55+ Best Halloween Background Images 2022

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Halloween is coming and everyone has to be ready for it, including web designers. I am sure that you do not want to leave your visitors and customers without the holiday spirit. In order to celebrate with them during Halloween and show that you really care about your website, you have to decorate the website in Halloween style. This is when you need the best Halloween background to boost the design. I am here to help you. Take a look at how many great things I brought to you.

Remember, these scary Halloween patterns and backgrounds can be used for various purposes. You can make any type of image. You can use them for art installations, greeting cards, wallpapers, certificates, posters, decorations, and many other things. It is up to you how to use them and all you need is a good imagination. So do not waste your time and check them out to find a perfectly suitable product for your Halloween design project!

Vintage Skulls Digital Paper:

Smart deal
Vintage Skulls Digital Paper cover image.

Vintage Skulls Digital Paper


banner_3_The spookiest Halloween patterns.

Where Can You Find the Best Halloween Backgrounds?

The very first thing that comes to mind is of course the MasterBundles website. It is the ideal place to find backgrounds, images, patterns, textures, templates, and presets. We have plenty of amazing offers that will bring you inspiration for creating impressively spooky designs.There are a loot of bundles. And this is a great solution, because for a small amount you get a large number of backgrounds, images, and so forth.

Another easy way to grab cute Halloween backgrounds is to find them on stock photos websites.

Vecteezy. This is a fantastic website, which offers a large number of bright, high quality, and unique images. Also on the left side you have a panel on which you can specify your search.

FreePik. Here you can also find many eye-catching and extraordinary images. All elements are of high quality and different sizes. The site also has a panel where you can choose what you are looking for and by what criteria.

Premium Scary Halloween Backgrounds Images

Let’s start with premium products that surprise with their quality and versatility. Pick the best solutions for yourself and create unusually scary designs.

And if you’re into creating awesome backgrounds, and other graphics then become a vendor on our platform. Here you will get fast moderation, on-time payments, and ease of interaction. Fill out a small form and sell your goods on our marketplace.

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Halloween Seamless Pattern

White, orange and purple wrapping paper rolls with Halloween symbols.

button for more details.

Price: $10

Brighten up your holiday project with this Happy Halloween background. You get 6 seamless colorful patterns in high quality. They are great for gift wrapping, presentation backgrounds, websites, business cards, and print projects. Work in one of the handy formats (EPS10, JPEG, PNG).

Halloween Gothic Watercolor Digital Illustration

Watercolor painted skull, bushes and berries in green.

button for more details.

Price: $6

Try this set of creepy Halloween background elements. Here are great offerings of backgrounds and watercolor objects that are suitable for posters, banners, advertisements, clothing and stationery prints, scrapbooking, etc. Bring bold ideas to life based on quality web solutions.

Halloween Cartoon Seamless Patterns

Collage of well drawn cartoon characters of Halloween.

button for more details.

Price: $36

Enjoy the ease of customization and multi-purpose nature of these web products. Take advantage of this scary Halloween background wallpaper for invitations, cards, banners, scrapbooking, posters, web graphics, party decorations, textile prints, etc. The offer includes brightly colored drawings of Halloween themed elements.

Scary Halloween Seamless Patterns

Collage of painted white skulls, bats, ghosts on a black background.

button for more details.

Price: $4

Do you want to fill your project with magic and terrifying design? Then use this colorful web solution. It’s available in AI, EPS, JPEG, and PNG formats, which means you can customize the product in Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, Corel Draw, and Cricut programs. Create stylish prints on clothes, phone covers, bags, make eye-catching posters and banners, or decorate a room with impressive printable elements with this cute Halloween background.

40 Happy Halloween Vector Illustrations

Collage of drawn pumpkins, witches, cauldrons, ghosts on a white background.

button for more details.

Price: $15

Benefit from easily customizable, and suitable for various projects, high resolution Halloween backgrounds. The set contains 40 bright and high-quality illustrations with thematic elements: pumpkins, witches, hats, bats, and poisonous mushrooms. All of these will decorate any of your projects and make them truly Halloweeny.

