Top 60 Greatest Typographers and Typography Trends 2022

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Author Alex Zanutto

Each year typography trends change, and people responsible for revolutionizing modern typography design are praised in the designer and marketing communities. They know that there are real people—font designers or typographers—behind each font, each letter, and each type of this letter. They inspire, begin new font trends, and end old ones; and we’re going to tell you all about the most famous people responsible for said changes, together with what’s fashionable in 2022.

Typography is an art; it is the aesthetic component of creating written words. It covers a number of issues: choice of font style and size; distance between letters, words, and lines; use of hyphenation, and preparing font characteristics for the entire text.

The purpose of text typography is to provide fast and easy information delivery. Our review of the 60 greatest modern typographers is an attempt to systematize the list of the best fonts for your inspiration. But let’s start with typography trends in 2022, so you can see how the greats, both classic and modern, inspire such changes.

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250 Fonts Collection: Script, Monogram Fonts


In 2022, font trends reflect the anticipation, the turning point nature of the year, yet obviously, inherit key points from 2021 and previous years. The most surprising yet welcoming addition is a quick leap through nostalgia—from reflecting the romantic seventies in 2021 to a leap of almost 100 years back to the decadent style of the 1920s and 30s. Let’s review some of the trends in modern typography design.

Simple Serif

Each great typography trend returns eventually, which is also true for 2022. Simple serif is keeping the serifs on letters to a minimum. It makes the text elegant and non-intrusive, which makes for a wonderful image when paired with warm or pastel colors.

Sharp Designs

Soft lines and minimalism are cool, but with 2022 font trends, an unexpected opposition appeared. Sharpened fonts resemble a bold stance and message, with their hard edges and honed forms, like a blade in written form.

Retro Vibes

Remember how the 70s became trendy in 2021? The trend has withered for a bit, but a new image of nostalgia makes a return. Super-sized 70’s-style fonts reflect the quirky nature of using ye olden fashion in 2022 typography and are used to convey both warmness and a bit of irony.

Actual Handwriting

Perfect for conveying a personalized message, handwriting returns in aerial, fantasy-style with huge letters, emotion, and depiction of personality in each logo and design element conveyed through them.

Negative Space

A trend that will help you keep your inscriptions not only up-to-date but also distinctive and noticeable. Well, if this is what you want, then pay more attention to this very trend.

Impactful and High-Contrast Fonts

Born in Asia, this top font style for 2022 is a trend using high-contrast fonts for emphasizing the message over design and is quite popular, especially for establishing a personal brand on a website.

Realistic Designs

Using physical objects to grant a shape to the letters is popular among modern typographers. Sand-based letters for a surfing school commercial or wool typography for a clothing brand may seem quirky, but it works.

The 20s and 30s vibes

Art-deco branding returns by revolutionizing the look of luxury products all over the world. Calm and round shapes in these typography trends are perfect for representing a strong stance in tough times, a return to their roots, and respect to one’s identity for each brand that decided to use them.

Trends are important, of course, but don’t use them all bluntly. Find the one that resonates with both your feelings and what message the project you’re working on tries to convey, and only then try to represent them in a modern, fashionable way.

15 Hottest Typography Bundles for All Occasions

Finally, since you are already aware of the major typography trends, this is the very time to have a look at some trendy fonts. Certainly, the best way to get a decent product for a reasonable price is to get a bundle instead of a single item. Most bundles are more than affordable (some of them are even cheaper than a single product), and within one bundle you will get a whole bunch of cool, up-to-date fonts for literally all occasions. Well, let us not waste any more of our precious time and take a look at some of the best typography bundles that marketplaces offer right now. Without further ado, here they come.

Crazy Font Bundle: the Crafters Toolbox by Great Scott

The Crafters Toolbox by Great Scott.

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Price: $24

The 26 unique fonts that come within this very bundle will simply take your breath away. All the fonts are designed according to the latest trends, so you don’t have to worry about that. Well, what are you waiting for? Follow the link above and take a closer look at this great bundle.

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Price: $24

Another mega bundle that will no doubt back you up in literally any situation. Such a huge collection would be useful for those of you who have a vast variety of different projects, so if you are such a person, do not hesitate to grab this collection today.

Creative Typography Bundle

Creative Typography Bundle.

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Price: $17

Here’s another trendy option for all the creative souls out there. Well, if you are currently looking for something one-of-a-kind and simply marvelous, then you simply must check this one out.

