50+ Best Halloween Patterns You Will Need This Spooky Season

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The spooky season has officially started, which means that you might already have a whole bunch of ongoing Halloween projects. And you probably want to diversify them with bright Halloween patterns, stylish graphics, terrifying images, and weird fonts.

However, are you sure that you have all the graphic elements to complete those orders?

In case you feel like you need some new patterns, you are no doubt going to be interested in this article because today we are talking about Halloween and sharing free & premium ready-made goodies.

Halloween Cartoon Seamless Patterns:

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Halloween Cartoon Seamless Patterns 1500 1500 1.

Halloween Cartoon Seamless Patterns


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2022 Graphic Design Trends

First things first, in order to complete a trendy and up-to-date project, you need to know the main 2022 graphic design trends. So let us take a brief look at those.

First things first, in order to complete a trendy and up-to-date project, you need to know the main 2022 graphic design trends. So let us take a brief look at those.

  • Colorful minimalism
  • In the last year, a lot of work has been done by modern creators, and now we can talk about a complete change in the concept of minimalist design. Fans of the new minimalism are appearing in the world, in which there is a mix of two designs using only important semantic components. Color and creativity have become advantages of many well-known brands, which discarded redundant elements and focused on visual effects.

  • Geometric shapes
  • More and more geometric shapes are prominent in graphic design this year. Everywhere you look, you’ll see designers using such shapes in their work, replacing the abstract shapes that used to define graphics. What’s great about geometric shapes is that they’re easy to create and use. Not to mention the fact that they remain consistent throughout the image.

  • Monochrome effects
  • As an offshoot of the two-color trend of 2017, monochrome effects are becoming increasingly popular among graphic designers. Even if you will simply use a monochrome filter, an extraordinary result is guaranteed.

  • Psychedelic design
  • Some designers think that abstract psychedelia is about to return in the upcoming year. It will be represented by complex abstractions and an abundance of color in graphic design. However, the use of grotesque and confusing images will be stabilized by symmetry, creating a vision of order amidst the chaos.

  • Textures and patterns
  • These elements are getting more used in various projects. Of course, the different textures and patterns that have been popular in previous years are still trending in 2022. So adding some lovely patterns to your graphic elements library is a must.

    Top Premium Halloween Patterns in 2022

    Let’s start with the premium items designed with all the subtleties of this mysterious holiday in mind. Here is a selection of the freshest and best Halloween patterns. Also, we have great news for designers, who create patterns and textures. If you want to sell your works, become our vendor! We offer flexible terms of cooperation, timely payments, and an easy-to-use Sell Your Deal form that can be filled out in a few minutes. Sell your impressive works to our clients and become a part of the huge team of MasterBundles vendors.

    20+ Halloween Seamless Patterns

    Collage of images of pumpkins, witch hats, skulls and ghosts.

    button for more details.

    Price: $5

    Add color to your holiday project with this set of cute Halloween patterns featuring skulls, bats, ghosts, witch hats, etc. Use them for prints, gift wrapping, table linens, stationery, banners, and presentations. The bundle includes 4 AI, 6 EPS and 23 PNG files in high quality.

    12 Scary Halloween Patterns

    A collage of blue and yellow Halloween patterns on an armchair, pillow and t-shirt.

    button for more details.

    Price: $5

    Enjoy easy to work with and stylish products. Use this offering for Halloween art projects. Create colorful party invitations, complete the spooky look with unusual prints and develop stylish web designs.

    Halloween Skull Digital Paper

    A collage of images of skulls on white, black and orange backgrounds.

    button for more details.

    Price: $5

    Use this Halloween pattern background for a variety of ideas. Choose between personal, commercial, and extended licenses. High-quality items are available to you in JPG format.

    Halloween Digital Paper Pattern Bundle

    Collage of cushions upholstered in colorful fabric with pumpkins and skulls.

    button for more details.

    Price: $5

    The only thing better than Halloween pattern wallpaper is a whole set of stunning designs. Here are 20 colorful options that you can use for cards, posters, invitations, presentations, phone cases, packaging, and more. Bring your ideas to life with the flexible program and handy format you can select from (EPS, JPG).

    Halloween Seamless Pattern Collection

    Collage from the image of a bedside table with a picture of houses and black cats.

    button for more details.

    Price: $8

    Try this set of seamless Halloween patterns that are full of thematic elements associated with the holiday. The collection of 10 high-quality offerings in JPEG, and PNG file formats. Use them for party decoration, greeting cards, packaging, fabric design, magnets, posters, etc.