12 Scary Halloween Patterns

Collage of silhouettes of Halloween symbols on orange and blue background.

button for more details.

Price: $5

Better than one Halloween background wallpaper, there can only be a set of 12 impressive patterns that are easily adaptable for multiple needs. Try them for presentations, banners, websites, greeting cards, invitations, party decorations, and web design. Create awesome holiday projects working in handy formats (AI, PNG).

Happy Halloween Bundle: 29 illustrations

Collage of painted bats, witches, cauldrons and ghosts in green and purple colors.

button for more details.

Price: $13

This is another set that will come in handy for you. Here are 29 illustrations with Halloween characters and unusual creatures, witches, their attributes, and other objects. Lively houses and cute ghosts may become part of business cards, presentations, web design, posters, prints, packaging, etc.

20+ Halloween Seamless Patterns

Collage of drawn bats, witches, cauldrons and ghosts on white, orange, purple and black backgrounds.

button for more details.

Price: $5

Here are seamless patterns with a variety of Halloween elements. They are great for prints on textiles, stationery, bags, and phone cases. Also, use these Halloween background images for gift wrapping, business cards, greeting cards, presentation backgrounds, and web graphics. When you choose the product you get 4 AI files, 6 EPS, 23 PNG, and high resolution JPG files that include each pattern.

Pumpkin and Ghost Print Halloween Spooky Pattern

Collage of rolls of wrapping paper with Halloween symbols in pastel colors.

button for more details.

Price: $3

Completely clean image, top quality and vibrant designs are all about these web offerings. It’s perfect as a Halloween zoom background, as well as for websites, banners, presentations, prints, and wallpaper. The mesmerizingly spooky elements should definitely be a part of your projects.

Halloween Digital Paper Pattern Bundle

Collage of wrapping paper rolls, pillows and gifts with Halloween symbols.

button for more details.

Price: $5

Try this product with the 20 brightest aesthetic Halloween backgrounds available in EPS and JPG formats. It’s great for invitation cards, candy wrappers, scrapbook albums, calendars, party decorations, backgrounds, wallpaper, and packaging. It stands out with its full printability, seamlessness, and 300 DPI resolution.

Halloween Seamless Pattern Collection

Collage of images with Halloween symbols on gifts, t-shirts and paintings.

button for more details.

Price: $5

These hand-drawn illustrations are a must-have in your Halloween virtual background collection for sure. Get vintage and spooky backgrounds for presentations, websites, postcards, invitations, packages, and business cards. Benefit from 2 folders with 11 seamless patterns (600 dpi, 10000Γ—10000 px) in PNG and JPG formats.

20 Happy Halloween Illustration

Collage of funny painted pictures with zombies, dracula and mummies.

button for more details.

Price: $6

These bright and stylish products are great for Zoom Halloween backgrounds for an online party. Decorate presentations, posters, greeting cards, invitations, postcards, banners, scrapbooking, gift bags, party sets, calendars, etc. with these illustrations. Decide between the 20 cute products, process them in the handy program, and enjoy the stylish designs.

Hello Halloween Backgrounds

Collage of Halloween symbols on a bag, picture, notepad.

button for more details.

Price: $10

Enjoy this set of aesthetic creepy Halloween backgrounds. They work great for packages, print projects, book and notebook covers, scrapbook albums, wallpaper, invitations, packaging, and backgrounds for presentations and websites. Use these also for decorating Instagram stories and certificates.

Horror Background

Girl with white hair, black eyes and cracked face on a dark background.

button for more details.

Price: $13

This is a set of terrifying and spooky Halloween backgrounds that are easy to edit and suitable for presentations, websites, greeting cards, certificates, postcards, wrapping paper, etc. Also, the set has overlays that are compatible with any software that allows you to work with layers. The actions are compatible with Photoshop CC version. Built-in products allow you to create stunning photo designs, process pics, and make awesome projects.

100 Cute Halloween Background Images with Depositphotos Deal

Collage of images with orange, white black backgrounds with pumpkins and bats.

button for more details.

