Top 50 Fun Fonts For Designers

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By: Jim Harding December 11, 2018 9 minutes
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There are two main tools needed to create funny, interesting and creative designs. This is a good sense of humor and a high-quality fun font. I believe, you already have the first thing, and as for the second, you can use the fonts from today’s collection. Among the fonts, you will find funny and cool fonts that in combination with your healthy sense of humor and excellent design skills, will guarantee that the project you are working on will make people smile and give them a good mood.


Are you one of those who thinks that ordinary fonts are too boring and simple for your works? Why don’t you decorate your works with Gretoon font that looks stylish and fun?

Billo Dream

Here we have a non-standard group of characters with large-format volumetric letters. Soft and friendly, this font will make you smile. Play around with color and size – it will help you to stand out even more! Follow the link above to download.


Scrubble font is a great example of fun fonts. Interesting hatching and shapes will decorate your design, making it truly original.

Creative Handmade Fonts

This bundle offers you 15 creative handmade fonts that will look amazing in many uses. Logos, displays, headers, invitations, weddings, titles, web layouts – choose yourself.


Here we have a unique handwritten script font. With it, you won’t have any dilemmas concerning your style. Follow the link above to know more.

PT Banana Split

Nowadays, such a font will be very popular. Stylish and modern. In addition the font is absolutely free.

Chalifor Dalsatic

Chalifor Dalsatic SVG font is a cool and modern handwritten font. To use it, you will need Photoshop CC 2017 or Illustrator CC 2018.


The originally designed texts allow you to attract and retain the view of users, to highlight and put certain accents in the image, to surprise. This font was created exactly for these things.

10 Premium HandMade Fonts Bundle

Are you looking for something extraordinary? Take a look at this amazing pack of 10 premium fonts! Add a hand-crafted aesthetic to any of your projects.


Created in 2018, BlueSilky embodies such a modern and awesome style. It will help you to highlight any project you have. Absolutely free of charge.

Candy Inc.

Fun font family that has been made to feel special. If you take a closer look though, you’ll see that it will be perfect for you. The creator did a good job using interesting styles and effects.

Handwritten Bundle: 65 Awesome Fonts

Lovely collection of 65 fonts is waiting for you here! With this bundle, you can impress your customers and create any design that comes to your mind!

Buka Bird

Cool, fresh and yet vintage. This font has all these features. Buka Bird was inspired by the font seen in Disney’s Stitch’s Great Escape and Lilo and Stitch title. Just go to the font’s page and see yourself.

Youth Touch

Throw in some green power to your work with this awesome font created by Herofonts’ very own Guilhem Greco. Absolutely free for personal use. Go and grab it!


Created by by Graphic Pear, Florence is a calligraphic and handwriting font. The font has an amiable look and will work good for invitation cards, posters, and most graphic design work.


This font will totally stand out from others. Just look at this style! You can download Grudge the Cooltext site without paying a cent.


Looking really modern and fashionable, Tomatoes has a memorable style. If you want to have a font with an authentic feel, this design is an ideal solution. Also, it is perfect for some retro-style designs.


Perfect for when you need to add some stylishness and individuality, this font is free to download for personal use. If you need a commercial license, all you have to do is get in touch with the font creator Louis Rigaud.

Quite Magical

With its curvy, bouncy shape and variety of weights, this fun font can be tailored to fit logo designs and text blocks. Created in 2018 by Misti’s Fonts, Created in 2018 by Misti’s Fonts, it already has 33,661 downloads.

Back to Black

This massive font was created in 2016 by Misti’s Fonts. You can use it for advertising, cinema, branding, promotion and public relations. Follow the link above to download.

Qaskin Black

Created by a typeface designer from Sweden, Qaskin Black is a handwritten and beautiful font designed with calligraphic texts and elegant titles in mind. You won’t regret if choose it for your projects.


This not ordinary font is designed with an art-deco touch. Complete pack contains 3 font weights. Also, you can download round and solid versions.

14 Cute Web Fonts

Make unlimited products for sale, convert in web fonts for unlimited pageviews or use in your freelance projects. Whatever your needs are, this huge bundle gets you covered!

Beauty Mountains

This font is full of character and talent. Beauty Mountains can be used for free in all your personal projects. Commercial licenses and complete set can be available after contacting the author.

West Side

Thanks to Artimasa Studio, West Side typeface can be used to provide your works with a retro feeling. It’s big and bold with sharp edges and is free for both personal and commercial use.


