Sysadmin Day 2022: Top 30 Cool Gifts for Sysadmins

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When choosing a gift for a sysadmin, remember his/her readiness to come to the aid of a confused user every minute, to help him out in a difficult situation. So wanting to return the favor by choosing gifts for system administrators that will be really enjoyable and useful is a completely natural and good gesture.

The MasterBundles team is here to help you with this complicated task. We have prepared a collection of the 30 best gifts for administrators in the article below.

System administrators are brilliant people with extraordinary mindsets. They are magicians of computer networks and generators of unique ideas. These guys have dedicated themselves to making it convenient and comfortable for all of us to work in the IT area and quickly get the best information. That is why gifts for these people should be the same—genius, useful, and certainly unique.

Things to Consider before Purchasing a Gift for a System Administrator

When it comes to gifts, system administrators are not that difficult to please. However, you have to consider some specific factors that may influence the choice of a present. So in order to make the process of picking a gift for your system administrator easier and faster, here are some things you want to consider before getting a present for him or her.

1. Keep in mind the age of a person. People who are in their early twenties usually enjoy such presents as silly t-shirts or tickets to amusement parks, while those who are in their thirties like more practical presents.

2. Don’t forget about personal preferences. In other words, if you know that your sysadmin is crazy about a particular comic book, just get him or her a deluxe edition of it or some merchandise related to it.

3. Be creative. Try to think outside the box and come up with something unconventional that will surprise your friend, significant other, or family member.

4. Pay attention to the fact that a good gift is not always something material. You can also take your sysadmin to a fancy restaurant for dinner or organize a trip to a theme park for them.

5. Consider making something yourself. Oftentimes, DIY gifts are worth much more than the ones you can buy in a store, so try to make something yourself. For instance, you can write a song, paint a picture, bake a cake, write a poem, or create a little comic book.

Coffee & Sweets

Delicious gifts will be appreciated. For example, have you ever seen a system administrator who would refuse a cup of good coffee? Here are several ideas!

Gift Basket by Starbucks Coffee

Image by MasterBundles

Basket with differentt types of Starbucks coffee.

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A true coffee lover will be happy as heck to receive this adorable basket full of different coffee packs and a labeled cup.

THERMOS FUNTAINER 16 Ounce Stainless Steel

Image by MasterBundles

Black thermos with metal spoon.

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You may present your dear administrator a mug with a stylish themed image or inscription. And it’s better if it can be a thermo-cup or thermos, because office workers interrupt sysadmins all the time and always have to sip cold coffee.

Sending Love Cookie Basket

Image by MasterBundles

Different cookies in the plate.

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Delicious and fragrant sweets. By the way, you can find some appetizing cookies and gingerbreads, designed especially for happy sysadmin day.

Bean Box World Coffee Tour | Specialty Coffee Gift Basket

Image by MasterBundles

A box with a many packages of coffee.

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Kits with quality coffee beans and instant coffee has always been a nice system administrator gift idea.

Locca Boba Tea Kit | Vivante | Premium Bubble Tea

Image by MasterBundles

Box with tea packages and with mugs.

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Think about presenting a basket with premium bubble tea, if the sysadmin prefers an amber drink to a bitter one.

Handy Gadgets

As with every representative of the modern technological professions, administrators are passionate about all sorts of handy gadgets, devices, and useful tools. Perhaps he should be given such a gift!

Seagate Portable 2TB External Hard Drive

Image by MasterBundles

Black hard disk drive.

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This 2TB hard drive supports PC, Mac, and Xbox. It comes with1 year of rescue service.


Image by MasterBundles

Green and black headphones on white background.

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Headphones and game controllers will have their constant comfortable place as great gifts. What a nice and useful present!

BaseLynx Kit Pro White

Image by MasterBundles

Ipad, iphone, iwacth on black base.

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This amazing modular charging station will be an impressive present for any person connected to the computer industry.


Image by MasterBundles

Green-grey 3d-printer.

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This little device allows you to create magic! Besides, it supports 12 languages, which is very convenient.

New LED flashlight gloves

Image by MasterBundles

Hands in gloves with leds.