Sugar Spice Typography Bundle: fonts, frames, letters, backgrounds

Sugar Spice Typography Bundle.

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Price: $17

Sugar Spice will not only equip you with lovely fonts but also with lots of other cool graphic elements such as backgrounds and frames. So if you want to get more than just a font, make sure to take a closer look at this very bundle.

13 Cute Handwritten Fonts Bundle in 2021

Cute Handwritten Fonts.

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Price: $18

We already mentioned that handwritten fonts are going to be on top this year, which means that getting this collection is definitely the right decision. Well, stop hesitating and just give it a try because it’s surely worth it.

Ultimate Font Bundle: 15 Stunning Sans Serif & Serif Fonts

Stunning Sans Serif & Serif Fonts.

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Price: $15

Another creative font bundle was made in 2022 to satisfy every brand interested in appearing user-friendly, cute, and comfy. For the great price of $15, it’s a steal – take a look at the handwriting fonts in it, as they are perfect for birthday cards, other holidays, or brands dealing with handmade or plushie items.

7000 Fonts at 92% OFF

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Price: $29

This is the best deal from MasterBundles, hands down. This outstanding, gigantic font collection made by typographers all over the world features thousands of various handwriting from the past and present. You’ll surely find some great typography options in this fantastic collection.

Font Bundle Collection: 19 Fonts

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Price: $5

With an incredible 98% discount, this bundle should surely appear in every designer’s portfolio. Made in November 2021 with 2022 trends in mind, this collection of trending typefaces is key to making a brand feel fresh and hip in the current year.

Vintage Font Bundle Deal

Vintage Font Collage.

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Price: $6

With retro always in fashion, the only thing the owner of this bundle needs to do is watch the latest trends and check out what all the fuss is about right now. Last year it was the 70s, this year – the 30s, and with this Vintage Font Bundle Deal, one can quickly change their branding accordingly.

Special Font Bundle: 35 Serif Fonts

Special Font Collage.

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Price: $5

Serifs never go out of style. They have returned again as a trending font in 2022, so take a look at this incredible deal with excellent examples of what a Serif font can become. It is made by our best typography designers so you can adjust the style of your inscriptions according to the current font trends.

The Artisan Collection (Font Bundle) by Hustle Supply Co.

Artisan Collection by Hustle Supply C.

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Price: $22

A classy collection with a cool vintage vibe is definitely the very thing you need, so follow the link above and go get it.


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Well, this bundle’s name says pretty much everything typography designers need to know about it. So if you want to make something truly fantastic, you simply cannot miss this one.

The Futur: Greatest Font Bundle of all Time

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Price: $199

Well, this one is the greatest of all for a reason, and if you want to find out what this reason is, follow the link above and check this bundle out.

The Definitive Designer’s Typography Selection

Definitive Designer’s Typography Selection.

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Price: $29

Another excellent collection for those of you who want to keep up with the latest trends.

Happy Craft Font Collection

Happy Craft Font Collection.

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Price: $10

Last, but not least, is a sweet collection of adorable craft fonts that will immediately win your heart. Adding some personality and a bit of cuteness is a fantastic way of adapting to font trends in 2022.

How to Make Money on Your Typography

If you are a graphic designer yourself, you can sell your own unique fonts and make a great deal of money from it. MasterBundles’ Sell Your Deal service is a great way to do that. Just upload your font, select a category, set the prices, add some pictures, and publish it. It’s super easy, and you can start earning money as soon as your products appear in the MasterBundles marketplace. So why don’t you try it? It’s worth a shot.

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Fonts Rules

A beautiful font is always good, but in addition to aesthetics, you need to remember about the users. Yes, the designer works in conditions of limitations, as he is concerned about the screen resolution and a lot of other technical aspects, but he creates the interface for many people. The font that he will use should be universal and flexible. It is very important to pay attention to the choice of the font from the very beginning; otherwise, the whole project has to be redone when it turns out that users cannot interact with the interface as it was intended.

Not all fonts are suitable for competent web design. Basically, it’s because of their unreadability and difficult perception from the screen. Some fonts are too heavy and slow down the work of resources—be sure to pay attention to this. Understanding what makes a font legible gives you a general idea of which fonts work best in various user interfaces.

  1. Character height

    It is important for the font to have a harmonious combination of lowercase and uppercase characters. It makes any font more legible.

