Minimalist logos Trends & Changes in 2023

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Minimalism in Branding: Which Famous Businesses Choose Minimalist Logos in 2022 [Audio Version]
Minimalism in Branding: Which Famous Businesses Choose Minimalist Logos in 2022 [Audio Version]

Nowadays, branding and web design tends to be more aesthetic, sophisticated, and eye-catching. Thus, there is no surprise that many famous companies change their logos into something more minimalistic and simple. All of these minimal logo designs continue to be outstanding and recognizable.

If you are into logo design, then nothing is easier than taking ready-made templates and customizing them according to your personal needs. MasterBundles has many cool minimalistic designs for any taste!

And now let’s see how the trend for minimalism changes today’s graphic design and branding, and evaluate some of the most prominent minimalist logo examples we’ve found for you.

Minimalism in Graphic Design

Minimalism in design does not mean getting rid of all elements but keeping only the necessary elements. Minimalism is a trend in graphic design that keeps only the most basic characteristics from the creative process itself, such as brevity of means of expression, simplicity, precision, and clarity of composition. Minimalism is considered a simplistic movement, but graphic designers themselves know that it is not so simple. Minimalism encompasses the highest degree of conceptualism and abstraction.

But what is a minimalist logo? If a logo consists of only basic shapes and lines and has a minimal color scheme, it is seen as a minimalist logo design. This style is very popular these days because creative minimalistic designs grab the attention and interest of almost every casual passerby.

In order to create a quality minimalist design, the designer must have not only the ideas but also know the artistic means of expression that are appropriate for this style. Thus, let’s have a look at the main elements of the minimalist trend.


One of the basic moves of minimalism is the use of metaphors to convey certain concepts. Metaphorical imagery can be typographic and become a central component of a composition.

Black and white silhouette of a beaver on a white background.

Logo by Giorgi Sisauri

Black and white muzzle of a bear and black inscription.

Bear Logo by Second Eight

Empty Spaces

Another characteristic of minimalism is the use of negative space as a means of artistic expression. When looking for a stylish logo in this style, do not be surprised to see large amounts of unfilled space. Free space is one of the basic elements of minimalism as a graphic design style.

Black and white stripe with inverted title.

Luke Haag Films Logo by Rob Hobkins


The style is characterized by the use of grotesque (sans serif) fonts in addition to the use of typography as a metaphor. Since the point of minimalism is to maximize the use of minimal resources, the letters should be simple yet expressive and convey the character of the company.

Minimalistic image of a tree, paws and an inscription.

DogPark Logo by Benjamin Oberemok

Italic lettering and color palette below.

Porsche Logo Concept by Stian


Minimalism often uses symbols rather than images. The essence of a symbol is that its meaning is clear to everyone, and there is no need to add text or pictures to explain it.

Black square with black stripes inside.

The Desk Company Logo by Lisa Jacobs

White circles with stripes on a black background.

Oxena E-bike Brand logo by Lisa Jacobs


If you want to make a minimal design use textures as well as consistent colors.

Multicolored circles and crosses on a white background.

Zarrini Wines Logo by Gennady Savinov

Products that Come in Handy if You Want to Be Minimalistic

MasterBundles also has something to offer simplistic designs lovers. Let’s see what we have.

Flat Minimalist Logo Bundle

Collage of black and white logos of different companies.

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Need something elegant but simple at the same time? This set of 20 cool minimalistic logo templates will help you make your new company logo.

Geometric Logo Pack

Коллаж из логотипов с геометрическими фигурами и текстом.

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Geometry as well as logo minimalism trends rule in 2022, so grab this collection of 110 amazing logo designs and create your own unique branding.

6 Triangle Logo Set

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Minimal Logotype Collection Floral Style

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Floral and natural motifs remain popular this year as well. So we could not pass by this awesome collection of minimalistic and elegant templates.

Minimal Branding Logo Pack

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Minimal Typography Logos Bundle

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This is a collection of 40 custom-crafted and adorable logo designs and symbols. All of them are made as vectors and are easy to customize.