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LED flashlight gloves will be of great help for a handyman or a system administrator. Also, they can come in handy while camping and during outdoor work, etc. The adjustable Velcro fabric stretches to fit hands of all sizes. This is the perfect gift for national system admin day!

Amazon Fire TV Cube 2nd Gen Streaming Media Player

Image by MasterBundles

Amazon fire tv cube.

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Everyone loves streaming platforms—Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, etc. But is there a way to watch TV and keep your front door under surveillance at the same time? Fire TV Cube (2nd generation) makes it possible. Not only does it provide users with an awesome streaming experience, it also comes packed with a Ring Video Doorbell 2. So, an owner can check on their front door without switching the TV channel.

Still looking for some admin appreciation day gift ideas? We have an even better idea for you! Here is a neat tool that generates gift ideas based on the Instagram account. Type the Instagram nickname and let the magic happen 🙂

Select the Best Present for SysAdmin Analyzing His Instagram Account

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Computer accessories

If you think that a sysadmin has all the necessary accessories for a computer, you are deeply mistaken. Mice and keyboards break down a lot, and a sysadmin will be glad to have a couple of spare devices.

Gaming Mouse Wireless Rechargeable

Image by MasterBundles

Backlit gaming mouse.

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A wireless mouse or Bluetooth keyboard will be a very useful present. You should try to choose the unusual and most comfortable one.

64 Gb USB 2.0 Memory Stick Flash Pen Drive

Image by MasterBundles

Flash Drive in form of head of Iron Man.

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We can say the same about this cool Iron Man flash drive. Sysadmins always need to store programs and files on a simple and lightweight device.

Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB Steel Mesh Panel Single 200mm Fan

Image by MasterBundles

Black Mesh panel with backlit.

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If a sysadmin uses a laptop, this stylish cooling pad will be a great option to present him or her.

COSORI Mug Warmer & Coffee Cup Warmer for Desk

Image by MasterBundles

Grey mug warmer.

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This amazing device will warm a coffee or tea cup even if they are cold for some time. Sysadmins are interrupted very frequently during their working day, so their mugs with drinks should be warmed up.

RESPAWN RSP-110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

Image by MasterBundles

Gaming chair in black-green color.

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Who said that it is impossible to present comfort? Bring your lovely sysadmin a new comfortable gaming chair and make him happy!

Retro Mini Portable Personal Fridge

Image by MasterBundles

Black little personal fridge.

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Many people dream about having such a small cute fridge, where you can put a couple of favorite fizzy drinks.

Sock It To Me Men’s Space and Alien Socks

Image by MasterBundles

Green socks with electrical plate pattern.

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Just look at these amazingly cool sysadmin socks. They were created to amaze your dear friend and keep his feet warm 🙂

Gifts to Recharge Sysadmin’s Batteries

Sometimes a system administrator needs a rest: he should periodically switch from hard work at his computer to some relaxing activity. Give the computer guy a little something that will give him a few minutes of relaxation.

Fallout The Board Game (Base)

Image by MasterBundles

Fallout game tools.

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The game has a modular board arrangement. Branching quests allow for continuous replay ability. There are 4 plot scenarios inspired by the storylines of the original Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 video games.

Lewis N. Clark Mood Neck Pillow

Image by MasterBundles

Black pillow for travellers.

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A pillow on which you can rest your neck when tired from prolonged work with the computer.

Exploding Kittens Party – A Russian Roulette Card Game

Image by MasterBundles

A box with the game.

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This is a cool new card board game with funny kittens. You play by the Russian Roulette principles—you may pick the wrong card and “explode” or win.

PILPOC theFube Fidget Cube – Premium Quality Fidget Cube Ball with Exclusive

Image by MasterBundles

Black fidget Cube.

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Pilpoc cube is a unique anti-stress toy that has a smooth surface and is very pleasant to touch. It helps to develop your relaxing, focusing, and manual dexterity skills.

‘Ctrl Alt Del’ Set of 3 Premium Quality Chenille Cotton Black 16″ X 16″ Cushion Covers

Image by MasterBundles

Black pillows with white signs.