  2. Counter

    You also need to remember that there is such a thing as a counter—an empty space inside the symbol. In some letters, counter affects the readability of the font.

  3. Weight

    Lightweight fonts are usually more legible than massive ones. Therefore, in the design of the interface, you should very carefully use the Bold typeface and not use it for large texts. Better to leave it for headlines.

  4. Proportion

    Proportion is the ratio of the symbol width to its height. Fonts must be balanced; that is, they should have good proportions in a standard style.

  5. Letterspace

    Today, a designer doesn’t necessarily have to carefully select letterspace but should remember that the larger the font size, the more noticeable the errors. Such a text looks sloppy and is poorly perceived by users.

  6. Readability

    Readability is a user experience when interacting with textual content. It is very important how easily a user scans a text. Headings, subheadings, and paragraphs make the text more readable. This is a macro-typography—a way to make the text more attractive and easy to read. Here, typography is very similar to art, as the designer must take into account contrast, color, font size, and many other aspects that affect the user experience.

  7. Serif and non-serif fonts

    Historically, serif fonts are considered more legible. In the pre-computer era, serif typefaces were most often used when printing a large amount of text, as this facilitated the reading process. Serifs allow the eye to easily slide along the lines, quickly scanning the text.

    With the appearance of computers and mobile devices, the situation has changed. There are a small number of serif fonts that are readable. More and more often interface designers choose sans-serif fonts, which are easy to see. The display is not paper. Today, users do not read very long texts, and in the design of the interface, long texts are completely absent when it comes to visual elements.

  8. Line spacing

    The readability of the text is greatly influenced by the line spacing, that is, the empty space between the lines. To find the perfect interval, it makes sense to use the principle of the golden ratio. This little tip greatly increases the legibility of texts. You need to do the following: multiply the size of the symbol by 1.618—the result will be the optimal value of the interval. Experienced designers do not need this tip, but beginners using this method can make the text more enjoyable to read.

  9. Text block width

    Users’ perception of text often depends on the width of the text block. Too-wide blocks with long lines make it difficult to read, as it becomes more difficult for the eye to move from line to line. If the block is too narrow, then fast scanning slows down, as short lines break the reading rhythm. There are no rules for the width of the text block, but the recommended length of the line is 45-75 characters including spaces.

  10. Colors

    The color of the font depends on the project, but in the design of interfaces, you can use one simple tip. It consists of using shades close to black or gray instead of using any other colors. It’s a small, almost imperceptible detail, but sometimes this method really improves the perception of the text.

  11. White space

    The main purpose of empty space is to avoid visual confusion. Layouts with enough space between elements are perceived more easily since they do not make it difficult to scan text blocks. The harmonious arrangement of the elements creates a sense of order, sophistication, and elegance.

  12. Hierarchy

    The element hierarchy indicates to the user exactly how he needs to read the text. With the help of the hierarchy, it is easy to select headings, subheadings, and the main text. This can be achieved in different ways by changing the font size, using contrast, margins, indents, and so on.

  13. Separators

    A good way to divide text content into blocks or sections is to use separators. The most popular separator is the usual line. This is a simple but very effective tool that can significantly increase readability.

Perspective Display Font:

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Perspective Font.

Perspective Display Font


Review of the 60 Greatest Typographers

Famous Classic Typographers

Typography’s history began with the invention of books. Historical chronicles, ancient manuscripts, as well as early copies of the bible are the very first examples of typography art. Hundreds of years ago, before the invention of the printing press, books were extremely expensive simply because it took months to produce a single book. Each word in those books was handwritten by a skillful typographer, and each word in those books was a masterpiece.

Time flew by, and nowadays, books are cheap to produce, and most of them are not fancy at all. Yet the art of typography is still alive and prospering. In fact, typography is an essential element in graphic design, if not the most important one. Just think about the famous McDonald’s logo or pretty much any of the fashion brand logos. All of them were created by famous font designers—the typographers. Distinctive letters are a sure way to success. So who stands behind this beautiful art? Here are five famous typographers who changed history.

John Baskerville

John Baskerville.

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John Baskerville was a famous English typographer who created the classic Baskerville font.

Matthew Carter

Matthew Carter.

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Matthew Carter is one of the most well-known typographers who created iconic Microsoft fonts such as Georgia, Tahoma, Verdana, and Bell Centennial. Apart from that, he also collaborated with Time, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Wired, and many other big media companies.

