35 merry christmas clipart for 2022 premium free collection.

35+ Merry Christmas Clipart for 2022: Premium & Free Collection

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December 16, 2021 March 14, 2022 16 min
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December 25. What comes to your mind when you think about this date? A Christmas tree, family gatherings, and delicious food? Friends, a warm atmosphere, and a fireplace? Many people enjoy the time they spend preparing presents for their loved ones. If you have a fierce desire to create some awesome and brilliant gifts but still have no ideas, use Christmas clipart images 2022 from our collection! These are great web solutions for different projects. With them, you can make bright, trendy, and high-quality designs.

In case you need more Christmas-related deals, check out our editor’s picks below, and a collection of free postcards that you can print and send to your special someone or send them via email!

Top 14 Amazing MasterBundles Christmas Deals

Christmas is a cute family holiday. Both grown-ups and children look forward to Christmas and, of course, opening gifts!

There are many variations of gifts, different ways to present these gifts, decorate cards, diversify the photos, and so forth. You can easily find what you need with our selection of Christmas Christmas illustrations, images, photo overlays, backgrounds, patterns, and others.

Holiday Mood for $15. Merry Christmas Clipart 200+ Design Resources

Christmas clipart collage with snowman, fir tree, penguins, deer, green background with lettering.

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Here is a unique collection of Christmas elements to create postcards, advertisements, signs, banners, invitations, etc. In the bundle, you can find snowmen, Christmas trees, deer, candles, gifts, pinecones, unusual inscriptions, and stylish ornaments. Together with them, any project will play with new holiday colors.

Holiday Mood is:

  • different product formats: AI, JPG
  • 3 illustrations
  • 2 patterns
  • 1 set of winter vector elements

Price: $15

Christmas Bundle: 65 Amazing Templates + 26 Elements

Collage with templates with black, green, white, yellow and other background and lettering.

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It is another great solution for creating Christmas designs. Using this package of graphic items you may create a web and print project. You can design flyers, cards, invitations, advertisements, brochures, etc.

This Christmas bundle comes with:

  • eye-catching Christmas elements
  • postcard templates
  • flyers, vouchers

Price: $29

Christmas Clipart: Tangerines Vectors

collage with postcards and clip art with tangerines.

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This bundle is a real find for creative projects. You will be able to decorate any kind of design project such as a postcard and add a little bit of magic to it. All the elements look very original, bright, beautiful, cute, and of good quality.

This beautiful Christmas Clipart includes a large number of different elements, namely:

  • 13 individual elements. This includes images of tangerines, bumps, twigs, berries, Christmas tree toys, orange slices, etc.
    1 wreath illustration
  • 24 seamless elements available in EPS and JPG formats
  • 28 card templates available in different sizes and formats such as EPS and JPG

Price: $16

Snowflakes Clipart & Backgrounds

collage with shimmering snowflakes on dark blue background.

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This is a nice collection with a large number of backgrounds, textures, beautiful snowflakes, and various elements formed from snowflakes. Here you can find variations of backgrounds for photos, and funny decorations for images.

The bundle contains:

  • 28 snowflake cliparts
  • 26 illustrations
  • 12 frames
  • 18 backgrounds

All of these elements are available in different sizes and resolutions. They look very nice and calming.

Price: $9

34 Christmas & New Retro Flyers and Postcards Collection

collage with three red flyers and a flyer in pastel colors with a Christmas tree and gifts.

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This incredible Christmas bundle, which includes all the necessary components to create outstanding holiday postcards, invitations, and greeting cards. The products in the set are fully customizable and ready to print.

This bundle comes with:

  • 34 unique postcard and flyer templates
  • high quality images
  • ready-to-use PSD files
  • full content customization

Price: $19

Christmas Frames: Snowflake Clipart Bundle

collage with gray frames of snowflakes on a white background.

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This is another wonderful bundle that offers a wide range of backgrounds, textures, and frames.

These chic elements are easy to use and edit. Backgrounds and image frames are available in PNG and JPG formats.

The collection includes:

  • 10 backgrounds in 5100 x 3400 px resolution. These backgrounds look very calm, original, and stylish. The light tones are very well combined with the wood texture, stars, and snowflakes
  • 40 Frames in 5100 x 3400 px resolution. These frames also have a transparent background to simplify your work. They also have different intensities. There are some with a thin frame, and others have wider ones

Price: $9

Magical Winter Clipart: 14 Christmas Watercolor Clipart Bundles in 1

Watercolor clipart with animals, forest, abstract clipart.