    Halloween Seamless Pattern

    Rolls of wrapping paper in white, orange and blue with ghosts and pumpkins.

    button for more details.

    Price: $10

    Enjoy bright designs with these Halloween seamless backgrounds. They come in EPS, JPEG, and PNG formats. Multi-colored prints with cute characters will diversify any of your projects and give them a real festive look.

    16 Halloween Digital Paper Set

    Collage of images of pumpkins, graves, crosses and black cats on an orange and blue background.

    button for more details.

    Price: $5

    Check out this unique offer that gives you access to over 15 Halloween patterns. They vary in style, so you’re sure to find the perfect solution to make your idea work. Operate in the easy-to-use program and create impressive prints and designs.

    Halloween Digital Paper

    A collage of images of pumpkins, graves, crosses and black cats on an orange and blue background and on notebooks.

    button for more details.

    Price: $5

    It is the perfect product for your creative ideas. Make colorful greeting cards, phone covers, clothing prints, nail art designs, packaging, party decorations, etc. The solution is available in JPG format and ready to print.

    Halloween Digital Paper Patterns Bundle

    Collage of images of black and orange wrapping paper with pumpkins and bats.

    button for more details.

    Price: $5

    Here is an interesting design that differs from the other offerings. The main accent is on the orange and dark thematic colors that are central to the images and festivities. Besides the understated prints, also get the benefit of Halloween wallpaper patterns with pumpkins, bats, and sweets.

    Halloween Patterns Digital Paper Set

    Collage of images of wrapping paper with pumpkins, owls and bats.

    button for more details.

    Price: $5

    Apply extraordinary patterns, and cartoon characters in Halloween look, ghosts, and other items to develop stylish visuals. Make interesting prints on stationery and textiles, create cards and invitations, print posters and banners, decorate your business cards, and create elegant party decorations.

    Halloween Digital Paper Bundle

    Collage of images of wrapping paper with pumpkins, skulls with red eyes and graves.

    button for more details.

    Price: $5

    Use these 16 Halloween background patterns to build a holiday project. It is great for book covers, poster design, banners, posters, and even for websites and social media.

    Halloween Seamless Pattern Doodle Background

    Collage of images of wrapping paper with pumpkins, white, black and purple.

    button for more details.

    Price: $5

    Here is a set of Halloween seamless backgrounds that surprise with their design and allow you to not be limited in the type of product you develop. The item is perfect for book covers, packaging, posters, business cards, prints on clothing and stationery, web design and applications.

    Halloween Digital Paper Bundle

    Wrapping paper collage with ghost, graves, moon and house.

    button for more details.

    Price: $5

    Try this set of 14 patterns that bring the holiday spirit. Scary, mysterious but very cute design characters are suitable for a variety of ideas. Make interesting invitations and postcards, prints on phone cases and stationery, posters and flyers, and party decorations.

    Halloween Digital Paper Set

    Wrapping paper collage with ghost, graves, bat, cats.

    button for more details.

    Price: $5

    Halloween is a time of scary spirits, interesting games, impressive looks, and, of course, festive designs for your projects. Decorate your company, social media and banners with high-quality Halloween patterns. Enjoy the variety of choices and the flexibility of customization.

    Fall Pumpkins Patterns and Elements

    Collage of images of wrapping paper with pumpkins of different colors and cats.

    button for more details.

    Price: $17

    Benefit from these cartoon patterns. Choose between 22 colorful design elements and 26 black outline products. They are available in JPEG file on white background, PNG format with transparent background, and 2 EPS10 files. Make customizations in Inkscape, CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator.

    12 Scary Halloween Patterns

    Collage of images of blue and yellow wrapping paper with geometric elements.

    button for more details.

    Price: $5

    Surprise your audience with unusual holiday preparations. Get the benefits with these 12 awesome horrifying Halloween background patterns. The kit includes products with the usual geometric patterns as well as skulls, owls, ghosts and bats.

    Scary Halloween Ghost Pumpkins and Skulls Patterns

    Collage of skulls, ghosts, bats on a black background.

    button for more details.

    Price: $4

    Try diversifying your visuals with these holiday patterns. They are available in AI, EPS, JPEG, and PNG formats for your convenience. Apply color solutions, or develop designs in black and white style. Create bright backgrounds, wallpaper, invitations, cards, banners and posters.

    Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pattern

    Image of different pumpkins on a black background and on a pillow.

    button for more details.