If you like to create original minimalistic logo templates and other minimalistic arts, feel free to share them with potential customers via our comfortable and easy-to-fill-in Sell Your Deal Form.

How Famous Brands Changed Their Logos in 2022

It’s not a secret that many famous brands did some rebrandings in recent years. In 2022, the companies started to change their designs to more minimalistic and simple ones. So let’s see how some of the giants made changes to their logos.


French automaker Renault recently surprised many Europeans by redesigning its logo. Well, it is not common for automakers to gradually change their logos over the years. Recently, however, many car companies have redesigned their logos to reflect a more modern, futuristic aesthetic.

Renault logotype variants.


Barilla, the market leader in pasta, celebrates its 145th birthday this year. While little can be seen from the new brand logo, much has changed in the context of the packaging, the most important visual element in the industry, and all changes can be evaluated very positively.

Barilla logotype variants.


Scandinavian agency Bold, together with the Minecraft Brand Direction & Creative in-house team, has developed a new brand logo. The designers believe they’ve managed to develop a lively visual language that retains basic patterns and recognizable brand character.

Minecraft logotype variants.

Baskin Robbins

The new logo features a new corporate color, a bright emblem, and the number “31” in reference to the brand’s classic slogan “31 flavors” (meaning that every day of the month, a new flavor of ice cream can be tried).

Baskin Robbins logotype variants.


The iconic Ferrari automaker already revealed its 75th-anniversary logo. It is a trendy composition of the letters 7 and 5, with the dates 1947 and 2022 engraved in them. Additionally, the number 5 has the brand’s distinctive black horse inset into its belly.

Ferrari logotype variants.


This redesigned logo offers greater graphic flexibility, which is especially important in the digital age where some decorative elements do not display well on small screens. The new design should also be more legible when scaled down to fit the menus of streaming programs and social media applications.

ABC logotype variants.


Pete Matthews, design director for the Pringles brand, said that maintaining this iconic look was an integral part of the renewal.

The intent of the new design, he says, “is to simplify and modernize the design, showcase the brand’s mascot in a bold way, and emphasize the ability to stack tips across the entire series.”

Pringles logotype variants.


Following in the footsteps of other automakers, Volvo refreshed its logo. So, starting in 2023, the company will adopt a simple, flat, modern emblem. The new logo is now completely flat, with no volume on the rim, brand arrow, or text. The new graphics are designed to give the brand a greater presence in the digital world and make the brand instantly recognizable to younger consumers.

Volov logotype variants.

We hope that all the minimalist logo examples presented in this article will be inspirational for you. Consider the trends but do not forget to be original and show your unique style through the branding you create. May the creative force be with you! 🙂

Minimalism in Branding in Infographic

Infographic Minimalism in Branding.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about the minimalism in design

How do you use minimalism in design?

Minimalism in graphic design can be found in branding as you read in this article. Many posters, ad banners, social media templates, presentations, as well as web design tends to be more minimalistic too.

Why is minimalism important in design?

Because minimal logo designs are remarkable, as they catch the eye and don’t irritate the potential customer.

What are the principles of minimalist design?

The main principles of minimalist design include using metaphors, symbols, textures, simple typography, and free space.

Why are logos minimalist now?

Because we need to perceive a lot of information each day, it is important to create brand logos that are easy to perceive, remember, and recognize out of the crowd of various trademarks and emblems.

Some Awesome Videos about Minimalism in Branding

NASA Logo Redesign: MasterBundles Makes a Logo Minimalistic

In 2022, many businesses went for minimalistic logos. While Pringles, Volvo, ABC, and others redesigned their logos in favor of minimalism, there are brands and companies that stood true to their old logos.
Hence, our designer Valeriia decided to play a game called “What if famous companies made their logos more minimalistic” and there you are – a process of redesigning the NASA logo! 
Let us know in the comments if you like the video, so we keep creating similar content! Share your ideas on what company should be the next one 🙂
💜 [MB] MasterBundles:
💜 Companies that redesigned their logos in 2022:

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