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This Magical Winter Clipart includes:

  • 10 watercolor backgrounds and textures. They have different colors and shapes and look very magical. Slight blur is a very original and stylish addition
  • 36 watercolor washes and ambre
  • 12 quotes and 12 watercolor shapes. Quotes include Let it Snow, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Be Jolly, Holly Jolly, Merry and Bright, etc
  • 40 poligonal frames and shapes. Each shape is available in 4 different colors, including yellow, grey, black, and orange
  • 45 individual elements (Christmas cap, light bulbs, branches, diamonds, envelopes, leaves, gifts, etc)
  • 4 bouquets
  • 5 variants of wreaths
  • hand-drawn Christmas flamingos, deers, lamas, unicorns, and much more

Price: $28

Christmas Patterns & Postcards: Merry X-Mas

Collage with Christmas patterns cards on black, gray, white background with lettering and illustrations.

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If you are looking for a unique postcard solution, or if you want to make an eye-catching design for any holiday project, then you should check out this MasterBundles offering.

These templates are great for a variety of tasks. You can also use them for printable versions of projects. Plus, there are hot discounts during the holidays.

The Merry X-Mas offer includes:

  • different product formats: PNG, EPS, JPG, PSD
  • 18 different sized greeting card templates
  • 16 seamless patterns
  • 100+ illustrations

Price: $7

Christmas Holiday Lights Photo Overlays

collage with photos of girls and a woman, and twinkling lights on a black background.

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With this bundle, you can make memorable, unique, and original greetings. The overlay on the photo can make your photos bright, stylish, and unusual. This will really stand out from other images.

Christmas Holiday Lights Overlay features the 20 brightest overlays that you can easily edit. To do this, you can use Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Paint Shop Pro, as all elements of the bundle are easily compatible with these programs.

Price: $8

45+ Merry Christmas Lettering and Elements. Best Scandinavian Xmas Bundle in 2021

collage with lettering, christmas decor, gifts on gray background.

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This collection will allow you to create original invitations, postcards, and greeting cards. All elements in the bundle are available in EPS, AI, SVG, and PNG formats.

This wonderful set includes:

  • 10 handwritten calligraphy Christmas quotes
  • 9 Christmas cute animals
  • 14 greeting cards
  • 13 Scandinavian elements

These elements will also help you make cool stickers and dashboards.

Price: $15

Christmas Greeting Cards: Printable Holly Jolly, Birthday and Happy Holidays Cards

Christmas cards with trees, warm socks, Christmas decorations.

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Very often in the run-up to the holiday, there is not enough time to come up with great designs for Christmas greeting cards. But we are ready to help you with this because there is a stylish web solution with more than 10+ different designs.

The products are available in JPEG and PDF formats. They are fully customizable. Plus, each item has a unique visual appearance and allows you to modify the content down to the smallest detail.

This Christmas clipart bundle includes:

  • 9 high-quality products in JPEG format
  • seamless templates
  • letter blanks of different sizes

Price: $4

Christmas Unicorn Creator

Unicorns with blue manes in knitted hats and scarves.

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Well, this is a very nice and cute set. All the elements in the bundle are well-drawn and look so stylish. Christmas Unicorn Creator includes:

  • 8 individual elements and 21 ready-made compositions with a transparent background
  • the individual elements include colorful scarves and hats that you can easily change

This bundle is perfect for children’s postcards, greeting cards, stickers, posters, banners, and so forth.

Price: $19

Huge Watercolor Christmas Bundle

collage with snowflakes, Christmas wreaths, houses, Christmas decorations, candles.

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This bundle includes 10 different sets. This is a total of more than 600 watercolor files. The graphics are provided as PNG files, 300 dpi, with transparent background.

You can easily use all these elements for posters, postcards, invitations, and greeting cards. You can improve your Instagram posts with these files.

Price: $7

Christmas Happy Holiday PNG Watercolor Set

collages with watercolor T-shirts, coffee cups, Christmas wreath and lettering.

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Christmas Happy Holiday Set includes photo frames, borders, different patterns and textures, and isolated watercolor elements. The graphics are provided as PNG files, 300 dpi, with transparent background.

Each element of the bundle, and all the images you get, are organized as separate files.

Price: $11

Christmas Watercolor Clipart PNG

collage with watercolor deer, owl, snowman, watercolor cards.

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This collection contains more than 493 elements among which are floral frames, seamless patterns, bright figures, and vivid cliparts with different components. The products come in PNG format.

Price: $20

Christmas Frames Vector SVG Clipart

collage with flowers, foliage, floral frames on white background.

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This collection has more than 10 different frame designs in PNG, EPS, AI, and SVG formats, as well as different styling components.

Price: $2

Premium Non-MasterBundles Christmas Clipart 2022

Now let’s take a dive into a selection of the best Christmas images for 2022 that can become an adornment for your holiday projects. Bring your amazing ideas to life with fascinating and stylish web solutions.

