30+ Spookily Beautiful Halloween Cards 2022

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30+ Spookily Beautiful Halloween Cards 2022 [Audio Version]
30+ Spookily Beautiful Halloween Cards 2022 [Audio Version]

An old tradition to send out cards to your loved ones for holidays is almost forgotten now, which is actually very sad. This is why we decided to try and revive this sweet tradition by offering to help you send out some spooky yet beautiful Halloween greeting cards to your friends, family, and significant others. So if you are interested in getting some lovely cards, this article is for you.

The Tradition of Sending Out Cards

For almost two centuries, people have been giving each other cards for the holidays. While some people purchase postcards in stationery shops, others prefer making them on their own. But no matter if you buy or make greeting cards, the tradition of sending them is quite old and incredibly sweet. In fact, the first postcard was sent by Henry Cole back in 1843, when he asked his friend, John Calcotton Horse, who was an artist, to paint such a gift for him. Soon, a new trend to send out lovely cards had spread throughout the world and it is still popular among some enthusiasts today.

As a matter of fact, in different countries, people have different traditions of sending out postcards. For instance:

  • In Japan, New Year’s postcards are sent with the image of the patron saint of the upcoming year (according to the Japanese calendar). Inside the card, Japanese usually do not write any wishes; instead, they write their gratitude to this or that person as well as all the good things that happened to them in the past year.
  • In China, the picture on a postcard is always symbolic, which a receiver has to decode.
  • In Spain, giving a postcard is some sort of reminder of oneself. It is used as a business card so that a person can remind their potential clients about the services or goods they offer.
  • In France, people usually send out postcards after the holidays, which might seem pretty weird for the majority of people.
  • In Belgium, most people prefer to make postcards themselves.
  • In Australia, a symbol of happiness (a chimney sweep, a pig, or a four-leaf clover) is a must for every postcard.

As you can see, sending out postcards is a lovely old tradition, which is popular all around the world, so you definitely want to at least give it a try.

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Premium Halloween Cards for Everyone

Unlike Christmas or Mother’s Day, Halloween is a pretty unusual occasion for giving postcards. Yet it doesn’t mean that you cannot get some spooky cards and send them out to your family, friends, significant others, neighbors, or coworkers. Therefore, if you are interested in some Halloween cards, here are some cool options that I’ve found for you.

And if you are involved in the development of eye-catching Halloween cards and other topical products, then become part of the MasterBundles team. Vendors get nice cooperation terms, fast and timely payments, and easy registration. Fill out the Sell Your Deal form and start selling now.

Vintage Halloween Postcard

Vintage black and white Halloween cards with witches.

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Price: $3

This is a perfect idea for greeting cards. Vintage Halloween card with a witch is available in PSD, TIFF, and JPEG formats. You can also send it in the post, because a printable version is available with delivery. Experiment with the shape, change the background, and edit the item to make it brighter and send it to your friend.

Halloween Postcard Pin-up Witch

Vintage black and white Halloween card with a witch on the background of an envelope and roses.

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Price: $3

Try this awesome postcard option that is inspired by vintage style. It is available in 2 colors. Be open to experimentation and edit the product in a handy program. Make cute designs for signing or order the invitation card to be sent offline.

Halloween Сards Collection

Cute cartoon witch and monster on green and orange background.

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Price: $15

Here’s an awesome solution to complement your gift. The set includes 6 vintage Halloween greeting cards with groovy captions. Bright design, funny characters, and a festive Halloween mood – you get it all. Surprise your beloved ones with unusual forms of greetings. Postcards are available in JPG, PSD, and TIFF formats.

Happy Halloween Greeting Cards

Black postcard with a tombstone and a photo of a witch and an imp with a pumpkin.

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Price: $9

This is a fully customizable product with a bright design and an unusual approach to holiday congratulations. Work in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator programs. You get a help file, free fonts, customizable colors, and space for photos. Complement the template and make a striking design for your greeting.

Halloween Posters, Cards, Seamless

Collage of Halloween party invitations with skeletons, pumpkins, tombstones.

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Price: $14

Try these fully prepared cards. The bundle includes poster and greeting card blanks. They’re filled with a vintage vibe and a scary touch. The products are flexible in customization and are available in personal, commercial, and extended commercial licenses.

3 Halloween Greeting Cards

Collage of postcards with skeletons, cats, ghosts and pumpkins.

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Price: $6

Enjoy awesome printable Halloween cards with the main characters of this scary holiday. You get 3 JPEG and EPS files. Experiment with shapes and fillings without losing the high resolution. The product can also be used as a print on textiles.

Halloween Night – Cards & Patterns

Halloween gift wrapping paper.

