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Christmas Watercolor Clipart Description

Christmas Watercolor Clipart. This is perfect for scrapbooking, card making, wall decor, signs, stickers, decals, tshirts, tote bags & more!

PNG files – for printing and other software programs. These files can be used with your printer to create iron-on transfers, signs, invitations, etc.

This is a magical Christmas collection featuring deer, snowmen and gnomes.

  • 14 PNG – Characters compositions.
  • 9 PNG – Characters Color.
  • 9 PNG – Characters line dark.
  • 9 PNG – Characters line gold.
  • 9 PNG – Characters line white.
  • 9 PNG – Characters mono.
  • 31 PNG – Christmas clipart elements in color.
  • 28 PNG – Christmas clipart elements in line dark.
  • 28 PNG – Christmas clipart elements in line gold.
  • 28 PNG – Christmas clipart elements in line white.
  • 27 PNG – Christmas clipart elements in monocolor.
  • 46 PNG – Christmas compositions (bouquets and wreaths) • 53 PNG – Christmas Floral elements in color.
  • 35 PNG – Christmas Floral elements in line dark.
  • 34 PNG – Christmas Floral elements in line white.
  • 35 PNG – Christmas Floral elements in color.
  • 35 PNG – Christmas Floral elements in line gold.
  • 39 PNG – Christmas Floral elements in monocolor.
  • 12 PNG – Frames with flowers.
  • 12 PNG – Gold Frames.
  • 10 PNG – Digital paper Seamless Patterns with watercolor background.
  • 10 PNG – Digital paper seamless patterns with transparent background.
  • 6 PNG – Watercolor stains.

Christmas Watercolor Clipart Previews

Each member of the collection has its own composition and Christmas elements.

Forest flowers combined with wildflowers created a package of different wreaths.

Cute watercolor forest animals in a rim of flowers.

There are many floral elements that you can use to decorate your composition.

Incredible floral frames with gold weave.

This collection contains a range of backgrounds in delicate colors and beautiful prints.

This image represents all members of the collection.

Christmas decorations with different patterns and textures.

This is a magical print that will look great on children's clothes.

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