Linottefont belongs to a rounded sans family. On the one hand, it adds to a project some soft and innocent look, and on the other, the solid geometric construction allows good readability.


Free cursive font Amsterdam is the work of designer Billy Argel. And calligraphic aesthetic is never boring and unpopular. Amsterdam is free for personal use.


This fun font was created by Jakob Fischer. It contains strongly left to right glyphs and neutrals. JellyBelly is really inspiring and gives that feeling of vintage signage. Follow the link above, download, and enjoy.

Hickory Jack

This playful cursive font was designed by Brittney Murphy, the one who is ‘obsessed with fonts’. This font is free for personal use, but to get permission for commercial use you need to contact Murphy directly.

Bite Chocolate

A combination of curves and vintage design elements make this font a real find. It is perfect for adding some old-school fashion to your designs.


Add a touch of elegance and style to your designs with this beautiful font by designer Tup Wanders. Just follow the link above and download it for free.

Lily of the Valley

Fun and fancy with some charming curves, Lily of the Valley feature a full set of lower and upper case characters, plus accents and symbols. Contact the author to buy a license for commercial and promotional use.


Marked with little elegant imperfections, Caligraphy has a screen-printed look that will give your works a handmade feel. Created by Billy Argel in 2018, it already has 68,697 downloads.


Extraordinary font where the name itself says about its peculiarity. The characters containing water circles, will add something special to whatever you’re working on.

SpongeFont SquareType

Designer Johnny Bluejeans is behind this free fun font. Being bold and not usual, this font is great for creating eye-catching posters and much more.


Noelan is a contemporary calligraphy font from Ndroadv. It features a clean and modern design. Noelan includes many alternates for simple mixing and matching. Free for personal and commercial use.

Thickhead Dark

This massive but compact font comes complete with numbers, symbols and accents. Complete pack contains 5 font weights:

  • Thickhead;
  • Thickhead Dark;
  • Thickhead Medium;
  • Thickhead Light;
  • Thickhead Regular.


Veggieburger is great for cartoon captions. It comes in light, medium and bold weights. You can use it any way you like: embed, bundle or include it in any software or document. Just don’t sell the font itself for your own profit.


Created by Dimitri Castrique in 2009, Androgyne is still pretty popular. With it, you can create awesome text-based images or logos with different colors and hundreds of text effects.

Wicked Mouse

Wicked Mouse is a playful font displaying the magic of cartoons from a distant era. Childlike and loose in nature, it will give a bit of fun for any project. Use Wicked Mouse for a children’s book, web pages, or a fun logo design.


Excalibur belongs to the Excalibur Logotype family. Available for MAC and PC, its size is only 52 Kb. On the site it has 64,237 downloads.


This free font is made to be tender and feminine, but still highly legible. It consists of many characters which you can use to customize your designs. Designed in 2016 by Billy Argel, it’s free for personal use only, although you can buy the commercial licenses from the author.

Burnstown Dam

Burnstown Dam is a font formed from the wooden sticks. Perfect for hillbilly weddings or corn roasts. Free for personal and commercial use.

Good Unicorn

Soft terminals, friendly look – this font is nice and versatile. Created in 2018 by Misti’s Fonts. It’s free for personal use and the commercial use requires donation.


This font adds a lot of substance to your design and look aesthetically pleasing as well. You can use it for headlines, titles, or some other aspect of your design.


Cinderela is a modern calligraphy font with great lines – a mix of classic and modern style. Use it for a title, signature, logo, correspondence, wedding invitations, letterhead, signage, labels, newsletters, posters, badges, etc. Free for personal use only.


You can install Yahoo on Windows (XP/Vista/7/8/10) and MacOS X (10.3 or later). This font is already popular but still interesting and appealing. It was created by a designer A.J. Palmer in 2002. Since then it has been downloaded 71,335 times.

Beautiful Bloom

Here we have one more free cursive font called Beautiful Bloom. It is one of many beautiful type designs from Mats-Peter Forss. Great for print and digital projects, including stationery, posters, logo designs and more.

BLow Up

Type designer Billy Argel created a display typeface called Blow Up. An unusual font with nice light effects. Perfect for use on posters or flyers.


With its fat shape, this high-contrast script looks like some tasty treat. Maybe it doesn’t fit every occasion, but with its uniqueness, Casual is definitely special.

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