How to Choose a Cool Business Logo: 7 Types of Logo Design

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How to Choose a Cool Business Logo: 7 Types of Logo Design [Audio Version]
How to Choose a Cool Business Logo: 7 Types of Logo Design [Audio Version]

The logo is the “face” of the company. It pops up in our minds when we think of a brand. This is the first thing that new customers encounter in branded products, letterheads, business cards, posters, websites, etc. Therefore, it is important to decide on the very best logo style for the brand.

The main goal of the designer is to make sure that the logo meets the goals of a potential client and makes the customer’s brand recognizable.

Of course, one cool logo is indispensable, but it plays an important role in the prosperity of a business. The right style determines whether the logo reflects the values ​​and meaning of the company. The right logo design will appeal to the customer’s and keep them returning to the brand because they have a good feeling about the company.

We have prepared a set of classifications for various types of logos. Each is shown with examples and recommendations β€” pay attention and apply this knowledge to your next branded design project. This will increase your level of design strategy several times over. You can proudly offer the client the most appropriate logo style for his niche.

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Why Does a Business Need a Logo?

A logo is a simple visual symbol that creates a brand identity for a business in the marketplace. To stand out from the competition, it is not necessary to create a complex logo that shows all of the company’s activities, or one that the customer’s mother likes πŸ™‚

Logos can include abstract symbols or characters β€” it depends on the type you choose after analysis. We will talk about this below.

To create a really cool logo, you need time, skills, analysis of competitors, analysis of the target audience and its preferences, and the words that it wants to reflect. It's not easy for you to draw a perfect picture the first time, so the development of a logo and brand design is often an expensive and time consuming activity.

So, if you are creating different types of logos and you want to save your time without losing quality, then this may be a really good option for you. On this logo design page, you will find cool templates and graphics for your work. There is a large selection for different niches and for any budget.

Two Main Approaches when Creating a Logo

For convenience, we divide the logos into 2 categories:

  1. Font logo. Here the designer looks for a cool font for the company name and refines it to the specifics of the client’s wishes.
  2. Corporate badge with a font logo. In this format, the designer can be more creative by creating a brand icon to go with the text logo. This logo style is convenient to use where the text doesn’t stand out enough on its own.

Collage with logo structure categories

Let’s look at the types of logo design that exist and why they are needed.

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7 Types of Logos for Business

Text logos

These types of logos are distinguished by the fact that they have only a text component. This type can be divided into 2 categories.


This style is ideal for companies with a long name. So you can take the first letters of the full name for the logo and get creative. It is convenient because more ideas for implementation will immediately appear, and such a logo will be easier to read and remember.

Collage with logotypes consisted from words.

It is also important that the logo looks good at smaller sizes. This is difficult to achieve if you have to cram 3-5 words for the name into the design. With too many letters or words, nothing will be visible at all. It’s just too cluttered.

For example, we all know what NASA is, but we may not immediately be able to say that it is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Just imagine how it would look if you tried to fit this long name into a logo design? It’s just too much, so we shorten it to NASA and that becomes their recognizable brand element.

Here, as for all logos, it is important to choose the right font. It should be easy to read and show the spirit of the company (entertaining/strict/serious/humorous).

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Words or Trademarks

If a company has a short and clear name and wants to have minimal or no logo icon styling, then a font logo is a great choice. At the same time, the name must be easy to remember. This style was chosen by such global brands as Google, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Visa, etc.

Collage with logotypes of most famous world brands.

There are no additional icons needed in this style, the font is the most important element and if done right it will portray the brand perfectly. The designer must choose a really great font to capture the meaning of the company.

For example, for a brand of children’s toys, a rounded font with slight curves is suitable, while for a law firm, it is better to choose a strict font. Agree, there will be little trust in a law firm whose logo is created from a rounded font, where the height of the letters is different. People probably wouldn’t take them very seriously or believe that they are very professional so that makes it a wrong choice for their company logo.

When creating such a logo, you need to immediately check how it is going to look on different media. What looks good on a screen may look absolutely terrible on product packaging so it is not the best choice. Make sure the logo works in all environments where the brand will appear, in digital and print media. This will help avoid creating an unsuccessful logo that will have to be redone.


