20+ Awesome Fonts for Logos and Websites

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March 10, 2019 October 24, 2022 9 min
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Choosing an appropriate font for your future website or blog is very important. The font is like an image, it creates a special feeling while navigating your site. A well-chosen font helps the viewer to enjoy reading. It is always necessary to choose the font for the appropriate situation. In order for the reader to understand what is being said, it is very important that the font is readable. There are many things to think about when it comes to the readability of the text. These factors include the size, shape, and width of characters, the visual weight, the add-on, and subscript lengths, etc. Choosing a good quality font is a perfect start for creating interesting text, but due to the very small number of different fonts, making a choice can be very difficult. So today, we will discuss the top 10 best fonts to choose from.

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Top Font Bundles 2019

Bakersville – Font

Bakersville - Font


If you are looking for a handwritten font, you’ve just found one! You can select it for both commercial and personal use. It is very stylish and can be used in different areas. If you have a travel-oriented or historical website, Bakersville font is the way to go. For just $17.00 you can get this beautiful font. It also supports multiple languages. There are some additional things to choose from:

  • Logo creation is just $149.00 now (used to be $249.00)
  • Finest Stock Images set is $19.00
  • Complete Icons Bundle will cost you $23.00
  • Social media Booster Bundle became more available now for as low as $19.00
  • Content Writing Service $60.00

Giant Bundle 50 Font

Giant Bundle | 50 Font


The next one on our list is Giant Bundle 50 Font. It actually comes with over fifty multiple fonts to select from. A lot of world known web designers selected this bundle like the one to work with. For just $23.00 you will get a font for pretty much any situation. Specially dedicated team can even create your own logo for $149.00. To make sure you are satisfied, the logo can be redone for 3 times free of charge. Here is the short list of main and most attractive fonts that come in this bundle deal:

  • The Whiskey Font Collection
  • Yorkshire
  • The Restless Youth Trio
  • Oatmeal Stout
  • Gibson Script
  • The Cast Iron Family
  • Hustle Script
  • Hochstadt

Wayfarer – Hand Drawn Font

Wayfarer - Hand Drawn Font


If you are full of energy and inspired to give your website a new life, select Wayfarer Hand Drawn Font. This font will be a perfect match if you are into handcrafting or if you like to antique and unique things. With the lowest price on the market, for just $17.00 you can get a full access to this font. Once you complete the purchase, you will receive this font in .OTF file format. Multiple sets of capital letters will be provided also. Extra add-ons to choose from are also available, so I would recommend you to take a look at them as well:

  • Logo creation is just $149.00 now (used to be $249.00)
  • Finest Stock Images set is $19.00
  • Complete Icons Bundle will cost you $23.00
  • Social media Booster Bundle became more available now for as low as $19.00
  • Content Writing Service $60.00

Native + Instapress Font

Native + Instapress Font


This particular font is being used now by professionals worldwide for a couple years already. However, it still looks new and fresh. The very cool thing about this font is that it comes with Instapress. It is specially created for those Instagram enthusiasts who want to show their account to subscribers in some special way. With a very loyal price of $17.00, this is one of the most popular fonts nowadays. For an additional $19.00 you will get a special Social Media Booster Bundle which will raise the activity level on your page. It is definitely worth of every penny spent.

Here are some cool features:

  • Comes with a PSD file
  • Three different actions
  • Photoshop action
  • TTF format

Gibson Script + Extras Font

Gibson Script + Extras Font


One of the bestsellers for people that have personal blogs. Very soft and gentle tones were used while creating this font. I would recommend you to use this font for logo creation. Especially will look perfect on some sort of barbershops or maybe private bakery. At a very reasonable price of $18.00, you are getting Extras font as well. If you are looking not just for font, but want to get more and more visitors through social media, take a look at Social Media Booster Bundle. By the way, it is on sale now for just $19.00.

Hustle Script – Monoline Font

Hustle Script - Monoline Font


So far we have discussed five different fonts. So let’s move on! You are full of different ideas? Creating interesting posters is your hobby and you are looking for your very special font? Here you go, Hustle Script – Monoline Font is all you need! It includes three weights such as:

  • Light
  • Regular
  • Bold

At a very reasonable price of $18.00, your proverbs will look so much new and redesigned. If you need to convert it to the web font, it is possible as well. You can do it at any time you want. If you would need some more help, check add-ons that are available:

  • Logo creation: $149.00
  • Finest Stock Images set: $19.00
  • Complete Icons Bundle: $23.00
  • Social media Booster Bundle: $19.00
  • Content Writing Service: $60.00

Belfast – A Dry Brush Script Font

Belfast - A Dry Brush Script Font


You will notice for sure a very natural and authentic look of this script. It will be perfect for use on postcards, invitations, prints or brand names. Signatures in such font look very sharp and realistic. I bet you will not find anything cheaper than that. Belfast cost is only $17.00. It will be a very good investment for your business. If you do not have the logo yet, don’t worry. Logo creation option is available for $149.00

Arbour – Hand Drawn Font

Arbour - Hand Drawn Font


Arbour Hand Drawn Font was created by Hustle Supply Co. It is the newest and updated font. Being multilingual, it opens new horizons in front of you. Western European characters are included. In a single pack for just $17.00, you will get two fonts. Very clear and easy to read letters can be used on prints, logos, advertisements. Stock images are already included for free. However, you can additionally purchase Finest Stock Image Set for $19.00. Content writing service is available for $60.00. You will get a unique text written according to your request.

