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Business Presentation Description

Business Presentation. This presentation template is very easy to use, to support your presentation so that it gets a lot of customers, believe me, your presentation design is an important factor in your company.

Main Features:

  • 60 Total Slides.
  • 30 slides light & 30 slides dark.
  • Widescreen Ratio 16:9.
  • Easy To Customize.
  • Include Master Slide Layouts.
  • Use free font.

Included Package:

  • Powerpoint .pptx File.
  • Help Guide Documentation.

Business Presentation Previews

Blue template for different business.

Pattern with people photo in blue color.

Creative variant for photo represent.

Excellent optimization of text space with visuals.

In this template, you can write information in paragraphs, filling out in a beautiful table.

Special slide for text.

Hemisphere for photos and one paragraph for text.

Slide for the text, but thanks to the creative solution for the design of the block, the text is very easy to read.

An ingenious solution for displaying photos.

The template is full of special icons and elements.

The pattern is dominated by blue and partially white, which creates an atmosphere of trust.

The template has a business style, but many of the slide design solutions are very creative and modern.

The template assumes acquaintance with the director of the company on a separate slide, where his strengths will be described.

There is a slide for the team, where there is not only a description, but also links to social networks.

Creative space for your team.

For the portfolio, a special design was created from soft shapes.

Another slide for the portfolio.

This slide is for a portfolio with captions if you have something to say about each of your products.

This template is perfect for business presentations because it contains tons of portfolio slides.

It's time for creative portfolio slide.

SWOT analysis. Here you can describe the strengths of your project.

SWOT analysis. Here you can describe the weakness of your project.

SWOT analysis. Here you can describe the opportunities of your project.

SWOT analysis. Here you can describe the threat of your project.

Another variant of the SWOT analysis, but on one slide in the form of a flower.

Price table for this business presentation.

Chart and diagram in blue gradient.

Chart looks like a small cartoon people in square format.

Unusual diagram with themed icons.

Infographic in honeycomb format.

This infographic is like a blue mountains.

Pipe maze infographic.

Cycle of three parts in blue.

Russia maps.

American maps.

China maps.

Slide with a contact information.

A special small icons for this template.

Icons for business presentation.

Thank you and goodbye slide.

Business Presentation by MasterBundles Pinterest  Collage Image.

Business Presentation by MasterBundles Pinterest  Collage Image.

Business Presentation by MasterBundles Pinterest  Collage Image.

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Business Presentation: Powerpoint, Keynote, Google Slides - MasterBundles - Pinterest Collage Image.

20 Business Presentation Powerpoint Keynote Google Slides

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