7 Best Graphic Design Magazines in 2023

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Best magazines for graphic design are a great way to learn, discover new techniques, and read reviews about popular tools. They feature quality content, visual appeal, cutting-edge style, and engaging text. Plus, these journals motivate and keep you on track like graphic design shows and other incredible data sources! We offer you the 7 best graphic design magazines to subscribe to right now.

Communication Arts

Screenshot of the main page of the site Communication Arts.

Subscription price: print & digital – $53/year; digital – $30/year.

A leading periodical in the industry, Communication Arts covers advertising, photography, typography, illustration, and other creative fields. It features in-depth interviews with top designers, showcases of cutting-edge work, and informative articles about the latest trends and techniques. The magazine’s print issues are released bimonthly, with the first issue of each year being a double issue. The digital edition is updated daily with new content, including features, news, and inspiration.

Screenshot of the main page of the site Print Magazine.

Subscription price: free.

PRINT Magazine is one of the best free graphic design magazines. It has been around since 1940, and it remains a go-to source for graphic designers looking for inspiration and insights into the field. It covers typography, branding, poster design, illustration, book covers, ads and more. The publication’s engaging content, beautiful visual, and regular publication schedule make it a must-read for anyone interested in web development. You can join a book club and even hold positions in this magazine.

Eye Magazine

Screenshot of the main page of the site Eye Magazine.

Subscription price: from Β£80

Based in the UK, Eye Magazine covers a wide range of topics, from graphic design and typography to branding and advertising. It is known for its thoughtful analysis of trends and its in-depth interviews with leading designers. This top graphic design magazine is published quarterly and is available through print and digital graphic design magazine subscriptions. It is known for its high-quality and insightful articles, making it a must-read for designers and enthusiasts. The regularity of new issues is consistent, with a new one being published every three months.

Creative Review

Screenshot of the main page of the site Creative Review.

Subscription price: from Β£200

With a focus on graphic design, advertising, and branding, Creative Review is a UK-based periodical that offers a mix of insightful articles, and in-depth interviews. It also covers other creative fields like photography and illustration. Creative Review is a monthly publication. The magazine is available through both print and digital subscriptions. A subscription provides access to the digital archive, all news and print versions.

Wallpaper Magazine

Screenshot of the main page of the site Wallpaper Magazine.

Subscription price: from $12

As an artist, you have to keep up with new trends, look for more ways to learn info, and obviously read expert books. And Wallpaper Magazine will help you constantly monitor the news and approach your projects in new ways. It provides a print version that will be sent monthly. Online subscription covers continuous updates on all topics. Wallpaper design and lifestyle journal has articles about architecture, fashion, travel, and art. It often includes design-related content and is known for its high-quality design and photography.


Screenshot of the main page of the site Kinfolk.

Subscription price: digital – $40/year; premium – $80/year.

Kinfolk is a lifestyle and culture magazine that covers topics such as food, design, and travel. While not exclusively focused on graphic design, it often features related content and is known for its minimalist visual and aesthetic. Kinfolk is available through both print and digital subscriptions and is published quarterly, with a new issue released every three months.

Disegno Journal

Screenshot of the main page of the site Disegno Journal.

Subscription price: from Β£20.00

Disegno Journal graphic design magazine is published quarterly. It covers a wide range of topics including furniture, product design, and urban planning. Both print and digital graphic design magazine subscription is available. In the digital version, you get the news regularly. Plus, you can listen to podcasts and enjoy all the benefits of Disegno.

Best magazines for graphic design are valuable sources of information. They often contain interesting and useful articles, expert analysis, and insightful commentary that can provide readers with a deeper understanding of a particular subject. We are sure that in our selection you will find the best magazines to subscribe to at once. Read articles, learn new information, and be inspired.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about the Best Graphic Design Magazines

Where do graphic designers get ideas?

They get awesome ideas from graphic designer books and movies, the latest issues of graphic design magazines and social media.

Can graphic designers work for magazines?

Of course! Many such magazines are looking for an experienced designer to join their team and breathe new life into their digital and print projects. As an example, this is Print Magazine.

How to get into graphic design for magazines?

Just apply for the job, or contact the magazine’s team via the form available on any website.

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