Parlour Sans Font

Parlour Sans Font


For those who are in love with Parlour font, Parlour Sans is the most updated version of this font. It is the manliest style font. It will be perfect to use it in different tattoo studios, barbers, pubs, etc. The full collection of glyphs comes with the package:

  • Alphabet
  • Numbers
  • Punctuation

It will be available in OTF format for you after you complete the purchase. It is on sale now for just $17.00. Do not hesitate to order Parlour Sans Font to make your website design look strong and masculine. Movember guys will like it for sure!

Oatmeal Stout – 5 Styles Font

Oatmeal Stout - 5 Styles Font


The last one in our top 10 charts is my favorite. It is called an Oatmeal Stout – 5 Styles Font. Being very popular as a menu font in multiple restaurants, Oatmeal Stout will be your right choice if you own a restaurant or a small cafe. Very clear and understandable letters will make your prints cozy and unique. The various diversity of typefaces are available:

  • Rough
  • Rough Aged
  • Aged
  • Hatched
  • Hatched Rough

With all this being said, for just $17.00 you will get a universal font that can be used anywhere online!

Today, I showed you the top 10 font designs that are available online. As I mentioned previously, it is very important to select the correct one. Just decide what exactly you are describing and how do you want it to look like. Always remember that correct typographic choice will bring you more potential clients and visitors. Each font has its own style and charm. It is always about not what you say, but how you say it!

Just Because Font

Different fonts serve different purposes. And if you need a font for fashion store, wedding card or love letter then Just Because Font is definitely what you need. It includes Uppercase, lowercase, numeral and punctuation symbols. Moreover, you can edit it with a visual editor. Yet, it already includes Light, Regular, Bold, ExtraBold, Black and Swashes styles you can use to diverse any text. It is perfect for presents and you can decorate any gift and present it Just Because you want to.

Fonatik Font

Fonatik font is a real multitool when it comes to elegant and clean design. It contains a huge library of 650 stylistic alternative glyphs, 110+ vector elements, 10 premade logo templates, 3 bonus font families and you can play with them to create perfect design elements or you can change them with a visual editor. Moreover, it is multilingual and suits many design styles.

Kocka Font

Looking for something modern, stylish and multilingual for your design projects? Then you should check the Kocka font. It is a great tool for any design due to its neutral, yet eye-catchy stile. It is a full font pack and includes Uppercase, lowercase, numeral and punctuation symbols. It is a good choice for wedding invitations, gifts, brand logos or even an online art gallery. Just check the product page and you will see how good and multipurpose this font is.

Billystuck Signature Font

Sometimes you want to highlight some text on your design and you don’t know what to do? Don’t worry, we got you covered. And this Billystuck Signature Font is definitely what you need. It is stylish and you can use it for signatures, titles, quoting and so on. Yet, if you want to play with text design, you edit it or use for a whole paragraph.

Belinda Font

If you need something stylish and vintage then Belinda is definitely what you need. Made by professional designers it looks like the handwritten font and will be perfect for many design projects. It is great for museums, literature clubs, invitation cards or magazine headers. It is simple, yet eye-catchy font with regular and italic styles. It is multilingual and includes letters, numbers, and symbols. You can find out more on the product page.

Blupurpl Font

This bold and futuristic sans serif typeface includes Regular, Space, Outline and Two-line fonts you can use to decorate your design and create a vintage or futuristic design style. It is a great choice for titles, signs, logos, product packaging or an addition to any background. And if you want to change this typeface than all you need is a visual editor and imagination.

Mellifret Font

This is a semi-bold font with elegant, clean and strong lettering design. It will be a multipurpose tool for various text decorations, titles, information highlight, background editing and so on. It includes ligatures set, alternate font, and swash characters set and you will get it in 3 font files. Moreover, it is free for commercial use and you can create commercial design projects, or provide customers with printed t-shirts.

Highway Font

Highway is a font collection that includes 6 font styles, 44 vector elements, and 16 premade logo templates. Made by a team of experienced designers it is a very responsive and eye-catchy design tool for your texts and titles. You can also use it for backgrounds or use it for highlighting the most important information. It has a creative elegant design and looks like a handwritten font. It is a great choice for any designer and we are sure you wouldn’t be disappointed after you check the product page.

Irina Font

It is very fashion and flashy font you can use for magazines, fashion or clothing stores signs, packaging covers, brand logos and so on. Yet, Irina is suitable for many other design projects and depending on your design style can look corporative or strict. It includes Uppercase, lowercase, numeral and punctuation symbols and you can use them to diverse your design.

Desislava Font

Desislave is a very attractive and feminine font. It will be suitable for many design projects. Desiaslava is a great tool in case you want to make your text or title more romantic. Moreover, in case you need something luxury than Dsislava will be a good choice too. It includes 5 fonts, 26 vectors, and 24 textures. All of them are highly responsive and all you need for a good design is a visual editor and your imagination.

The Gwathmey Signature Script Font

When it comes to text design you need to choose a perfectly suitable font. Yet, The Gwathmey Signature is a multipurpose product so you will have no problems with creating a brand page, magazine titles or decorating a blog, webpage or an invitation card. The Gwathmey includes tons of glyphs you can use for decoration too. Moreover, it is simple to install and highly responsive. Due to this feature, it works perfectly on all gadgets and OS. In addition, you can use it with Abode InDesign, Adobe Illustrator or even a Microsoft Word.

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