    Price: $4

    This multi-purpose pattern is suitable for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and autumn projects. Pumpkins and fall colorful leaves will work for cards, banners, business cards, websites, social media, packaging and clothing prints.

    8 High Quality Halloween Patterns

    Halloween style in classic colors.

    button for more details.

    Price: $5

    Get the benefit of 8 high-quality Halloween patterns in EPS, PNG, and JPG file formats. They are available in black and orange style and feature groovy details that are themed for the holiday. The product is suitable for scrapbooking albums, presentations, printed paper, home accessories, posters, and business cards.

    Halloween Pattern Set

    Diverse of Halloween elements with themed attributes.

    button for more details.

    Price: $9

    Choose these cool Halloween patterns that also come with a set of illustrations as a bonus. You get 22 EPS and 22 JPG files. Some of the files are available with transparent backgrounds, which opens up more possibilities for customization. Experiment and get awesome results.

    Seamless Halloween Pattern

    Skeletons, pumpkin and bats on the orange and black background.

    button for more details.

    Price: $6

    Here are stylish Halloween seamless backgrounds for a variety of purposes. There are 6 products in orange, black, and white. The items feature bright pumpkins, haunted houses, black cats, skeletons, bats, moons, ghosts, and stars. Apply these patterns to create scrapbook paper, gift bags, decorations, web design, and other digital design projects.

    Ghost pattern Halloween spooky Premium Vector

    All the most relevant attributes for celebrating Halloween are here - skulls and pumpkins.

    button for more details.

    Price: $9

    Add vintage patterns to your invitations, banners, holiday gifts decorations, clothing and stationery prints, presentations, and websites. Use Adobe Photoshop to edit JPG and EPS files, experiment with styling, and create eye-catching visuals.

    October Digital Paper | Halloween

    Creative colors and illustrations. With elements like this, you will definitely stand out.

    button for more details.

    Price: $9

    It is a collection of bright and stylish Halloween patterns that are sure to be a great part of your designs. They’re great for stationery prints, signs, greeting cards, t-shirts, mugs, scrapbooking, banners, presentations, ads, and social media.

    Scary and Creepy Halloween Patterns

    Black and white horror prints with skulls and bones.

    button for more details.

    Price: $18

    Try this Halloween seamless background which stands out for its scary and unique look. Black and white products with skulls and bones are the must-have for Halloween creations. Diversify your website, and print on clothing, invitations, accessories and postcards.

    Halloween Patterns with Jack-o-lanterns

    Autumn black and white print with a pumpkin that experiences different emotions.

    button for more details.

    Price: $1

    These elegant but stylish patterns are available in JPEG, PNG and PSD files. It opens up more possibilities to work in various programs. Edit products, add them to digital projects, print them, and enjoy eye-catching visuals.

    Halloween Patterns for Digital Paper

    No Halloween will go by without cats.

    button for more details.

    Price: $1.80

    Take a look at these 8 black and white patterns that are easy to work with. They are great for t-shirt design, packaging, home textile, phone cases, postcards, paper products, stationery, holiday gifts paper, and presentations. Unleash your creativity and enjoy the stunning designs.

    Adorable Halloween Pumpkin Pattern

    The bright orange color will accentuate the festive mood..

    button for more details.

    Price: $1

    This pattern with bright lights, witches’ hats, and bats should definitely be in your collection. Try it for any purpose and don’t limit your ideas. The authors guarantee quality and flexibility in editing.

    Halloween Seamless Patterns PNG

    A high-quality and varied print that perfectly describes the Halloween holiday.

    button for more details.

    Price: $9

    Here is a truly spooky bundle of Halloween patterns that will diversify your projects. They come with colored and transparent backgrounds, which means you have more options in experimentation and customization. Apply the offerings to bed linens, wall decors, posters, signs, stickers, scrapbooking, and cards.

    Groovy Boho Halloween Autumn Set

    Delicate autumn print to celebrate Halloween.

    button for more details.

    Price: $28

    It is an incredibly charming set of 40 seamless Halloween patterns. They are multi-purpose, so suitable for fall and Thanksgiving projects. The web solution is available in AI, JPG, PNG, and EPS formats.

    Rainbow Halloween Seamless Patterns

    A joyful and hilarious print for all Halloween lovers.

    button for more details.

    Price: $3.50

    Enjoy these 6 brightly colored patterns that fit bold ideas. They are perfect for websites, social media, banners, presentations, textile prints, phone cases, gift wraps, etc.

    Hand Drawn Design Halloween Patterns

    Very beautiful and high quality images of ghosts and pumpkins.

    button for more details.

