Best Halloween Patterns.

Halloween Pattern You Will Need This Spooky Season

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By: Rita Asta September 30, 2020 9 minutes

Halloween Pattern. The Spooky Season has officially started, which means that you might already have a whole bunch of ongoing Halloween projects. However, are you sure that you have all the graphic elements to complete those orders? In case, you feel like you need some new patterns, you are no doubt going to be interested in this article because today we are talking about Halloween patterns.

2020 Graphic Design Trends

First things first, in order to complete a trendy and up-to-date project, you need to know the main 2020 graphic design trends. So let us take a brief look at those.

1. Deformation of visual presentation
The specificity of this design is the effect of a moving picture, which is in fact a static image. It adds some playfulness as well as draws a user’s attention to the picture.

2. Asymmetric layout
Asymmetric layout is one of the best ways to attract people’s attention to your design. It is extremely eye-catching and makes more people look closer at your ad banner, website, or logo.

3. Sophisticated fonts and serifs
Minimalist fonts are no longer popular. In 2020, you want to use elaborate eye-catching fonts that will immediately draw the users’ attention.

4. Illustrations
Another bright detail that is super popular in 2020 is various illustrations. Obviously, those illustrations have to be minimalist and stylish, however, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be bright and fancy.

5. Textures and patterns
Certainly, various textures and patterns rock in 2020 and will probably be quite popular in 2021 as well. So adding some lovely patterns to your graphic elements library is a must.

30 Halloween Patterns: Free and Premium

1. Ghost pattern Halloween spooky Premium Vector

Price: available with Premium Freepik License

2. Colorful seamless pattern with cute creepy Halloween characters and decorations

Price: available with Premium Freepik License

3. 20+ Halloween Seamless Patterns in 2020

Price: $5

4. 10+ Best Halloween Patterns in 2020

Price: $7

5. 12 Scary Halloween Patterns

Price: $5

6. Free Halloween Patterns: 3 Geometric Patterns

Price: free

7. Hand drawn Halloween patterns Free Vector

Price: free

8. Flat design Halloween pattern Free Vector

Price: free

9. Hand drawn Halloween patterns Free Vector

Price: free

10. Halloween Seamless Patterns Set 2 by pixaroma

Price: $5

11. 6 Halloween Patterns by kotoffei

Price: $8

12. Halloween Digital Papers by La Boutique dei Colori

Price: $4

13. Halloween pattern sets by GooseFrol

Price: $9

14. Orange and Black Halloween Patterns by Avenie Digital

Price: $8

15. Set Halloween Patterns

Price: $6

16. Seamless Halloween Pattern

Price: $2

17. Halloween Pattern

Price: $5

18. Halloween Pattern

Price: $4

19. Halloween pumpkin monster lantern seamless pattern vector image

Price: $14.99

20. Halloween Symbols Seamless Pattern Orange vector image

Price: $14.99

21. Halloween pattern vector image

Price: $14.99

22. Seamless Halloween pattern vector image

Price: $14.99

23. Halloween Patterned Pumpkins

Price: available with Vecteezy Pro License

24. Cute Halloween pattern seamless for background

Price: available with Vecteezy Pro License

25. Spooky Halloween Pattern Collection

Price: available with Vecteezy Pro License

26. Free Vector Pattern Pumpkin Halloween

Price: free

27. Vector Halloween Pattern

Price: free

28. Artistic seamless Halloween pattern design

Price: available with Shutterstock subscription

29. Abstract seamless Halloween pattern for girls or boys

Price: available with Shutterstock subscription

30. Boo! Seamless vector Halloween pattern with skulls, bats, bones and ghosts

Price: available with Shutterstock subscription

Top 10 Free Patterns for Those of You Who Are on a Budget

1. Free Halloween pattern

2. Halloween elements seamless pattern vector Free vector

3. Halloween pattern Free vector

4. Halloween pattern vector seamless Free vector

5. Free Halloween Pumpkin Pattern for Vector and Photoshop

6. Black and White Halloween Pattern Free Vector

7. Halloween Colorful Patterns Free Vector

8. Seamless Halloween Patterns Free Vector

9. Hand drawn design Halloween patterns Free Vector

10. Hand drawn Halloween patterns collection Free Vector

Final Word

Having a collection of different graphic elements is extremely important for every graphic designer. Moreover, it is crucial to update your library on a regular basis, so you have all the trendiest elements in your collection. Halloween patterns are definitely among the most popular and useful graphic elements and since the Spooky Season has already begun, it is the very time to add some Halloween graphics to your library. So stop hesitating and get some lovely Halloween patterns that will help you come up with high-quality projects.

Have you already started working on Halloween projects? What patterns do you use in your projects? Let our friendly community know in the comment section down below!

Some Questions You Might Have

🎃 Where can I find Halloween graphics?

You can look for a vast variety of graphics on such digital marketplaces as MasterBundles, Creative Market, Graphic River, Shutterstock, Vector Stock, Freepik, and many more. So do not hesitate and check out these online marketplaces if you haven’t found your perfect pattern on this list.

🎃 What projects can I use Halloween patterns in?

Obviously, perhaps the only type of project you can utilize these patterns are Halloween projects. unfortunately, this type of graphics wouldn’t work for other projects. At the same time, during the season, you will no doubt receive a whole bunch of Halloween orders, so you’ll definitely use most of the Halloween graphics you have.

🎃 What is an example of a decent pattern?

Any item from this list is an example of a decent pattern but, certainly, I have my personal favorites, which are 10+ Best Halloween Patterns in 2020, 20+ Halloween Seamless Patterns in 2020, and 12 Scary Halloween Patterns. So have a closer look at those

🎃 Are premium graphics better than free ones?

Premium graphics are premium for a reason, so yes, they are better than free ones. However, there is a lot of cool free options for those of you who are on a shoestring budget as well. So do not underestimate freebies

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