This bundle contains 100 royalty-free Halloween stock photos and vector images. It means that you can use them for commercial purposes – both online & for prints. The credits will never expire!

Halloween Background, Still Life

Gray candles, black glass, two pumpkins on a gray table.

button for more details.

Price: $8

This is an impressive template that inspires you to create stylish Halloween projects. You get a 5648 x 3765 px JPG file that you can process in any program. Create beautiful presentations, make attractive backgrounds for websites in the run up to the holiday, use it as an iPhone Halloween background.

Halloween Background

3d small pumpkins, spiders and bats on a white table.

button for more details.

Price: $6

Try this attractive Halloween desktop background. It’s perfect for presentations, because there’s a white space in the middle for text. Also use the wallpaper for websites, business cards, banners, posters, and other print projects.

Halloween Landscapes Backgrounds

A collage of images with painted pictures on the theme of Halloween with a bright moon in the background.

button for more details.

Price: $8

Here are the perfect Halloween background images for cards, posters, presentations, packaging, scrapbook albums, photo books, invitation cards, websites, certificates, and the like. Work with the product in Adobe Photoshop and edit it to suit your needs.

Zombie Containing Halloween, Treat, and Food

Green hand with red nails on a bright yellow background.

button for more details.

Price: $12

This is a scary Halloween background that is also suitable for projects in other directions. Try it on posters, postcards, banners, and presentations. Edit it in a handy program and customize it for your purposes. Also enjoy the product for backgrounds on your PC or smartphone.

Halloween Bundle Stock Photo Containing Halloween and Celebration

A collage of images of balloons, pumpkins, bats on the screen of iPhones.

button for more details.

Price: $12

Benefit from easy customization and vibrant web solutions. Apply cute Halloween backgrounds for Zoom meetings, presentation backgrounds, fall projects, invitations to a themed party or birthday celebration. Adapt images to your needs, process illustrations, and enjoy stylish designs.

Cute Halloween Digital Paper, Pink Halloween Seamless Patterns

Collage of images of pumpkins, bats, ghosts in pink colors.

button for more details.

Price: $4.74

Try these aesthetic Halloween backgrounds for your scary projects. The product is perfect for gift wrapping and printing. The set includes 12 seamless patterns in JPG format. Files have 300 DPI, RGB color format. Apply it for prints and web projects.

Halloween and Thanksgiving Pumpkins

Bunch of white small pumpkins in a basket.

button for more details.

Price: $12

Benefit from multi-purpose products suitable for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other fall inspiration ideas. Create colorful invitations to fairs, party banners, presentations, and put images as backgrounds on your tablet, PC, smartphone. Enjoy high quality and ease of use.

Magical Fairy Tale Forest Background Featuring Magical, Fairy Tale

Trees in the forest in the fog with small lights.

button for more details.

Price: $6

Add magic and mystery to your design. Use this product for presentations, websites, posters, business cards, certificates and Instagram posts. Choose the appropriate license, user-friendly processing software and create eye-catching designs.

Halloween Template Background Black White

Black silhouettes of bats, pumpkins, stars, spiders on a white background.

button for more details.

Price: $3.48

This spooky Halloween background with spiders and pumpkins is perfect for websites, presentations, cards, certificates, and printing. It’s available in SVG, PNG, and EPS format, which means you have a wide variety of programs to customize and process the offering. You also get a file with a transparent background to choose the best color to suit your needs for your design.

Black Witch Stock Photo Containing Witchcraft and Halloween

The back of a girl in a black cloak against the background of a black and white forest.

button for more details.

Price: $12

This is the perfect aesthetic creepy Halloween background. Use the product for presentations. Edit the photo and make it part of banners and posters. It’s available in personal, commercial and extended license and also comes in high resolution.

Spooky Forest at Night on Halloween Featuring Man, Spooky, and Forest

Gray forest at dusk with a human figure in the center.

button for more details.

Price: $6

Try this image for a Halloween Zoom background and diversify your preparation for an online party. Use the product for Facebook cover, Instagram stories, certificate design, presentation backgrounds and various print projects. The illustration is suitable for Halloween and other mystical designs.