Stanley Morison

Stanley Morison.

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Stanley Morison is the genius behind the one and only Times New Roman, which you definitely know from your student years.

Carol Twombly

Carol Twombly.

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Carol Twombly is one of the most famous typographers of today. She’s an American designer who created many iconic Adobe fonts, including Trajan, Chaparral, Caslon, and Charlemagne.

Jonathan Hoefler

Jonathan Hoefler.

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Throughout his career, Jonathan Hoefler has created an insanely huge amount of fonts. You might see his works on your iPhone, Coca-Cola cans, while scrolling your Twitter feed, or shopping at Tiffany & Co.

Modern Typographers

It is clear that the famous typographers’ contribution to graphic design is immense, but are there any modern designers who are changing the history of typography right now? Well, of course, there are and we are about to find out who these best typographers are.

Ahn Sang-Soo

Ahn Sang-Soo.

button for more details.

Ahn Sang-Soo also known as the Korean typography godfather established Ahn Graphics Ltd, the home for the best typographers in Asia and makes amazing fonts and graphics for multiple websites, magazines, apps, books, etc.

Rus Khasanov

Rus Khasanov.

button for more details.

Famous for his mesmerizing liquid calligraphy works, Rus Khasanov has already changed the understanding of traditional typography.

Hamish Muir

Hamish Muir.

button for more details.

Hamish Muir is well-known as one of the best typographers of his generation among those designers who are changing our perception of fonts and graphics.

Sagmeister & Walsh

Sagmeister & Walsh.

button for more details.

Sagmeister & Walsh is a studio based in New York, which breaks all the rules and traditions and experiments with new forms and shapes.

Marian Bantjes

Marian Bantjes.

button for more details.

Marian Bantjes is a famous Canadian designer who leaves all the stereotypes behind and creates hypnotizing fonts that will simply take your breath away.

50 More Brilliant Typographers of Today You Should Know About

Tom Chalky

Tom Chalky.

button for more details.

Tom is a master of creative resources for creative people. He works with everything from handcrafted fonts to detailed textures. Also, Tom is a co-founder of the Art and Design blog You can find his works on and

Josh O.

Fonts made by Josh O.

button for more details.

Josh is an illustrator and designer located in the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. He is a guru of vintage-inspired fonts with a modern twist. Anyone is welcome to have a look at his recent products or visit his website to browse more fonts, Illustrator actions, and templates. You can find more works on and

Tobias Saul

Fonts made by Tobias Saul.

button for more details.

Tobias Saul is a talented 27-year-old graphic designer from Düsseldorf, Germany. Check out his works to see how he combines traditional craftsmanship with digital techniques to create impressive letterings. You can find more works on Behance and

Nicky Laatz

Collage with fonts made by Nicky Laatz.

button for more details.

Nicky Laatz is a true fan of letters, their shapes, and forms. She is ready to play with them all day long to create something beautiful and creative, which is what defines all great typographers. Learn more about her sophisticated, classy, and carefully styled typefaces. You can find more works on Behance and Myfonts.

Callie Hegstrom

Collage with fonts made by Callie Hegstrom.

button for more details.

Meet beautiful Callie Hegstrom, the designer/mom/lettering artist behind the Make Media Company. She loves photography and illustration. Her awesome works can be seen in such brands as Sports Illustrated, Good Housekeeping, or Bath and Body Works. You can find more works on and

Mats-Peter Forss

Collage with fonts made by Mats-Peter Forss.

button for more details.

Mats-Peter is a talented Scandinavian minimalist designer, who is experienced in creating free & premium fonts, mockups, vectors, and logo templates. He is usually crafting design products for other design specialists. You can find more works on and

Vlad Cristea

Collage with fonts made by Vlad Cristea.

button for more details.

Vlad is a passionate Graphic Designer, UI/UX Designer from Romania.
He is working hard to offer a great number of graphics resources for graphic designers, freelancers, design agencies, and companies. Searching for impressive fonts for your design? Do not hesitate to check out Vlad’s collections. You can find more works on and Behance.

Hendra Pratama

Collage with fonts made by Hendra Pratama.

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Hendra Pratama is a famous self-taught type designer and hand letterer based in Indonesia. Check out his popular fonts and add a touch of retro style and vintage to your design. You can find more works on Behance.

Sam Parrett

Collage with fonts made by Sam Parrett.

button for more details.