    Price: available with a Freepik subscription

    This product combines scary and cute elements, so it’s perfect for your holiday artwork. Try them for fabric design, packaging, invitations, backgrounds, website design, party decoration, greeting cards.

    Halloween Seamless Patterns

    Small pumpkins and ghost.

    button for more details.

    Price: available with a Vecteezy subscription

    These are more understated 6 seamless free Halloween patterns that will fit a variety of needs. Create fun gift wraps, cards, invitations, posters, and presentations. They will also work for social media.

    Top Free Patterns for Those of You Who Are on a Budget

    Now let’s take a look at free Halloween patterns that also have a multi-purpose base and excellent quality. Hurry up, make your choice, and get started on your ideas.

    Free Halloween Patterns

    Collage of pumpkins, skulls, squares on yellow and blue background.

    button for more details.

    Want to diversify your approach to working style? Then take a look at these totally free Halloween patterns. They can definitely convey the atmosphere of the holiday and decorate postcards, business cards, presentations, websites, packaging, wallpaper, linens and prints on clothing.

    Hand Drawn Halloween Pattern

    Hand Drawn Halloween attributes.

    button for more details.

    Here is a high-quality web solution that includes all the necessary Halloween elements: ghosts, pumpkins, candy, and skeletons. They should definitely be in your graphic collection. Create eye-catching social media designs, banners, advertisements, invitations, and gift wrapping.

    Pattern Halloween Bats Pumpkins

    Like for a school halloween elements.

    button for more details.

    This is a top-quality and trendy offering that you can use absolutely free of charge. Stylish free Halloween pattern background combines geometric classic prints and terrifying holiday elements. Decorate any project and enjoy the awesome results.

    Collection of Halloween Patterns

    Collection of Halloween Pattern.

    button for more details.

    Enjoy the ease of working with these 6 patterns. They have lots of advantages: multi-purpose, originality, and cost-free. Make any holiday idea come true with them and remember that the limits are only in your head.

    Free Halloween Pattern

    There are never too many pumpkins.

    button for more details.

    Create colorful party invitations using this pumpkin vector pattern with jack-o-lantern graphics. It is perfect for posters, business cards, scrapbooking, packaging, fabric design, invitations, and other purposes you can imagine.

    Halloween Elements Seamless Pattern Vector

    Orange color and various prints that directly symbolize Halloween.

    button for more details.

    This is a totally free set of cool Halloween patterns that are impressive in appearance. They are great for any project related to this spooky holiday. Complete your party looks with a bag in this print, design unusual cards, etc.

    Halloween Pattern – Free Vector

    Black bats covered the white sheet of this background.

    button for more details.

    Try this black and white pattern with cute bats. It is available in AI and EPS formats. Edit the product in Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, or any other handy program.

    Halloween Pattern Vector Seamless – Free vector

    Various small items for Halloween celebration.

    button for more details.

    Enjoy the multi-purpose nature of these patterns. They work well for a variety of Halloween related ideas, as well as for any of your everyday projects. Choose between 9 offerings and create awesome designs.

    Free Halloween Pumpkin Pattern for Vector and Photoshop

    Garland pumpkins - This creative solution will set you apart from the crowd.

    button for more details.

    It is a product that easily adapts to your goals. It is available in color as well as with transparent backgrounds. This allows you to choose the most appropriate color to suit your needs. Use the Halloween pattern for presentations, banners, ads, packaging, and social media.

    Black and White Halloween Pattern Free Vector

    The classic symbol of any horror events is ghosts.

    button for more details.

    If you want to use only quality backgrounds in your work, evaluate this product. It is made in high resolution and you can see cute ghosts in black and white style on the pattern. It is great for Halloween or any other themed party.

    Halloween Colorful Patterns Free Vector

    Sweet and delicate elements for a cool Halloween party with your family.

    button for more details.

    Take a look at this impressive Halloween pattern set and you’ll definitely want to try it in your artwork. Get 4 items with all sorts of different illustrations, allowing you to diversify the designs.

    Seamless Halloween Patterns Free Vector

    A little scary print to enhance the effect of the holiday.

    button for more details.

    To make a good-looking and interesting design project on the Halloween topic, you will be perfectly suited to this product. Get the benefit of 4 intimidating patterns with skulls, bones, and other interesting images.

    Hand Drawn Halloween Patterns Collection Free Vector

    Some witchcraft elements for your illustrations.

    button for more details.

    Do you want to work with quality products? Then try out these 3 unique patterns that are sure to please you. You get awesome, scary images that will look great on all your designs.