Halloween Minimal Decorations, Composition with Many Black Spiders and Skeleton

Human skeleton on a yellow background with painted spiders.

button for more details.

Price: available with ShutterStock subscription

This is a bright and funny Halloween background that should definitely be in your collection. The product works perfect for banners, business cards, postcards, presentations, calendars, photo albums, covers, and gift wrapping. Experiment with designs and create awesome artwork with quality deals.

Seamless Halloween Leopard Bats Background

Black silhouette of bats on the background of a leopard skin.

button for more details.

Price: $5.39

Leopard print is back in fashion, which means it’s time to use it everywhere! This stylish pattern is great for prints on clothing, accessories, and stationery. It is also often used for gift packages, covers, and backgrounds. The product is available in PNG format and is of high quality.

Halloween Pumpkins Near Door in Hallway

Photo of the bottom of the front door with pumpkins, a rug and a broom near it.

button for more details.

Price: available with ShutterStock subscription

This is a true Halloween background that is suitable for post cover, Instagram story, Facebook cover, presentation, banner, poster and other ideas. Edit the photo in a handy program and use it for your desktop background. High quality and print-ready is guaranteed.

Halloween Sweets on an Isolated Background

Cookies in the form of eyes, pumpkins, bats on a white background.

button for more details.

Price: available with ShutterStock subscription

Try this attractive background for presentations. Experiment with processing, darken and add text directly on the image. The product is top quality and is also suitable for websites, certificates, covers, printing on textiles and phone covers, banners, and other prints.

Halloween Decoration Background

White brick wall with black bat stickers and pumpkins next to it.

button for more details.

Price: available with Stock Adobe subscription

Diversify the design of your project with a bright background, use the product for Halloween artwork, as covers on social media and on Zoom sessions. The item is available in JPG format and is of high resolution. It is perfect for Halloween presentation backgrounds, because it has space for text.

Spider Web Halloween Background

A circle of cobwebs and a spider descending on a cobweb on an orange background.

button for more details.

Price: available with Stock Adobe subscription

This spooky Halloween background will give a vintage feel to your project. Try it for presentations, websites, business cards, banners, posters, wrapping paper, wallpaper, invitations, web graphics, etc. Add new colors, experiment with shapes, and create striking designs.

Skeleton dabbing dance illustration graphic Premium Vector

Drawn skeleton in sneakers against the background of orange crosses and a black sky.

button for more details.

Price: available with Premium Freepik License

This is a cool picture of a dancing skeleton in high quality. It is created in EPS format, which allows it to be used in Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, and other softwares. Apply it for posters, business cards, banners, party decorations, postcards, prints, and the like.

Halloween skull Premium Vector

Drawn skeleton in a raincoat in front of pumpkins against the background of the castle and the moon.

button for more details.

Price: available with Premium Freepik License

Check out this high-quality picture of the monster and two evil pumpkins. It is the best combination for Halloween projects. The item comes in an EPS file and has a commercial license. Use it to design banners, posters, presentations, apps, wallpaper, and other similar works.

Watercolor Halloween background with pumpkins and bats Free Vector

Drawn pumpkins, a coffin, a flask, a cauldron, spiders, bats against the background of a pale moon.

button for more details.

Price: available with Premium Freepik License

This is a cool picture that contains almost all the Halloween symbols. The bats, spiders, and pumpkins are sure to bring horror to your work. This product would be perfect for a poster, banner, social media cover, advertising, and business cards.

Dark horror Halloween Gravestone Background Premium Photo

Crosses in the cemetery on a moonlit night.

button for more details.

Price: available with Premium Freepik License

It’s time to add some really scary stuff to your designs. Feel free to use it as a background, banner decoration, or scrapbooking idea. Also, this Halloween background is perfect for spooky presentations on the history and traditions of the holiday. It’s created in EPS format, which makes it versatile and handy.

Beautiful Spooky Landscape Stock Illustration

Drawn river, trees, forest, bats at night against the backdrop of a big full moon.

button for more details.

