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Bring warmth and cheer to a presentation project, with these winter PowerPoint templates. You can create holiday presentations, winter sports-themed projects, or even winter carnival presentations with some of the coziest templates out there.

Use the templates to create a winter-like electronic photo album, in today's time you can hardly ever see people print holiday photos and create albums, but the tradition is very comforting so we made it possible in a tech way. You can add endless amounts of holiday photos and include small descriptions to them, you can even go as far as adding videos.

MasterBundles designers know what it takes to create a winter-themed presentation, in fact, they are some of the greatest fans of the winter holidays, so leave it to them to create a template that is pure eye candy.


Where can I find a cozy winter template?

Some of the coziest winter PowerPoint templates are gathered on MasterBundles, search for whatever style you need, whether it's a winter sport, carnival, holiday, or present idea template they have it all!

Is a winter presentation hard to create?

Even though a winter presentation seems easy to create, you just need to add some snowflakes, trees, Santas, etc., but it's not that simple. Even winter PowerPoint templates need to be professionally designed so that all elements look good together.

What is the difference between a standard presentation and a winter one?

You can find many standard PowerPoint templates on the web, but let's be real what elements make them a winter template, nothing. Everyone has their own associations with winter but for most these associations are pretty similar, if you spot a snowflake or holly wreath then it's probably a winter presentation.

What elements should a winter PowerPoint presentation include?

A winter presentation can include anything that associates with winter such as frostbite, a fireplace, socks, gingerbread, snow angels, Christmas trees, etc.