.

Floral Drawings

The template consists of a design in light green color. It is suitable for a concise yet modern presentation.

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This template is decorated with hand-drawn wildflowers. The elegant illustrations make it ideal for nature, botanic presentations, and wedding invitations.

Cool Shadow

Stylish template with a convenient arrangement of blocks. Warm, fall colors will add a special aftertaste to your presentation.

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The Google Slides theme is designed to evoke a warm, homely feel. Users can customize it based on their brand color and identity to communicate their message effectively. It can be used to present interior design, maternity, organic, and wedding products.

Two Truths and One Lie

The deep purple and classic look make this template extraordinary. It will be a wonderful solution for optimizing information.

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Game lovers will be awestruck by this template. It is designed for group games for audiences to review units or icebreakers. Users can select activities within each choice category.

Faber Free

Simple graphics, vibrant colors and text minimalism. These are the three ingredients to a successful presentation and this template.

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This is a colorful sketchbook-style template for attracting the attention of children. It is decorated with illustrations of color pencils and sketches, making it ideal for elementary schools.


Stylish and modern template. One gets the impression that the artist has just applied strokes on him. A fresh idea that brings any presentation to life.

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Are you a lover of art? Then this is the right Google Slides theme for you to present your art gallery. Each slide is customizable with different colors. It is designed with paint drops and splashes.


Template created in vintage style in the center with a typewriter. The colors are bright but calm. This is a good option for students and high school students.

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This theme is fancy, retro, and vintage. Each slide has an illustration of a typewriter. It is minimalist and ideal for writing notes. The template is ideal for students.

Digital Marketing Agency

A spectacular template in vibrant colors. Infographics make complex information simple and accessible. And the flexible design allows you to customize the style for yourself.

button for more details.

Presentations for a digital marketing company must be electrifying. With this Google Slides theme, you will be able to dazzle your audience. The template has cutting-edge graphics and striking colors to attract the attention of a crowd.

Final Thoughts

You can improve your presentation with free and premium Google Slide themes. These templates are geared for specific needs. Based on your preference, brand identity, audience, and the message you intend to communicate, you have a wide choice of templates to select from.

Some Awesome Video About Fun Google Slides Themes

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Cute Google Slides Themes. We will get to discussing the free cute Google Slides themes very soon in this article: https://masterbundles.com/cute-google-slides-themes/

Premium Google Slides Templates – MasterBundles

Explore more than 402 Google Slides Templates. More templates https://masterbundles.com/templates/presentations/google-slides/


Here are a few frequently asked questions about Google Slides Themes

How do I get other templates to add to my Google Slides?

There are many different themes and designs that you can download from MasterBundle. Most of these designs are compatible with Google Slides.

Can you add some music to your Google Slides?

Google hasn’t integrated this feature yet, but you can add videos to your presentations. You can use this as your music, but the video will continue playing until you jump over to the next slide.

How do I add narration to my Google Slides presentation?

Start by uploading your voice or narration to your Google Drive. Once you have done this, you will notice a speaker icon on your slide. Head over to the insert audio section where you should see your recent narration file.

Can you turn a Google Slide into a video?

Google Slides doesn’t have a feature that lets users save presentations as videos, however, you can use third party apps such as creator studio to create videos from slides.

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