If you want to strengthen the emotional connection between the consumer and the brand, then a character logo can help. Such logos evoke more brand associations than regular text logos. If having a character or mascot works for a particular brand, then this is the way to go. Again, a law firm doesn’t need a character or mascot to be thought of professionally. The logo style must match the brand.

People quickly interpret the personality of a brand’s character, which is also the nature of the brand, and decide how they will build a relationship with the brand. Such logos will melt hearts and are better remembered because of our associations. You can read about this principle in the article on psychological principles in design.

Remember Colonel Sanders of KFC, or Mr. Proper, smiling from a pack of burgers, who appears after a certain rhythmic melody in all the commercials? That’s it! That’s the way it connects the customer to the brand.

Collage of human or animal logos.

Also, the character can be used for all of the company’s promotional materials, applications, social networks, etc. with great success due to its recognition.

This style is especially great for brands that cater to young audiences, families, and small children.


The name itself typically bears associations with educational institutions and athletic teams.
The use of emblem style logos was created on the principle of seals and coats of arms, where important information is inside the form of the image.

These are the styles of logos we’ve seen most often in established institutions, athletic teams, government agencies, and auto companies with long histories (although a lot of brands are doing minimalist redesigns these days to make them more appealing to the younger generations).

Collage of logos of famous brands in the form of emblems.

Such a logo looks solid, but because of the large amount of detail embedded into the design, it may not display well when printed in small sizes or on mobile device screens. If you are tasked with creating this style of logo, be careful with the design so it can be effective wherever it is used.

This style of logo is best suited for sports teams, car companies, castle-style establishments, family crests, and educational institutions where it is important to the brand that the logo includes several different elements.

Signs and symbols

We see this style every day: Apple’s bitten apple, the Twitter bird, Target’s bullseye, and so on.

Collage of logos of famous brands in the form of symbols.

Deep meaning and ideas are laid in signs and symbols in order to evoke specific associations among users. These logos help set a strong brand voice tone. And if the company has received recognition, the symbol will increase recognition further. This is the power of such logos.

However, there are a couple of downsides to this style. It can be difficult to create a concept because the logo must be relevant today, tomorrow, and in 3–5 years.


The main difference with this type of logo is that an abstract geometric figure is used as an image or a unique way to show lettering. Cool examples are the logos of Nike, Reebok, Pepsi, and Adidas.

Collage of logos of famous brands in the form of abstract symbols.

They are easy enough to implement, but they still need to make sense.

For example, imagine that you received a request for a logo for a construction company and you chose this style. You decide to go for an abstract style to make sure it stands out from other house logos. You have decided to use 2 square blocks for your corporate badge. The logo turned out to be stylish and cool, but the customer may not understand why you chose that style. They are in the construction business and may not be convinced that a stylish logo will attract the right customers.

Now it all depends on the presentation of your idea.You have a choice:

  • You try to convince the client that it’s just so cool they should use it πŸ™‚
  • You could try to claim that 2 squares next to each other characterize a stable foundation, as with their company projects. As a bonus, itt looks stylish and minimalistic, which will definitely help them stand out from the competition.

Hopefully you make the right choice and win their business.

Tip: Put meaning into your design so that you can present to the customer all the value of the work you have done. Do this and then your design will be more than just a picture.

It is worth noting that this logo style is great for international companies because it is quite neutral in relation to religions and the perception of symbols in different countries. It could help create a global image for the brand that will attract attention everywhere.

The combination mark

It is easy to start right away with examples of world-famous companies: Burger King, and Intel are a couple of examples. A text inscription combined with a symbolic (or graphic) image works in combination, reinforcing and complementing the effect of each other.

Collage of logos of famous brands in the form of a combination of text and graphics.

Such a logo will help strengthen the association of the brand name with the graphic image that will be recognized among consumers. In the future, you will be able to rely solely on the logo symbol, and you won’t always have to include the text portion to receive brand recognition. They will know the name just by seeing the image.

Dynamic style

This is something that is definitely on trend! Dynamic logos are gaining momentum and are breaking the rule of consistency in logos a bit.

