Top 20+ Gifts for Engineers 2019

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By: Jim Harding October 1, 2019
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When it comes to finding presents that your friends, significant others, or relatives will actually enjoy, many people face a rather common problem, which is “what do I give them and where do I look for it.” Indeed, a perfect gift is rather challenging to figure out, especially if it is a gift for an engineer. Luckily, nowadays, such, with no exaggeration, awesome thing as internet exists, so finding the very gift for your engineer has never been easier. Certainly, I did my research and came up with, in my opinion, some pretty interesting gift ideas. So here they come – the ultimate gifts for engineers.

Gifts for Engineers

Scribbler 3D Pen
Gifts for Engineers
Price: $79.99
If your friend engineer thinks that 3D printers are boring, then you might want to surprise them with a 3D pen. With this very pen, your engineer will create amazing 3D masterpieces, such a cool leisure, isn’t it?
HBO Game Of Thrones T-Shirt

Gifts for Engineers

Price: $14
This one is a perfect gift for those engineers who love Game of Thrones. Trust me, a t-shirt with your friends favorite TV show, movie, or band is always a win. Just make sure that they don’t own the very t-shirt you are going to get them yet.

Assassin’s Creed III: Remastered – Nintendo Switch for PS4

Gifts for Engineers
Price: $29.99
Do you know at least one person who does not like video games? I bet everything I possess that you don’t. That is why a video game is always a good present. So do not hesitate and get your engineer a new game.
Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case
Gifts for Engineers
Price: $199
Everybody loves listening to music that is exactly why dope wireless headphones is a pretty fancy and simply awesome gift. So if your friend or significant other still doesn’t have wireless AirPods, go ahead and give them a pair!
Microsoft – Xbox One X
Gifts for Engineers
Price: $399.99
If you want to give a truly special present to your engineer, then new Xbox is the way to go. I don’t even have to explain why it is a perfect gift. I bet you understand it without any further explanations.
Amazon Prime Video Subscription
Gifts for Engineers

Price: $12.99 a month
Is your friend a movie lover? Then Amazon Prime Video subscription is a perfect gift for him or her. A video subscription is always a win, so go ahead and get one for your friend.

Christmas Gifts for Engineers

Christmas is coming and you might want to start looking for some cool presents for your friends engineers. So here are some dope gift ideas I found.
Kehen Merry Christmas Matching Pajamas for Family and Couples
Gifts for Engineers

Price: $4.69-$9.39
You probably know that Boxing Day is not fun at all if you are not wearing a cool Christmas pajamas. So why don’t you give your engineer a nice pajamas to celebrate Christmas together?
App Store & iTunes Gift Card
Gifts for Engineers
Price: $25-$100
It’s needless to explain why it is a good Christmas gift. Just make your engineer’s dreams of downloading all these cool paid apps come true.

Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset

Gifts for Engineers
Price: $399
Virtual reality headset is definitely among the coolest gifts ever. So give your engineer the whole world with a VR headset for Christmas.
Starbucks Gift Card
Gifts for Engineers
Price: $10-$100
Everybody loves coffee and everybody loves Starbucks, especially engineers. Well, if you still have some doubts about what Christmas present your friend would like, then stop hesitating and get him or her a Starbucks gift card!
Gallity Ultra-quiet Wireless Mouse
Gifts for Engineers

Price: $16.99
A wireless mouse is a pretty useful tool for every engineer. A cute wireless mouse is a cool Christmas gift. Consider getting your engineer this fancy and super cute mouse and be sure they will no doubt appreciate such a gift.
Engineer Gift Mug
Gifts for Engineers

Price: $12
A funny mug is quite a practical gift that will make your friend smile every morning when he or she will drink their morning coffee. So why not this hilarious engineer mug?

Christmas cards

Winter Typography PostCard

Gifts for Engineers

Gifts for Engineers

Gifts for Engineers

Gifts for Engineers

Gifts for Engineers

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Engineers

Yeah, I know that Valentine’s Day is more than four months ahead, but if you really want to make this day special for your sweetheart, then you better start looking for the ultimate gift now. Well, don’t worry, I have some cool gifts ideas to back you up.
The New York Times Sweetheart Sunday Crosswords

Gifts for Engineers
Price: $10.99
Lazy Sunday mornings will not be the same without an old-fashioned crossword that you can solve with your sweetheart in bed. So why not this super romantic gift?
Love Berries Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Gifts for Engineers

Price: $36.51
Going back from lazy Sunday mornings to hot Saturday nights. Chocolate covered strawberries is surely a great Valentine’s Day present for your engineer. And just for you to know, it’s Amazon’s choice.
POWERADD Pilot 4GS Portative Charger

Gifts for Engineers
Price: $34.99
Portative charger is the very thing every engineer needs, so why not give your significant other one on this Valentine’s Day?
Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera + Fuji Instax Film

Gifts for Engineers
Price: $92.95
Taking instant photos is always so much fun, that’s why you can be hundred percent sure that your engineer will fall in love with such a gift. So take some pictures this Valentine’s Day!
Romantic Date Night Ideas Jar

Gifts for Engineers

Price: $29.95
A date night bucket list is not only a dope present, but also a cool way to decide what you and your significant other will do this Valentine’s Day. Well, let Romantic Date Night Ideas Jar help you organize the best date ever.
Final Thoughts
Finding a present that your friend, relative, or sweetheart will appreciate is quite a tough task. However, it’s not an impossible challenge even if you have to find a gift for an engineer. Just think about the stuff that the person loves and check out this list once again. I am pretty sure that you will come up with something truly great for your beloved engineer.

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