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Price: $18

This is a huge bundle including 20 seamless patterns, 15 pre-made cards, 68 graphic elements, and 12 lettering phrases. They are available in AI, EPS, JPG, and PNG formats and are flexible to change. Mix and match the elements to create attractive cards, invitations, presentations, prints, etc.

Hocus Pocus Musical Halloween Card With Light

Yellow card with big sign Hocus Pocus.

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Price: $8.99

Take the benefit of this cute Halloween card. Bright colors, cheerful ghosts, groovy lettering, and musical accompaniment await you. Choose this item for your friends and complete their Halloween gift.

A Scream Halloween Card

Purple postcard with a dead girl and a skeleton in a tailcoat.

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Price: $3.99

Opt for this happy Halloween card as a gift. It is easy to personalize and has space to write your text. The product is also available for sending in the post, so hurry up and make your loved one happy with this unusual way of greeting.

You’re a Firebolt Halloween Card

Drawn Harry Potter flies on a broom against the backdrop of Hogwarts.

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Price: $2.99

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Then use this Halloween greeting card. It comes in a fun envelope and is available for delivery by post. Just write the address and you will receive a high-quality product.

Boo Bark – Halloween Card

Painted animals in Halloween costumes.

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Price: available with Greeting Island Premium Subscription

This is a very cute greeting card for dog owners. Finish off your Halloween gift with this funny Halloween card. Edit the product right on the site, add text, photos, and create unusual effects.

Gold Midas Skin 2 Greeting Card

Greeting card with a Gold Midas.

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Price: $2.68

This perfect fortnite Halloween card is available in several sizes. It comes with a kraft envelope for mailing or gifting. It is a great option for fans of the game.

Treats and Fun Smiling Pumpkin Halloween Card

Yellow card with a smiling pumpkin and a Happy Halloween wish.

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Price: $2.99

Choose this unusual vintage style Halloween card. Its decoration is a cute smiling jack-o’-lantern design with glitter. There is enough space on the inside for you to write your wishes or attach your photo and so on.

Cute Ghost Hugging Halloween Card

Pink greeting card with cute ghost and spider.

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Price: $5.29

This is a very beautiful and funny Halloween card with glitter, spiders, and a ghost. On the inside is a smiling ghost and a space where you can write a few words to your friends. The product comes with an envelope to put the card in.

Happy Halloween Card | Spooky

White greeting card with cute ghost, pumpkin, spider and cat.

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Price: $3.36

Take this Halloween greeting card with cute characters. Completely blank form ready for your personal wishes to the dear people. Make the card part of the gift and amaze your friends with an unusual surprise.

Halloween Card, You’re Spooktacular

Photo of Halloween cards with black cat and orange pumpkin.

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Price: $5

Here is a great solution if you want to make your own lettering and diversify your gift. Use this vintage Halloween card with the stickers that come as a bonus. This product is a great way to say important words to your sweethearts even on such a scary holiday.

Vintage Halloween Postcards 24 Reprinted Cards Code 7014

Collage of vintage postcards for Halloween.

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Price: $12.55

This is a collection of over 20 options for cards. They are filled with a spooky atmosphere and bring out the real Halloween spirit. This is a perfect choice for card collectors as well as those who love extraordinary gifts.

Custom Vintage Moon & Black Cat Halloween Birthday Card

Black cat sits on the horn of the moon.

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Price: £3.87

The black cat is a symbol of mysticism, so it’s perfect for invitations or greeting cards. It is available in 3 sizes. You can also make a signature in the spread, because there’s plenty of space for that.

Pumpkin Witch Halloween Card

Card with a snowman made of pumpkins with a broom.

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Price: £3.77

This offering is overflowing with a vintage atmosphere, because all the colors have a slightly higher look. That’s what makes the product special. It is available in small, standard, and large sizes. The opening part is completely blank and is made for your wishes.

Cat Trick or Treat Halloween Card

Cats in white ghost capes and a black cat with candy in his mouth.

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Price: £4.07

Choose this cute card to make your loved one happy. Ghosts in the form of kittens with pretty faces are suitable for expressing your feelings even on Halloween. The product allows you to write any wishes or attach a photo. It all depends on your design preferences.

Tango Forever Card

Bar with skeletons dancing tango.

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Price: £3.92

This card is imbued with a Halloween feel. The dancing skeletons give it a special charm. The product comes in several sizes, as well as available in both vertical and horizontal orientations.

Trick Or Treat Squad Halloween Card

Little witch, teddy bear in pajamas and ostrich in a pumpkin on a postcard.