Collage of bright unusual logos of famous brands

These types of logos require a basic foundation that will show up everywhere. Further, if desired, the logo can be upgraded. For example, they can change colors, fill, and change elements in places, stretch, or narrow.

This option is suitable for dynamic brands, especially in the digital industry.

It is best to not get too carried away with constant changes and adaptations of a brand logo so that there are no problems with the perception of the target audience over time.

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Products that Come in Handy when Creating Logos

Creating a good logo takes time and effort, so we have prepared a selection of customizable logo templates that will help you complete your tasks faster and without sacrificing quality.

All Initial Letter Logos Bundle

Collage of business cards and stickers with text and letter logos.

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All Initial Letter Logos Bundle is a collection of premium logos with all letters. The initial letter logo is very popular for commercial branding. Each logo is fully editable and very easy to customize.

100 Vintage Stock Logo Templates – Only $24!

Collage of logos in vintage style.

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This is a very cool set with lots of vintage-style logos. Can be used for coffee brands, purses, food packaging, etc. This is an excellent price for this quantity of designs! If you like retro style, then this article will help you understand this in more detail.

Lion Animal Logo 4 Template Color & Gradient Low Price

Collage of logos in the form of a lion's head with a lush mane.

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These are Lion logo templates that you can use and modify as needed. These are high-quality, clean and professional logo templates. These logos are ideal for the niche of premium men’s watches, clothes, and accessories.

Cerberus Greek Mythology Logo [Sphinx Creatus]

Collage of logos in the form of heads of Cerberus in the Greek style.

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The Cerberus Greek Mythology logo can be used as a company or brand logo (for example, a modern coffee shop). Looks great on both light and dark backgrounds.

Female Silhouette Logo Template Design

Collage of logos in the form of a female silhouette.

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At the heart of the logo is the silhouette of a girl. Such a logo is suitable for cosmetic brands, spas, or beauty salons. The minimalist design looks good on business cards and printed products.

Modern Ribbon W Letter Logo

Collage of logos in ribbons and text.

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This package uses an interesting implementation of the logo style. It can be used for online wallets and other digital companies.

Adorable Cute Baby Koala Sleeping Kid Children Logo

Collage of logos with images of koalas in different versions.

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This is a very cute Mascot-style logo because this koala evokes pleasant associations and emotions in us. Such a logo will fit perfectly in a children’s niche, especially on items for children’s sleep.

Do you create logos in similar styles and you’re looking for a place to sell them? Then welcome to MasterBundles β€” convenient Sell Your Deal work that allows uploading works in a matter of minutes, cool conditions for vendors, and we welcome designers of any level and style. Uploading the work will take 5 minutes, and you will already have an additional source of income.

How to Choose a Cool Business Logo: 7 Types of Logo Design in Infographic

How to Choose a Cool Business Logo: 7 Types of Logo Design in Infographic.

We briefly reviewed seven types of logos. Now you can choose the right style for the niche and goals of your client, and this will bring you a lot of good reviews and decent pay.

Before creating a logo, be sure to analyze competitors and related niches so that your design is effective. Also, learn how to make a meaningful design and justify one or more choices to the client.

Remember that thoughtful design will not only elevate the brand but is also more memorable, increasing the level of trust in the brand. This can bring in a lot of money for a business.

Please, leave your comments if you liked the article and want more content – I will gladly dive deeper into this topic!


Here are a few frequently asked questions about the logos.

What is logo and its types?

A logo is a simple visual symbol that creates a corporate identity for a business in the market. To create a high-quality and working logo, you first need to decide on the style – a set of constituent elements. In the article, we considered 7 main styles.

What is the best logo type?

Each style has its pros and cons, so it is difficult to objectively single out just one. Each style covers the specific needs of the client. In addition, it is important not to forget about the quality of implementation. You can find cool templates for your projects here.

How do I choose a logo?

It’s important to analyze competitors from the desired and related niche, analyze the target audience, and study the company’s activities in detail. From this information, choose a logo style and create several concepts, present them to the client, and let him choose πŸ™‚

What are the rules of logo design?

This is an extensive topic and we can create a separate article for this. In short, the logo should be high quality, vector, understandable, convey the idea of the brand, adaptive for different media, and the design should be relevant not only today but also tomorrow.

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