Price: $9.99

If you’ve been looking for quality products for your artwork, try this illustration. It is made in the highest quality and has a commercial license, which will allow you to use it in business projects. The product is suitable for websites, banners, posters, presentations, and screen savers on PCs, tablets, etc.

Halloween Party Scary Background Stock Illustration

Drawn cemetery with gallows, bats on the background of the full moon.

button for more details.

Price: $9.99

Try this scary and stylish Halloween background wallpaper. It’s maximally detailed and perfect for websites, social networks, banners, and ads. Also, make it the basis of your presentation, work with color, and create awesome slides.

Stock Photo – Collection of Halloween party objects forming a frame

Toys of pumpkins, bats, eyes, spiders on an orange table.

button for more details.

Price: $26

This is a pretty cute Halloween background that is designed especially for party use. Feel free to apply it to posters, banners, signs, and the like. The product also looks awesome in presentations due to the Halloween frame on the sides.

Stock Photo – Halloween party paper decorations and sweets

Images of pumpkins, bats, ghosts, spiders on a white background.

button for more details.

Price: $26

If you are looking for a wallpaper or background for your Halloween party decorations, then check out this product. This photo has a high quality and detailed layout that is sure to catch the eye. You have 3 sizes to choose from, so you will definitely find the perfect one for your presentation, website, social media, and other purposes.

Stock Photo – Halloween pumpkin head jack lantern on wooden background

Photo with pumpkins, lantern, candles against the background of a plank wall.

button for more details.

Price: $26

Another photo of the highest quality, which shows funky pumpkins on a wooden background. It is perfect for scrapbooking, designing magazines, or photo albums. Try it as a screensaver on your PC, and surround yourself with the holiday spirit.

Freaky Halloween Vector Illustration

Party invitation card with black painted pumpkin on yellow background.

button for more details.

Price: available with Vecteezy Pro License

This illustration contains the most famous phrase we hear so often on Halloween. It would be great for designing banners, posters, and any prints. You can also use this picture to work with presentations and web design.

Halloween Seamless Background With Web Spider

Spider web with spiders and bats on white background.

button for more details.

Price: available with Vecteezy Pro License

This background is the perfect solution for designing banners, posters, signs, social media, and websites related to Halloween themes. It is available with a premium subscription and is commercially licensed. Edit the product to suit your purposes and enjoy great results.

Halloween background vector image

Crooked house with luminous windows near a cemetery and a tree with an owl.

button for more details.

Price: $14.99

Here is a great example of an iPhone cute Halloween background. It has a Halloween aesthetic and allows you to create quality and atmospheric designs. Try it for posters, ads, advertisements, business cards, and as a print on textiles.

Cute Halloween background vector image

Images of witches, pumpkins, houses, bats on a beige background.

button for more details.

Price: $14.99

Enjoy this cute pattern with Halloween themed objects. It’s great for prints on clothing, bedding, wallpaper, stationery, and bags. Edit the illustration in a handy program and use it as a background for a presentation, or as part of a website for the Halloween holiday.

Halloween Background vector image

Drawn pumpkin, a ball of threads on a brown background.

button for more details.

Price: $14.99

This one is great for print and web projects. The advantage is a small space for text. Therefore, the scope of use increases. Make beautiful presentations, posters, advertisements, banners, business cards, announcements, and party invitations.

Halloween scary pumpkins on dark by Saggitarius

Different variants of yellow pumpkins on a black background.

button for more details.

Price: $6

Check out this pattern. High quality and multi-purpose nature awaits you. The background suits for prints and web projects. You will get it in four formats at once, namely EPS, JPG, PSD and AI, which allows you to work in different graphic editors.

Halloween Graphics Bundle by Designs by Helen Trupak

Black and white silhouettes of skeletons, pumpkins, mice, hats, witches on a white background.

button for more details.

Price: $14

This is a set of 18 Halloween graphic elements and patterns. It will work great for printing on fabric, wrapping and digital paper, wallpaper, posters, and billboards. It includes 7 seamless patterns and 10 cliparts. The cliparts are high resolution JPG files (300 dpi, A4).

