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Engineering Powerpoint Template

Engineering Powerpoint Template. This bundle includes an amazing presentation template for Powerpoint, Google slides & Keynote in 4 color schemes: blue, yellow, green and red.

Formats of Engineering presentation template:
– Powerpoint | PPTX
– Google slides
– Keynotes | Key

Features of this Engineering powerpoint template:

  • 16:9 screen layout
  • Fully editable
  • Easy to change colors, text and photos
  • 50 different slides
  • Playful design with a Engineering powerpoint template
  • Examples of styles for graphs, charts and tables
  • Icons & maps for your Engineering presentation
  • Use as a Google Slides, Keynote or PowerPoint template

Main page view of the engineering presentation template on a monoblock.

Man is working on an engineering presentation.

Displaying one of the presentation slides with excavator image.

View of the slide template with the team photo on the laptop screen.

Thematic engineering slide presentation with gray mechanics photos.

Main slide on grey background with cranes, mechanisms, and place for title on green background.

Engineering presentation slide with white background and slide list, and gray image on the right.

Slide with text blocks on the right and two vertical gray engineering images on the left.

Stylish slide with text on the left and green icons, 2 buildings pictures on the right.

Slide with gray bridge images and man twisting the crane, the text box is on the right and below.

Slide with a gray background and 3 green text blocks with icons, also text can be added above them.

Slide with engineering background, green background with icons in the centre and text below.

Engineering drawings, and tractor wheel on the right, 3 text boxes in green and grey on the left.

Background with digging excavator on top and text on white background on bottom.

Slide with images of factory workflow and worker with helmet, text boxes and icons are on the sides.

Slide with green background and three dark grey text blocks with engineering icons.

Slide with 3 black and white photos of workers in helmets and text under each of them.

Slide with 4 round engineers' photos, and text blocks at the top and bottom.

Slide with engineer's photo on the right and on a black background text box with skills score.

Photo of the work object on the right, and 3 small text blocks on the left.

Big black and white excavator image on the right and text boxes with green marks on the left.

Stylish green and white slide with photo on the left and 3 text blocks on the right.

Black and white engineering photo on the right, there are 3 boxes for title and text on the left.

Slide with images of engineer and the work conducted, text box and green icons on the left.

Slide with colorless tractor bucket photo, in the middle green background with crane and 3 icons.

There are 6 engineering photos, on the right there is text box, and 3 green icons with percentages.

2 black-and-white tractor and engineering mounts images, text on a green background is on the left.

At the top is gray image of working technique, at the bottom is text box on a white background.

Slide with professional engineering pictures.

Upper part of the slide is for diagram, the lower is for commenting on the diagram data.

On the left is pie chart in green, black, and gray, on the right is text box to explain the chart.

Bar chart in the thematic colors, 4 text blocks on the right.

Slide with 3 bar graphs, under each text with a title and green icons in a black circle.

The slide is intended only for a pyramidal chart with percentage.

Slide with percent circles, and text blocks under each.

Slide with round infographics, each part of which is filled with icons, around it 6 text blocks.

Slide with angled arrows in green and grey colors, each of which is filled with text and icons.

Circular infographics with icons inside, on the left 6 text blocks with titles.

Slide with white background, 4 text boxes with black contoured icons, and a square infographics.

Slide in green grey with large multi-colour lamp-shaped graphics in the middle.

Slide with a contour image of the lamp in the middle and texts around the main object.

Infographics in green, gray and dark grey with icons on the left, 3 text blocks on the right.

On the right are text boxes with titles and icons, on the right is house-shaped graph with puzzles.

Infographics with color puzzles in the middle, and text with percentages explaining the image.

Unusual orbicular infographics with thematic colors and icon with text box near each sphere.

Green icon near each text block, and smartphone with building photo in the middle.

Slide with green icons, and at the bottom there is dark background with vertical engineering image.

3 green round icons with text near each, and gray building image on a laptop.

2 engineering images on monoblocks, and at the bottom 2 green icons with a text block.

Picture of the man twisting the crane in the middle, and 4 text blocks with icons around them.

Gray USA map with icons for particular areas, and 4 text blocks around the map.

Europe map with icons, text boxes with icons on the left.

Black and green maps of the USA and Europe with text blocks above each of them.

World map with charts on countries, and 3 icons with gray, dark gray, and green titles on the left.

Slide with big structure image, green background, and contact details with icons in the middle.

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