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If the hard-working sysadmin has completely forgotten about rest, give him a gift with a hint—three cushions in the form of “Ctrl,” “Alt,” and “Delete” buttons. When you look at them you will immediately remember that sometimes you have to pause and “restart.”

Far Cry 6 Xbox Series X S, Xbox One Standard Edition

Image by MasterBundles

A cover of Far Cry 6.

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Present your favorite sysadmin with a brand new Xbox game. We heard that this new part of FarCry is very good and impressive.

Cute Presents for The Sysadmin Fairy

Your female sysadmin friend will rejoice like a child if she receives not an ordinary gadget, but an original and humorously decorated item. Here are some funny and useful gifts for the sysadmin girl!

Unicorn Sys Admin Mug

Image by MasterBundles

Mug with pole-dancing unicorn.

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Just look at this amazing unicorn sysadmin day gift idea! Your female friend will be happy to get such a cute little souvenir.

The Witcher Notebook

Image by MasterBundles

Notebook with images of Witcher.

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We predict that she likes to play computer games. So give her an outstanding notebook with a favorite one!

Creative Mugs Set Fashion Keyboard Tea Cup Black

Image by MasterBundles

Mugs in form of the black keyboard keys.

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Besides looking stylish, this keyboard can be used as a set of amazing coffee cups. Every girl will like such an original national system admin day gift.

SKYRIM MAP pendant necklace

Image by MasterBundles

Pendant necklace with Skyrim map.

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If your friend is indifferent to notebooks, you may present her an original necklace or ring with the symbol of her favorite computer game (such as Dota, The Witcher, Skyrim, etc.)

Dark Horse Deluxe Cyberpunk 2077 Johnny Silverhand Figure

Image by MasterBundles

The toy of Johny Silverhand.

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If she likes nothing about the games above, bring her this marvelous Cyberpunk figure 😉

Star Wars Grogu™ & Crib Charm

Image by MasterBundles

jewelry in the form of master yoda.

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Girls like jewelry — even sysadmins! And look what a cute Grogu-charm we found for her Pandora bracelet 🙂

Gifts for Vivid Impression Lovers

Incredible and memorable experiences, which also present a new activity, provide the necessary shake-up for a worker who has been stuck in the office, especially since there can be a great number of options for such gifts:

  • Extreme sports—skydiving, rafting, karting, aero tubes, etc.
  • Courses and masterclasses. Do you know your sysadmin’s hobbies or interests? Then this gift can hit the spot.
  • Exciting events—a ticket to a concert of a favorite band or a visit to a water park, a certificate for horse riding or cave diving, climbing to the top of a mountain, etc.
  • Relaxing. A sysadmin’s job is filled with daily stress. Give him a real gift of relaxation such as a certificate to the spa, massage and aromatherapy, etc.


When choosing a gift for a system administrator, remember that operation of all computers, programs, and networks depend on an IT specialist. Value this person and choose a present for him wisely: a geek will certainly appreciate a modern electronic device or a thing associated with his profession. After all, he spends most of his time in his computer world, and any reminder of this world will always bring him joy.

Some Awesome Video About Gifts

Top 10 Gifts for System Administrators

With the holidays upon us, you may be scratching your head about what to get the SysAdmin who already has all the latest gadgets.


How to choose the best gift for a particular person?

Well, you used to be alone with this problem, but now you have us. We have a super cool tool based on artificial intelligence, which allows you to select gifts for your special person based on his or her Instagram account. All you need is to enter their user name, choose the price that you are willing to pay for the gift and wait 10-15 seconds. Our algorithm will do all the job for you. You still do not believe that it’s possible? Then give it a try!

What are the most popular Christmas gift for sysadmins?

Don’t let your dear sys admin look like a messy Santa this Christmas, get them a beard grooming kit for men! Any hardcore system administrator or DevOps will love the idea of having their beird and moustache groomed.

Where can you learn about present ideas for system administrators?

Searching the internet for fresh gift ideas takes plenty of time and effort. The MasterBundles editorial works hard to pick trendy present ideas that will make your loved system administrator happy. Dive right in!

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