Free Cute Halloween Backgrounds 2022

Free Halloween Patterns: 3 Geometric Patterns

Collage of silhouettes of pumpkins, skulls in a geometric pattern on a blue and orange background.

button for more details.

These patterns are so cute that they will be perfect for your design if you would like to create a cozy atmosphere. They are a part of the bigger premium bundle.

Free White Patterns

Cup of coffee with a wrapper with pumpkins, cones, leaves in hand.

button for more details.

This is the perfect product for fall projects because it has all the attributes of a fall atmosphere. Use it for Halloween ideas, create colorful presentations and website designs. Design fancy Thanksgiving prints and cool cards for school events.

Free Thanksgiving Dinner Pattern

White chairs and a table with a tablecloth with pumpkins, apples, candles, turkeys on a green background.

button for more details.

In case, you don’t want spooky designs, check out this and the next products – they are super cute but are created with conveying cozy fall atmosphere in mind. Fallen leaves, pumpkins, and other autumn elements will look really nice πŸ™‚

Thanksgiving Turkey Free Pattern

Images of turkey, pumpkin, pie, with yellow leaves on a black background.

button for more details.

Here is one more non-spooky pattern!

Jack-O’-Lantern 4k Ultra HD Wallpaper

Photo of a steaming pumpkin on a black table.

button for more details.

Try this free Halloween background wallpaper for presentations. Decorate a screensaver on your PC or tablet with it, add a spooky holiday atmosphere and enjoy the colorful design. The product is available in JPG format and ready for any customization.

Pumpkin 4k Ultra HD Wallpaper

Cute ghosts, skulls, pumpkins, bats on the background of the starry sky.

button for more details.

Enjoy a stylish design and use high-quality products for it. This background looks great on packaging, gift wrappers, bag printing, stationery, and clothing. Change colors, add processing, and make awesome designs.

Halloween HD Background

Photo of a pumpkin with a candle inside on the grass among the fallen leaves.

button for more details.

This mysterious free Halloween background is suitable for presentation backgrounds. The high quality will provide an even and clear display. Process the product, make it darker or lighter, and adjust the text. The illustration is also good for websites, posters, and banners.

Lack Halloween Cobweb Background

Pieces of cobwebs in the corners of a black background.

button for more details.

Check out this multi-purpose Halloween background, which can also serve as a frame. Change the color and use the web offering for presentations, banners, business cards, posters, advertisements, invitations, greeting cards, and flyers. Thanks to the flexibility you are not limited in the purposes of use.

Spooky Grunge Halloween Background

Many silhouettes of black bats on a beige background.

button for more details.

Enjoy this background that combines Halloween mood and vintage touches. The product works for websites, prints, advertisements, invitation cards, candy wrappers, scrapbook albums, certificates, postcards, and wrapping paper. Realize any ideas with quality solutions.

Hand Drawn Cartoon Horror Halloween Background

Drawn luminous pumpkins and a graveyard against a starry sky.

button for more details.

Here is a dark, mysterious and otherworldly feeling that will sweep into your projects. Background can be used in presentations, websites, banners, flyers, Instagram stories, Facebook covers, and school projects. Don’t limit yourself in your settings and create awesome designs.

Black Silhouette Style Halloween Illustration Background

Dark forest, silhouettes of bats against the background of the full moon.

button for more details.

This Halloween background should definitely be in your collection, because it can act as part of a banner, flyer, postcard, and screensaver on your device. It’s available in PNG and PSD format, which means you can make customizations in any handy program, adding new elements and processing web solutions.


Dark swamp at night with a hand sticking out of it.

button for more details.

This spooky background is perfect for Halloween projects. It combines a mystical atmosphere with a horror style, which is great for presentations, banners, posters, and flyers. Create scary party invitations and terrifying website design with this offering.

What should be used for the best Halloween backgrounds and textures?

Using Halloween backgrounds is a great opportunity to prepare for the holiday and attract people with unusual design. But you must remember that such elements must be combined with other elements of the site so they look harmonious together. This can be achieved if you take into account, firstly, the wishes of your audience, and secondly, all the rules of color combination.