Meet Sam Parrett, a creative designer of unique eye-catching fonts at Set Sail Studios. All the font works are available for download via his website Set Sail Studios and other resources mentioned above. You can find more works on Behance, myfonts, and

Ellen Luff

Collage with fonts made by Ellen Luff.

button for more details.

Ellen Luff is a passionate typographer, photographer, and travel writer. She is chasing inspiration everywhere. Currently located in Asia, she is open to any collaboration. You can find more works on Behance and

Mila Garret

Collage with fonts made by Mila Garret.

button for more details.

Mila is fond of drawing and letters. She enjoys making Procreate brushes, fonts, and other neat stuff. Mila’s works are perfect for elegant logos, upscale packaging, wedding stationery, websites, and any other projects requiring a handwritten and luxurious touch. You can find more works on Behance.

Connary Fagen

Collage with fonts made by Connary Fagen.

button for more details.

Connary has been a designer since 2007. He brings a modern touch to his fonts with continuous updates and feature additions, free to all customers. Choose Connary Fagen’s sophisticated and cinematic fonts to create impressive designs. You can find more works on and

Sinikka Li

Collage with fonts made by Sinikka Li.

button for more details.

Sinikka is a talented hand lettering artist, typeface designer & illustrator based in Germany. If you are looking for something personal and interesting to add personality into our digital world from the best typographers, you should definitely check out her creative works. You can find more works on and

Jen Wagner Co

Collage with fonts made by Jen Wagner Co.

button for more details.

Artistic Jennifer Wagner is working hard to provide design resources and e-courses to help you start easier. Each and every font is created to add a gorgeous touch to your design work. You can find more works on and


Collage with fonts made by Teweka.

button for more details.

Take a moment to check out Tuanku’s works. He is a freelance graphic designer and font maker popular for his modern calligraphy font with classic, sophisticated accents. Suitable for brand imaging, signatures, watermarks, business cards, magazines, web, and other design works, you will find something perfect for your project. You can find more works on

Joanne Marie

Collage with fonts made by Joanne Marie.

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Joanne Marie has been working as a freelance designer producing digital products for the last 4 years. She loves to create clear, easy to read, and beautiful fonts. Her fonts are great for any designs which require the innovative, hand painted, and elegant touch. You can find more works on

Anthony James

Collage with fonts made by Anthony James.

button for more details.

Anthony James and his agency are famous type designers creating clean and modern solutions, sharing their passion for typography and providing gorgeous typefaces for any projects. You can find more works on and

Andrey Sharonov

Collage with fonts made by Andrey Sharonov.

button for more details.

Andrey Sharonov is a creative freelance designer and illustrator from Ukraine.
Check out his great collections if you are looking for a logo, font design, and illustrations. You can find more works on and

Victor Barac

Collage with fonts made by Victor Barac.

button for more details.

Victor Barac is another talented font maker from Bucharest. He is a master of a vintage font with tons of cool characters, symbols, and OpenType Features. His fonts are great for quotes, logos, apparel, advertising, wedding invitations, etc. You can find more works on and

Greg Nicholls

Collage with fonts made by Greg Nicholls.

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Greg is a Canadian designer who enjoys making unique fonts and other fun design elements for you. His mission is to create cool stuff and make designers’ lives easier and happier. He has an online shop where he sells fonts and resources for other designers. You can find more works on and

Emily Spadoni

Collage with fonts made by Emily Spadoni.

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Emily is the one who creates truly pretty things. She is a lettering lover, font creator, and designer. Her works are full of sweet and feminine sophistication with modern calligraphy. You can find more works on

Mel Volkman

Collage with fonts made by Mel Volkman.

button for more details.

Mel is a designer specializing in branding, hand lettering, and illustration. Check out his font works and add magic to your design projects. Mel is passionate about storytelling and creating gorgeous textures and an infinite amount of styling opportunities. You can find more works on and

Angie Makes

Collage with fonts made by Angie Makes.

button for more details.

Make your design projects shine with Angie’s beautiful works. She’s one of the many famous typography artists featured here. Her font designs are full of feminine and girly aesthetic elements. You can grab some fabulous, free graphics right on her website. You can find more works on and

Beck McCormick

Collage with fonts made by Beck McCormick.

button for more details.

At this website you can meet one of the famous typography artists from Florida. Beck is a Southern designer with clean, easy to read lettering and high-quality design assets available for instant purchase and download. You can find more works on and

Tom Anders

Collage with fonts made by Tom Anders.

button for more details.

