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25+ Spookily Beautiful Halloween Cards 2021

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Halloween Cards. An old tradition to send out cards to your loved ones for holidays is almost forgotten now, which is actually very sad. This is why we decided to try and revive this sweet tradition by offering you to send out some spooky yet beautiful Halloween cards to your friends, family, and significant others. So if you are interested in getting some lovely cards, this article is for you.

The Tradition of Sending Out Cards

For almost two centuries, people have been giving each other cards for the holidays. While some people purchase postcards in stationery shops, others prefer making those on their own. But no matter if you buy or make greeting cards, the tradition of sending them is quite old and incredibly sweet. In fact, the first postcard was sent by Henry Cole back in 1843, when he asked his friend, John Calcotton Horse, who was an artist, to paint such a gift for him. Soon, a new trend to send out lovely cards has spread throughout the world and it is still popular among some enthusiasts today.

As a matter of fact, in different countries, people have different traditions of sending out postcards. For instance:

In Japan, New Year’s postcards are sent with the image of the patron saint of the upcoming year (according to the Japanese calendar). Inside the card Japanese usually do not write any wishes, instead, they write their gratitude to this or that person as well as all the good things that happened to them in the past year.

In China, the picture on a postcard is always symbolic, which a receiver has to decode.

In Spain, giving a postcard is some sort of reminder of oneself. It is used as a business card so that a person can remind their potential clients about the services or goods they offer.

In France, people usually send out postcards after the holidays, which might seem pretty weird for the majority of people.

In Belgium, most people prefer to make postcards themselves.

In Australia, a symbol of happiness (a chimney sweep, a pig, or a four-leaf clover) is a must for every postcard.

As you can see, sending out postcards is a lovely old tradition, which is popular all around the world, so you definitely want to at least give it a try.

Halloween Cards for Everyone

Unlike Christmas or Mother’s Day, Halloween is a pretty unusual occasion for giving postcards. Yet it doesn’t mean that you cannot get some spooky cards and send them out to your family, friends, significant others, neighbors, or coworkers. Therefore, if you are interested in some Halloween cards, here are some cool options that I’ve found for you.

Treats and Fun Smiling Pumpkin Halloween Card

Price: $2.99

Double Treats Halloween Card

Price: $2.99

Cute Ghost Hugging Halloween Card

Price: $5.29

Graveyard Scene 3D Pop-Up Musical Halloween Card With Light

Price: $9.99

Ghost With Birthday Cake Halloween Card

Price: $2.99

Hallmark Signature Paper Wonder Halloween Pop Up Card (Haunted House)

Price: $12.66

Hallmark Halloween Cards Assortment, Best Witches (36 Cards with Envelopes)

Price: $9.56

Hallmark Shoebox Funny Halloween Cards Assortment (5 Cards with Envelopes)

Price: $13.79

Hallmark Halloween Cards Assortment, Wicked Cat and Pumpkins (8 Cards with Envelopes)

Price: $6.99

TUPARKA 30 Pack Halloween Greeting Cards with Envelopes and Halloween Stickers, 6 Halloween Designs

Price: $9.99

2020 Halloween / Halloween Card

Price: $5

Happy Halloween Card | Spooky

Price: $3.61

Halloween Card, As if 2021 wasn’t scary enough, Pumpkin Jack-o’-Lantern Greeting Card

Price: $4.20

Halloween Card, You’re Spooktacular

Price: $5

Vintage Halloween postcards 24 reprinted cards code 7014

Price: $6.82

Custom Vintage Moon & Black Cat Halloween Birthday Card

Price: £3.35

Pumpkin Witch Halloween Card

Price: £3.25


Price: £3.30

Cat Trick or Treat Halloween Card

Price: £3.55


Price: £3.45

Trick Or Treat Squad Halloween Card

Price: $5.95

Meow-loween Halloween Card

Price: $4.95

Cat O’Lanterns Halloween Card

Price: $5.95

Ghost You’re My Boo Halloween Card

Price: $5.95

BOO! Black Cat Card

Price: $5.95

Boo Who – Halloween Card

Price: available with Greeting Island Premium Subscription

Happy Halloween – Halloween Card

Price: free

Wild Halloween – Halloween Card

Price: free

Easy DIY Halloween Cards To Make With Minimal Supplies

Create handmade Halloween greeting cards for this festive holiday. Get inspired by these DIY Halloween cards to make with minimal supplies.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there is a huge selection of cute, funny, and spooky Halloween cards to choose from, so you’ll no doubt find something cool for your loved ones. In fact, both giving and receiving lovely postcards for holidays is a lot of fun, so why don’t you have a look at all these beautiful options mentioned above, and revive this sweet tradition on Halloween?

Have you ever sent out holiday cards? What was your experience? Feel free to share with our friendly community in the comment section below!


🎃 How much does a Halloween greeting card cost?

On average, a greeting card costs about $2-$10, which is pretty affordable, so you can buy the cards for all your friends and relatives.

🎃 Are there any free options?

Yes, there are. Such online platforms as Greeting Island offer a variety of free digital cards. Besides, you can also make a card by yourself, which would make it even more special.

🎃 What is an example of a cool Halloween card?

🎃 I create cards on my own, is there a place where I can sell those?

You can try to sell your cards as well as other graphics on MasterBundles. Follow this link in order to find out all the details and create a vendor’s account.

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