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Independence PowerPoint Template

Independence PowerPoint Template. This stunning bundle includes 3 Independence presentation templates: Powerpoint, Google Slides, Keynote

Formats of Independence PowerPoint Template:
– Powerpoint | PPTX
– Google slides
– Keynotes | Key

Features of this Independence PowerPoint Template:

  • 16:9 screen layout
  • Fully editable
  • Easy to change colors, text and photos
  • 50 different slides
  • Playful design with a Independence PowerPoint Template
  • Examples of styles for graphs, charts and tables
  • Icons & maps for your Independence PowerPoint Template
  • Use as a Google Slides, Keynote or PowerPoint template

Main template page on the laptop.

Independence PowerPoint Template Previews

Slide on a white background with Statue of Liberty, blue frame at the top and red below.

Template slide with a flag image on the left, and a text block on the right.

Slide with round flag image with the letter S on the right, and text box on the left.

Template slide with the team member on the right, and text box on a dark gray background.

Slide with round photos on a white background, and a place for text above and below the photo.

Independence Day slide with rectangular photos, and captions in blue and dark gray blocks.

Slide with blue background, round text blocks, and icons in them.

Girl with American flag, and hand with flag, text blocks are in the right and left corners.

Slide on a red background with text and icons that indicate services.

Slide with two street and flag images, and three blue and red blocks with icons for text.

Slide name on the bright fireworks background, icons on the white background at the slide bottom.

Slide with two blue and one red text boxes, and three icons in each.

Pictures of fireworks, and flag against the sky, place for vertical text on the right.

Sculptural portraits of three US presidents on the right and a text block with icons on the left.

Statue of Liberty and Lincoln Memorial images, text box at the top, and 2 text boxes with icons.

Slide order, and a text block at the bottom.

Big picture of American street with white and red letter O, and text space on the left.

4 charts with three blue, red and white lines, and text describing each chart on the right.

Color bar chart and blocks on the left for comments on each bar.

Pie chart in American flag colors, and text blocks on the right.

Slide with three big photos of American city, administration, and children with American flags.

Big horizontal photo at the slide bottom, and a small text block at the top.

Slide with American bridge and Statue of Liberty background, and flag with 3 icons in the middle.

Slide with American flag images, and text blocks in the right and left corners.

Slide on blue background with two images of Statue of Liberty, and small text box on the right.

Slide with text box on the left, two icons, and three images of the American flag, and fireworks.

Slide with American flag in semicircular frame against the blue sky, and text blocks on the right.
American flag color charts with three text blocks at the bottom.

Unusual 3D chart of red, blue, grey and black with four text blocks on the left.

Slide with 3 bar charts with blocks for captions under each and the icons.

Slide with 4 text boxes and icons for each, and infographics in the middle.

4 text boxes and icons, in the middle infographics shows the connection between them.

6 text blocks on white background, and color infographics in the middle.

Another version of the slide with 6 blocks of text, and infographics that creates the letter S.

Stylish infographic slide with text blocks along the large colored letter W.

Infographic slide on white background with red and blue frame on top and bottom, and text boxes.

Infographic slide with content on white background, and the letter T with colorful cubes.

Stylish slide with icons for each text block, and color infographics.

Slide with graphics in the middle, and text blocks with icons around it.

Slide with step text boxes near each icon, and color graphics in the center.

Red slide with laptop image on the left, and 3 icons next to each text block on the right.

2 monitors with American flag and bridge in the middle, 2 text blocks and 4 icons around them.

Monoblock image with fireworks, and 4 blocks with text and icons around it on a white background.

Slide with icons and 4 text boxes around an image of an American street.

Text boxes and the White House image on the slide with the American flag style background.

Slide with grey outlines of Europe and USA maps, and 2 text boxes under the comparison maps.

Gray map of the USA with marked icons, and text blocks around it.

Europe map with highlighted areas and text boxes on the left with icons.

World map with icons, and charts drawn on it.

Final slide with contacts on the American flag background.

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2 years ago

Great template!!! I’ve been looking for a suitable solution for so long, and here it is! I was surprised by design. Special thanks for the icons and slides with maps! I highly recommend it.

2 years ago

Really user-friendly and time-saving. Everyone enjoyed the presentation!

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