Tom is good at creating digital goods, including some of the most popular products on Creative Market. He teaches himself any skill necessary to bring great ideas to life. You can find more works on and

Adam Ladd

Collage with fonts made by Adam Ladd.

button for more details.

Adam is a talented graphic designer and type designer based in Cincinnati, Ohio, with experience in branding and art direction. Adam’s design approach focuses on function and appeal. He has been the art director of HOW and PRINT magazines and has been featured in books and blogs. You can find more works on and

Piotr Łapa

Collage with fonts made by Piotr Łapa.

button for more details.

Meet Piotr Łapa, a freelance graphic designer based in Cracow, Poland. He focuses on branding, type design, and digital media. Piotr is happy to work with clients from all over the world, helping them create a unique and strong brand identity. You can find more works on and

Pratama Yudha

Collage with fonts made by Pratama Yudha.

button for more details.

Pratama Yudha is skilled in animation, videography, and UI/UX. He is experienced in photography, branding identity, and packaging. He is ready to work for you with the focus on logo, icon, typography, and nature photography. You can find more works on

Juri Zaech

Collage with fonts made by Juri Zaech.

button for more details.

Juri Zaech is a Swiss Art Director, currently living and working in Los Angeles, CA. If you wish to bring a vintage touch to any branding project, you should definitely contact this talented designer. You can find more works on and

Faisal Tanjung

Collage with fonts made by Faisal Tanjung.

button for more details.

Faisal is a successful freelance graphic designer and font maker. Sizimon is an independent design studio from Surakarta Indonesia. Faisal’s works convey elegance and style and they are perfect for fashion, e-commerce brands, trend blogs, or any business that wants to appear classy and chic. You can find more works on

Aan Kurniawan

Collage with fonts made by Aan Kurniawan.

button for more details.

Aan is a smart and creative student from Indonesia with a passion for illustration, UI and UX. Specializing in logo design and type, he is ready to help with your design project.

Agung Syaifudin

Collage with fonts made by Agung Syaifudin.

button for more details.

Agung is a popular freelance UI Designer & Illustrator. Every single letter is carefully crafted to make your text look modern and beautiful. His works are perfect for photography, watermark, quotes, blog header, poster, wedding, branding, logo, fashion, apparel, letter, invitation, stationery, etc. You can find more works on

Denise Chandler

Collage with fonts made by Denise Chandler.

button for more details.

Denise has been working as a freelance web designer for several years and absolutely loves the freedom to work on her own ideas. She adores funny and creative font sets that give you tons of options to play around with. You can find more works on and

Ian Barnard

Collage with fonts made by Ian Barnard.

button for more details.

Ian is a famous typography artist who designs, draws, and talks about letters. Everything on his website is focused on helping you produce the best lettering possible, through his fonts, brushes and texture packs. You can find more works on and

JROH Creative

Collage with fonts made by JROH Creative.

button for more details.

JROH Creative is a group of talented people who live in Aceh, Indonesia. They have a number of creative works to improve your business ideas. Their designs are suitable for logos, advertisements, greeting cards, catalogs, packaging design, watercolor based design, blog headers, or anything that needs natural feeling put into it. You can find more works on and

Teela Cunningham

Collage with fonts made by Teela Cunningham.

button for more details.

The Every-Tuesday Resource Library is stocked with over 50 free design and lettering assets so you can start experimenting and creating beautiful new artwork asap. Also Every-Tuesday is an education resource for ambitious graphic designers and hand letterers. You can find more works on

Cina Catteau

Collage with fonts made by Cina Catteau.

button for more details.

Cina Catteau is a talented graphic designer from Anugraha Design studio and a passionate pattern-maker. Her fonts are great for poster design, packaging, or even unique logos. You can find more works on and

Missy Meyer

Collage with fonts made by Missy Meyer.

button for more details.

Missy Meyer is a font maker, illustrator, novelist, and total cat lady. She specializes in fonts with smooth outlines and reduced nodes for crafters. Her work has been used for logos, branding, signs, clothing, websites, and more! She is fond of trying lots of new things. You can find more works on and

Debi Sementelli

Collage with fonts made by Debi Sementelli.

button for more details.

