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Military Powerpoint Template

Military Powerpoint Template. This presentations is a professional PowerPoint template featuring the military. The military are forces responsible for the task of defense of the state and its citizens, and the prosecution of war against another state. Use our professionally designed military powerpoint templates & background for military or army powerpoint presentations. This template is based on an army soldier. It also includes tank, helicopter, and other shapes so that you can express it in a variety of ways.

Characteristics Value
File type PPTX, KEY, Google Slides
File size 168.8 MB
Number of slides 50
Contains Icons, maps, playful design, graphs, charts and tables
Widescreen Format 16:9

Formats of Military presentation template:
ā€“ Powerpoint | PPTX
ā€“ Google slides
ā€“ Keynotes | Key

Features of this Military Powerpoint Template:

  • 16:9 screen layout
  • Fully editable
  • Easy to change colors, text and photos
  • 50 different slides
  • Playful design with a Military Powerpoint Template
  • Examples of styles for graphs, charts and tables
  • Icons & maps for your Military Powerpoint Template
  • Use as a Google Slides, Keynote or PowerPoint template

Military Powerpoint Template Previews

Example of what a template looks like on a computer display

Template home page layout in a stylish workplace.

Military PowerPoint Template slides while creating a presentation.

Template main slide appearance in military colors.

Military template slide on a laptop.

Military Powerpoint Template Slides

Stylish title template slide in themed military colors.

Variants of slides that contain Military PowerPoint Template on the military helicopter background.

Slide About Us with two soldiers' photos, and a text box at the bottom left.

Slide About Us with military and helicopter photo, and place for text in the centre of the slide.

Another variant of About Us slide with more space for text.

Goals & Objectives slide with military background and three blocks for text.

Goals & Objectives slide on military background with three round text blocks.

Slide Our Services with a text area on the left, and a helicopter picture on the right.

Slide Our Services with the tank image on the left, and a place for text on a white background.

Elegant version of Our Services slide, where all space is available for the text.

Our Services slide with a big military photo on the left and text box in front of it.

Slide Our Team with white background, large three square photos, and text place under them.


Slide Our Team provides more space for text and allows to mark the skills of team members.

Slide Strengths with a picture on the left, and a space for three text sections on the right.

Slide Weaknesses with text on the left, picture on the right, and huge letter W for slide marks.

Slide Opportunities with a huge letter O on the military background, and the text on the right.


Slide with military background, and four text blocks.

Our Portfolio slide with images on top of the slide, and text box at the bottom left.

Slide Our Portfolio with three huge photos, and a small text space on the left.

Slide Our Portfolio is divided into four blocks, two of which are for photos and two for text.

Slide Our Portfolio where there is more space for photos, and on the right block for text.

Slide Our Portfolio with the main photo, and a few small, and little text space on the right.

Slide with an information chart with three pie charts, and a graphic at the bottom.

Information chart with a large pie chart, and a space for text describing the data.

Slide with three bar charts, and captions for each one at the bottom.

Slide with graphics on a white background, and text on the right with dark background.

Slide with colorful charts and text blocks to describe results.

Slide with infographic design, and three blocks for text.

Slide with infographics, three stylish color blocks that are filled with text.

Infographic slide with the ability to place images, and add text.

Infographic slide with five blocks for text and five boxes of images.

Infographics slide with six text blocks, each one has an icon.

Infographic slide with icons and text, and separate blocks with the analysis results.

Infographic slide with six text blocks, and a large circle that is divided into parts with icons.

Infographic slide with four text blocks and big figure with marking icons.

Infographic slide in which the icons are depicted in the tree form, the text is on the right.

Infographic slide where most of it is used for text.

Infographic slide with four text blocks, and marking icons create the large puzzle.

Infographic slide where the main object is the intertwined circles.

Devices mockup with a small image and a place for text.

Devices mockup where the main emphasis is on text.

Devices mockup with dark military background, small image, and four text blocks.

Devices mockup with military images, and space for text.

United States map, and information on a yellow background.

Europe map with marks, and explanations in text boxes.

Military PowerPoint slide with map comparison.

Slide with map comparison without text.


Slide icons that can be used to mark text blocks, charts, graphs.

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