    Hand Drawn Halloween Pattern Design

    No autumn goes by without a Sabbath.

    button for more details.

    This is a high-resolution pattern that consists of illustrations of groovy pumpkin hats. Any of your Halloween design projects will play with new colors with this solution. It is great for posters, banners, scrapbooking, postcards, presentations and many other ideas.

    Hand Drawn Editable Halloween Pattern

    Pencil-drawn paraphernalia for a fun and interesting Halloween.

    button for more details.

    Here is a hand-painted pattern with images of ghosts, witches hats, skulls, and more that will look great on any product related to Halloween. Use it to design invitation cards, cloth printing, banners, ads, websites, apps, and even social media.

    Halloween Candy Pattern

    Perfectly depicted are candies that are handed out on Halloween night.

    button for more details.

    We all know how exciting it is on Halloween to get the candy that everyone loves so much. Use this amazing Halloween background pattern on your prints, posters, flyers, greeting cards to give it a festive look.

    Cartoon Skull Pattern Vector

    This illustration is similar to the Mexican traditional festival of honoring all the dead.

    button for more details.

    This product would look great on any Halloween design. The pattern depicts some funky and somewhat even intimidating skulls. Use it to make eye-catching greeting cards, postcards, brochures, presentations, scrapbooking, and the like.

    Pack of Geometric Halloween Watercolor Patterns

    Bright and shiny prints to add to girly illustrations.

    button for more details.

    Do you want to diversify your work and add some creativity to it? Then try these cool Halloween patterns that you’re sure to be happy with. Use them wherever you want. Everything is limited only by your imagination.

    Flat Design Halloween Patterns

    Flying eyes, evil pumpkins and the living dead are all included in this package.

    button for more details.

    Take a look at these 3 high-quality patterns that are perfect for any design work. They come in EPS format, so edit items in Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, or Corel Draw and enjoy the result.

    Halloween Seamless Pattern. Halloween Background

    Stylish print options that feature geometric shapes and classic Halloween illustrations.

    button for more details.

    Here is a high-quality set of Halloween backgrounds that suit all your needs. They look great on posters, banners, gift wraps, packaging, ads, social media, websites, apps, and even as prints on clothing.

    Free Halloween Pattern Set in EPS + PSD

    This is a real Halloween composition.

    button for more details.

    With fresh Halloween patterns, you can decorate everything. Round pumpkins, scary spiders, crazy bats – all creatures create a holiday atmosphere. 10 offerings are perfect for designing invitation cards, posters, scrapbooking, etc.

    Final Word

    Having a collection of different graphic elements is extremely important for every graphic designer. Moreover, it is crucial to update your library on a regular basis, so you have all the trendiest elements in your collection. Halloween patterns are definitely among the most popular and useful graphic elements and since the Spooky Season has already begun, it is the very time to add some Halloween graphics to your library. So stop hesitating and get some lovely Halloween patterns that will help you come up with high-quality projects.

    Have you already started working on Halloween projects? What patterns do you use in your projects? Let our friendly community know in the comment section down below!

    Some Awesome Video AboutΒ Halloween Patterns

    Best Halloween Patterns You Will Need This Spooky Season

    The Spooky Season has officially started, which means that you might already have a whole bunch of ongoing Halloween projects.

    Halloween Design Tutorial – For RedBubble Print on Demand & Etsy Printables

    Here we have a HUGE design with me video for print on demand sellers, as well as people who sell digital downloads!

    Draw with me in Procreate || Halloween Edition || Drawing process

    You can use these halloween elements to create a patterns, instagram stickers or printed stickers.


    Here are a few frequently asked questions about the best Halloween graphics

    Where can I find Halloween graphics?

    You can look for a vast variety of cool Halloween patterns on such digital marketplaces as MasterBundles, Creative Market, GraphicRiver, Shutterstock, Vector Stock, Freepik, and many more. So do not hesitate and check out these online marketplaces if you haven’t found your perfect pattern on this list.

    What projects can I use Halloween patterns in?

    Obviously, perhaps the only type of project you can utilize these patterns are Halloween projects. Unfortunately, this type of graphics wouldn’t work for other projects. At the same time, during the season, you will no doubt receive a whole bunch of Halloween orders, so you’ll definitely use most of the Halloween graphics you have.

    Are premium graphics better than free ones?

    Premium Halloween patterns are premium for a reason, so yes, they are better than free ones. However, there are a lot of cool free options for those of you who are on a shoestring budget as well. So do not underestimate freebies.

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