Debi is a font designer and professional lettering artist with over 25 years of experience. She specializes in hand-lettered fonts based on her unique styles. Check them out! You can find more works on and

Kostas Bartsokas

Collage with fonts made by Kostas Bartsokas.

button for more details.

Kostas is a Greek designer and typographer. He is an all-round creative individual who specializes in graphic design, typography, branding, packaging, illustration, and much much more. You can find more works on and

Stephen Bradbury

Collage with fonts made by Stephen Bradbury.

button for more details.

Stephen Bradbury is a creative hand lettering artist and Graphic Design graduate based in Manchester, UK. Check out his works to add more creativity and personality to your designs. You can find more works on and Youtube.

Andrew Footit (Arkitype)

Collage with fonts made by Andrew Footit.

button for more details.

Andrew is an independent graphic designer based in Johannesburg, South Africa, specializing in typography and identity design. You are welcome to contact him if you would like to start a project or collaboration. You can find more works on and

Gleb Guralnyk

Collage with fonts made by Gleb Guralnyk.

button for more details.

Gleb Guralnyk is a talented designer who adores graphic design, typography, and illustration. Pick up his work to bring a classic authentic look with clean and aged textured characters to your work. His fonts have lots of OpenType features, like ligatures, swashes, and stylistic alternates. You can find more works on

Gulya Ju (PeachCreme)

Collage with fonts made by Gulya Ju.

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Meet Gulya, a graphic designer living on the island of Malaysia. She loves good typography and interesting textures. Her children inspire her every day with their enthusiasm and curiosity for life. She is happy to work with a great team who is able to help her take the designs to the next level. You can find more works on

Maulana Creative

Collage with fonts made by Maulana Creative.

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Maulana Creative is a platform for handcrafted, mousemade design content from independent creatives. Surf the website to find something unique and interesting for your design work. You can find more works on and

Anastasia Dimitriadi

Collage with fonts made by Anastasia Dimitriadi.

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Anastasia Dimitriadi is a letterer and type designer from Greece. She has always been in love with drawing and illustration. She designs hand-drawn fonts, trying different styles that will make her work unique. Anastasia also loves calligraphy and vintage style in hand lettering. You can find more works on and

Kimmy Design

Collage with fonts made by Kimmy Design.

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Kimmy Kirkwood is a wandering designer who loves to create and sell digital and printed materials. She has loved letterforms ever since she could hold a marker. Kimmy is getting inspiration for new typefaces from her endless wandering. You can find more works on and

Laura Worthington

Collage with fonts made by Laura Worthington.

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Laura is counted among the most famous typography artists; she’s an accomplished and award-winning typeface and lettering designer. Her passion is a desire to provide designers with a type that’s rich with personality and versatility and offers practicality and aesthetic appeal. You can find more works on and


The font plays an essential role in graphic design as it speaks on behalf of the entire composition. Having an eye for detail for typography designers is important so they could use a perfect type of font with a suitable size and formatting style. Font creation is a science, but the world wide web offers an inexhaustible source of beautiful fonts from the gurus of typography and famous typography artists. We hope our selection will be useful for you when choosing the best fonts for your project.

Some Awesome Videos About Typography Trends

Typography Trends That Will BLOW UP In 2022!

What are the typography trends we can expect to see in 2022 from the graphic design world?
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Famous Typographers FAQ

How do you become a typographer?

A typographer can be thought of as a person who arranges written characters and makes them more readable and improves their appearance. This is quite challenging, but it’s always very rewarding. It can be a great option for people who prefer something calm and for those who seek perfection. If you want to become a typographer and learn more about it then you should consider reading this article. It includes some general information and important career steps on taking inspiration from famous typography artists and the greatest typographers and typography designers in history.

What books should you read?

Typography, like design, requires you to have not only talent but also some theoretical knowledge. It’s important to have a guide when you take your first steps. Consider reading this book. It’s great for beginners because it covers various aspects that you shouldn’t ignore if you want to be a successful typographer.

Where can you buy fonts?

The font section includes various fonts—from simple ones to handwritten script styles. Here’s a nice-looking modern script font. Take a look, this bundle includes 40 fonts (you can also see the examples). Do you want to add some retro style? Typography designers thought of that, so here’s a nice retro font. Are you looking for steampunk? Here is a great steampunk-styled font. This font section has a search field, which can help you find exactly what you want. Some bundles have discounts up to 95% off, so don’t miss a nice opportunity to get some amazing fonts to use in your future projects.

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