Mixing and matching shades and tones of the same palette is still an excellent option for the background. At the same time, the Halloween background is quite bold, eye-catching, and suitable for emphasizing the text and simple graphics, and any other elements placed on it. Take a risk and apply some additional effects to the backgrounds to see how they look, and remember the main thing: Be careful not to overdo it, or it turns out not quite the appropriate background you hope for, and is the result of a ridiculous design.

Where and how to use Halloween backgrounds and textures

Using Halloween backgrounds is possible in many areas, including the following:

  • Websites. This is the very first thing that comes to mind. After all, in the age of the Internet we are constantly confronted with different sites and not just once a day. Because of this, it will be good to decorate your site with some textures to change the background to a thematic one. This will be a very good solution, especially if you use quality and original products.
  • Banners and posters. This is another way to use such backgrounds. After all, banners are very often in front of our eyes. Because of this, you can attract more people with bright, Halloween backgrounds. Keep that in mind!
  • Business cards. This applies to cases where your company is engaged in the organization of holidays, or when it is a thematic shop selling goods for the holiday. In that case, a cool Halloween print will be very useful.
  • Prints. This applies to clothing, office supplies, phone cases, and the like. Using Halloween patterns before this holiday can attract many customers to your business.

Halloween Backgrounds and Fonts: How Not To Ruin Your Design

Backgrounds and textures are often applied to fonts, making them more interesting. With textures, a monochrome design can be made more voluminous and original, as well as softening aggressive or difficult to perceive colors. Overlaying textures often highlight elements of site navigation.

Novice web designers, fond of using exciting and bold textures, often forget about the importance of readability of the text. No matter how stunning the graphic design of a web resource, you should never forget that the main thing on the site is the content. And yet, the use of textures must be very carefully planned. Using several different textures in one project at the same time can lead to graphic overload.

The most common errors that occur when combining backgrounds and fonts are:

  1. Failure to choose a good font. Font selection decides the fate of the entire design. Font selection can sometimes take as much time as the selection and creation of the background itself. It is recommended not to hurry when considering all variants of fonts which could be used in a project, then to narrow down the choices and check how harmoniously each of them is combined with the background. Don’t be afraid to buy a non-standard font, change an existing font, or even create your own. Also, do not forget that if you choose more than one font for the site, they should be combined in any case.
  2. Too abstract font. This is one of the main mistakes. Halloween backgrounds are famous for their brightness and the image made of a large number of elements. For this reason, the best option is to use an abstract font only in the title. And it is better to check whether it will look normal against the general background.
  3. Special effects of the font. As it was said before, Halloween backgrounds are very specific, so the additional effects can simply spoil the appearance of the site, and the design will look quite ridiculous.

Just remember that the most important rule is simplicity! After all, you do not need to use unusual fonts, which are difficult to read… This is a very big mistake. The most important rule is the readability of the content. What users will like a bright picture and unavailable content? That’s right, nobody!

Some Awesome Video AboutΒ Halloween backgrounds

Best Halloween Pattern Images – MasterBundles

Explore more than 92 Halloween Pattern Images.

Halloween Pumpkin Poster Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial

In this Photoshop Tutorial, Learn how to create scary Halloween poster with Dark Photo Effect. This Photo Manipulation tutorial you’ll learn how to make horror Dark Halloween Pumpkin Poster. It’s one of those quick and simple Photo retouching tutorials you’ll learn how to use Adjustment Layer tool. Hue Saturation Tool, Photoshop camera raw to put Dramatic Horror effects.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about the best Halloween backgrounds

Can I add more than one texture to the site?

Basically, you can do everything that your imagination allows. The main thing is to remember that not all risky ideas are justified. Find out what your audience thinks. Look at what the site will look like using two textures, and most importantly, do not forget about the readability of text.

Is there any way I can create a Halloween background myself?

Of course! Use Photoshop tutorials. Also, I advise you not to use any particular tutorial, but to combine several in order to create your own unique and special product.

What should I pay attention to when choosing a Halloween background?

The most important thing when choosing any background is: appearance, image quality, and dimensions. If all three points are right for you, then choose this background!

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