Christmas gnome family clip art set

collage with gnomes in sleigh, Christmas clothes and with big noses, Christmas wreaths, red cars.

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You can use this set of merry Christmas cliparts for all of your holiday projects. The bundle includes gnomes, frames, and more. The items are completely ready to print.

Price: $14

Donuts are Christmas, New Year By Olgaart

collage of multicolored donuts with the colorful lettering.

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This is an amazing and unique solution for any project. Christmas donuts can be edited in Photoshop and other programs. There are 38 elements in the package.

Price: $11

Christmas carousel clipart By DarinaDigital

cards with deer, christmas plants, on green and pink background.

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If you are looking for a unique holiday clipart, then you can benefit from this offer. Use eye-catching Christmas templates for gift wrapping, prints, and backgrounds for other holiday projects.

Price: $9

Rustic Christmas by Eisfrei

collage with watercolor deer, sledges, skates, Christmas decor, cup on white background.

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This is a great Christmas PNG that is designed in a rustic style. It includes many components that come with backgrounds in a seamless form. The collection has 30 elements that you can customize to suit your needs. The product is great for designing postcards, invitations, covers, banners, labels, prints, and websites.

Price: $10

Moose or Elk Character Wearing Winter Warm Sweater

hand-drawn moose in a blue knitted sweater dancing.

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Any web and print project can be decorated with different creative images and components. Bright and smiling holiday elk will help you beautify postcards, letters, advertisements, book covers, etc. This clipart comes in JPG and EPS formats.

Price: $8

Christmas and New Year Kids Clipart Premium Vector

two hand-drawn kids decorate the christmas tree among the christmas decor.

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Here is a stunning and whimsical Christmas children’s clipart set that can be edited in different versions of Adobe Photoshop. It contains more than 15 elements. Using this offering you may create a festive mood in any project.

Price: available with Premium Freepik License

Cute animals for Christmas decoration

fox, squirrel and raccoon in Christmas outfits look out of red bags on a pink background.

button for more details.

This is a premium merry Christmas clipart which has 3 images of cute animals. They can be applied for a variety of purposes including the design of cards, invitations, gift wrapping, advertisements, book covers, banners, etc.

Price: available with Vecteezy Pro License

Pastel Christmas

collage with watercolor car among christmas decorations on white and dark blue background.

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Here is a unique and neatly hand-drawn offering. Delicate brushstrokes will enrich your projects with a delicate and festive mood. This set consists of 37 PNG elements with Christmas elements and 3 watercolor frames in different sizes.

Price: $4.57

Sweet Christmas watercolor clipart

santa claus and woman among gifts, christmas tree, snowman, christmas wreaths, reindeer.

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This is a cute hand-drawn Christmas clipart that is sure to fit the festive mood. The package comes with more than 60 different items. The components are easy to modify and customize. Thanks to the watercolor style, these products will make your designs stylish and unique.

Price: $8

Christmas Tree Clipart

collage of different Christmas trees in pastel colors.

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What do you associate the New Year with? It is probably a Christmas tree, so this clipart set of 32 elements is perfect for your different purposes. They come in PNG format on a transparent background.

Price: $5.96

7 Best Free Christmas Pictures Clipart

Here is a collection of free Christmas clipart that is as good as some of the premium versions. You may choose any product and adapt it to any purpose. Plus, you can get even more unusual and colorful free SVG Christmas pictures from MasterBundles.

Quote Cookies for Santa Free SVG Files

collage with gingerbread and lettering with cookies and computers with cookies on the desktop.

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Here is a great web solution for designing Christmas letters. These products come in SVG, PNG, EPS, and DXS formats. By the way, these cool cookies remind us of the Gingerbread Man from Shrek, so they will be good for fans of this cartoon.

Merry Christmas Pick Up Truck Tree Free SVG Files

red car with a Christmas tree in the trunk is driving among Christmas tree branches and toys.

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This is an awesome clipart for holiday projects. The items will be great for different screen extensions. Also, the items are ready to print and available in SVG format.

Merry Christmas Free SVG Files

collage with pink lettering on white background and christmas tree and computers with christmas wallpaper.

button for more details.

This is a very cute Christmas decorations clipart set that you can apply for various needs. They are available in SVG, PNG, EPS, and DXS formats. You can use the products for website backgrounds, presentations, banners, ads, business cards, postcards, greeting cards, etc.

Happy Christmas Card with Santa and Object

christmas decorations on a purple background and the inscription in the center of the collage.

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This pack consists of more than 10 original components that can be applied to postcards, wrapping cards, banners, business cards, signboards, etc. These cliparts are available in EPS format. You can edit them in any version of Adobe Photoshop.