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Price: $5.95

This trick or treat card is perfect as an invitation to a Halloween party. Cute characters dressed in spooky celebration looks finish off the design. It’s up to you to write the text.-

Meow-loween Halloween Card

Kitten in a white ghost cape on a yellow background.

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Price: $5.50

Choose this cool option if you’re looking for greeting cards for cat lovers. The card will work as an invitation card as well as a greeting card, because you can fill in the blank side to suit your purposes. Make it part of your collection or present it to friends.

Cat O’Lanterns Halloween Card

Painted cats in the form of orange pumpkins.

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Price: $6.50

Cats, pumpkins, and Halloween are a perfect combination. So this Halloween greeting card should definitely be in your collection. The blank form allows you to write any wishes or an invitation to the coolest and scariest party of the year.

Ghost You’re My Boo Halloween Card

Drawn cute, funny ghost on a postcard.

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Price: $6.50

Give your beloved an unusual gift for Halloween. Write your best wishes on this cute card with a funny ghost. Any of your ideas can be complemented with this small but meaningful detail.

BOO! Black Cat Card

Drawn, cute black cat with bright yellow eyes.

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Price: $6.50

This is the perfect card that is suitable for more than just Halloween. Use the product as a greeting postcard, invitation, or as a picture to complement your gift wrap.

Boo Who – Halloween Card

Drawn, cute white ghost on the background of the starry sky.

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Price: available with Greeting Island Premium Subscription

Boo! A ghost with holiday garland would be perfect to top off any present. Write a few words or make your own special signature so the recipient knows who this mysterious greeting is from.

Amazing Free Halloween Cards

Happy Halloween – Halloween Card

Drawn ck cute kitten in a blue t-shirt and a purple cap near the cauldron.

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Create a Halloween greeting card absolutely free. Customize right on the site: add your objects, text, and edit it. Print the product in a few clicks and make your friend happy on the spooky holiday.

Wild Halloween – Halloween Card

Drawn purple moon, wolves and bats on its background.

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Try this free printable Halloween card. The design is neatly drawn in a wax crayon style. It creates an unusual look with a light, and in its own way childish atmosphere. The product can also be configured online to create special greetings.

Spooky Halloween Card

Halloween card with pumpkins, mouse, louis and house.

button for more details.

This is a very spooky, beautiful, and ready to print Halloween card. Add effects, insert photos, and attach beautiful captions. You can also change the style of the already prepared text, its color and size.

Vintage Halloween Card

Halloween card with two black cats.

button for more details.

Wish your family a spooky holiday. This postcard is a great way to make a cute greeting, because you can fill it with photos and also add some words inside. Edit the offering to suit your purposes and enjoy the awesome result.

Watercolor Spooky Card

Halloween card with cute ghosts, cat, pumpkin, skull and bat.

button for more details.

Here’s a watercolor style greeting card. The pumpkin, ghosts, black cat, and bat make it truly Halloweeny. It is available in one size and is completely editable.

Dracula Vintage Halloween Card

Dracula with red eyes against the background of the moon, a cemetery and bats.

button for more details.

This spooky card should definitely be in your collection. The famous phrase “hell is empty – all the devils are here” emphasizes the frightening Halloween atmosphere. The product is completely free and would also work as a poster or party announcement.

Happy Halloween Card

Purple Halloween card with bright orange pumpkins.

button for more details.

It’s a multi-purpose solution for creating a poster, invitation card, and greeting as well as a small advertisement or flyer. There is a place in the middle where you can insert any text.

What if I Want to Send a Postcard Online?

This is the best way to make your significant other, a beloved, or a friend simply happy. Wish them a Happy Halloween holiday or invite them to a party online. It’s easy to do:

  • Select a product from the collection
  • Edit it online or use a customization program
  • Send a postcard to an email

What if I Want to Send a Postcard Offline?

This is a great method for those who want to surprise their loved ones and take advantage of the much overlooked way of sending through the post office. By the way, many of the products in our selection have a printed version so you can easily send the product offline. You also need to choose a favorite offer, check the availability of the printed version and send the product specifying the data of the recipient.

Some Awesome Video About Halloween Cards

How to Create a Halloween Card in Illustrator: 4 Different Variants Shown

Tutorial on our blog


Here are a few frequently asked questions about the Halloween cards

How much does a Halloween greeting card cost?

On average, a greeting card costs about $2-$10, which is pretty affordable, so you can buy the cards for all your friends and relatives.

Are there any free options?

Yes, there are. Such online platforms as Greeting Island offer a variety of free digital cards. Besides, you can also make a card by yourself, which would make it even more special.

I create cards on my own, is there a place where I can sell those?

You can try to sell your cards as well as other graphics on MasterBundles. Follow this link in order to find out all the details and create a vendor’s account.

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