Border Template with Christmas Elves

funny elves in Christmas costumes and gifts.

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Here is another great Christmas clipart for creating colorful holiday projects. There are 10+ gnomes in the package that hold a caption frame. You can place any text you want there.

Christmas Icons

tree, couple, christmas wreath, house, gift, calendar, santa claus, sleigh.

button for more details.

Here is a bundle with 6 free Christmas icons. You may apply them for any presentation and website design. Also, they will look cool in blogs. You can easily add some festive atmosphere to your projects with this offering.

Santas Elves Christmas Pack

six elves in red and green Christmas costumes.

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There are different Santa cliparts in this bundle. The products come in colored and transparent form. That means you are free to make any adjustments to suit your purposes by simply changing the colors.

Free Christmas Icons Vector

toy, tree, bow, gift, candle, snowman, bell, firecracker.

button for more details.

Here is a great pack of free Christmas icons. You can apply them to both web and print projects. Because of the high quality responsiveness, these elements will look good on screens of different resolutions.

Cute Deer Smiling with Christmas Lights In Horns

cute deer with garland on horns.

button for more details.

If you are looking for a cute Christmas image that you can add to a postcard, banner, or business card, as well as other holiday projects, then you are wise to choose this offering. You can edit it in whatever programs you like and use it for different purposes.

Cute Elf Legs with Snow and Christmas Sweets and Leaves

skinny elf legs in striped leggings wearing christmas decorations.

button for more details.

Meet an unusual and awesome solution for the realization of different ideas! The picture has a nice design and is suitable for greeting cards, invitations, and letter design.

How Do I Sell My Christmas Clipart?

If you are a talented designer who creates beautiful graphics (and you definitely are), you can sell your masterpieces in the MasterBundles marketplace and earn some extra pocket money.

In order to sell your goodies, all you need to do is to create a vendor account and upload your products. You can easily do that using the form below, so do not hesitate and become our newest vendor now!

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      A Few Final Words

      Christmas is the most magical time of the year as well as the most profitable period for graphic designers since the number of orders a designer receives during the Holiday Season skyrockets. Therefore, make sure you are fully equipped for the amount of workload you are about to get and download some of the lovely clipart that we took a look at in this article.

      Are you going to celebrate Christmas this year? Tell us about your pans in the comment section down below!

      Q&A Session To Sum Up

      Where can I get free Christmas clipart?

      Many marketplaces offer both premium and free products, so you can easily find gorgeous free clipart on such platforms as MasterBundles, Freepik, or Vecteezy.

      Why do I need a Christmas clipart?

      Clipart, just like other pre-made graphics, significantly accelerates the process of completing your projects such as ad banners, leaflets, websites, etc. In addition to that, you can use it to create a custom Christmas t-shirt.

      📈 What are the most popular Christmas gift for marketer?

      Top Christmas gifts for marketers list Sht I Gotta Fking Get Done Notebooks and Marketer T-shirts.

      How much does a premium Christmas clipart cost?

      On average, a premium option costs about five bucks, which is rather affordable.

      Can I make a Christmas clipart on my own?

      Of course, you can, in fact, it’s very easy. Here is a little video guide that will help you make a clip art in just a couple of clicks.

      Watch How to Create Christmas Clipart

      Top-50 Christmas Pictures Clipart Freebies | MasterBundles

      What is up in your mind when you think about this date? A Christmas tree, family gatherings and delicious food? Friends, warm atmosphere and a fireplace?

      Drawing Christmas clipart in Procreate || Christmas Edition || Drawing process

      Today I’m going to create a simple Christmas set.
      Im going to show you all my drawing process in Procreate. After I will use those elements to create seamless patterns. Let’s draw together!

      More PowerPoint Christmas Clipart: Creating Holly in 3 Easy Steps.

      In only three steps you can create realistic Holly clipart to add to your repertoire of PowerPoint Christmas clipart.

      Please take a moment to pin this post to Pinterest

      The template with watercolor abstract clipart, unicorns, Christmas presents in a paper with tangerines.

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      I love the holidays, especially Christmas, I can't wait for this holiday every year!
      A very beautiful collection! Many original gifts, I really liked your work!
      Clyde Walker
      Clyde Walker

      Yes, holidays are not only delicious food and a feast. And of course, beautiful gifts! You have many unique gifts and pictures to have, some very cute and unusual. Graphics deserve attention.


      How many beautiful and interesting gifts! It’s a pity I didn’t see your article earlier this Christmas. But for the future, I will keep a few gifts and your ideas.

      Aubrey Davidson
      Aubrey Davidson

      Good gifts, many liked it, beautiful graphics!
      When you are still at a distance with loved ones for a Christmas present in the form of a picture, this is a good option.

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